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SixersBeat Episode at 9:00 PM (Eastern)

Here do you stand on the approach of breaking even with the starters and winning with the bench... where some of the starters are that in name only.

I think the Sixers lack the talent to go head to head with any 5 man roster they send out. But they can win the 4-8 battle on many nights. Especially since its easier to manipulate the rotations of your bench guys and ride the hot hand.

I have a question that has bothered me for a while.

What kind of record should a young team (such as the Sixers) reach so that it will be considered a possible future championship contender? Or maybe the number of games young players can win for their team is irrelevant and all you need is a so called superstar that puts huge numbers on a very bad team?

I think W/L record does matter and it's around 40-45 wins.

P.S. Two recent examples for comparison:
Portland - Managed two 50 win seasons and two first round defeats after years of being pegged as the next big thing. As it appears that's as far as they'll go with those youngsters.
OKC - One 50 win season and a first round loss. They are still improving and might actually get there...

Of course the point of the question is if the Sixers go above .500 for example in the regular season, why are we so low on the Sixers potential for future success, considering that 8 out of 9 players in the rotation (10 if you count Nocioni who is in and out) are widely considered youngsters. 7 of them are actually below 24. I'm guessing if not for Brand this Sixers team would've been historically young (rotation wise).

Tray reply to Xsago on Jan 27 at 18:32

Because a lot of them have already reached their potential. Basically Jrue and Turner, possibly Speights, are the only ones who can get a lot better.

OJ Mayo - 10 games - anti drug policy
and whatever trade value he had takes another hit

tk76 reply to GoSixers on Jan 27 at 17:28

ESPN text alert just tells mehe's suspended :)

tk76 reply to GoSixers on Jan 27 at 17:34


tk76 reply to tk76 on Jan 27 at 17:36

I never really understood how "supplements" are unregulated. In Europe they are regulated for safety and purity- just not for efficacy.

They're not unregulated, they're just more loosely regulated than food (trust me I know more about this than I want to know)

My most fascinating examination these days is when they market 'truvia' - which is just stevia - which for years the governement would not allow you to market as food - but as a dietary supplement - and thus if you used it in something you sold people to eat - it was no longer food - which is a bitch

johnrosz reply to tk76 on Jan 27 at 18:03

Ever see a documentary called "Bigger, Faster, Stronger"? It's about the rise in steroid use in the US over the last few decades. There's an entire segment dedicated to the joke that is the supplement industry. Companies are allowed to put "supplemental blend" on the listed ingredients, it can contain anything, they use all kinds of substitutes (rice flour is a key ingredient I believe that just acts as filler) most of the time there is actually very little supplemental value in the 2 lb container people fork over 50+ dollars for...

tk76 reply to johnrosz on Jan 27 at 22:21

Nope. Sounds interesting though.

Tom Moore on Jan 27 at 17:20

Sixers' bench by the numbers:


deepsixersuede on Jan 27 at 17:51

Brian, would love you and Derek to discuss what the ideal offensive skillset of our future center should be with a Brand, Iggy, Turner and Jrue starting lineup. Does Hawes staying out high and giving gaps for our slashers mean more or having a big finishing at the rim.

And are there any good sleepers in the 15 to 25 range of this draft in the pf or center category?

Suppose the sixers were to trade for a defensive center at the trade deadline.

Who do you think are three candidates that the sixers have a legitimate shot at acquiring? (ie - the partner team has too many big men, needs cap relief, wants one of our young prospects ect.)

Old School Sixer Fan on Jan 27 at 19:18

As more of a long term question, What changes do you think will be made to the CBA this summer? Will Stern make the same personal commitment that the NFL Commissioner made - to forfeit his salary until there is an agreement?

Oh right - the 'pr move' that people think means something :)

That just cracked me up

Turtle Bay on Jan 27 at 19:22

Do you think Meeks has a future? Has his poor shooting lately shown you enough to write him off, or do you think there is still potential there?

Not sixer related

But comments on the all star game - who you think reserves should be - do you think it should be fixed - should tim duncan be classified as a center for gods sake?

deepsixersuede on Jan 27 at 20:14

I feel dirty sitting here rooting for the Heat tonight but by this time next week lets get in 6th seed territory.

You want to be rooting for the 8th seed man. Only way to pull of the miracle in b2b rounds. No way sixers can get through the 2 and 3 seeds, which will be 2 of Miami/Chicago/Boston in the first 2 rounds. With the 8 seed you play one of the 3 then one of (5)ATL/(4)Orlando, which is much more possible.


NY gives a 1st rounder to DEN (that they get for randolph) and maybe Sixers throw in their 1st round pick to Den too.

Who says No?

The Nuggets probably say no - because the Nets deal is better - the deal the rockets can offer for a rental is probably better

I'm 50/50 that the knicks say no as well because they want to keep Galinari if they can

But the nets deal is off and what deal is better then iggy and 2 1st round picks plus a big expiring contract?

The nets deal isn't off until february 24th passes and Carmelo is on another team

Turtle Bay reply to GoSixers on Jan 27 at 22:27

The Knicks absolutely do this deal

What do you guys think about Jimmer? He seems like a good fit between Jrue and Iguodala/Turner offensively. Will they be able to get him at the spot they'll pick (assuming they are a low playoffs seed).

Sean Bradley went to BYU so I still have nightmares

How exactly is Fredette a 21 year old senior? Did BYU do away with mandatory two year missions?

BYU never had mandatory missions. Steve Young didn't go on one, for example.

I think we got to most of these during the show. Check out the replay if you get a chance here. It'll be available later tonight.

Good show - thanks for it - and ignoring my questions :)

I didn't see any of the questions before the show. I spent about a half an hour trying to park in this mess of a storm before parking illegally and getting up here just in time to dial in at 9:01.

I'm totally messing with you guys - don't worry about it.

Funny - I thought the missions at BYU were mandatory for some reason.

I didn't think the all star game was relevant to the Sixers :) Actually, I was just picking through them on the fly.

mopey reply to Brian on Jan 27 at 23:11

I was hoping to hear your take on possible big men they might target

If you didn't already know this about me, I really like Toney Douglass, and I can never remember how to spell his name.

It's fun watching LeBron try to assert himself as top dog.

White Collar on demand - better option :)

Can't wait to hear about the jimmer backlash :)

What backlash ? Not sure what ya mean.

These announcers are spot on, Miami is playing the most pitiful offense I've ever seen. It's like Lou isolation every single time down the floor.

johnrosz on Jan 27 at 22:15

Gallinari, wish he was a Sixer

The rooster is pumped up! He's what Miami wishes Mike Miller was.

johnrosz reply to Brian on Jan 27 at 22:20

every time I watch him play he'll have like 8 FT attempts. Not bad for a guy who people consider to only be an outside shooter.

I was listening to the show, and I just think you underestimate what it takes to seriously contend. You ask what if Jrue became Deron Williams - the real Deron Williams has been playing alongside a serious amount of talent for years now, and that team has never had a real chance of winning a Finals. The Hornets have the best point guard in the league - not only is he that good, he's probably deserved the MVP at least once - plus a pretty gifted power forward and a very respectable center. They're 3rd in the league in defensive rating. Nevertheless, the Hornets remain at least one very good player away. Jrue certainly is no Chris Paul. But even if he were, my concern is that what the careers of guys like Paul, Williams, Nash, Stockton, Payton, Kidd, etc. suggest is that building a team even around a Hall of Fame point guard rarely gets you a championship. My suspicion is that the assist is overrated - that if you took a great point guard off a lot of teams, guys would still find ways to score. For example, how much value do you really think Andre Miller's 11 assists a game added to the 01-02 Cavaliers? I also think that great scorers' ability to make the players around them more efficient is hugely underrated, and may have just as much of an impact on others' games as a point guard's passing does. I really believe that 95% of the time a team will need a great scorer or a dominant big man to contend, and increasingly to contend you have to have both.

tk76 reply to Tray on Jan 27 at 22:32

If your goal is a Championship or bust you are probably going to be disappointed no matter what you do. For that you typically need a top 5 NBA player and a great supporting cast, or to have a tremendous team accross the board and some luck.

Its not that having a great PG is not the right formula. It more that PG's have not often been amongst the 3-5 best players in the league. IMO CP3 is top 5. Give him Gasol, Oden, Bynum, Artest etc and he will get you a title at some point. Probably multiple titles. Being a PG is not holding him back.

tk76 reply to tk76 on Jan 27 at 22:33

I hate using double negatives... These blogs are killing my ability to write. I'm getting lazy. Almost as bad as text messaging.

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