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Honestly, the Sixers only played well for about 9 minutes. In the first half they hit a lot of 3's. And the 4th... they are not the first NBA team that stopped competeting when they get up big and you can't turn it back on.

New challenge:

Predict the next crazy way the Sixers find a way to lose? Maybe a 7 point play?


Not sure what was the most unreal moment of this game. That dunk, Gay making that ridiculous falling layup that had nob usiness going in, AI's 3 not falling, the 2 extra seconds that should of stayed on the clock. The fact that the sixers turned the ball over that many times. The fact that the Grizzlies started their comeback with Thabeet, who is fucking awful, the guy is basically a waste of a player, they essentially did this 4 on 5. The fact that Gasol and Zach Randolph hit every clutch free throw. Or the fact that Battie hit a ridiculous 3, then followed it up with a wonderful lob.

the sixers are going to be humiliated on sportscenter, and once again be the laughingstock of the NBA.

Heh, I just realized he didn't even dunk that. That was just a fucking throw in from 5-6 feet away, how the hell does that go in.

eddies' heady's reply to Jason on Jan 28 at 22:18

Yep, that Gay shit, saw it live, no pun intended.

by saw it live, do you mean you were at the game?

Kudos to you Brian. You have the mental toughness to not only watch every Sixers game but also to write in-depth articles posts about them. As for me, I give up. I will no longer care about this team and will no longer let them ruin my day.

It's possible to root for a team,care about them, and still not have them ruin your day.

Quite easy actually.

If anyone out there is a hacker, I would seriously appreciate a DOS attack or something worse on the site that keeps spamming the comments here.

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And if the spammer is reading this, I hope you die of syphilis you piece of crap.

Hey there's a spam post that needs deleting in the Sixers Draft index thread.


this is exactly what i want to be doing w/ my time right now. fucking comment spammers are the lowest forms of life in the world.

Laugh all you want but Thabeet won this game for the Grizzlies. He somehow came up big in the early parts of the 4th quarter, 2 steals, 2points, 2 offensive rebounds and a block.

When you get dominated by Thabeet you don't deserve to be even in the D-league. Yes, i'm talking to you Mr. Spencer Hawes.

Thabeet did nothing, he just was where the ball ended up so good for him. How he was even drafted makes me laugh @ memphis.

yeah I thought Thabeet looked good. Would like to trade for him.

I must of been watching a different game.

must HAVE
should HAVE
would HAVE

tell your teachers you want your money back

(It's a vent thread - and seriously - it's not an 'internet' mistake it's just really annoying to keep reading it over and over and over)

eddies' heady's on Jan 28 at 22:21

I try to laugh, but it feels guilty to giggle, cause that was so uncalled for. Just a bunch, and bundle, of careless bullshit. In-friggin'-excusable!

eddies' heady's on Jan 28 at 22:24

I often wonder if other fans of teams I may not keep up with think their fav team is as snakebitten as I think my fav team is.

The best of authors couldn't come up with books this good. You just can't write this shit.

I'd glady let Hawes pick the arena music if we never have to look at him on the court again.

His true calling!

eddies' heady's reply to Chunky Soup on Jan 28 at 22:28

MC Serch, w/o the glasses, no disrespect.

My favorite part of catching up on the game thread was all the lamenting about the arena music and the crowd like that somehow excuses the 42-21 drubbing in the fourth quarter

For any masochists out there - the game airs again at 2AM EST/11PM PDT 8AM/5AM and 2PM/11AM tomorrow.

So you've got three more chances to see it.

Face your fears - it's the only way to TRULY deal with them

I don't think that anyone was blaming the arena DJ. I was posting about it because it infuriated me, that right after a god damn Memphis score, the god damn DJ would play some upbeat pop song. That's not what i want to hear after Memphis just guts the sixers that were up 16 pts to start the god damn quarter.

I know no one is blaming it - but go bacak and read some of the comment (when you're over the game) - man you guys just went over the edge (and that's ignoring the unnecessary unwarranted 'gloating' of a certain person who seems to think his prediction came true)

The back and forth about the music, the fans, the acoustics at WFC - but man - it was funny too :)

"Over the edge"

Pop Song by Akon, was on Akon's 3rd album that was released on December 2, 2008

You did go awfully silent in the fourth quarter.... ARE YOU THE WFC ARENA DJ? I WANT ANSWERS!

Man - I hate most music during games - i find it intrusive and obnoxious (though the most obnoxious thing ever was the 'neat' every time the sixers made a free throw during the Iverson era - or was it 'cool' - whatever that sucked)

However, the sixers new theme song should be we r who we r - applicable and embarassing

I want, nay, I DEMAND AN ANSWER.

eddies' heady's reply to GoSixers on Jan 29 at 2:47

So, why not tell us who was 'gloating' and what the prediction was?

one thing can come from this terrible loss. TRADE IGGY NOW.


The sixers are still contending for a playoff berth - even though they lost this game and lost by 45 points in Chicago

There's no reason for any rational human being to change their plan going forward because of one event, or one bad night.

Now - should the sixers trade Iguodala? Maybe if they can get steph curry & Andris Biedrins (I like that deal more and more daily) but this game should have no real impact on believing this team is anything more or less than a first round loser in the eastern conference.

bebopdeluxe reply to GoSixers on Jan 29 at 0:41

If they could get Curry and Biedrins for Iguodala, they would be brain-dead not to do that deal.

I feel like the lucky one here. I turned it off with 4 minutes to go in the 3rd (to put my 2-year-old to bed)...was planning to watching the rest of the game after she fell asleep.

Love those DVD-RW discs...easy to re-format.

TruePhan reply to bebopdeluxe on Jan 29 at 0:48

But how would either of them improve this team? I swear Iguodala has McNabbitis or something. People don't understand what he does for this team. If you trade him and don't replace him with somebody who can do what he does defensively, there is going to be a huge hole on this team, one that is worse than the hole down low. He's also a pretty damn good offensive player but because he's not a shooter or a guy who scores 20 a game or who is always looking to drive(which frustrates the hell out of me too considering how easily he could score on pretty much anybody in the league), he gets shit from people who are either clueless or looking for a scapegoat(not saying you are one of those people).

Beidrins I don't think could be the big man we need in the East, and Curry would create such a huge void defensively he'd be like a turnstile. With Iguodala, Jrue, and hopefully eventually Turner starting, the Sixers have three guys who can shut down the perimeter. You'd go from being a very good defensive team to a below-average one.

bebopdeluxe reply to TruePhan on Jan 29 at 1:24

Curry would dramatically add balance to this team - a better than 41% shooter from 3 (and better than 49% from 2) would make everyone better on offense. Turner is certainly not the defender that Iguodala is, but he's as good of a passer and reounder as Iggy, he has a WAY better handle, and while he might not be as physical a finisher as Iguodala, I bet that with his ball skills he would have NO problem doing damage in transition if he got the ball in the open floor.

Moving Iguodala would also free up a few more minutes at the 3 for Thad, which I certainly think he could handle. I have no idea how much of an upgrade Biedrins would be over what we have in the post, but he WOULD be an upgrade...and he makes a LOT less than Iggy over the next 3 years.

I don't disagree that - like McNabb - Iguodala has gotten a bad rap at times...and it's not his fault that Stefanski chose to give him a big contract. But - like McNabb - Iguodala may need to be moved in order for the team to move forward...although Collins' recent coaching decisions are starting to make make me wonder if JTI has been given as much of an opportunity to jell as they should get before we decide to move Iguodala.

TruePhan reply to bebopdeluxe on Jan 29 at 9:53

See, this is where you're dead wrong, about Iguodala not having great handles. He has some of the best handles in the league. The problem is that his game and his dribbling is so technically sound with either hand that it makes it seem to some that he's not as good as he is. He has some of the best finger-tip control in the league.

Turner dribbles like a college player. There's nothing wrong with that but handles like that are better for scorers than for distributers because it allows him to blow by people and set up his own offense/opportunities but handles like that aren't great for doing the many amazing things Iguodala does offensively.

Oh, and McNabb was never the problem. Reid has always been the problem and he's gotten credit for games Jim Johnson's defense has won them or that McNabb or Westbrook bailed his ass out on. He can fire as many defensive coordinators as he wants but he's the one who makes the offense not only predictable but ineffective.

As far as Beidrins goes, exactly how could he play Center in the East? You want to give up our best player for two defensive liabilities.

bebopdeluxe reply to TruePhan on Jan 29 at 10:39

Dude...I don't know if you are a hard-core Iggy fan or not, but to think that Iguodala's handle is anywhere near Turner's handle is simply too hard for me to deal with. While Iguodala's handle is certainly fine for breaking out a rebound and moving the ball in transition (although I don't think Iggy's is as effortless in blowing past Conley after the rebound as Turner was last night after getting a rebound), and it is fine for initiating offense in the frontcourt, there is no way, IMO, that Iggy's handle is as good as Turner when it comes to breaking down his man in coverage from the perimeter....and I don't even think it is close.

I cringe whenever Iguodala puts the ball on the floor to try to score in the guts of the game...don't you?

Please don't misunderstand what I am saying here...I think that Iggy has gotten a bum rap around here (much like McNabb...a true class act who was underappreciated in this town), but I think that with Jrue and Turner on this team, I simply think that Curry would fit better and Biedrins - who is expensive and tilts the value of this deal to GSW - is still an upgrade over what we currently are rolling out of the post, and - as Brian said in another thread - is the cost of doing this deal.

BTW - many people get what Iguodala does for the team, and many don't, but please don't act like you are the only person who appreciates his game to make yourself seem smarter or martyr or something, we already have enough of that here

johnrosz reply to TruePhan on Jan 29 at 17:20

think you're terribly off base about the Reid Mcnabb thing...

They lost to Tampa/Carolina/Arizona with defensive letdowns as well as poor execution from the QB. The Arizona game, Andy drew up a game plan that should have turned in 40+ points. Donovan left so many points on the board in that game with poor throws, not reading the defense properly, etc...

Jim Johnson, for all his innovation, was never the reason this team is what it is today. Those that like to discredit Andy are just plain foolish. Got this team to the playoffs with Jeff Garcia, AJ Feeley and Koy Detmer...

Donovan was always the problem, look what happened to him in Washington. He will never have the same success he had here, hasn't been a good QB since 05. Now Washington and whoever else picks him up has to find out the hard way that Donovan was nothing without Andy

Tom Moore on Jan 28 at 22:29

Video: Brand talks about Sixers being outscored by 21 in fourth quarter at home:


"76ers just became the second team in NBA history to take 20 or more 3's, make at least 65% of them, allow just one 3-pointer ... and lose"



eddies' heady's reply to Jason on Jan 28 at 22:33

if true, just rub it in...why not? they do...

Tom Moore on Jan 28 at 22:43

Video: Iguodala on the Sixers' 11 fourth-quarter turnovers in crushing loss to Grizzlies:


Yes, the Sixers fanbase is dead. But the Sixers killed it.

I love the Arena DJ in OKc. Playing Journey don't stop believing after the Thunder just blew a great opportunity and the wizards have 19 seconds left, no shot clock with the ball and a chance to win the game.

Crowds response? Started singing along.

Well, Washington failed, Got to love NBa coaches and their aversion to give their young rookies the ball in crunch time. For the final shot the wizards give the ball to nick young who settles for a long two :|.

Also wasn't pleased with KD/westbrook closing the game, 2 opportunities in final minute where they ran shot clock down and settled for long twos.

Well what do you know, Durant settles for jumpers on back to back plays and nails a long 3 and a long 2 to put them up 5. Not going to work come playoff time.

Hett reply to Jason on Jan 28 at 23:00

that's much better than the Sixers DJ. When the Sixers were down 2 with like 30 seconds left, what do they play? Enrique Iglesias - I Like It of course.

I gotta say, at 8:30 eastern time it was time to take my girlfriend to dinner. I got the text alert for the 3rd quarter end and was shocked - figured they got the rebounding improved (they didn't, it still got worse in the second half - not even 60% for the game), but checked using the ESPN app as the fourth progressed - stopped paying attention around 89-87 cause I just gave up and knew they'd lose

Sucks they lost - but again - good teams win games they're supposed to win and bad teams sometimes lose games they have no business losing.

The sixers are a sub 500 team - they aren't good - piss slapping the raptors shouldn't excited people

Holy innuendo batman. Swear the announcer of the Sac-LAL game just said this after a failed Pau Gasol Post move that resulted in a turnover.

"It's all about his knees, his being pau. Nice move, but you have to make that with a bent leg. You can't be standing too erect, because then the ball has to come up too high and it's hard to control it."

Speights tweet in response to Craig Brackins tweeted

@Mospeights16 keep playing bro!

To which MoSpeights responsded to Brackins with what to me sounds like a disgruntled Speights.

@Cbrackins_33 crazy bro I played 50 seconds in 2nd half

And to which I think Speights is right, why the hell did he only play 50 seconds in the 2nd half? He's actually a good scorer, he's much more useful than Hawes. Thad did nothing in the fourth, why not give him a chance. He isn't a half bad scorer.

TS reply to Jason on Jan 28 at 23:45

I thought it was interesting that Iggy says in the clip that they effectively busted the zone against Toronto with Speights in the middle. The fact that him and Turner got almost no burn in the second half was perplexing.

bebopdeluxe reply to Jason on Jan 29 at 1:00

Mo Speezy is absolutely right. While I like a lot of what Collins has done with his team, his substitution rotations have been pretty squirrly at times.

Just when it looks like DC's tough love was starting to get to Speights, he does this. Buries the guy while the rest of the team melts down. Same for Turner. What are those two guys thinking on the bench while Lou, Hawes and Jrue are throwing the game away?

Great call by Brian on the Collins TO late in the 3rd...a moment of micromanaging that (combined with his substitutions) allowed the Grizz to catch their breath and settle down.

I agree with Jem...it is time for Kate Fagan, Tom Moore and others to start asking Collins some SPECIFIC questions about substitution rotations (i.e. burying Speights for Hawes, not having Jrue out there for the last possession), making Lou his every-night closer (I still can't get over that ridiculous 20 before the half...which was a Lou iso into a double team)...

Losing a game like this is bad enough...but having guys like Speights and Turner (who are JUST STARTING to get what Collins and the coaches are selling) just sitting there and watching the meltdown...and getting bent about being buried by Collins while it was happening is the cherry on the top.

It's bad enough having to watch this game, but does the organization have to game the worse by playing songs from Kesha?

I'm interested in knowing if they have to pay for the rights to songs, and the "main stream pop" package is the cheapest option.

TruePhan reply to Stan on Jan 29 at 0:14

Seriously. She is so damn awful. They need to play music that suits the players anyway. Enough of the pop/wannabe rap shit.

TruePhan on Jan 29 at 0:13

The exact moment when they lost that game wasn't when Randolph hit those free-throws or that awful lob by Battie to an out of bounds Dre. It was the first offensive possession after Meeks hit his last three(not the ridiculous shot that got it within one, I'm talking like halfway into the fourth or so when they were up by double digits). That next possession broke the offense and they never fixed it after that. The Sixers have good players who can score or make shots in rhythm or when put into position to. Say what you want about Meeks but if he's given the ball in rhythm, he's going to make a lot of shots. Jrue, Thad, Iguodala, Brand, and Turner are really the only players who can do that dribble and shoot shit though, or who can bail their team out when everybody else is driving a foot and passing awkwardly.

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