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I know Brian will put it up later, but the sixers are playing well at home recently and the knicks are not so good on the road. This is a winnable game, it's the kind of game that a team turning the corner as it were SHOULD win...

I actually have some interest in watching this game but I've chosen to go to the movies instead and see Hitchcock's first sound film, Blackmail (1929). Then again, I'd probably end up watching the Griffin-Josh Smith matchup anyway. Back to the subject of our game, I fully expect us to win.

Rich reply to Tray on Feb 4 at 15:36

Just curious, do you enjoy watching other NBA players more than the Sixers? From your comments, it looks that way. Not judging either, just wondering.

Tray reply to Rich on Feb 4 at 15:41

Yeah, I probably do. If the Sixers weren't the team that plays in Philadelphia, I doubt I'd ever watch them, though maybe with Jrue and Turner emerging I'm finding them more fun to watch.

Rich reply to Tray on Feb 4 at 15:44

I probably wouldn't watch the Sixers much if I was simply an NBA fan. Minus the Jordan year, they have pretty fun to get behind though. Even though, if you are a fan of dunking, Iguodala and Thad are really two of the best in game guys in the league.

raro reply to Rich on Feb 4 at 15:54

I would consider the Sixers a top ten team if I were only a hardcore NBA fan and not tied to any one franchise. Supremely athletic and versatile wing players make for some pretty aesthetically pleasing basketball. Not sure what it does for your winning % tho...

Oh and GoSixers will love this; Hawes tweets, "nowreading decision points. Instant classic so much wonderful insight."

Don't agree with his politics, but if Hawes wasn't such a terrible center I would like him as a person. Funny, respectable guy with weird interests.

I dislike most folks who think guys like Bill Oreilly or rush limbaugh are insightful

raro reply to GoSixers on Feb 4 at 15:50

I'm sure you know this, but it is possible to disagree and not dislike...

Not going to get into a political debate cause this isn't the place - but when people are fans of hypocritical hate mongers and racists who claim that they know how to fix america and just sput the worst of the worst - i see it as an inherent character flaw and lack of comprehension of common sense...

raro reply to GoSixers on Feb 4 at 16:09

I certainly wasn't trying to start a political debate either. More of a "can't we all get along?" comment from someone in the moderate camp.

I'm a centrist, I dislike idiots on both sides of aisle, most people heavily into politics don't have the capability of rationale discussion on the issues - they just list the talking points from their favorite source without even thinking them...US politics has become more dogmatic than the worst religions...and our country will continue to founder.

Never claimed it was nice or right - but again - I don't care so much about being nice...especially after Hawes felt he could tell Evan Turner what to do.

I wonder if Evan Turner called him a "right-wing buffoon" in response and that's what started the fight!

It's a slow day - nothing interesting about the sixers floating around online yet

So I did this :)


I'm not sure i'd do that. Lee is certainly better than Meeks (at least defensively) but is he worth Speights? I think Speights can easily be transformed into much more if he was showcased for at least 5-10 games. Jeffries is useless to us. Defensively he's not too bad but he is still not a shot blocker nor he can play C.

Can't get him for nothing - and honestly - the rockets don't have that many bad contracts - scola martin lowery only 3 long term deals I think (non rookie)

Just to get as far away from politics as possible, or maybe just look at a different kind of politics. The All Star snubs come down to this for me.

If you're picking based on wins, then the question isn't Blake Griffin or LaMarcus Aldridge, it's LA or Zach Randolph. There's 1 win separating those teams, and Randolph has been much better than Aldridge.

If you're picking based on stats only, then it's more about Love vs. Blake Griffin, and Love wins hands down.

Here's a comp of all four guys, and anyone making an Aldridge argument really doesn't have a leg to stand on, any way you look at it.


I fully agree. I don't like Aldridge at all, i'd rank him 4th out of these 4 h=guys actually but Randolph and Love deserve it far more than Griffin. It's just inconceivable to me how when they made an exception and went with a guy from a very bad team they didn't pick Love.

The only explanation i can think of is the fact that the game is played in LA. That and the insane amount of coverage (for almost no reason) that Griffin gets on a nightly basis.

johnrosz reply to Brian on Feb 4 at 16:44

I think the league would've been foolish to exclude Griffin from the All Star Game though. I'm sure there was pressure from the league to have him picked. One of those guys who could absolutely blow up if he has a great showing throughout the weekend.

It's not like he wasn't going to the allstar weekend. He already had the rookie-sophomore game and the dunk contest in his bag.

johnrosz reply to Xsago on Feb 4 at 17:31

nobody really watches the rookie soph game from what I gather

Me, most years that's the most interesting part of all star weekend - the only thing i watch

Let's get into tonight's game a little. Alright, the Knicks do play a lot of zone and will employ it tonight. I found the Collins video on how to attack it very interesting. Rewatching the Memphis 4th quarter, they did seem a little passive in attacking it, and those late possessions made them force TO's and bad shots. Against the Nets, they were much more aggressive.

Brand should get the ball in the sweet spot of the zone (foul line area) every time. He's money from that spot, and he can scan the defense for looks. Interestingly, I also think Lou can benefit from playing against that zone. He's more aggressive, because he can see creases and attack them.

I actually like sort of forcing the team to play a little man when you're facing a zone, if that makes any sense. Use a portion of the court where they have 2 defenders to cover two of your guys, like at the elbow, and run the P&R. They can squeeze from the wings, or come up from the baseline, which, if you keep your floor spacing, means you've got three or four guys guarding two, and either someone on the wing is going to be wide open, or the lane is going to be open. Either way, get the ball moving into the paint and make the zone react, that's really what you're using the pick for.

Run the pick and roll? Come on - we only do that against toronto

Rich reply to Brian on Feb 4 at 17:22

Iguodala has been very effective as the ball handler in that situation in the past. He's not usually as strong running it against a man, but his passing skills are better against a zone when he comes off the screen and guys find soft spots.

Regardless of what you are doing, you can't do two things:
1. Jack quick threes.
2. Play slower because of the zone.

That basically means, run your stuff at the pace of the normal offense.

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