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Distributing Responsibilities

I'm not totally shocked because I felt this 'Lou initiating' thing was more than a end of game problem, the end of game just got more focus, but to me it just 'felt' like it was consistently an issue that Lou was more of the initiator than Jrue.

At the same time, it's only one game so I don't think you can conclude anything unless we can find a way to have multiple games tracked (and by that I mean more than just you having to do it but all with an agreed upon methodology) before even any solid inferences can be made.

I don't really think you can draw much from this one game at all, mainly because Lou was very good, so Collins could've just been riding the hot hand, like he should.

I will do this again in the future, but not for a couple of games at least. I can't do this and the rotations (which I track for home games), and I'm going to be at the next road game. So maybe it'll be the Atlanta game, next Tuesday.

Interesting that the Sixers scored 65 points in 67 half-court possessions.

What I'd be more interested in is some of those cold shooting nights - does the team adjust when Lou is flat course you never know when those games are coming.

It illustrates how right now Jrue is a better passer than he is a pure PG... if that makes any sense.

Not really surprising given his age and experience level at the point. Sort of reminds me of how Andre Milelr would "help" Lou run the point a few years ago. Jrue is much farther along than Lou ever will be, but making the PG position a bit easier for him could actually help his progression by not forcing him to think too many passes ahead- which hopefully will come.

Sorry if this is not relevant to the topic but I've been hung up on possible centers for the Sixers these last few days.

Just looking at the FA centers for next year I'm afraid the Sixers will consider another year of Hawes as the best option...

Best Available:

Gasol - staying in Memphis
Nene - too much money
Chandler - Cuban will pay him
Perkins - staying in Boston
Jordan - I wish

Wild Cards:

Yao - not worth the injury risk
Oden - same

Even worse then Hawes:

Collins - fouling is his only skill
Hollins - not gonna pass on his PO anyway
Curry - will he even be in the league?
Fesenko - even slower then Hawes
Marks - cant believe hes in the league
Allen - too small, too old
Mbenga - he peaked in LA as a victory cigar
Magloire - cant even get tick over Joel
Gray - probably stays in NO, too slow
Etan T - washed up

Old Vets:

Nazr - would gladly take him over Hawes
Theo - retires or plays for contender
Kurt T - same as Theo
Battie - had his chance this year to win job

Sixers won't admit mistakes:

Smith - PO will keep him in NO anyway
Sammy - one of the best options, no chance though

About as good as Hawes, but not in the Sixers mind:

Turiaf - staying in NY
Elson - can at least block shots
Wilcox - hits the o-boards but too small
Hayes - awesome post defender, 6'6
Humphries - NJ loves him
Gadzuric - injuries and age
Armstrong - better defender but career backup

I am Spencer Hawes:

Krstic - please no

Career backups I'd much rather see playing then Hawes:

Foster - sets good screens, kinda quick for a center
Evans - fans would love it too

Sixers might look at these guys?:

Kwame - legit size and a much better rebounder
Przybilla - coming off injuries and getting older
Murphy - Sixers probably wouldn't pay up for him

I would love to see either of the last five guys, Sammy, or Jordan as the starting center next year. Throw Speights in there as well.

Thoughts on who will be manning the middle for us next year? I'm betting on another horrifying year of Hawes.

Court_visioN reply to DonH on Feb 3 at 12:31

I seriously doubt they will re-sign Hawes. Not unless he does some serious work post all-star break.

If the sixers give reggie evans a long term deal I will vomit.

My focus on the big man is defense - none of these offensive big guys like Murphy - I want a guy who has a semblance of a low post game and who blocks shots and gets rebounds...don't know who on that list does that :)

that entire list scares me... I don't mean every player on it, but the reality it reveals for our center position next year is scary... unless the cba talks create a miracle.

Yea...when you talk yourself into Kwame Brown as a good option you know it's bad.

DeAndre Jordan is the only one worth overpaying for.

I seriously hope Dalembert's value keeps plummeting and they get him for like 2 years, $6M with the second year being a team option.

That would be awesome. I forget, did Thorn have anything to do with the Sammy trade?

Nope. He wasn't here yet, and he made it clear he thought it was a bad move, without actually saying it, during our blogger conference call prior to the season.

Nice. It would be nice to see what kind of pressure defense JTI could apply if they know they have someone like Sammy to watch their backs.

Gasol is worth over paying for, and who knows if Heisley still wants to spend big dollars after over paying two mediocre players. Does he really have enough cash to keep Gasol?

I agree. But if it comes down to Gasol or Randolph, wouldn't the Grizzlies keep the younger Gasol?

I think Zach might be gone come trade deadline time, but wasn't even thinking of Zach, was thinking they gave Rudy a lot of money and then they over paid conley

Can you see Michael Heisley carrying 3 large deals?

BTW - getting Gasol isn't signing him to an MLE and hoping Memphis doesn't match - it's working out a sign and trade for a front loaded deal Memphis wouldn't pay :)

And what would Memphis want in return? If Mayo continues to be a problem, don't they have a need for a scoring guard? Do we have anyone like that?

Give Em lou, give em nocioni (expiring contract) give em speights, give em a future first (top 5 protected or something)

Lou may be playing well enough that some of the poorer run teams (like memphis) thinks he can be a starter.

Course, once you start talking sign and trade, you get teams that are better destinations and might have better assets in volved - like houston (better weather, no state tax, better fan base) for instance.

If Memphis is open to a S&T for Gasol, I don't know that the sixers would be able to 'win' that - but they should definitely try.

if it ain't jrue, evan, iguodala - is there anyone you'd rather have than marc gasol for 5 years?

I'm still in love with Jordan's athleticism but Gasol might shoot 70% getting good looks from JTI with his touch around the basket. I would love either of them.

Given a choice between the two, I think I'd choose gasol - but i haven't looked closely at either of their games to know for sure - but the more 'gettable' guy would be Jordan - if clippers weren't going to match.

But who do they bring in then? I don't think the draft will provide a center.

Go with Speights one more year - don't get desparate when you have limited money and spend it on a bad player - just hamstrings you going forward. If you can't get who you want and can't get a back up 'reasonably' (short term and/or not costly) you're better off just signing some guy to a minimum then using limited space on a not worthwhile player...it has to be how things are done. You can't spend your limited resources on guys you don't really want...it's just a bad idea to me

I agree with this approach. If you think Jordan is a real piece, then go after him hard. If no one else excites you, let the dust settle and then fill the spot with spare parts. Spare parts should be able to give you the production Hawes has. Bide your time until a long-term solution presents itself. The last thing you want to do is overspend on a guy who may prevent you from having the flexibility to land the right piece down the road.

TruePhan reply to Brian on Feb 3 at 13:34

Agreed, though there's one player I would definitely take a shot at if he comes cheap and that's Oden. His only problem has been his health and if you throw a reasonable deal at him and he accepts it and this is a big if: actually stays healthy, our team would be flat out dominant. He is the most dominant center to come out of college in awhile and if he hadn't had injury problems he would've been the best in the league by at the latest halfway through his rookie year.

I'd give Speights and Brackins the chance to battle it out for the spot with a rookie/backups, and tell Oden that if he stays healthy he's the center of this team for years to come. Call me an optimist but how could you not hope a player that dominant comes off of his injuries?

His only problem has been his health

That's not a small problem, that's a consistent problem, and by now I'd say the likelihood of Greg Oden playing 65 games (or more) in an NBA season rank right up there with me being voted most popular poster on Depressed Fan.

I wouldn't give Oden a long term deal unless it's super cheap - and there's no way any contract for Oden is going to be insured by an insurance company (ala Brandon Roy).

Oden is the kind of guy who is going to demand too much money just cause he's tall - and I wouldn't give it to him because while his 'only problem' has been his health, it's a chronic problem and I see no reason it won't continue.

Hell, Bill Walton who has experience with chronic problems and being tall suggested Oden would be better off retiring.

If you wouldn't sign Yao Ming, you shouldn't sign Greg Oden

TruePhan reply to GoSixers on Feb 3 at 13:50

Greg Oden, when healthy, is 1,000 times more dominant than Yao could ever hope to be. Yao is amazingly soft and it hasn't been a problem because he plays out West. Oden is Dwight Howard strong, and pretty damn talented too(learned to shoot free-throws left handed when he broke his right).

Also, allow me to point out a few things here:

A) I never said injury-prone was a small problem or one that isn't consistent.

B) Oden is the only player out of that list who, when healthy, is a Top 5 starting Center and the kind of dominant post presence that comes along once in a decade.

C) I specifically said ONLY IF YOU CAN GET HIM CHEAP. I don't see why an injury-prone player can't be gotten for cheap and if he can't then wait until he's willing to sign for cheap(which of course would only be the case if the injuries continued).

Oden is also pretty damn young. He's only a few months older than Thad.

He's more than worth a shot if he takes a cheap deal, and if not well then oh well.

Unless Oden is willing to take an incentive/health laden contract, I wouldn't give it to him.

You get 12 active players each night, you got a roster of 15 players, taking up one of those spaces guaranteed money with a guy whose lucky to be healthy for 41 games is a bad idea.

I expect Oden to be playing on a one year deal in Portland next year - no one sane should offer him a long term deal unless for like a million per - then he just takes the QO and hopes he's healthy.

Oden's great when he's healthy - but he's not healthy - he's not going to be healthy for a full season - ever - in my opinion

And your hatred of Yao doesn't make Oden that much better - not to mention their career arcs are slightly different.

Spending limited resources (money and roster space) on a guy who can't make it through one season without a major injury even though he's still very young makes no sense to me

TruePhan reply to GoSixers on Feb 3 at 14:08

My hatred of Yao? That's hilarious right there. Way to be a catty little girl with that shit.

I don't hate Yao. I see players for what they are. Yao is a West Coast center. He couldn't ever play in the East without getting bullied so badly it's not even funny.

Seriously, you keep spinning what I say around or putting words in my mouth when I clearly explained everything I was saying just because you're wrong, as usual. Get over it.

I think you must be half-crazy to not be willing to offer Oden a cheap long-term deal. Putting him in categories with those pathetic options in that list is just so insulting it's not even funny. None of those players could carry his jock.

Oden is now, was before, and always will be a much more dominant player than Yao. You must've never seen him in college or something to talk this ridiculousness.

You may be able to talk down to other people but you can't talk down to me, statman(no offense to the guy with that name, I just mean GoSixers relies almost solely on stats). I've seen Yao play quite a bit on TV. I acknowledged(though obviously not here) when he had really turned the corner and become a complete center. That doesn't mean I'm going to pretend he's not too soft-bodied to play in the East.

Wow - he dominated college (for half a season I think?)

Maybe he was just a man among boys - like that Lopez fella playing for Jersey now.

You'd be willing to offer a long term deal to a guy who hasn't played a full season of healthy basketball since college.

Contracts are currently guaranteed and you have limited roster space...the blazers have to carry 3 centers (none of whom can stay healthy by the way) because their primary center is a big fat draft bust. Signing him to a long term deal is foolish because he's not going to stay healthy - if he plays more than 40 games in a season it's an accomplishment - and that's pathetic.

His health alone is a reason to stay away from him unless he's willing to take a short (1 year) low value non guaranteed (which isn't available in the NBA just yet) contract.

Unless you have the ability to waive Mr Glass, you shouldn't sign him.

TruePhan reply to GoSixers on Feb 3 at 14:32

Lopez never dominated college the way Oden did, and nobody has since Oden or before him for more than a few years. Players like Oden come around once a decade. He was clearly the better player in college between him and Durant, and he's still the more complete of the two. Durant is a great scorer but that's it. In college, he didn't have nearly the polish he does now.

You're being flat out ridiculous. You keep trying to discredit how good he is when healthy just because you have no argument, as usual.

How many soft-ass big men has this team signed as backups? You're telling me using a backup spot(and if he's injured he goes on IR you know) on somebody at the level of Oden and taking a chance with a few mill that he stays healthy isn't worth it? Are you kidding me?

Maybe you should go back and look at some tape before you put your foot in your mouth even further.

"Yao is a West Coast center. He couldn't ever play in the East without getting bullied so badly it's not even funny."

Right. Because the west has had no centers of relevance during the 8 years Yao has been in the NBA.

TruePhan reply to Derek Bodner on Feb 3 at 14:44

You're making no sense, again.

Stop trying to talk down to me like you know better because you do nothing but show how little you know.

I explained to Chunky S the big reason why playing Center out West and in the East are two different things.

On top of that, no Yao has not played against that many guys who could dominate in the East. Off the top of my head, it's only Bynum, Duncan, and Cousins.

The East has Howard, Horford, Perkins and more guys who I'm forgetting. Guys who are too soft in the East could dominate out West.

Rich reply to TruePhan on Feb 3 at 14:52

Gasol was the best player on the floor in the Finals last year.

That can't be true

TruePhan reply to Rich on Feb 3 at 15:11

And your point? He still couldn't play in the East. He's not athletic enough to be a 4 and he's not strong/tough enough to be a 5.

He's the 2nd best big man in the league. He can play in any conference.

These conversations are really pointless. I mean, moreso than usual. Gasol couldn't play in the east, Dalembert's a stretch four who can't defensive rebound, Rondo's a terrible player. You can't argue against indefensible statements. Just leave it alone.

"Oden is the kind of guy who is going to demand too much money just cause he's tall"

It's not just because he's tall. It's because he's tall AND good.

Obviously, health is a huge risk. But he's not a stiff just getting a job because he's 7'+

If he was 6'6 with this kind of injury history - would there be demand for him?

Not saying he's a stiff per se, but in the NBA height seems to dazzle people. All evidence seems to indicate Greg Oden's body has some fragility issues and giving him guaranteed money for any length of time is a bad investment. He's most likely not going to last a whole season let alone a whole season AND the playoffs, I just think that the rewards while possibly high are still outweighed by the risk. If he made it through one season where he at least played in 65+ games, maybe I'd think he'd be worth the risk, but I don't see it, season ending injuries in every season (including his one year in college) just don't bode well to me. The whole 'uneven legs' thing bothers me a lot too.

I think there are too many risks to oden to give him a long term deal as the current CBA stands, his height alone means he'll get 4 or 5 million - and when you have spending limits and roster limits combined with guaranteed contracts, a guy like Oden is a lethal combination.

Plus the limited fan base of the city still paying attention would shred the guy the moment he got a single injury (plus folks who take pictures of their junk without being paid for it are always suspect to me :) )

"If he was 6'6 with this kind of injury history - would there be demand for him?"

Considering his skillset is to be a dominant defensive rebounder and weakside help defender, it'd be a fairly ineffective skillset if he were 6'6", no ?

He's good when he plays. His foul rate was really high- 4 fouls in his 24 minutes a game. On this team, with the limited center minutes, he'd do just fine even if he didn't improve that.

TruePhan reply to Derek Bodner on Feb 3 at 15:12

Exactly. I mean seriously, I don't think anybody could ever argue that he's not one of the best big men in the league when healthy, no matter what Conference he would play in.

Yea, I wouldn't mind Speights getting the chance. But the Sixers haven't shown they are ready to give Hawes' minutes to Speights this year so why would they do it next year?

Cause Hawes won't be here :)

That sentence brought a smile to my face.

What worries me though is that if they do plan on letting Hawes go and giving the starting job to Speights, wouldn't we see Speights really start to cut into Hawes' minutes this year?

I seriously don't think there's a plan in place for next year, yet.

Do you think if the CBA armageddon weren't coming the sixers front office at least would be considering the off season right now? Should they be?

I think under a stable CBA, the front office needs to constantly be looking at ways to improve the roster, have contingencies and such in place so you go into the off season ready to go - at least with the wire frame of a plan

DOn't ask me to try and explain Doug Collins and his use of Hawes versus Speights, I don't get it, but if Hawes isn't here, it's either speights or they signed gasol or jordan or it's a minimum salary veteran.

There's not really anyone else giving a long term deal to.

I mean if przybilla will sign for a few years at less than the MLE average - maybe - but injury prone - and never really played starters minutes in his career.

Honestly, I'd love to see Thorn work his magic on camby and convince him philly doesn't suck

Oh yes let it be so! With the way this team is playing right now Camby would make a HUGE difference. C'Mon now Thorn, make the magic happen. Get Camby!

Well Camby is injured right now isn't he? I was just thinking more next season, this season I think Przy is obtainable (hence my fake trade last week)

The problem is that publicly camby says if he's traded to anywhere that isn't Houston, he'll retire.

Portland claims they'll be really active at the deadline and they have two big men to trade - the sixers should be in those...I think more than most teams portland is hoping for a 'voidable' clause in this new CBA so they can void Brandon Roy

He should be back by the trade deadline, hopefully in a Sixers uniform. I'm gonna take the optimistic side for once and say that Thorn can convince him to come play here and take a shot in the playoffs if they can get to a trade agreement. Let Rod use some of that charm or whatever has has now, we need him!

TruePhan reply to Chunky Soup on Feb 3 at 13:57

Camby gets most of his blocks in the air. I can't see that not being a problem for him when it's always the problem with Sixers' big men. Dalembert had the same problem, Speights has it, Hawes has it. Every big man we have has it. I think Camby would be in foul trouble pretty often if we got him. He's obviously a game-changer defensively and even offensively to an extent though.

If we can get him for complimentary, easily replaceable pieces then I'd do it. Otherwise, I don't know it's worth the risk, especially considering his contract.

Dalembert would be a vast defensive improvement over Hawes or Speights right now, not really that worried about the blocked shots in the air, i'm worried about soft ass big men who can't defend squat come playoff time - there's no physicality in speights or hawes

TruePhan reply to GoSixers on Feb 3 at 14:13

Then you clearly never paid attention to Dalembert. He probably tied a Sixers' record set by most likely Shawn Bradley for waste of height. He can't rebound, sure as hell can't defend, and was so inconsistent with even his effort it's not even funny.

He never rebounded with two hands, ever. He might've had the ability to be a dominant rebounder but never put in the effort or learned to do anything but poke at the ball. Those are simple fundamentals. So is something like putting your hand up and staying on the floor.

Hawes isn't great but he's a hell of a lot better than Dalembert fundamentally(which is what matters) and Speights is so much better offensively and fundamentally it's not even funny. He just happens to be a bit lazy, but he's not soft by any means. Dalembert was soft. He didn't even have the body of a legit low-post player.

He can't rebound, sure as hell can't defend


I'm done

TruePhan reply to GoSixers on Feb 3 at 14:35

Wrong? Are you blind, stupid or both?

Seriously, you really need to go back, find some games of Dalembert's you can watch and do so.

He was inconistent, had zero basketball IQ, and thought he was a SF. He was never in his career a Center. He was a stretch 4 at best.

You feel free to keep talking out of your ass though.

I guess you'll say you aren't a sam hater as well, but that's the only way to explain the myopia you have for one of the better defensive rebounders in the NBA over the past few years.

And by the way - the next time you feel the need to 'call someone out' for calling you names - calling them names repeatedly from then on doesn't give you much of a leg to stand on

Does it ricky?

TruePhan reply to GoSixers on Feb 3 at 14:52

Never been a Sam hater either. I thought it was a shame the way the Sixers tried to make him into something he wasn't. He was a stretch 4, and he wasn't an awful one either. He might've been a nice player out West if he went there earlier, where he could've focused more on offense.

One of the better defensive rebounders? PLEASE. You're hilarious.

Stretch 4?

You gotta be joking right?

Focus on offense?


Please explain to me what part of Sammy's game better suits him to a stretch 4 than a defensive 5.

TruePhan reply to DonH on Feb 3 at 15:29

It's always hilarious when ignorant dudes try to talk down/mock. It really is.

He's not a defensive 5 because he can't be a defensive 5. He doesn't have the body of one. He has no skills, only ability and athleticism. He's soft.

The only way he can be of any use is as a stretch 4. He's got some speed, some offense(and if he had gone out West where he wouldn't have had to be a defensive 5, he might've become an average or above average offensive stretch 4) but he can't ever be relied on to consistently do anything a big man does. He was drafted for athleticism when he should've not even been drafted.

I know I know - I shouldn't - but man you make it so easy.

Go buy a dictionary, and look up the word irony.

TruePhan reply to GoSixers on Feb 3 at 15:43

Maybe you should because the example you're trying to use isn't the least bit of an example of irony.

Keep trying to talk some shit but I learned more about basketball in a few years, by myself, than you ever could. So go ahead, keep running your mouth without ever actually showing any understanding or refuting anything I say.

You're a pretty pathetic 40 year old. You act like a teenaged girl.

Stretch 4s are usually able to shoot 3s, correct?

TruePhan reply to DonH on Feb 3 at 15:45

Let me explain this to you in words everybody who keeps talking shit will understand:

That's the only position he could play without being a defensive liability, in either conference.

If he's not a stretch 4, he's a waste. He plays like a stretch 4, always has. He prefers getting lobs or taking jumpers/dribbling around the hoop to playing like a big man.

Also, he used to be able to shoot threes.


Career 3s: O

Listen, man. You're just completely talking nonsense at this point. I don't want to ban you, but I just don't have the patience to sift through this garbage, and people reacting to it. Dalembert has attempted 9 threes in his 9 year career, and he hasn't hit one of them. Just stop posting.

TruePhan reply to Brian on Feb 3 at 16:04

Fair enough. You I'll listen to since this is your space.

I'm not going to agree that what I say is ever the least bit nonsense or garbage, and I can more than back up every word I say with tape, examples, etc, but this is your space and people are lucky you even give them a chance to comment the way they do, myself included.

In my defense, I'm not going to let some fucking dipshit who shouldn't ever talk about sports(not you, I wouldn't read this blog if I thought you were that. To be honest I think you'd make a good coach, and if you knew who I was and had seen me play ever, you'd know that if I say something like that, it's truth) talk shit on me when I know for a fact I know more and understand more and have put it into my playing. In five years, those idiots will be talking about me without a clue that I'm the same person. That's not important though. Point is, if people would actually be able to disagree without the catty little bullshit they use because they don't have a leg to stand on, I would be absolutely fine with that and would respond in kind. That's all I'll say in my defense.

I appreciate that there's somewhere online, even if it's just a person's blog, that almost never lowers itself to the "standards" of the internet and even the papers when it comes to "journalism" these days. I never said anything on here that I didn't think could help others understand something that I understand from first hand knowledge or from being able to see it because I was trying to better myself as a player. Hopefully some people took something out of what I said and understood it, but if not then oh well because it's just words and not hard to write again somewhere else.

Don't ban me though. I only ask this because I'd rather just disappear. I didn't put my name on here for a reason. It's not wise to say things publicly about certain people when you might see them at some point, and obviously I'm not talking about other commenters when I say certain people.

Either way, great place you've got going here. Hope it doesn't fall into the shithole that is internet blogging these days.


Is that you ricky?

don't think so.

I noticed he slipped his way back into realgm.com - i kind of laugh when people do that (and found it interesting some people thought I had got back in too since it's not really my style to try and sneak back on some place :)

It has the attitude of a ricky post though :)

But makes way less "basketball sense"

TruePhan reply to Derek Bodner on Feb 3 at 14:49

Says a guy who doesn't have the slightest clue whenever he tries to challenge what I say.

I swear, some of you dudes are cattier than teenaged girls.

TruePhan reply to GoSixers on Feb 3 at 14:38

No idea who Ricky is but you'd be very unwise to try to compare yourself to me the way you keep doing. My understanding of basketball is what allowed me to become a much better player.

Anytime you want a demonstration of my vastly superior basketball understanding, give me a holler and I'll put on a clinic, in person.

Ok, now you're just making me laugh. And demonstrating a juvenile behavior that I thought was pretty much gone from this place...challenging me to a basketball game means you know more about the game than I do? No it means, possibly, you're more athletic than me, but since you obviously are still a child and I'll be 40 in a bout a year, that's no huge surprise now is it.

Your comments - though verbose and wordy don't demonstrate to me that you have any superior basketball knowledge to anyone who posts here - just a ginormous ego.

And I never tried to compare myself to you and god, why would I? I have some self respect

TruePhan reply to GoSixers on Feb 3 at 14:48

I didn't say a game, I said a clinic. Never been to a clinic? It's where people who know better than you teach you things.

If you're 40 then damn you are a pathetic 40. Grow up some.

Oh, and I'm not just athletic, but then again you can find that out any time you like.

Wait, are you now calling me out for a fight?

I hope so cause that would be the highlight of my day.

I figured it out - you aren't ricky - you're belmont.

TruePhan reply to GoSixers on Feb 3 at 14:56

You're not worth fighting.

No idea who any of those people are, probably because I don't frequent sports forums. I go to two sites, like I said, this and phuturephillies, with the same name both places. I had the same name on philly.com and CSN too, though only commented on CSN once and at philly.com for like a week or something. I got tired of the catty dudes(like you) and the idiot wannabe experts writing the garbage that they called articles.

I'm not going to reveal myself online or talk about what I can do or whatever. If you want to question me, then either come see for yourself how much I know or shut up.


All this anger because people don't agree with you, if you believed in your self more you probably wouldn't care so much what anonymous people think of your opinions.

Or maybe you don't even believe them?

Still waiting for you to prove Derek wrong (or try) cause watching him run circles around you basketball knowledgewise would be fun

Cause - I'm pretty much done with you - I thought you'd be fun - but you're not fun

TruePhan reply to GoSixers on Feb 3 at 15:16

I'm not going to bring another person into an argument with you, so I'll ignore the Derek vs. TruePhan comments.

I've got zero anger towards anybody in this world until they do something to earn it. If somebody has a clue, they can disagree with me all they want. I'm not going to let a bunch of morons insult my intelligence and basketball understanding though.

I'm not fun because unlike other people, I'm not somebody who you can pretend is disagreeing with you out of ignorance. I'm not fun because I know and more importantly UNDERSTAND more than you ever could.

You go on with the catty stuff though, 40 year old.

TruePhan reply to GoSixers on Feb 3 at 15:18

Oh, and exactly why should I believe a bunch of anonymous people who clearly want to think they're experts/important people in sports?

I learned last time not to get into a discussion with him. He went on to call sbnation juvenile and without any basketball credibility, then to praise DraftExpress. I chuckled at the irony, then moved on.

Well I wouldn't totally disagree with his assertion of the sixers blog at SBNation being juvenile, though mad props to SB Nation for hiring Rob Neyer (and stupid on ESPN.com for losing their best baseball writer who bridges both 'worlds')

I am always willing to give a second chance but that's kind of done now :)

I've had this discussion before. I don't disagree with that statement about some of the writers at LB. I just find it funny that he was using that to discredit me, meanwhile mentioning DX in a good light.

Didn't realize he was using SBNation to discredit you - that's kind of foolish - some great folks write at various SB Nationa blogs - beyond the box score is a hella good blog for baseball minded folks for instance - some of the other NBA blogs are good reads - the good phight is the preeminent phillies blog in my mind but they lost a great contributor when one of the main statistical minded folk was hired away by baseball prospectus

I see what you're saying, but I don't look at Camby's contract as bad. It expires after next season so I don't think there's as much risk. And his defense and rebounding this year are still at an elite level. I'd say we'd have a good shot to do some serious damage in the playoffs if we got him.

TruePhan reply to Chunky Soup on Feb 3 at 14:23

It's about more than stats though. East Coast basketball is played a lot more crowded than West Coast on both ends of the floor. If you jump in the air to block so often the way he does, you will foul out of a lot of games.

Out West, it's a lot more open-court. That's probably due to the fact that there aren't point-forwards like LeBron or Iguodala, which allows the defense more space in the center because there aren't the three points of attack like there are on an elite East Coast team, the 1, the 3, and the 5. Instead it's the 1 or the 2 and the 4 or the 5 with the 3 usually playing off the ball, most likely as a shooter.

If Camby can adjust to that and block and be a disrupter at angles that allow him to stay out of foul trouble without not being effective then yeah, he could Garnett good as a disrupter, but otherwise

That's why I wouldn't want to trade anything but players we could replace for him because if it doesn't work out and we traded Speights or Brackins Meeks or any part of JTI(starting to come around to that name), we'd be screwed.

If we could get him for Lou, Nocioni, expirings, and a pick or two then I'd do it in a heart beat though.

Tray reply to TruePhan on Feb 3 at 14:37

Discuss, DF commenters: is there really such a huge conference difference as TruePhan is always suggesting? Besides the West still having way more talent?

No. Not at all.

There are open court teams in the east(Tor,Ind,NY) just like there are slower paced teams out west(Por,NO,Dal). I don't really know what he's getting at here. Good defensive centers have to know how to play against both styles. Camby has proven over his career that he can.

TruePhan reply to DonH on Feb 3 at 15:25

It has nothing to do with style.

The West Coast is basically in between Euroleague and the East in the way they play. Having a point guard or combo guard run a team leaves the defense room at the 3 and in the paint because the offense starts at an angle as opposed to going from side to side and then cutting through the defense. There's a huge difference between a combo guard run offense and a point-forward run offense.

Camby played in the East back when this was still a hip-hop league and thus East and West had no differences. He hasn't played in this East.

Oh, and the West definitely doesn't have tons more talent than the East. They have different kinds of players is all.

Kelly Dwyer's behind the box score made me smile this morning.

and was born in June of 1990 if that makes you want to go sleep in the snow, alone, because you feel so, so old.

man, i graduated high school the month Jrue was born


Tray reply to Brian on Feb 3 at 14:35

I don't really like Dwyer and his liberal use of commas.

TruePhan reply to Tray on Feb 3 at 15:50

I don't like his liberal use of absolute statements when he doesn't have a clue what he's talking about. I especially don't like his liberal use of inside jokes/nicknames/cliched terms and "everybody knows this or this is understood but I don't have to explain why" statements that he bases his article off of.

97.5 this morning - all eagles - one mention of the sixers after bringing up a kardashian.

Tom Moore on Feb 3 at 13:24

Video: Brand on putting the Memphis meltdown to rest, Holiday's triple-double:


That video cracked me up. Brand told them he had a triple double, someone asked if the third double was turnovers. Brand said, "Minutes."

Was Daily News' Bob Cooney busting on Brand. I asked if the third "double" was blocks and he said assists.

TruePhan reply to Tom Moore on Feb 3 at 15:52

He's got a bit of Fagan/Dei Lynam in him. He's the best of some pretty sorry options as the Sixers' beat writer.

Tom Moore on Feb 3 at 13:37

Video: Collins on the team's progress, facing the Knicks twice this weekend:


Got a Jrue question in on Hollinger's chat today and he called J's triple double pathetic because he only scored 11 points.


How many of Jason Kidds triple doubles were pathetic then?

Ryan F reply to GoSixers on Feb 3 at 14:50

I guess off the top off my head somewhere around 90% of them.

Tray reply to GoSixers on Feb 3 at 14:50

Lots. But I think there's some truth to that with Kidd, anyway; these days he's an okay player whose contributions are really exaggerated by his ability to rack up boxscore stats.

So he's not actually getting rebounds and handing out assists? Not sure why they don't count.

Probably the same reason some of Sam's rebounds don't count

Tray reply to Brian on Feb 3 at 15:15

They count, it's just that he's a terrible defensive player who can't score or make shots. The one thing he does do very well is fill up a box score with counting stats. And like I've said before, I'm a little skeptical about the assist. Like take Chris Paul. His passing is really impressive, there'll be games where he scores or assists on 3/4 of their baskets, but does that mean he's creating 75% of their offense, or is it more a matter of their funneling everything through Chris Paul?

You'd prefer a guy like Monta Ellis, who plays no defense and accumulates great counting stats, like PPG and turnovers.

Wait - monta or lou?

Tray reply to Brian on Feb 3 at 20:53

Um... no, Monta's not that efficient. I'd happily trade Kidd for Kevin Martin though.

TruePhan reply to Tray on Feb 3 at 15:36

Jason Kidd is one of the best floor generals of the past decade. I agree that he's nowhere near what he was in his prime but he's still got great vision and makes great decisions.

I've always seen Jrue as more like Jason Kidd than anybody else, ever since he started getting minutes as the point his rookie year. He's got a similar build, is a similar player, and has shown the vision pretty often. He's a much better defender than Kidd was though, and will continue to get better, though Kidd is a better offensive player.

If Jrue continues to get better as a floor general, I'd take his defense over Kidd's offense any day of the week.

Fucker even shortchanged Jrue an assist:

I'd be a little more enthusiastic if it wasn't the pathetic 11-10-10 variety of triple-double. I agree that The Jruth is one of the league's most promising young guards, but let's not cue up the Jason Kidd comparisons just yet.

11-10-11, dickweed.

Ok - here's the list of the 'pathetic' triple doubles in NBA history


12 points, rebounds, assists, or less

My only comment on the 'cheapness' of Jrue's trip dub would be the 10th rebound

Hey, he had to fight Brand for his 10th. Went right over his back.

Looked to me that Jrue was 'let' over dudes back - dude knew Jrue was behind him.

Hey - I give him credit, but it's like when that dude got the sack record cause brett favre is a girly man

Ryan F reply to Brian on Feb 3 at 14:54

I was a little taken back. He has been a pretty big Jrue supporter in the few things I've read. Give the kid some credit.

Can you trust a web site that has THREE mavericks chats - a week?

Ryan F reply to GoSixers on Feb 3 at 15:27

Or one that has a HEAT index?

I have no problem with the heat index - that's justified purely from a traffic point of view - in fact some people ask about why a heat index or why don't you write about the spurs, and the answer was, when we write about the spurs no one reads it :)

I'm just amazed that mavericks fans generate enough ESPN.com traffic to get THREE chats and yet Philadlephia doesn't generate enough ESPN traffic to have 'espn philadlephia' yet - though I have to wonder if that has to do with 2 of the 4 'majors' being owned by comcast

tk76 reply to Brian on Feb 3 at 15:15

If they don't like the definition of "triple-double" than don't use it.

I agree that a 30/20/10 game is more impressive, but so what? A 500 foot home run is more impressive than a 335 foot one but they both count. And when he went for 30 hrs, no one would have confused Rollins with Stargell... but they still counted.

I do agree than blindly siting stats does not make players comparable (like the whole 15/5/5 thing with Lebron, Wad and Iguodala) but again, so what?

TruePhan reply to Brian on Feb 3 at 15:39

I tend to not take people seriously who use nicknames for players or use little inside jokes.

I bet he probably praises Rondo and Wall daily too.

Trivia answer:

Players averaging 7.5/7.5 reb/asst for a season:
The 8 players are:

Darrell Walker
Fat Lever (X 3)

No Lebron, Hill or any others.

Is Fat Lever a better basketball name than Pooh Jeter?

ahhhhh cant believe I forgot about Bird

Oh and according to BR, Havlicek did it twice.

tk76 reply to DonH on Feb 3 at 16:06

I think I set the critera as greater than 7.5/7.5. So he missed. Hondo maxed out at 7.5 asst twice, but never exceded it.

So sorry, I should have said averaging OVER 7.5 asst and over 7.5 reb for a season.

tk76 reply to tk76 on Feb 3 at 16:08

Sorry about the typos...

By the link I provided above, it should have filtered for "greater than and equal to" but you have caught a flaw in their algorithmic/reporting where it is only listing "greater than." Kudos.

Unless it actually does the math, and those guys were between 7.45 and 7.49, then it's correct that they were less than 7.50.

Interesting functional question - are those yearly numbers static or do they calculate them from their game logs (which they obviously have) on the fly...

tk76 reply to Brian on Feb 3 at 16:14

Good catch.

Hondo's best assist years:

7.4938 (missed by 1 assist)
7.4878 (missed by 2 assists)

So I guess BR is right and Dean is wrong... by the slimest of margins.

I hate slimy margins

tk76 reply to GoSixers on Feb 3 at 16:23

Reminds me of Nickelodeon 25 years ago.

I don't know................what you're referring to

When I was younger I thought double dare was just awesome

tk76 reply to GoSixers on Feb 3 at 17:26

And that's where we got alanis :)

tk76 reply to GoSixers on Feb 3 at 17:44

Was not aware. Without Doubble-dare we would never have one hand in my pocket, and the other making a peace sign?

Sorry no

the sliming was on you can't do that on television - and i believe alanis was on you can't do that on television

And i'm convinced the story line on How I met your mother that keeps coming back regarding the 'canadian pop star' is a rip at alanis

tk76 reply to GoSixers on Feb 3 at 18:07

Per that highly informative Nick Wiki sliming was on Double-Dare too. But I do remember that in "You Can't Do That" it was the big gag.

Was it after they said "I don't know?"

I guess I missed your reference, as my fading memories are coming back.

I believe it was after they said I don't know - or something similar :)

tk76 reply to GoSixers on Feb 3 at 18:19

Yeah, I had a hunch you were making a reference like that. Unfortunately my gears are to rusty for it to click in. Now I remember.

Although I don't know why I thought that was funny after 100X. Maybe I have lost my sense of humor.

It's Don

I didn't realize Havlicek scored that much too. The stats say he was the Lebron of his day. Impressive.

Heh, TK I hope you don't write a whole lot of prescriptions.

tk76 reply to Brian on Feb 3 at 16:33

Computerized, so I don't have to worry (as much) about typos, spelling and handwriting. As long as I don't confuse my zanax for my zantac or zyrtec :)

Wait - it's zanax? For some reason I just always thought it was xanax - just seemed right

tk76 reply to GoSixers on Feb 3 at 16:40

Yep, you got it. Another typo, but that is the classic mistake they talk about (Xanax/zantac)(because on a garbled phone order they sound alike.)

Clearly not my best day today.

tk76 reply to tk76 on Feb 3 at 16:42

Or maybe I'm not really a doctor, and just fooling myself and others. Although I have never written for Xanax or any benzodiazepine.

tk76 reply to DonH on Feb 3 at 16:30

Sorry, Don. Lots of typos and mistakes today.

tk76 reply to DonH on Feb 3 at 16:37

Not quite Lebron- but close:

1st team All NBA 4X, 2nd team 7X. Not too shabby.
Hondo's league rankings:

Points Per Game
1963-64 NBA 19.9 (10)
1966-67 NBA 21.4 (8)
1969-70 NBA 24.2 (8)
1970-71 NBA 28.9 (2)
1971-72 NBA 27.5 (3)
1973-74 NBA 22.6 (9)
Career NBA 20.8 (40)
Career 20.8 (41)

Assists Per Game
1967-68 NBA 4.7 (9)
1968-69 NBA 5.4 (9)
1969-70 NBA 6.8 (7)
1970-71 NBA 7.5 (4)
1971-72 NBA 7.5 (5)
1972-73 NBA 6.6 (7)
1973-74 NBA 5.9 (9)

Win Shares
1966-67 NBA 8.3 (10)
1969-70 NBA 10.6 (8)
1970-71 NBA 12.5 (5)
1971-72 NBA 12.4 (7)
1972-73 NBA 12.1 (5)
1973-74 NBA 9.7 (9)
Career NBA 131.7 (26)
Career 131.7 (29)

Looking a day ahead, (Mike Francesa voice) HUH-YUGE home and home with the Knickerbockers this weekend. If the Sixers take both (they did win in New York earlier in the season when they couldn't buy one), the Knicks will hold a slim one game lead in the race for the 6th spot.

I would just hope they can take that first one at home, and then try and get greedy and steal another early Sunday tilt. That one would be more like gravy.

tk76 reply to Rich on Feb 3 at 16:44

Yeah. I hope they are slashing and gashing, hooping and swooping and spinning and winning this weekend... while the Knicks are stumbling and bumbling and displaying their trademark matador D.

God i Hope BOTH broadcasts have comcast options

Rich reply to tk76 on Feb 3 at 16:51

Clyde's been using his great rhyming rhetoric to describe the other team a lot more these days. I love the way the Sixers match-up with the Knicks, always have.

I've watched them a few times recently and the big thing is that Felton's come way back down to Earth. I really like Gallo's game though, never minded hypothetical Iguodala trades that brought him back. He's a gamer.

tk76 reply to Rich on Feb 3 at 16:56

Yeah, I find Clyde amusing for the occasional game I hear him. Doubt I would appreciate it much night in and night out. But certainly better that having to hear about Tommy points or kaboom!

Speaking of announcers, what do you guys think of Eric Snow? Worst ever?

Why would he be the worst ever?

Jerry Lawler last night was talking about a disputed shot that may have been a 3 instead of a 2 when it was reviewed later, every time he said the score deficit he kept saying, the lead is 4, maybe 5, the lead is 6, maybe 7

Lawler is awful - and gets so many names wrong

I find tommy heinsohn atrocious

Some people like fraziers love of the thesaurus but I don't like people making words up for the sake of poetry - it's a basketball game.

Lots and lots of bad basketball announcers around today - I don't even think Snow is the worst at the moment

tk76 reply to GoSixers on Feb 3 at 17:29

Snow is unmemorable, uninteresting, characterless, dreary, dull, insipid, lackluster, lifeless, prosaic, run-of-the-mill, and tame... for lack of a better word.

Snow is pretty bad. He is always fumbling, a step behind, and unsure of himself. Probably not the worst ever but sometimes he makes me want to watch on mute.

johnrosz reply to GoSixers on Feb 3 at 19:18

may not be great in the booth but the puma clyde is the coolest basketball shoe ever though

Tray reply to GoSixers on Feb 3 at 20:49

I love Lawler's announcing. And his name is Ralph.

I know

But until he goes through one sixers game getting ever players name right, I don't feel the need to get his name right :)

Lawlers law is dumber than tommy points

Tray reply to GoSixers on Feb 3 at 21:03

Back when 100 was a lot of points, it was probably true a really high percentage of the time.

Whatever you say tray - never let facts or research get in your way - or maybe we can do it for you?

Tray reply to GoSixers on Feb 3 at 21:19

You could do it for me.

Hoopshype reporting that Griffin made the all-star game..

If true, I'd imagine he can't play in rookie challenge right? Can Evan get in the game now?

I suppose he could play in both - but all reports are that if he got into the all star game he wouldn't play in the rookie challenge.

Are there any other rookie big men they could pull?

They already have Cousins Favors and Monroe... Ed Davis has been good from what I've read but have to think Evan has a good shot

I wouldn't be surprised to see Davis over turner from a positional point of view - but he was out for like the first 10-15 games wasn't he?

Tray reply to GoSixers on Feb 3 at 20:48

Well, Davis has really been just as good as Favors. Better, actually, in terms of numbers.

There's a very strong argument that davis should be there instead of favors - didn't even realize


It's hard to believe - but there's a legitimate argument that Tim Duncan doesn't belong in the all star game this year don't you think?

Tray reply to GoSixers on Feb 3 at 20:45

Very legitimate. But of course, his coach has been saving him for the playoffs so much it's hard to tell how good he still is.

That's one arguument

Or he's just getting old

Stupid Yahoo basketball won't let me drop him - btw - i hate that

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