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Game 46 Thread: PHI vs. MEM

Intersting stat:


In WS/48 Turner ranks behind Davis, Favors and Monroe, but ahead of Wall, Johnson, Aminu and Cousins. I guess he's not standing out as the bust of the class huh...

Tom Moore on Jan 28 at 18:50

Video: Doug Collins pregame on Sixers' strong bench, Grizzlies without suspended Mayo:


Day off and still only gonna catch half the game - ah well

Big game for both teams, luckly Jrue can set the pace

As long as he doesn't get off to a shaky start and get immediately benched for 3- 4 minutes - sure

I'm concerned about Jrue's handle, Conley is top 10 in the league in steals.

eddies' heady's on Jan 28 at 19:08

Hope i'm wrong, but I sense that Memphis is going to beat us and expose our major flaws tonight. That, and a board meltdown after another loss:)

I'll climb out on a limb and say you're predicting a bad game from Turner as well.

If it's a good game - it won't really count

eddies' heady's reply to Brian on Jan 28 at 19:15

eh, that really wouldn't be a prediction, just the norm.

see you didn't bother with the outliers earlier, btw

And we're off. Why does Hawes even bother going to midcourt for the tip? Another loss.

lol, Hawes just tried to get position on the block against Zach randolph. Randolph pushed him 10 feet away from the rim.

Wow Sam Young - that's embarssing

Jrue with the jumper. Two possessions, two jumpers, though. Not happy w/ that.

While not great - the memphis bigs better defensively than the raptors :)

Twice Meeks has lost Sam Young.

Nice charge by Hawes.

God damnit, Meeks just should not be allowed to drive. It's pitiful.

Officials seem to be allowing a lot of fouling of the sixers

Sissy hook in the post. Sick.

ridiculous attempt by hawes. the sissy shake?

Hawes is awful when he touches the ball

and this game is ugly

Pull Hawes now

hawes at the sissy elbow for the miss

Oh Meeks and SPENCAH, just killing me.

eddies' heady's on Jan 28 at 19:17

If you're 7 ft shouldn't you not have to employ the fadeaway all the time?

Heh. Iguodala's D > Gay's offense.

Shit, is that two on Jrue?

Nope - just one according to the broadcast


It's hard to understand how the refs are calling the game when there's a double standard

Good - two fouls on Hawes?

Ughhhhh Meeks and SPENCAH

eddies' heady's on Jan 28 at 19:19

6 min from Hawes. Pull that rabbit out of the hat again Doug where he doesn't even come back in the game.

2/10 to start the game. I'd probably look to get Speights a decent shot on this possession. Need to see the ball go through the hoop.

I haven't noticed this before, but after seeing him do well vs Deron williams, does Jrue struggle vs small speedy guards? off top of my head i think he gets into foul trouble vs them.

Lou Williams - primary point guard - that's awesome

Would love to see Pick and roll with Jrue and speights. Randolph struggles against the Pick and roll.

Man, why is the offense so stagnant?

eddies' heady's reply to Brian on Jan 28 at 19:24

no one's moving off the ball, they're just standing in nearly the same spots

Those are the plays the coach is calling

As far as I can tell, there aren't any plays.

Like I said - those are the plays the coach is calling ;)

So - all that success against Toronto - we're just going to ignore it Doug?

Jrue for three!

Of course, he was just standing in the corner waiting for it, not exactly good offense. It wasn't even off penetration.

There was a pick and roll on that play. Speights was wide open in the lane there as well, Randolph stuck at the 3 pt line.

Good god they just look awful

Worse than the first quarter in Toronto even

eddies' heady's on Jan 28 at 19:27

Great sprint and hustle by Dre to get to that bad outlet pass by MEM

Nice pass Mo

Anyone else just see Lou get complete lost on that last defensive series? He had no idea where Conley was.

eddies' heady's on Jan 28 at 19:30

I've been reserving judgment on whether we were even close to a mid-tier team, but these wins we've had since the road trip have been a facade to me. I think it has been just a product of the opponents are that sucky. And we've even struggled throughout games vs. them. Just an empty-wins feeling, sort of fool's gold thing.

She works for Comcast? Those seats seems pretty sucky

Sort of surprised we didn't see Thad or Turner come in during that timeout.

Here they both come

Nice dribbling - dumb pass atempt Evan

Oh come on - I hate these refs

Well, Speights is looking good.

Already two fouls though

Nice on that transition working at the offensive boards after the wild take by Evan

Fucking Lou running the point exclusively.

And Jrue on the court the whole time

Isn't it awesome?

Speights needs to calm down. Trying to do too much.


What a waste of a defensive effort

eddies' heady's on Jan 28 at 19:36

The way Speights is looking Doug has to go with Battie and let Spencer rot. He's finally playing motivated.

I really like that Speights is giving a lot of effort. But he is on the verge of recklessness. Speights could have picked up his 3rd foul on that Marc Gasol rebound, was holding Gasol's jersey.

He's also no better (or worse) really than Hawes defensively - they both are defensively useless but Speights does bring more offense...(though that shot sucked)

eddies' heady's reply to Jason on Jan 28 at 19:39

Not talking specifics, just overall.

Only down 3 after a quarter - could be a lot worse the way they were playing

Pretty ugly first quarter offensively. Good defense, though.

PHI 18, MEM 21

70% of the defensive glass isn't good

Mike Conley just pulled two separate end of the quarter plays out of the Lou Will book. Dribble...dribble...dribble...nothing.

6/18 from the floor, only 2 assists. This isn't the type of offensive basketball we've been seeing from this team. I'm assuming Jrue goes to the bench here, too.

Vasquez does Turner a favor

Jesus Mo - at least make a god damn effort to block the shot

randolph is just nasty.

Not really hard when no one on the sixers plays defense

We might need Battie on Randolph.

Doug brings Elton back in for Mo to work on it

Man, this is just ugly.

but tied :)

I always feel bad for Iggy when they throw him the ball with 2 seconds on the shot clock and expect something to happen.

Not defending them - but he got the ball with six - got double teamed and no one came to help him out -

They pretty much have to run off every defensive board, nothing happening in the half court at all. Nice pass/finish AI9 to ET.

Here's a though - the grizz jump the passing lanes a lot - how about faking the pass - and then cutting behind the guy jumping for the steal - let's try that huh?

Here's hoping that's the halftime adjustment. Or hell even the out of the timeout adjustment.

Got 40+ game of film available on the grizzlies - you think someone would have noticed - i'm not much of a basketball strategist and it occurs to me :)

I saw the cut once, Iguodala thought he had a lob. Jrue didn't throw it. Don't think it was really there, Young was a half step behind him.

Yao Ming gets voted in. Cute.

I'm surprise Yi Jianlian doesn't get voted in - he must have angered china

There's a play. Lou for three. Nice.

Iguodala deferring to Turner. love the teamwork.

MEM may want to stop trying to get the ball to Gay w/ Iguodala on him. I think that's three or four times the entry pass resulted in a TO because Iguodala was all over him (and Thad, on the last play).

If I'm going to be number - I'd like to be number 7

Is this a movie series? If he dies does I am number five come out?

Somehow I don't think he'll die - it's a 'book' (written for the movie in my opinion) for the mainstream appeal - the 'hero' doesn't die in the book like that - supposedly it is the first book in the series (i know too much about stuff like this)

Looks like a piece of shit movie. I love lines like "I'm not who you think I am" and "You don't know what i'm capable of"

Also since the first 3 were killed in order, is #6 immune? I see she is making an apperance, would that kill the whole "order" thing if she died in the movie?

I am gaining interest in this movie by watching the same commerical 100 times+.

eddies' heady's on Jan 28 at 19:49

Have we abandoned the cluster sets? The high ball screen? Down screens?

Would be nice to hear Miller call out "3 down", wouldn't it? Meaning, just the call of a play.

14 vs 0 in bench scoring already. The Sixers have got to use the huge advantage of having a better bench tonight. They just have to.

In general the sixers have the better scoring bench - they have the best scoring bench in the league (PPG at least)

thad w/ a blown bunny :(

Iguodala all over the place on D.

nice, Turner!!!

eddies' heady's on Jan 28 at 19:52

Good look by Turner to EB.

EB w/ the slam. Pretty pass by Turner. Looks like we're going to have to dismiss this game for Turner. Definitely an outlier.

Outliers however is a good book

I've only been able to get through half of the book. I'm at the War between the two west virginian families or wherever they were that took place a 100 yrs ago. Getting a bit repetetive with massive amount of examples and not a lot of points for me.

Tray reply to GoSixers on Jan 28 at 20:17

No, no, terrible book. I went through a year of hearing about its stupid insights from my mother. How, shocker, class and education plays a role in whether brilliant children become Bill Gates or child prodigy flameouts. And then the racist nonsense about conformist Asian pilots who crash their planes because they're waiting for instructions from ground control. I just can't see how we needed a book to "prove," using the flimsiest anecdotal evidence ever slopped together in book form, the transcendentally obvious thesis that factors other than innate talent determine success. Not only transcendentally obvious, but at the margins, wrong. Like really, Mozart would be just another composer if not for his 10,000 meaningless hours of childhood composition? Gee, maybe the fact that he could write a symphony at the age of 5 suggests that he was destined for greatness, not that his writing at 5 was a necessary ingredient of his success that separated him from hundreds of equally talented geniuses.

I agree with you to a certain extent. I am pretty sure that there was a book written years before outliers that says something similar, but seeing as how many people never realized the main point of the book, it has its place in the book marketplace.

Also, I think you are missing the mozart point. I have a feeling that Gosixers might be writing a response to it so i will wait it out before responding.

eddies' heady's reply to Brian on Jan 28 at 19:57

LOL! you love the heady's you know it :)

That swap of Elton for Mo seems to have helped - or just coinkydink

The memphis bench is bad though -= if the refs would call the game more balanced - maybe some Memphis starters would get a second foul on em

Thad has GOT to learn some control when he's running

Battie coming in.

Evan - that was a very good Lou impression

Don't do that again


eddies' heady's on Jan 28 at 19:55

Shoot the damn ball ET.

dang rookie

Battie in for Thad

Nice, another three for Jrue. Good look by EB.

awesome!! love to see jrue kill it

All the embarrassment of Brand and Battie turns into an open 3 for Jrue

And another three by Jrue after the bigs miss about 5 bunnies but get the o-boards.

eddies' heady's on Jan 28 at 19:58

Dag, Jrue's 3 buckets from deep, have all looked in a very good rhythm and stroke. Repeat that, kid.

If the rebounding doesn't get better in the second half - this team is going to be stuck at '3' being the longest win streak of the season

Sixers have 9 assists on their last 10 hoops, after 2 on the first 6. Big turnaround.

Defensive rebounding drops below 67% with 1;35 left

Stupid oddity - the things I notice :)

Usually in a commercial for a chain restaurant you see 'prices higher in hawaii and alaska'

for red lobster it's hawaii - and times square :)

Tray reply to GoSixers on Jan 28 at 20:05

Why are the prices higher in the non-continental states?

I always assumed it was the transit of the ingredients across the ocean to alaska and hawaii, when i was a kid it just made sense to me - gotta put stuff on boats to get there.

More importantly - why the hell do people go to red lobster - i've adopted the - eat out less at better restaurants mentality

Food is insanely expensive in Alaska. I think it's because a lot of the basic stuff has to be transported in. No idea about Hawaii.

Would have to be transported in to hawaii too :)

And I just checked it out - according to the red lobster site - no alaska locations :)

Tray reply to GoSixers on Jan 28 at 20:06

And why don't more chains take advantage of Times Square's tourist traffic to overcharge?

Why is Tony Battie taking shots?

Lou that was a very stupid shot

Give Sam Young some money

Solid D by Turner on Gay, and another turnover on an entry pass to him.

What do you think, Lou isolation to end the half here?

If they called a timeout for a lou iso i'm rebelling.

Great use of a timeout.

Shocker, huh? That's what Collins drew up. Excellent.

And Lou doesn't worry about being guarded by the guy 7 inches taller then him - he just forces the ugly shot attempt

that was an awesome fadeaway

Memphis averages 12.1 3's per game (lowest attempts in the league) but only 1 attempt so far

Ugh Lou.

Much better second quarter, defense is still playing very well. If they could grab the defensive boards too, this would be a much more comfortable lead.

PHI 44, MEM 40

bebopdeluxe on Jan 28 at 20:07

Collins called a 20 to draw up THAT?

God...I can't wait until Turner is the guy taking that shot instead of Lou.

I can't wait until the sixers have a coach with a clue about how to use the players on the roster, since Doug still calls damn ass plays at the end of quarters focusing on the useless one. Put the ball in Jrue (or Evan's) hands and when they see Gay - they find the mismatch

The whole league has figured it out too. Louis was double-teamed. There's really no way to explain Collins going to Lou for isolations at the end of every freaking quarter. Where is the media to ask him about that?

Don't look at me - I'm waiting for the media to question a lot of Collins moves - and they aren't

Meeks about to burst into flames----hopefully.

Rudy Gay's Height/Length is why I love Perry Jones. Will be very angry if whatever team he ends up on uses him as a four.

eddies' heady's on Jan 28 at 20:08

Sort of better 2nd quarter but still just blah-like.

Better execution and anyone but Hawes starting is needed to reach the ultimate. Doug mostly played small that half. He needs to go bigger and get Speights and Battie more minutes.

You should sell a t-shirt, "Hawes starting is needed to reach the ultimate." By the way, what do you mean by ultimate - being a kind of good team?

eddies' heady's reply to Tray on Jan 28 at 20:24

I meant ultimate = win.

eddies' heady's reply to eddies' heady's on Jan 28 at 20:22

This was meant in the sense that Brand and Thad being the frontcourt isn't going to end up well, and we really don't need to see Hawes stink it up again. Play Speights/Battie w/ EB.

Defensive rebound rate after first quarter 70%
Defensive rebound rate after second quarter 65%

Might wanna work on that

Tony Battie will fix this.

We'll see

It's a team thing - he can only help so much the way the sixers are rebounding - losing too many balls that 'bounce' off the shot.

I wonder if Doug will again bench Hawes to start the second half

I was being somewhat sarcastic. He may help the dRB%, but he will also hurt the sixers on Offense.

Well if they give him the ball sure - i mean lou gave battie an entry pass on one offensive set - what the hell

Tray reply to GoSixers on Jan 28 at 20:21

A boss has to know when to feed the post on occasion. Bosses delegate to talentless underlings. It's the mark of true bossiness.

This and the youtube link

Unknown skills busted out tonight son

Tray reply to GoSixers on Jan 28 at 20:31

That's a great song. Unbeknownst to all of you, I used to have a rap blog. But I've really stopped listening, though not out of any despair about the state of rap, which I think is stronger than most give it credit for.

eddies' heady's reply to Tray on Jan 29 at 2:31

It's a parody of its' former self. Slow, choppy, and unoriginal, uncreative, uninteresting hot air. Corporate labels should be ashamed of what they dictate to the masses as 'hot'. Rick Rubin, Lyor Cohen, and even Grandmaster Flash, I'm sure, are all ashamed, as am I.

Turner +8
3-5 shooting
3 assists
3 rebounds
1 TO
Some good defense when put on Rudy

Typical Terrible

eddies' heady's reply to GoSixers on Jan 28 at 20:18


eddies' heady's reply to eddies' heady's on Jan 28 at 20:29

I LOL'd when I typed that, little do they know. All in jest and fun....ha

nastiness. and eddie's heady's opinion on it is supremely valued!

bebopdeluxe reply to GoSixers on Jan 28 at 20:20

Dude...there is NO WAY that Eddie's Heady will be around to comment on that.

Wait until he misses a shot or turns it over in the guts of a game. He'll be sure to show up then.

Turner's handle is effortless...the way he pulled the rebound down, and when Conley went for the strip in traffic, he just walked away from him. As soon as he starts believeing that he can chuck up shots like Lou does, Meeks goes back to the bench.

I was impressed how he handled the ball in traffic earlier in the second (though he made a god awful pass) - he's going to get better - and I like what I see when I watch him play - no rookie is flawless - but you can see what Turner has if you look at him with out a jaundiced eye of hatred

bebopdeluxe reply to GoSixers on Jan 28 at 20:26

What has to happen is when Turner is out there with Lou, Collins needs to call plays SPECIFICALLY FOR TURNER.

FORCE him to shoot the ball.

Because when he's out there with Jrue, Iggy, Lou and EB/Thad, he just sets up on the wing 25 feet away and never touches the ball. If he's gonna be the man, he has to KNOW that he can shoot the ball...and that is up to Collins.

I don't necessarily want a play that says 'shoot the ball' - i want a play that says 'shoot tthe ball if you have it - but find the open shooter if you draw a double.

Evan and jrue are just smarter overall players than lou - lou is a scorer - and that's it

Hawes back in to start the second

Yes Doug - the starting 5 got bitchslapped in the first quarter - definitely bring that out again

Hawes almost got above the rim on that fake follow dunk. Sick.

Get a timeout if they take the lead here.

There we go, Meeks.

Great pass by Jrue to spring AI9 for the dunk.

and another, this time to EB for the layup in transition. Quality basketball, all started by that turnover.

Dear Mike Conley

You can't get in Iguodala's way - don't embarasss yourself

eddies' heady's on Jan 28 at 20:26

Good run. Let's go.

If Meeks gets hot, this could be a laugher.

eddies' heady's on Jan 28 at 20:30

Dre 3!

eddies' heady's on Jan 28 at 20:31

Dre jumper. And free throw attempt!

15-2 run with Iguodala going to the line. Last game of the trip, it won't take much to get the Griz to call it a night. Keep your fucking foot on the pedal.

I like Dre as a 3rd quarter scorer like he has done the past couple of games.

Great D on that possession. Love the pressure, don't let up.

eddies' heady's on Jan 28 at 20:33

Getting stops on the regular, keep that up.


Fuck, man. Another Jodie three. This is an explosion.

And that, my friends, is why we keep playing Jodie Meeks


Remember when we used to be terrible in the 3rd quarter? I can get used to this.

20-point lead in the blink of an eye.

Best part of the run, Hawes touched the ball once. Literally. Not counting that BS follow after the foul, he's touched it one time.

eddies' heady's on Jan 28 at 20:35

Wow, another turnover.

Get my hopes up again and off that teeter as I doubted them in thoughts earlier. They should do this every game, just play collective, aggressive D. Guess makes are good, too, but not sustainable, defense can be if you want it to.

eddies' heady's on Jan 28 at 20:36

Hawes with the token slap-down. I'm 7 ft tall folks.

way to get fouled Spencer!!!

Keep the pressure up on D even if the shots aren't dropping.

Notice how well we play when Lou isn't on the court?

good point

garbage into gold...

eddies' heady's on Jan 28 at 20:38

Nice looking j from Dre and EB gets the put-back.

ANother stip, bad pass by EB. Come on. None of that.

eddies' heady's on Jan 28 at 20:39

Doug all on Thad, and he gets the bucket. Doug called him out twice I think. ha

Hmmmn. Why the timeout, Doug?

Watching Thabeet play is very entertaining.

He runs like he has dual leg braces on.

do i hear the crowd at WF center?

-E. Snow

eddies' heady's on Jan 28 at 20:40

Don't the Griz look like us in the 1st and some of the 2nd quarters? Just standing around one on one stuff.

We're moving the ball and off the ball now. Much more crisply.

Dre on pace for a trip-double.

Tray reply to TS on Jan 28 at 20:43

On that note, I'd like to bust out my random stat of the note and note that Old Man McGrady, at the half, has 6 boards, 7 assists - and 1 point on 0-8 shooting. Apparently he plays as a sort of Magic Johnson point guard for them, which seems as good a use of his diminished skills as any. Anyway, he's been having very nice lines for a couple weeks now.

TS reply to Tray on Jan 28 at 20:49

He's had some nice lines since he's been starting but he'll have a great night and then only play 10 mins the next b/c of tired legs. Screwed me in fantasy when I picked him up, lol.

18 straight points either scored by or assisted on by Jrue or Iguodala in that run. Just like last game in the third quarter, they just took turns picking the other team apart.

A little credit to Hawes for that big run. He was being really aggressive, literally setting picks for every single player that had the ball. He was running all over the place, and it helped get open shots which contributed to the ridiculously high shooting % during that run.

eddies' heady's reply to stoned81 on Jan 28 at 20:43

just asking - you weren't being sarcastic were you?

Should get a nice long look at the beauty of Thabeet's game.

man...this is the first time i've heard a home crowd that was really into it since...i don't know when. AI maybe?

Anyone else see that shot by Henry?

yea...real pretty

eddies' heady's on Jan 28 at 20:44

No Marc didn't.....said the Sixers are "Lustyyyyy...!!!" from three tonight. wtf is he thinking, lusty??

Things have not looked crisp since he yanked Iguodala and Jrue, on either end.

Anyone else excited for the upcoming Lou isolation?!?!

eddies' heady's on Jan 28 at 20:45

Little more elbow extension ET. Just rimmed out on you...

Please don't let Lou get hot in garbage time. I really don't want any fan reading the box score and thinking Lou had anything to do with this win.

That hiccup at the end of the quarter didn't ruin it. GREAT quarter for the Sixers.

PHI 73, MEM 57

eddies' heady's on Jan 28 at 20:47

Good IQ there my Marreese to 'bat' that ball when he realized he couldn't grab it, b/c the horn was ready to sound for the quarter. Good instincts.

The big lead scares me a little bit, but hopefully once Jrue and AI9 get back in they'll pick up from where they left off.

Really, gonna get scared about a big lead? Prefer being up only 5?

TS reply to Jason on Jan 28 at 20:50

Good point, lol.

God damnit, I'm changing my fantasy name back to JinxedJason.

Even Michael Lombardi from NFL network is talking about the sixers on twitter.

"Are the 76ers on fire or is there something wrong with my TV--They are actually hitting 3's...gotta love it"

Tray reply to Jason on Jan 28 at 20:50

Blake Griffin probably watches NFL Network. I bet he's getting excited by this NFL Network Sixers Twitter hype. Making plans to leave his crappy city for Philadelphia's balmy weather and awesome perimeter defense.

Your two favorite budding "superstars", Griffin and Wall, are a combined 3-36 on the road this season. Just screams dominant, doesn't it?

That felt a lot bigger than a 29-point quarter. I guess it was Marc getting all excited. And to be fair we did play a really great first six minutes.

leave darko alone! thabeet is in the league now!!

Get Meeks and Iguodala back in there to bust the zone.

eddies' heady's on Jan 28 at 20:51

Well he put Spencer back in and he turns it over. come on doug, if not Marreese then Battie at least.

Hawes may be the softest player I've ever seen.

eddies' heady's on Jan 28 at 20:52

Well, at least our crowd is doing the damn wave, cuz they sure don't seem to want to cheer.

Heh didn't notice this. It's a philly thing, too lazy to stand up and cheer for the length of a game. The wave lets them stand up for a moment and make them feel like they were an active fan.

eddies' heady's reply to Jason on Jan 28 at 20:58

:) i thought they were exercising or maybe stretching

Damnit, Hawes. Grab the fucking ball. Collins needs a timeout.

Man, the WFc just does not generate sound well, fans are making noise, just doesn't get loud in there.

eddies' heady's on Jan 28 at 20:54

Zum: "Hawes is on clean-up duty..."....yeah, I wish he was over there holding the mop.

I hate to say it, but why is Lou in the game right now instead of Meeks?

stat stuffing.

Nice hands, Hawes.

So should we have taken Arthur over Speights? He seems like a less talented but way less nutty and lazy version.

Yup. I'd prefer Arthur over Speights , I like consistency.

eddies' heady's on Jan 28 at 20:55

Well not the mop but he had his fingers in the butter popcorn.

they score again. come the eff on. Now a bad pass by Hawes. get him out and stunt their run DC! damn please

Meeks for Lou. Right now.

dear god.

This game isn't over.

Whys is Hawes in the game?? Get Mo in there

This is kind of pitiful.

WTF. Terrible call.

eddies' heady's on Jan 28 at 20:59

Come on the eff on with the TO's ....shit this is far from over.

eddies' heady's reply to eddies' heady's on Jan 28 at 21:25

harbinger of things to come

Zone buster!

I wonder if the red hot shooter could've helped earlier?

Wake the fuck up.

Does Brand have butter on his hands?

eddies' heady's on Jan 28 at 21:01

Jo-3! Oh how I wish he or anyone could be consistent with that shot, b/c we have the defense-drawers in Jrue and Dre.

Freak, another TO. COme on

Now they score again, 7 pt lead now....let's go, get Hawes out please

Thank you, Jrue.

Now show some balls on the defensive end, guys.

For the love of god, they have thabeet in there. They should not be outscoring us. They are basically playing offense with only 4 players.

eddies' heady's on Jan 28 at 21:02

Drer just smothered Conley.


and we give two back...

Yes! Pretty break.


back to the bloodbath

eddies' heady's on Jan 28 at 21:03

EB w/ the BS pass.

Dre behind the back Slam from TYoung!\

put us on your back Dre!

Elton Brand is make some really stupid passes tonight

Please keep thabeet in.

Sincerly, Sixers.

Brand has been involved with like 4 of the last 6 turnovers.

Hawes with 4 TOs and 4 PFs in 16 minutes. WOW!!!

DeMarcus Cousins-esque.

Tray reply to Brian on Jan 28 at 21:08

Cousins rebounds and inefficiently scores with those turnovers and fouls too.

eddies' heady's on Jan 28 at 21:06

Bear down, guys. Just finish.

eddies' heady's on Jan 28 at 21:07

With a lead, that's not a pass that Jrue needs to force. There's no need for that in that situation. A turnover and they don't have to work for a bucket, but get freebies. Crucial come playoff time.

Collins is sweating more than Hawes.

Come on, Jrue. What the hell is going on w/ these turnovers?

eddies' heady's on Jan 28 at 21:08

And Jrue w/ another unforced TO. sheesh.

Fuck me. I almost want Lou in the game. Almost.

eddies' heady's on Jan 28 at 21:09

And Jrue w/ a forced shot-attempt, when he should have passed to EB, he was open on the pop.

what the shit

might have been technically a block, but it may as well have been a turnover.

one of the worst quarters of basketball all year.

Here come the terrible jumpers.

eddies' heady's on Jan 28 at 21:10

Did that fucking wave from the crowd drown some of our guys?

Fuck me.

Two-point game with 2:11 left. Lou has been garbage tonight. Everyone else is turning the ball over like it's their job. No idea at all what to call here. No idea who to put in the game, either.

You asked wtf Collins was thinking calling a timeout when the Sixers were on a ridiculous run in the 3rd. I might be wrong, but doesn't it seem like Collins' timeout woke up the Grizzlies? What was he thinking?

What the hell.

Rudy Gay just murdered us. Mark that shit down. We're done.

I hate lou and all. But give him the ball. Everyone else is dead, he's the only player that wakes up when given the ball.

He's been shit tonight.

Everyone else is shit as well.

gut check!! here we go!!

Collins should of known to keep the fucking gas on. They got sloppy, lazy, and undisciplined at the beginning of the quarter and carried it through the entire quarter.

Collins looks like he's going to have a stroke. I feel the same way.

eddies' heady's on Jan 28 at 21:13

Come on, show some heart and encouragement like Doug. Let's go, still finish this.

Honestly i'd give the ball to Iguodala right now.

The difference in this game is sam youngs score on himself.

Not anymore.

let's see what this young team can do.

eddies' heady's on Jan 28 at 21:14

Son of a ...... this can't be happening....at home?

Game over.

Turner played a good first half. Why was he benched for almost the whole second half?


C'mon lou hit these two. Wake this team up ffs.

eddies' heady's on Jan 28 at 21:16

They still bite on the Louwill pump fake. He doesn't trust Marreese though, put in Battie.

God damnit. God fucking damnit.

shaky as hell

We're done

Rudy Gay is an assassin and my head just fucking exploded. Unbelievable.

Tray reply to TS on Jan 28 at 21:20

I bet Gay has pretty decent clutch numbers this season.

Hey arena guy in charge of music. Stop with the fucking music.

eddies' heady's on Jan 28 at 21:18

Wow, Jrue claps his hands in disgust b/c Lou works his way into two defenders....and get his hands on it but turns it over....sheesh

'Fire Burning (On the Dancefloor)' is a really appropriate song here, team DJ.

hahaha we got fucking murdered tonite.

I believe we've gotten 9 shots up in this entire quarter. More turnovers than FGA.

Our guys just don't want it.

It's not a matter of want. Once the sixers stopped creating turnovers that led to fast break points they were hopeless. Just no half court offense in this team.

eddies' heady's on Jan 28 at 21:20

Man what an unexplainable collapse. I can't say it's on the coach either, he's not out there handing it to the other team like charity. Just minor league-ish.

Turner had 17 assists to 1 TO in his last several games. he was the only guy consistently not losing the ball, and he was the guy who got benched in the 4th quarter. collins deserves blame

Why we stopped feeding Meeks when he was on fire, I'll never know.

eddies' heady's on Jan 28 at 21:20

Come on . FOUL....extend the game...we're within two

Why did the clock keep running for like 3 seconds after that shot fell?

TS reply to Brian on Jan 28 at 21:21

I saw that too. They better reset that shit.

eddies' heady's reply to Brian on Jan 28 at 21:22

saw that too. and they don't look at it...damn

Just rewinded, absolutely no reason for it to run that long. 2 full seconds came off that clock after the shot went in.

Home court advantage.

Now it's time for Enrique Iglesias's 'Baby I Like It,' obviously.

God damnit, play a motivational clip. Something that gets the crowd into it. I Haven't been to a game at the WFC, but i know they have some clips that get the crowd on their feet.

Tray reply to Jason on Jan 28 at 21:27

I was thinking more along the lines of depressing music to make our players feel guilty for throwing away the game. Not so much corny 90s party jams.

eddies' heady's reply to Jason on Jan 28 at 22:07

I was thinking, "Move the Crowd" by Eric B. and Rakim.

Tray reply to Tray on Jan 28 at 21:26

And now 'Gettin Jiggy Wit It'!

eddies' heady's on Jan 28 at 21:25

Come on!!! how does that not go down for Dre? man...............

Heh. That ball was 7/8 of the way down. Unfuckingbelievable. I hate sports.

Meh. Ball don't lie.

Fuck me. In and out. And tomorrow he'll get all the blame.

Second worst loss of the season, after the Orlando loss.
We had a huge lead. For some reason, Meeks didn't see the ball more and Turner didn't play in the last 8 minutes. And lets not forget that fucking Spencer Hawes was in the court during the 4th quarter for like 5 minutes. THISCLOSE to a 4-game winning streak. FUCK.

Turner did play in the final 8 minutes. He was in for one defensive possession.

TS reply to AJ on Jan 28 at 21:30

Hawes, Brand, and Jrue had a turnover contest going at one point. Ugly. Why are we so snakebit? And why the fuck didn't Turner play more?


That went in, but what is Lou doing (a) not shooting himself, and (b) passing to a guy who's hit 11 threes in his 14-year career?

Raise Your glasS!

Meh, maybe another song, but still pink, I don't know my pop


Tray reply to Jason on Jan 28 at 21:31

A song whose message is that its listeners should take life less seriously, as they will never be anything more than "dirty little freaks." Maybe next he'll play 'Don't Worry, Be Happy.'

eddies' heady's on Jan 28 at 21:29

No friggin way!!@@@???

Crazy!!!! A 21 point lead. Growing pains.

I'm not biting on this. My heart has already broken once in this game.

BRAND FOR JRUE???????????

Of course this was gonna happen

Why? Why the fuck run that fucking play? You had plenty of time to get the ball down the court for a fucking three. Why the motherfucking motherfucker would you do that?

Unforced turnover...fitting end.

eddies' heady's on Jan 28 at 21:32

Wtf is THAT! we had 6 seconds on the damn clock and you throw a desperation heave out of bounds like it was 1.5 sec left? 22 TO's damn..............

That, my friends, is what mediocre teams do. Losses like these make me want to jump on the nuke it bandwagon.

Well, Battie saved us with the 3, then killed us with that turnover.

This will keep happening until they get some experience and leadership on the floor.

Ha. Battie got the hook, lol.


I've completely lost track of the rotation chart, by the way. No fucking idea how I'm going to sort it out either.

Watch the rerun or check out the game log ;)

I'll help you out if serious

BTW - defensive rebounding ended up at 22/37, which is worse than the 65% it was at half time, rough math calls it slightly under 60%


I think we can stop talking about our late-game losses being the product of really bad luck.

Yeah, this is definitely what happened every other time. You hit the nail on the fucking head.

The best part of that last possession (apart from the Battie HR pass - moron)?

Doug Collins TAKING JRUE HOLIDAY OUT. First off, I understand the need for another rebounder in case Randolph missess the free thrown. BUT, Jrue is your PG, thus he is your best/safest bet to handle the ball quickly down the court. And he was 4-5 from 3 in the game!! Other than Meeks, who shot 5-7, no one else made more!! I know we should've never been in that position, and we blew the lead, blah blah...but come on. That is some motherfuking basic stuff. It's those type of things that make me want to beat collins up.

Seriously, how does that happen?

Collapse of EPIC proportions!!! This is just inexplicable someone should get a DNPCD for this next game.


Oh man, Battie with some late comic relief. Does that happen with any other team in this league?

I am really pissed off with three people:
1. Hawes- He fueled the comeback with TO's.
2. Collins- Why the hell was Hawes playing?
3. Jrue- Really dissapointed that our PG of the future was so lax with the ball protecting the lead. I'll probably get killed for this, but he's gotta show leadership and take control of the team. Didn't happen. Such is life.

There are a bunch of other goats (How about making a late game FT, Lou), but just a total team collapse. Story of the year. I hope you guys can keep hangin in there, I keep telling myself there will be a payoff.

I also hate basketball.

Lol, finding a way to blame JRue for this loss. Ok sure.

Rich reply to Jason on Jan 29 at 0:02

Look, Jrue is the main guy we have interest in. I said I was dissapointed in him, clearly not even close to all his fault. He was awful in the 4th quarter though, right? Bad turnover, bad shots, etc. I love the kid, but that 4th quarter was really bad.

Btw, I hate Hawes. Despise him.

I need to rewatch the start of the 4th, I was busy doing the wave from my couch.

Jrue may have been awful, but let's not blame him, don't speek ill of his fourth quarter performances, just hope he gets better and hope he continues getting the ball. Like with a kid that is going through personalities on a daily basis, you don't mention the emo/goth phase, you stay silent and pray to god it doesn't stick.

Jrue was terrible in the fourth. No other way to put it. He wasn't alone, but he was terrible.

How many fucking points did they score in the 4th? Like 42?

eddies' heady's on Jan 28 at 21:39

Excuse me please....but I have to laugh....

board meltdown....................mf'er

I laughed at the Battie pass. Impossible not to.

stonedeightytoo reply to stoned81 on Jan 28 at 21:49

That was the stupidest thing. Absolutely no need for it, in that moment. Shit, Marreese knew sense of time earlier in the game, should have maybe had his ass in...that was seriously boneheaded as hell

That pass was like the one Jrue threw straight to Garnett in that first Celtics game. Only worse. Much, much, worse.

eddies' heady's reply to stoned81 on Jan 28 at 22:15

ha, what else could you do?

I think my advice to Doug C. would be, If your team is turning the ball over every single possession, it might not be a good idea to bench your #2 pick who had 1 turnover in his prior 6 games.

Fuck this team. Seriously. Fuck it.

I can justify this only if NY, DET,the bucks and the bobcats all lose. And that won't happen.

That comment makes little to no sense

stonedeightytoo on Jan 28 at 21:45

Only us. just another Sixer game its numbin

I've never seen a team turn the ball over 12 times in a single quarter before. NEVER. Unbelievable.

that was disheartening.

Well played by Memphis, who were able to somehow secretly butter up the hands of the entire Sixers team during the break. That's the only rational explanation for the abysmal performance in the 4th. Surely.

Lou was terrible tonight, 2/9 from the floor, key missed free throw, and I'm giving him the player of the game anyway because he didn't have a turnover. Fuck everyone. Fuck sports. Fuck life.

TS reply to Brian on Jan 28 at 21:54


Tray reply to TS on Jan 28 at 23:27