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Sixers Around the Web - Jan. 30

I'm sorry, I promise i'll stop talking about Rudy Gay soon. Hopefully i'll forget about him after the sixers play Denver.


Maybe i'll start talking about Melo, i know ppl have debated Melo vs Iguodala before.

I was wondering if someone could give me some FA info on DeAndre Jordan.

I know his contract is up, but do the Clippers get first crack at him? What is the max someone can offer him and for how long? Is he hot on every GM's lists right now? How much could/should he get? I know with the CBA looming this might be difficult to answer, but give me your best answers with what you think might happen with the CBA.

I absolutely think he should be priority #1 right now for us as far as trying to acquire players.

Clippers have right of first refusal with Deandre, who will be a RFA.

"[RFA] is allowed for all veteran free agents who have been in the league three or fewer seasons. "

That's what Deandre Jordan falls under. RealGM.com had a report that the knicks were targeting him this off-season. Who knows what the clippers are thinking. Their GM actually claimed that the clippers aren't at full strength and that they are missing their all star center in Kaman, which makes you wonder how highly they think of Deandre Jordan. I don't think financially the Sixers will be able to offer a good enough deal that won't get matched by the clipper The sixers won't be under the cap enough to spend more than the MLE on Jordan. Teams with Cap can easily offer him more than the the MLE, which is all the sixers can afford. I believe about 10 teams will have enough cap space to offer more $$$ than the MLE this off season

Sunday column: Memphis meltdown shows Sixers still a work in progress:


Barkley talking about Collins' ego... that's ironic. Charles definitely hasn't watched more than the one Sixers game that was on TNT this season.

He thinks Collins wants to win for his own ego... Can't he be doing it for the players?... I'm not a leghumper as he has made some questionable decisions, but teaching these young guys how to win was not one of them.

I agree with what Barkley is saying. I don't think that collins is trying to teach the young kids how to win. I think he's trying to win for the sake of winning.

There is nothing wrong with wanting to win. Every coach regardless of what his alterior goal is wants to win, regardless of whether or not they are trying to teach the young players how to win or not. The difference with Doug Collins is that he is trying to win with this veterans. He's not willing to give the young players the same amount of opportunity that he is giving to his veterans. For example, he's focusing a lot on thad, who is a 4th year player, and really because he's an expiring should be getting the least amount of attention from Doug. But when it comes to Speights, Jrue, and most importantly Turner, based on the fact he's under contract the longest out of our "youth" he's for the most part not focused on getting them to succeed.

The Point that I agree with is that Doug Collins isn't trying to win the correct way. There's a difference between winning on the backs of a veteran, and winning on the backs of a rookie. You will no doubt experience mistakes that will short term cost you wins this season. What Doug is doing is trying to play his best players today, which imo is wrong. Doug should be trying to groom his best players for next year, this is a marathon. He says he wants to be here for 5 years, bullshit if you ask me, if this is the case he should be focusing on teaching his youth players how to succeed in his system. 3-4 years down the line, Doug Collins isn't going to have those veterans to rely on. His veterans will be JRue Holiday and Evan Turner. He's going to be asking them to do things that he can teach them how to do know, so when that time comes they are well prepared to execute. That is where my overall dissatisfaction with Doug Collins comes from. What's his plan when Iguodala/Brand/Thad aren't here anymore? I want a coach that can develop players, and focus on the future. I like Doug Collins as a player developer, he's turned Thad into a very efficient scorer, he's revived Brand. But what is he doing with Evan Turner and Jrue holiday?

"I want a coach that can develop players, and focus on the future. I like Doug Collins as a player developer, he's turned Thad into a very efficient scorer, he's revived Brand. But what is he doing with Evan Turner and Jrue holiday? "

I think he's doing a great job with Holiday... he needs the ball in crunch time more but Jrue has not been disappointing at all this season. What else do you want from Jrue?

Turner has and still is getting a lot of playing time. He's a solid part of the rotation now... you can't just throw him out for 38 minutes a night. I think rookie development is about quality of the minutes not quantity. His minutes will only keep increasing throughout the rest of the season.

I think you really just want another high draft pick. Throwing all your young guys on the floor (which on this team is everyone but Andre, Brand, and Nocioni)may help with that, but it doesn't make them better players.

How many more minutes do you want for Jrue and Turner? Jrue plays the second most on the team. Evan Turner gets 1 less minute per game than Thad... and he favors the "veterans"?

Jrue: 35.1 mpg
Thad: 25.8 mpg
Turner:24.6 mpg

I think he's doing a great job with Holiday... he needs the ball in crunch time more but Jrue has not been disappointing at all this season. " What else do you want from Jrue?"

I want the ball in his hand in nearly all half court offensive setsuntil a team starts doubling him. Only exception would be if Evan Turner is playing the 1 and Jrue is playing off the ball for floor stretching purposes because ET has a mismatch he can take advantage. Same thing with Iguodala, but I want IGuodala's possesions all going to ET, I believe they can both handle this already and this will long term turn them into much better players.

It's not about how many minutes you play, it's about how effective they are. When Jrue and ET are on the court I want Doug Collins to be calling plays for them, getting them involved in the team offense. ET and Jrue standing in opposite corners is not going to be useful in their development.

And Of course I would like another high draft pick, who says no to young talent?

You can't have Jrue creating on every single possession. That's not his game. Besides the only teams that have their point guard do it all are the Hornets and Suns and they haven't exactly won anything have they?

As for wanting young talent, there will be almost no young talent to be had in this draft after most of the players stay in college in the wake of a possible lockout. The draft will be fairly weak even without a lockout (which is almost inevitable).

It was a hyperbole good sir. I want JRue to be heavily featured in this offense. I want ET to be the Co-Star in running this offense.

Also, have you watched tape on a lot of college players? You scout the euro players? OR are you basically just repeating the sentiment of analysts that, we all bash on?

I love Perry Jones potential, I think Sullinger is going to be productive. I think Kyrie irving is talented. I thnk Brandon Knight is also talented, but will fall because every team already has a young pg. It's impossible to say whether or not it's a strong or weak draft. I think there is talent, maybe not as
polished, but there is talent to be had in a draft.

Why would I want to win on the backs of veterans while not developing young players to the fullest and then not even get the extra boost in the NBA draft you get from having your young players deal with the learning curve of the NBA. Sixers can still make the playoffs off the backs of Jrue and ET imo, and that's the way I want it, i want them to win when Jrue and ET is heavily featured. When Tony Battie comes in to hit a miracle 3 i could care less if we win that game. I could care less if lou scores 30 and we win.

I absolutely love it when Jrue holiday and ET have a big game, absolutely love it, and I want them to win when they are heavily featuerd as I want them to gain confidence. I don't believe playing a nominal role on a team that is winning games boosts their confidence. If not why is Sasha Vujacic great? why is farmar not a finished product in NJ? You gain experience through playing an important part in a teams offense and winning games. IF this team was lacking young talent I would gladly be ok with this type of an offense run through veterans because I don't want to crush their souls like NJ did with Lopez and to an extent Harris. But you're not selling me on the fact that this team can't be a playoff team with Jrue/ET running the show.

Agree on the draft prospects.. it could be a good or bad year to have a high pick, no one truly knows until a few years down the line.

A) You keep presuming that Jones, Irving, Sullinger, the EUROs and everybody else will actually BE in the draft. As of right now 50% of those guys won't even be in the draft and it might get worse as the lockout seems more and more inevitable.
B) There is noone in eligible for the draft the looks to be even close to what we need.
C) 7 guys out of their 9man rotation are 24 and younger. How much younger can you possibly get? It's better for the development of the players to have a veteran or two playing with them.

They are winning on the backs of the young players, no matter how much you want to dispute that fact. And that is great for their development.

Thad-Near his ceiling
Speights-Far far from his ceiling, but he's inconsistent and it might be an issue of him being capable of reaching it.
Lou Williams-Peaking.
Jodie Meeks-@ Peak
Hawes- Awful, age doesn't change terrible players.

Off top of my head I can't think of any other rotational players under 24.

Jrue-very good, potential to be much better
ET-Strugglign, but still adjusting, I believe he has potential.

I want Jrue and ET to be #1 and #2 on Dougs priority list.

I see it currently as

#2-Lou Williams
Then Jrue
Then Jodie
Then ET.

That's not ok with me, I want his focus on the youth to be like this

#3-Speights (has 1.5 yrs till next contract)
#4-Thad (expiring this year)
#5-Lou, tell him not to fucking iso all the time, he needs to improve his playmaking ability in order to be useful for more than 10 mins a game. Lou is currently unable to see more than 1 pass at a time imo, all his passes either lead to assist or are dump off. You never see Lou giving the pass to Speights who then immediately hits the wide open Jodie in the corner.
#6- Tell Jodie to stop driving
#7- Hawes- Help him pick out his suit.

Lets face it, realistically there is no such thing as a ceiling in the NBA. The media loves that notion but it's completely wrong. Good players exceed it, bad players don't improve at all. If you don't believe me go to www.draftexpress.com. They have an interesting comparison on what each player can become as a best case scenario. Search all really good players drafted the past 6-7 years (don't know how long they have that option) and you will see that a lot of them have exceeded even the best case scenario.

Who says Thad won't improve on what he is this year? On what do you base that reasoning? Because he's playing in his 4th season? That means almost nothing, good players improve all the time. The same thing holds for Meeks, Speights and Williams.

And on the other side, who says that if a guy is a rookie and is say 21 years old he will improve his game at all. Most players never improve on what they are when they are drafted. Some even regress.


Kate Fagan on why Andre Iguodala isn't good enough to be traded for anything worthwhile

I hate Fagan.

I bet Fagan believes in Trickle Down scoring.

or better yet, she believes in Trickle Down Offense.

Worst of all, she has 8 paragraphs introducing her question. And only 3 paragraphs that actually answer her hypothesis. As well as 3 paragraphs to conclude her article.

Better yet

Brian Mahoney: The #NBA is not considering any punishment for Kevin Garnett for his actions in Phoenix game. He'll play Sunday for #Celtics at #Lakers. Twitter

Finally someone with some sense

"Mediocrity is the worst, but that's exactly what is around Iguodala. There are some nice young players around him but they're not where they need to be yet in order for Philly to truly contend. My viewpoint on Iggy is that he's going to be a good player in this league for a very long time and every day that passes makes his large contract's value less. So, there's going to be a market for his services for quite some time. There's no reason for Philly to rush to move him because they don't have the right pieces around him right now. They should stay patient, continue to bank on their young player's development and work on getting another All-Star level talent next to him. "

Here's an idea I wouldn't mind seeing...

Trade Lou, Nocioni, and a 1st round pick to NJ for Murphy and maybe their 2nd round pick. NJ may not get a better offer for Murphy's expiring, and if they like Lou then I couldn't see them refusing.

While we might seem thin at guard for the remainder of the year, it's really not a big deal. Turner and Meeks would just have to play more and we might have to go big sometimes with Andre playing the 2 and Thad playing the 3. I don't mind that at all. And did I mention the bonus of Murphy hopefully taking all of Hawes minutes? The team actually improves in my eyes.

With those two assholes of the books we throw a big contract at Jordan. I'm thinking 5 years 50 million. Be aggressive as you can be in getting him. He's 22 and a legit center in this league. He can block shots and loves to rebound. He's a strong finisher around the rim and can run very well for a big. He would be a perfect fit for us. He does foul a lot but that's something he can improve upon. It's certainly a risk but big men like this are going to get paid top dollar no matter what.

Then sign Thad to something like a 4 year 30 million dollar contract. Figuring Jordan would make something like 7.5 mil next year and Thad around 6, that puts the team at under 56 mil with 9 players on board. The last 3 spots could be filled with rookies or min salary guys. We could possibly be under the cap next year with these moves.

Jordan/Brand/Andre/Turner/Jrue - starters

Speights/Thad/Meeks - round out your main rotation

Fill the rest with Brackins, backup pg, 3pt shooter, and backup center.

You have a young core of Jrue/Turner/Jordan/Thad locked up and when Brand comes off the books in 2 years we will be in position to go after a better PF. Josh Smith maybe? Jordan/Smith/Andre/Turner/Jrue could be the best defensive unit in the league and the fast breaks would be legendary.

What do you guys think? Go all-in on Jordan?

I wouldn't do that trade with the first round pick

I keep hearing how weak this draft is though. Jordan is better then anyone we will have drafted, right?

A. Not necessarily
B. There is no guarantee the sixers get Jordan - the presumption that they do probably involves over paying him by a lot to make sure the clippers don't match and to beat out the other better FA destinations that will be offering him money.

Really don't care about if a draft is strong or weak but making a trade and basing your premise on 'we're going to get a RFA' is a bad plan.

Thad at 4 years 30 million (7.5 mil average?) - yeah - his agent will agree to that

I understand it's not a guarantee but you have to agree that the Sixers will make a move next year for a center. The draft won't provide one so they are going to have to spend money on one. Even if you can't get Jordan, by trading Lou and Nocioni you open up much better options to address the teams biggest need. That's worth a 1st rounder to me.

I don't have to agree that the sixers will do anything - they aren't a smartly run organization in my opinion - and on the court performance isn't the primary motivation for many moves (in my opinion)

as for thad - i said his AGENT wouldn't agree to the contract didn't it?

Joe reply to GoSixers on Jan 30 at 13:03

I think Thad was looking for 10 million a year this offseason. I can't tell if you are sarcastically saying 7.5 is enough or not.

Yea...curious myself about that one. 4/30 seems fair.

Joe reply to DonH on Jan 30 at 13:01

I haven't crunched the numbers, but Thad would have a cap hold,(8-9 millionish I'm guessing) so I don't know how much space the Sixers would have to go after a free agent. They also have a hold for their first round pick right? (I have such a poor memory of the CBA) Would they have the 8-9 million necessary to bid on Jordan? Maybe, but I don't think so.

And that offer isn't going to definitely get Jordan.

I still think they should rid themselves of Thad asap personally.

1987 NBA All star game on NBA TV

Rolando Blackmon making his 3rd appearance

I don't really get the Deandre Jordan love. He looks to me like a poor mans Dalambert and he is going to ask for a lot of money. If you can sign him to 5 milion per year contract i'm fine with that but i'm guessing someone will sign him to a much larger contract.

Good defender. More athletic than Dalembert, better finisher at the rim, doesn't take unnecessary shots. More active/productive on offense than Dalembert.

Deandre Jordan is better than Dalembert.

Tray reply to Jason on Jan 30 at 13:39

No, he's actually less productive on offense than Dalembert. He's more efficient because he takes 4 shots a game and half of them are dunks. It's all he can do on offense. Dalembert has some limited offensive skills. He's also a better shot-blocker and probably a better rebounder, though maybe Jordan would do more in that respect if he weren't playing with Griffin. His game does look a lot better but it's pretty clear that, currently at least, he does less.

It's a team game . You don't ever want to rely on offense from Either Dalembert and Deandre Jordan. You want Deandre Jordan to be giving constant energy on offense, same with Dalembert. Jordan is an energy guy. Dalembert isn't. My favorite difference between the two is that DeAndre Jordan actually cares about improving his game. He was drafted as a very raw player after his freshman year at Texas. But he worked hard and actually turned himself into an NBA league player. Dalembert never improved to the extent that Deandre Jordan has, and I expect Jordan to continue to develop into an even better player.

He's 22 and coachable...

Only an injury will prevent him from being better then Dalembert

Well, that's a bold statement that I think lacks supporting data.

Sam dalembert when he was traded was one of the best defensive rebounders in the game and one of the better shot blockers.

Offensive he was bad, but Hawes is worse.

I think saying 'he's gonna be better than Sam' is a presumption that isn't necessarily going to come true

Tray reply to GoSixers on Jan 30 at 14:09

And, Dalembert was better at the age of 22 than Jordan is now so you can't say, well, Jordan's so young but he's almost what Dalembert is, surely he'll get better.

He regressed, you see that was his peak. He came in that good, but never substantially improved, look at how that was his best season in the league. His 2nd season..... Speaks volumes imo.

Sure I can...

Jordan is young and can only get better.


Sammy never had a chance to improve because he was a fucking retard.

I do miss him though....never thought I thought I'd ever say that, thank you Spencer.

Sammy never had a chance to improve because he was a fucking retard.

And look how you lose credibility and respect (at least from me) for saying something so insulting, not to Sam but those who are truly mentally challegned.

Sam was lazy, Sam had no work ethic, Sam thought working on his 19 foot jumper was more important than learning to box out or post up.

But your assertion regarding his mental state is just ridiculous and has no bearing in an intelligent debate about the game of Samuel Dalembert

I'm presuming you watch a lot of De'Andre Jordan - a lot of Clipper games and know what he has improved YOY to indicate that he somehow has a huge upside since he came into the league as a project player


Now where do i start? Jordan is a worse man to man defender than Sam, worse rebounder, worse shot blocker, has absolutely nothing in terms of offense except for open dunks (Sam looks like Gasol compared to him). And worst of all his basketball IQ is horrible.

The only thing that goes his way compared to Sam is probably better work ethic and a better personality.

And he hasn't really improved over the years, he just got a chance to play more now with Griffin playing heavy minutes and Kaman being injured most of the time.

"And he hasn't really improved over the years, he just got a chance to play more now with Griffin playing heavy minutes and Kaman being injured most of the time."

So you are saying, if he was starting during his rookie year, his production would be equal to that of this year? I don't deny that Dalembert is a better defender, I don't thinkt he difference in rebounding is that big, and it doesn't have to be. Dalembert is great, but the goal is to have good team overall Rebounding and Deandre Jordan does more than his fair share of rebounding

P.S there is more to the game than Advanced stats. They are for the most part individual statistics. Baseball is a game where advanced stats has to an extent partially solved it. Basketball is unsolvable, way more variables.

Jordan did actually get quite a few starts in his rookie season and produced more than he produces this year. If you go purely by stats he has actually regressed.

In 13 starts in his rookie season he played 27.5 mpg and averaged 7.7 ppg, 8.5 rpg and 2.5 bpg on 68% shooting


Look at his per36 numbers or advanced stats. he's more or less the same player he was as a rookie.

Oh yeah he improved his FT%. He shoots free throws at an astounding 46% clip.

Didn't have Griffin on the team. Griffin is taking points that Deandre Jordan doesn't need to produce. He's also taking rebounds that aren't necessary from Jordan.

His FG% as a rookie was 63%, 60% his sophmore year, now 67%. That's improvement, he's taking better shots, and the teams Ortg is 115, which imo, means he is playing his role very well on offense, and same on defense, a 10 pt differential from Ortg-Drtg is very impressive.

"Griffin is taking points that Deandre Jordan doesn't need to produce" - Actually he can't produce them. He's lucky that there is another guy to hide his offensive ineptitude.

"He's also taking rebounds that aren't necessary from Jordan." - Jordan had Camby in the team as a rookie, who is even a better rebounder than Griffin.

Ortg is largely dependent on FG%, and his FG% is so high because he only takes 4 shots per game and almost all of them are on wide open dunks pr lucky putbacks.

I gotta ask you how many times have you actually watched him play? He's fine as a backup C, but he is nothing more than that. Defensively he is fine, but offensively he will never become anything.

Oh yeah Zach Randolph was on that team as well if i remember correctly not just Camby.

Tray reply to Xsago on Jan 30 at 14:39

No, I think he's definitely a starting center. He's a better than average rebounder and shot-blocker and at least he doesn't hurt you on offense. It's not like he's Thabeet, he is always a threat to catch a lob pass. And he certainly could get better. From what I read, he's becoming smarter defensively. He's not Dalembert, but Dalembert is probably headed towards the downside of his career pretty soon.

What does DeAndre have to develop offensively? Marcus Camby gets paid $10 million a yer. Zach Randolph is near Max $$$$. I don't think DJ will get more than the MLE in his next contract, my bet is a 3 yr 20 million front heavy Deal. Keeps flexibility, properly compensates him, and gives him room to get a big payday 3 yrs from now when he's 25 if his improvement warrants it. It's a great deal on a player like Deandre Jordan. You don't need to have Camby in the front court with Blake Griffin imo. It'd be great, but i'd rather save $4 mill a year and play Deandre Jordan and then spend that $4 mill in another capacity (rotation depth).

P.S I agree that Jordan is limited offensively, but he's not asked to hit the 15 foot jumper, he's not asked to post up. He just needs to be alert on offense imo, and give energy in offensive sets. Can't be dragging his feet while going to set a screen, Can't go half speed for a ORB (he has 6th best oRB%.

"I agree that Jordan is limited offensively, but he's not asked to hit the 15 foot jumper, he's not asked to post up" - He is not asked because he can't. Not all teams have Griffin (certainly not the Sixers). 25/30 teams in the NBA will ask him to do something offensively because they can't afford to play with no inside presence on offense, nor play 4 vs 5 offensively.

He's not asked, because it isn't needed of him. All players have limitations, you have to look past their weaknesses and see how well they play in an overall team offensive unit. Are you saying all centers need to hit the 15 foot jump shot? Are you saying all Centers need to score 15 ppg to be considered good and averaged 10 rebounds to be effective?

No, i'm saying a championship caliber team needs legitimate inside presence. Either both the PF and the C are very good or at least one of them is elite. To me Griffin appears to be the only young big man that is good enough offensively to hide Jordan's weaknesses.

I like Jordan, but making the "advanced stats don't tell the story of how much he helps his team" argument for a guy playing for a team that's 10 games under .500 and has the 21st-worst defense in the league doesn't really hold a ton of water.

Consider his teammates though. Not one good defender.

Clippers Record with Deandre Jordan starting is 17-20. furthermore, Clippers are 13-7 in Jordan's last 20 starts.

What's Baron Davis performance in those last 20 games compared to the rest of the season?

What else has changed on the clippers roster since that - I know Del Negro had some rotation issues early in the season.

Tray reply to GoSixers on Jan 30 at 14:43

Grifin went from really promising to semi-dominant, Gordon started hitting threes (in the beginning of the year he couldn't make anything from long range), Kaman went down, which helped them because he was literally putting up worse numbers than Arenas had this year in Washington, they picked up Diogu, who's been a very solid rotation player, they scaled back Butler's minutes, which helped because he'd been terrible.

My point (to Jason) was that without a bit more looking into it you can't say 'jordan starting is the primary reason the clippers are better ;) )

Baron had a nice streak, but that was a very short streak and he has cooled off. He is playing better though than he did at the beginning of the season.

I think that individual stats don't tell the story with Deandre, I do think that WS/48 does, his oRTG and Drtg does. I think Deandre is a luxury though, he is replaceable, i don't think the sixers should go after Jordan until they have figured out where the offense is coming in their front court. But I think he's doing a very good job in LAC and is playing very well inside his role. Simply put, I want to see if Kaman when healthy again puts up an oRTG of 115 and a dRTG of 105, or a rating differential of 10 like Deandre Jordan. I will gladly bet that he doesn't, but Kaman's individual stats will be much more impressive than DeAndre's.


Jordan has shown improvement at shots 10 foot and in this year and he seems to realize - 10 foot and in - that's my bread and butter and that's where I'm staying.

I don't know if those numbers are sustsainable long term for him (or anyone) but a 115 ORtg seems pretty high for a guy like him :)

I always forget that Offensive rating is a purely individual statistic and it's basically just his TS%*200. In order to get relavent data I need to see point differential with his rotations vs other 5s playing to see how effective he is.

But I like his D rtg, he plays on a faster team, Sammy played on a slow team. Sammy's best year came on a team taht finished 33-49 with a coach firing in the middle of the season. Deandre Jordan is on a team that has the potential to make the playoffs while in a very tough conference.

Actually Ortg is a little bit more complex than that, but it is still a relatively Individual statistic.

Actually i'm not sure if how individual it is. I think Brian corrected me in the past when I said it was a team statistic. But the Description on Basketball reference says "offensive Rating; an estimate of points produced (players) or scored (teams) per 100 possesions"

Does it mean that this is a team statistic and it's how many pts are scored with him on the floor per 100 possesions? Or is it how many pts that Deandre Jordan scores per 100 possesions used?

Tray reply to Jason on Jan 30 at 15:27

The latter, I think. So all it shows is that he's efficiently using his 4 shots a game.

Tray reply to Jason on Jan 30 at 14:08

If Dalembert isn't an energy guy, how has he managed to be one of the league's better rebounders and shot-blockers for so many years? Jordan just looks more energetic because he smiles and bounces around the court and gets more tip dunks.

P.S I have no interest in Jordan at the moment. Deandre Jordan is most effective when paired with a big that is capable of creating offense that makes up for his lack of offense. I would like to have the skilled offensive player first, before spending $$$$ on a guy that I feel is a luxury like Deandre Jordan.

Jim O'brien got fired

Worst coach in the NBA. Has three talented players in Granger, Collison, and Hibbert. But creates a system that best utilizes Mike Dunleavy, T.J Ford, Josh McRoberts and Jeff Foster.

It was about time...

I'm not sure I still think we should trade Iguodala. Even without him we wouldn't go very far in terms of tanking. It seems we wouldn't get much. At most we'd get cap space that we probably wouldn't use very effectively. I think in the long run, the smarter move may be trading Turner, if he gets good enough that teams want him. If he gets good, he'll have considerable value.

Thanks John. I appreciate this post every time.

As long as people appreciate it - Imma keep doing it.

Imma no boss, but Imma keep doing it

deepsixersuede on Jan 30 at 15:28

Would you guys consider this a good strategy by Thorn; trade Iggy to Clipps for Kamen and their prized draft pick. Worst case Kamen never plays a game for us and the year he comes off the books Elton becomes a huge expiring contract and this year and next we should draft higher without Iggy. Would a move like this be frowned upon? And best case Kamen gets healthy and we resign him to a cheaper deal.

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