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I was so perplexed after the first day of the draft I didn't even bother looking at what the Eagles got in Day two. Just what did the Iggles pick up anyway?

And when did the Eagles release Dhani Jones?

Mix Master Mu on May 2 at 8:58

Doesn't Dhani being cut make our draft an A+???? I'm excited to see what Gocong and Bradley can do. They are some big boys. I've also been trying to find where my boy David Ball is going to wind up. I think he signed as an undrafted free agent with DA Bears. He is a Vermonter not a track star but a good WR. He has some amazing hands. I'm just impressed a Vermonter holds any football record. He is so much better then Jerry Rice ever was:)!

I don't know about the draft, but it makes my Wednesday an A+.

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