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Good Teams Win These Games

I'm usually an eternal optimist but I think the Sixers lose this game in typical last-two-minutes heartbreaking fashion. The probably partied last night in Toronto, so they'll be sluggish all game, and it will be close. Lou will kill us with his patented isolations followed by bad shots at the end, and we blow it. Thankfully, the Sixers seem to always be able to bounce back so I think we're still headed for a big run over the next 15 games.

The game has Lou written all over it. Good Lou and we win :)

Personally, I'd like to see a game with Jrue written all over it. Just so it doesn't continue to seem like he's disappearing since Iguodala's return.

tk76 reply to Brian on Jan 26 at 16:51

Jrue is going to have less of an impact against a team like this.

por que?

tk76 reply to Brian on Jan 26 at 17:17

Lou is better than Jrue at blowing by his man and finishing at the rim. Overall, Lou is the better pure scorer. Lou also can play to his strengths without being as exposed.

Jrue is more important when you don't want the Deron's and Nash's of the world to dominate the game through penetration. While the Raptors get assists through setting "bad" shots. So its not like Jrue really needs to take them out of their offense. It's more on the other guys to not over-help and properly contest the long jumpers.

Well, I took the plunge. Just bought my ticket for this, actually pretty excited, which I know makes me a geek on most levels.

Oh cool. Are you gonna talk to D.Morey and ask him what exactly he's doing with his roster?

tk76 reply to Brian on Jan 26 at 17:11

Great, we will start needing translations along with your posts :)


They didn't put up any of the PDF's from last years presenations either - i freaking emailed the professor who did the 'blocked shots' presentation as it's a theory i had for years - but he never got back to me :)

Yes, I'm jealous you go to that

dds784 reply to GoSixers on Jan 26 at 19:09

You had that theory for years. Interesting. Have you ever heard of the personality disorder called narcissism? :)

Nope - never heard of it - not even when i had a paranoid narcissist mother I still haven't heard of it.

However, I have heard of this world wide disease spreading where people have no sense of humor - many of them become dentists

I'd love to see the Sixers start Thad for Hawes this game. No reason not to.

Agreed. I'd prefer him on Bargnani over Hawes anyway.

didn't bargns destroy Thad earlier this season?

tk76 reply to Jason on Jan 26 at 17:38

I can't fathom how Hawes would have done better.

My concern is that once a player gets hot he's harder to slow down. And if you guard a perimeter player with Brand or Thad, you will get easy looks and a better chance the player heats up.

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