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Have you heard anything more about the Hughes injury? According to ESPN, it's a hamstring, but that's vague. They say 4-6 weeks, let's hope he's back soon.

Off topic, here's Jason Stark's comments on ESPN's Mike and Mike in the morning between 8:15 and 8:30 about the Yankees:

" The way the Yankees are playing now,Torre has three weeks, a month tops, before he's fired."

"Clemens could wind up in Boston instead of NY. He's three or four weeks away from deciding where he wants to pitch."

I find it puzzling that these comments come out after a dominating win. Brian Cashman is the next guest on the show...

Peter Abraham is saying a couple of months, at least, and that it's a torn hammy, not a pulled hammy.

Great way to start the morning huh?


Hughes said he felt "a pop"; a pop is usually indicative of a pulled hammy, not a torn hammy. Secondedly, he wouldn't have been able to walk off as easily as he did if he tore his hammy (it's a lot more painful).

It's most likely a pull, which is 4-6 weeks. That means the Yankees will probably keep him on the DL the full 6 weeks, and not mess around with their future ace.

His performance yesterday was outstanding. I haven't seen a Yankee pitcher get that many swing and misses (on pitches that were in the strike zone) in a long time. His changeup, which is suppose to be the pitch he needs to work on the most, was amazing. His fastball was good enough to blow away big league hitters, on one of the best slugging teams in the league.

BTW, the guy you linked to might want to blame the Yankees for bringing him up too soon, but he's a moron. If you are gonna blame anyone in the organization, start with the new trainers, who are under a lot of scrutiny right now, with all the injuries to players (Damon, Mussina, Abreu, et al)....

My brother actually wanted to write a guest post on the training staff.

I think this is 6 hamstring injuries for the Yanks already this season.

Seems to me like it was just a freak thing. 20 year-olds don't really need extensive training to avoid injuries like this, they just happen sometimes, no matter where you're pitching. The kid is ready, and after a rehab start or two he should never pitch in another minor league game.

Peter Abraham is the Yanks beat reporter for LoHud, he wrote that the yanks rushed hughes, he's using this as his "told ya so" moment. F him.

Interesting side note, Abraham is reporting that the yanks fired their director of performance enhancement Marty Miller today.

Check the story out, the guy has no experience in baseball. Makes sense that he was hired to train these guys, kinda like taking your Ferrari to Jiffy Lube for an oil change if you ask me.

It makes you wonder about the training staff with so many hammy injuries. Funny that with all the money the Yankees spend on their blue chip players that they wouldn't surround them with the very best conditioning/flexibility and strength trainers. The Ferrari analogy hits it perfectly.

Yep, Mike over at Green Pinstripes has a post up about Marty Miller's dismissal, check it out.

bro, do some more!! I DESIRE MORE!!! thank you so much.

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