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Sixers Squash Suns

Yet again, the young, inexperienced Sixers can't close out a game properly...

Just joking :) I wish the Sixers played the Suns every night. And I really feel for Nash having to lead that roster. Although at some point he'll start maximizing guys like Gortat and Pietrtus.

Don't look now, Sixers are only 4 back of Knicks for six slot in the East. They are only 2 1/2 up of 11th place, but things could get interesting if the Knicks keep playing like they have recently.

Tom Moore on Jan 24 at 22:42

Video: Thaddeus Young after scoring team-high 24 points in win over Suns:


Tom Moore on Jan 24 at 22:59

Video: Elton Brand after Sixers defeat Suns:


johnrosz on Jan 24 at 23:17

3 fouls in 9 minutes for Cousins

Like a lot of guys who enter the league early, Thad is turning into a riddle as a RFA. He's the same age as Turner and Younger than Brackins- and yet we expect those guys to improve. And Thad has ridiculous athletic ability and seems to ahve a good work ethic. he just lacks the best feel for the game- although he is coming around.

We look at guys like Thad, with their heavy NBA experience, as close to a finished product. But is that really the case? I'm still really doubtful he ever can escape being a tweener- but he is developing into a match-up nightmare off the bench for almost every team. And if a guy gives you a competitive advantage 25-30 minutes most nights, does it really devalue him that much that he isn't able to start for you?

I'm really afraid that someone is going to throw a bunch of money at Young as a RFA. But who knows what the next CBA brings.

johnrosz reply to tk76 on Jan 24 at 23:28

I'm one of the bigger Thad fans. From what I see he's passing the ball like a guy that's starting to really understand the system. Probably never going to be a great defender or rebounder, but I don't think effort should ever be a question with him. Guys who can legitimately score at an efficient clip don't grow on trees. Can they really let him walk, especially if you can get him for a Lou type deal?

A 22 year old with that kind of athleticism, with that work ethic shouldn't walk out the door in my opinion.

Think it would be wise to throw out the Eddie Jordan era in evaluating the entire roster going forward(yes, that includes Lou's good year under EJ)

tk76 reply to johnrosz on Jan 24 at 23:36

I think Collins is the best thing that ever happened to Thad.

I don't think Young is the type of guy who know exactly how to play out their (big/small, inside/outside, rebound/break.) And he finally has the right coach who can channel all of his positives and hide the weaknesses.

I don't know if the weaknesses ever really disappear- but the longer he's being directed to maximize his unique skill-set, the more effective career he'll have. And I think he's the kind of guy who needs to find his niche. sand this year has gone a long way to that end.

tk76 reply to tk76 on Jan 24 at 23:36


johnrosz reply to tk76 on Jan 24 at 23:44

Agreed. Think it was wise of Doug to limit Thad to inside the 3 pt arc. Limiting his options has had a positive impact. If Doug plans to be here the next 5 years, like he recently said, I definitely want Thad to be here as well. I think Doug is going to continue to get the best out of him. Thad has really embraced the role.

Rich reply to johnrosz on Jan 24 at 23:59

It's interesting, it seems like Collins wants him catching the ball in two spots: Short corner on the baseline, and on either elbow. Those seem to me, the two places Thad likes (and is most comfortable) shooting jumpers. He can drive from anywhere, so it's a matter of getting him into a spot where he can make enough jumpers to keep the defense half honest if they play way off him.

Since he's getting doubled more often, he has an idea of where everyone is on the floor because Collins lets players play where they want to be at. He was absolutely lost trying to find guys last year.

I don't know if he'll ever be even an adequate defender though, which has to make at best a "Super sub" of sorts.

Can they really let him walk, especially if you can get him for a Lou type deal?

What is the maximum you would sign Thad for? I've heard he wants $12 million, more realistically he might want $8 million. I'd say $6.5 million would be fair [more if he gets to play Phoenix every night ;-)], but it's not my money ...

I just hope they keep their wits about them in these negotiations. Thad has made strides this year, but I think he's in the perfect role right now. They need to take an objective look at how much money that role is really worth.

If he keeps this up, I think someone out there might be willing to pay him starter's money, and offer him starter's minutes at the three or the four. If that happens, they have to have the fortitude to let him walk. If they wind up matching a $50M+ offer sheet for Thad, it's going to severely hamper their financial situation and they aren't going to have the means to fill the bigger holes they have.

johnrosz on Jan 24 at 23:32

eagerly awaiting Brian's DeMarcus Cousins update. He's having a dandy right now

Collins goes small in Sixers' victory over Suns:


I haven't read a "Turner is a bust" or "trade Evan Turner" comment in about two months. Guess he really was a slow starter.

johnrosz reply to KellyDad on Jan 25 at 1:33

you haven't been reading anything Eddie's Heady's has had to say then

I watched the game on Int'l League Pass, with Suns announcers, and Eddie Johnson said Turner is going to be "a very good player". Just wanted to share this

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