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Robobop on Mar 7 at 15:33

Clearly you have no clue as to the salary cap. The Eagles can't sign all of the people on your 'wish list' - they've just spent significant monies this year on locking up their own players (Andrews, Jackson, Herremans, etc.). Even though it would be wonderful to do what you're talking about, the Eagles can't do it and will not do it.

Your ideas would work in fantasyland, however...

The Eagles have about $12M in cap room, I looked it up before I wrote this post, about a month ago. I still think Thomas would've been worth the money for the Eagles (He signed for about $10M per year, so technically they could've afforded him, but it would've been tight).

I never said they'd be able to get everyone on this list, it was meant as a sample of what was available in areas of need.

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