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SixersBeat Episode Tonight at 9PM Eastern

Please analyze the patheticness of Jrue Holidays triple double and compare it to the 100+ other pathetic triple doubles and let us know where it ranks in the history of pathetic triple doubles.

Lots of 'big man' names floating around in trade talks - who do you think the sixers SHOULD target, and assuming the luxury tax isn't a worry (hypothetically) of the available names who would you target and feel the sixers could get without hurting their core. (The four starters who aren't hawes...lou...thad...turner, and you can include meeks if you want)

Are you saying don't include Turner as part of the core? I'm a little confused, but good question about the big and how to approach it. We'll discuss tonight.

Sorry no - I meant that Thad, Lou and Evan are part of the core that's winning right now (and I include evan for the future as well) - basically I'm looking at 'getting a big' without ruining the team now or later - the sixers have a lot of extra parts when you think about it.

I'd say you could include Meeks because I think he's stretching the floor thing is vastly over rated and I think Turner has shown enough to step in and start (though you do weaken the bench that way) but if you think yo ucan do it and keep meeks - that's obviously better.

So simply


Evan Turner
Meeks (maybe)
One of hawes or speights (you need a back up big for the bi your obtaining i guess)

I don't thin i'm forgetting anyone but i'm sort of half awake

Tray reply to GoSixers on Feb 3 at 20:38

I don't see Lou as a core player. I mean, core in your sense of core to this current team's "success," but not core in the usual sense of "group of players whom you're building around for a number of years to come."

I was only referring to this season - adding a big man would via trade is a one or two year patch thing - like a camby or a przy - might as well keep lou unless a tam like memphis thinks he's their SG solution (the bulls aren't that dumb)

Tray reply to GoSixers on Feb 4 at 1:52

Yeah, I could just lose Lou for a one year fix, nothing... though I understand that he brings things to the table that we don't really have an abundance of on this team.

mgfields on Feb 3 at 16:20

I like Thad, but at what price? Sixers have a big decision to make in the offseason.

tk76 reply to mgfields on Feb 3 at 16:29

Or, if they are not going to pay him at market value... should they trade him now and hope to get something (or someone they would pay.)


You can find stuff like this faster than I do usually...i'm curios as to the history of guys about to be restricted free agents being traded - how many guys in thads position have been traded that season? I'm not sure the value would be high because by marketing hi you indicate you don't want to re-sign him long term so why not just wait until he's a free agent?

I wouldn't trade him now - whether they plan to sign him or not - I think Thad is the kind of player I'd play the match game with...let the market set his value - and then match it - I don't believe anyone will grossly over pay him...

Then again - what would the market value for thad be in the current climate (can't determine the future - at least i cant)

tk76 reply to GoSixers on Feb 3 at 16:47

Sorry, don't have a chance to do the legwork. But generally they have little value at the deadline.

Wasn't Tyrus Thomas was traded last year from the Chicago Bulls in exchange for Ronald “Flip” Murray, Acie Law, and a future first round pick.

Lou Williams is a vital piece to this years run, but his trade value also might never be higher...what would it take for you to give up lou before the deadilne?

I got 2 questions.

1. What do you think of the schedule going into the allstar break? How many games should the Sixers win in order to position themselves well for a post allstar 6th seed push (as well as a .500 record).

2. Assuming the Sixers continue to play the same way they've played over the past few months they appear to be headed towards the 6th or 7th seed. With Boston having a healthy advantage at No.1 and Orlando and Atlanta almost locked into that 4-5 matchup with which of the remaining to possible playoff opponents (Heat and Bulls) the Sixers matchup better with and why? Do they have a shot at all even if they make a move that helps them before the trade deadline?

And another thing. Year after year in the Iguodala era the Sixers start very slow and start playing much better somewhere in January (usually late January). Is this recent streak of 5 wins in 6 games the beginning of yet another second half surge?

Brian, you mentioned Brand's rock solid consistency in your game recap. I looked at his stats, and not only is he providing that consistency, but he's doing it at age 31 (almost 32), after bad injuries, and with 5 and 4 less minutes per game than he received at LAC in 05-06 and 06-07, when he was 26-28 years old. His rebounding production per minute is virtually identical, and his points are only a couple below, his production at age 26-28. That's pretty incredible.

In my opinion, when you consider his market value in 05-06 and 06-07 was a max contract, I would say he is also max contract worthy this year, and barring injury, probably will earn his contract through its expiration. He's basically the same player he was 4 years ago, despite injuries. Do you agree?

tk76 reply to stoned81 on Feb 3 at 16:51

I'd say he's the player we would expect 3 years into his contract. Not fully in his prime, but a fair semblance of the player he was given he is about to turn 33.

The problem is that when you sign a guy from 30-35 on an escalating contract, you better get your best value in the first 2-3 years, since the back end is going to hurt.

I see the first 2 years as a sunk cost, in Year 3 he's earning it. Years 4 and 5, well since he's playing just about as well at age 31 as he did at age 27, I see no reason it can't continue for 2 more years. So I think he just flipped what a normal long-term contract is. Rather than produce in the first 2 years and fall apart in the last 3, he'll produce in the last 3. I'll take that any day.

Tray reply to stoned81 on Feb 3 at 20:44

No, he's not earning a near-max salary at all. Where would you rank him in the league's top power forwards? There's Garnett, Dirk, Gasol, Love, Amare, Bosh, Griffin, Boozer, Horford (admittedly, starts at center), Randolph, Aldridge, Duncan, Scola, Lee... now, you could make a case for Brand ahead of a few of these, but if he's not even top 10 at his position, how can he be worth what he's getting? And he'll only get worse.

Tom Moore on Feb 3 at 17:18

Holiday surpasses Iguodala as youngest player in Sixers history with triple-double:


Don't know wher eelse to post this but we were talking about that 'favorite sport' couple weeks ago - I found this in an article about how fans really don't care about 18 NFL games as much

And that's despite data that shows football clearly is king: 41 percent of everyone surveyed called it their favorite sport to watch, more than tripling the 13 percent who chose baseball. Basketball was nearly as popular as baseball, with 12 percent

Though I don't think it's dividing between college and pro basketball


Couldn't find this article on philly.com - is it older?


tk76 reply to GoSixers on Feb 3 at 17:48

No, only 2-3 ds old. It was on Philly.com a few days ago.

Sac Bee said it was new today and couldn't find it on the front page - i usually ignore the sixer writers articles because everyone knows where to find them :)

With the retirement of Andy Petite - how screwed are the yankees this coming season?:)

johnrosz reply to GoSixers on Feb 3 at 18:49

miracle BABIP last year.

Have to think it would've come back to bite him had he returned this season.

Let's talk realistic draft targets

Derek - plumlee or morris (marcus) which would be better for the sixers?

Morris is certainly more skilled offensively, but I think Plumlee could end up being the better defender, and significantly better rebounder. There's so little production (and reliance) on Plumlee right now offensively it's hard to project.

I'd probably go Plumlee, though. I think his skill level offensively is beyond his current production, and I do like his ability on the glass, which I don't think Morris has.

Could you comment on your show on this comment from TruePhan:

"Camby played in the East back when this was still a hip-hop league and thus East and West had no differences. He hasn't played in this East."

Like for starters, Camby played in the East back when Mourning was a great player and teams didn't really score.

Tray - don't feed the trolls

Tray reply to GoSixers on Feb 3 at 21:38

He's too funny though, like the Glenn Beck of basketball blog commenting. All this pseudo-sophisticated knowledge and theorizing and expertise that's just total nonsense.

If you have ESPN Insider, Thrope wrote this about selby last week

Yeah, I agree with a lot of what he said. I think Selby's capable of more and will do good when he gets out of that system. The difference with Jrue and Westbrook is they were both playing off the ball, but Kansas system definitely doesn't suit Selby, and it may be diminishing his value quite a bit.

What I like about Selby over most "shoot first" point guards is I think he can be an above average defender, which makes him great as a scoring punch off the bench, and a great late lotto and after pick.

It'll be interesting to see how he (and Brandon Knight) do down the stretch.

Draft Express lists him as a SG in the NBA - do you agree with that and do you think a selby/holiday back court could work?

If I had to fit him in a position, yeah, I think he's a shooting guard.

I think it would be less than ideal (I always think undersized two is less than ideal), but like I said, I think he will be a better defensive player than Lou, fairly significantly.

If you're looking at Selby, particularly on this team, I think you're looking at him to replace Lou's role, and I think he could succeed doing so. I think the change to NBA zone, hand checking rules, and style of play will help Selby.

So while I think Selby's at the point where his really bad start have hurt his draft stock significantly, I do think he's approaching the point where he becomes really good value and a safe bet, relative to his draft position.

4-4 in the next 8

Be nice to get to 500 guys - but back to back both games on the road - yuck

Yeah, I think 4-4 is realistic. If they do that, and come out of the break at 26-30, they've got a cake schedule and can really build up a head of steam in the 7 games coming out of the break.

If Hedo is down for a while that could help the sixers against the magic...

Thanks again to both of you for doing this - much more enjoyable than heat magic

I'm just surprised people listen.

Something is definitely going on with me. I can't tell you how many times I agreed with Tray today.

It's not him - it's the counterpoint he's answering :)

Tray reply to Brian on Feb 4 at 1:42

How many times? What, you like Ralph Lawler too? I'm actually really glad that Griffin's on a team with a fun announcer, and not someone really dry, like Zumoff, or someone really annoying, like the Toronto guy who sounds like a retarded cousin of Bill Raftery (you know, the NCAA announcer who goes, "onions!"). It just enhances the Griffin experience when each of his dunks are followed by this hilarious old white man who sounds like he's drunk going, "oh me oh my!"

Lawler doesn't really bug me. It makes the monotony of watching the Clippers implode a bit more enjoyable. The team of the future deserves him.

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