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Brand and AI9 Carry the Load

Well i know one think about this game. We've waited for 3 years now to finally see why Brand was signed and what everybody thought Iguodala and Brand can be when playing together. Hopefully they can keep this up.

P.S. Thorn get this guys a big man PLEASE. I can't stand watching how they are dominated inside by guys like Mozgov (he singlehandedly changed the whole game).


This is the type of game I would love to see from Iggy. Great all around game but he looked to score when the team needed it. Hopefully this is signals the end of "Lou-ball" in the fourth quarter.

deepsixersuede on Feb 5 at 6:27

I know Doug is a loyal guy but Sunday may be time to give Battie his first start; Amare will come out pissed off and try to take the sixers out early.

I tyhought Lou, in spite of better effort, got torched by Felton. It amazes me that even with bad Lou on the floor at times we seem like a better team; is it the threat he poses?

What's the deal with our pick and roll defense? It seems like its almost non-existent. When Lou or Jrue get screened, they don't get back into the defensive play and let the two guys go. Is this design? Once a pick and roll happens, it seems like it becomes 4 on 5.

This crazy thought came to me last night after the game from watching Turner and Iggy completely stifle the Knicks defensively in the 4th - would you trade Jrue for S. Curry? I have always agreed with Brian's assertion that Curry would be a perfect fit for this team between Jrue & Iggy, and somehow using Turner to get Curry. Now I'm not sure if it doesn't make more sense to use Jrue. Let me be clear: I LOVE Jrue and think he's going to be outstanding, but if this shift to Iggy as primary ballhandler and distributor is permanent (and 16/0 looks awfully good) Jrue's contributions are going to be minimalized. From Golden St.'s perspective, isn't Jrue EXACTLY what they need in a backcourt w/ the undersized Monta Ellis?

bebopdeluxe reply to Marty on Feb 5 at 9:17


Don't know if I would do it, but an interesting thought.

I'm terrified of Curry's defense, so you would have to hope Turner is elite enough to guard the really good PGs on some night while Iggy gets the best wing.

Iguodala's 16-0 did come one game after Jrue had a triple-double, so I'm not sure it's really fair to think they aren't going to work well together w/ this new role for AI9, if it is even a new role.

Collins: 'Let's keep those Knicks fans quiet, please':


I asked last week about best case scenario for the next 2 years if they hold onto Brand and Iguodala.

I wonder how much of a stretch it would be to be in in a fight for the Atlantic and the #3 seed? (like GoSixers mentioned.) The Sixers have played .600 ball since their 3-13 stumble out of the gate. The 20-13 projects to 49 wins for a season. I don't think that is sustainable right now- but with some smaller moves (viable defensive center) and if Collins keeps coaching them up...

So if the Sixers could somehow get in the high 40's for wins in the next 2 years... will Boston come down to earth enough to make it competitive? And throw NY in the mix with Amare/Melo.

Long term this team needs major upgrades to ever be on track to contend. But assuming they are "stuck" with Iguodala and Brand" for lack of fair recompense... I could really get behind a team that is legitimately competing for a #3 seed- which comes with a division crown. Any chance we can see this in the next 2 years?

tk76 reply to tk76 on Feb 5 at 10:42

Looking at Boston:

KG, Ray, PP and Rondo all under contract next year. So with health they probably still are 50+ win team and out of reach next season. But they do have these FA: Perkins and Baby. So they will have to wrangle up a decent big to add to the corpses of Shaq and Sheed. But I believe they can find someone- at it will probably be exactly the type of defense center the Sixers need.

After next year KG and Allen are FA. So what exactly does that mean for that team. I could see various scenarios, but I doubt they "rebuild" (at least by choice.) Nor do they trade away either of those guys without getting "basketball value" in return.

bebopdeluxe reply to tk76 on Feb 5 at 11:00

I think that they still have too many "assets" tied up in their perimeter...Jrue, ET, Iggy, Lou and Thad...and somehow they need to move one of them for somebody that either brings 1) a low-post defensive presence or 2) an outside stroke (which none of the 5 - right now at least - presents on a consistent basis...with all due respect to Meeks).

If this is the REAL Andre Iguodala...and he's gonna be this guy on a 50+ win Sixers team (playing the way he's playing right now), then I have to say that I would at least entertain the idea of something along the lines of a Jrue-for-Curry swap...or moving Jrue for a legit low-post piece. I know that he's only 20...and I know that he has upside...but if you think that this team - led by Iggy and EB - can make noise by 2012-13 (when both guys are still under contract), then the highest-value piece to move would be Jrue...and you could probably get something REALLY good for him.

It would take MASSIVE cojones for Thorn to make a deal like that...it would either be a home-run or a disaster. If you are looking at a post Iggy/EB world, no way you do that deal...but if you think this team has a shot to do something in the next 2-3 years, I think you have to at least listen.

tk76 reply to bebopdeluxe on Feb 5 at 11:08

I'm not open to moving Jrue. My though is more along the lines that the team needs a short and long term plan. Long term they get rid of Brand and try and remake their team with Jrue as a key component.

But if they are stuck with Brand for 2 years, and Iguodala won't yield top flight talent... then make lesser moves to try and compete with this growing squad. That way we get enjoyable basketball, hope at the end of the tunnel, and we will have hardened "winning" type young players in 2-3 years as pieces of the bigger puzzle.

So I can see the appeal of swapping Jrue for another top young player (or Turner/Thad/Lou etc.) But I am 100% opposed to moving a key piece like Jrue for a short term gain (like a solid big.)

bebopdeluxe reply to tk76 on Feb 5 at 11:16


I would not be moving Jrue to get a guy to help them win a round of the playoffs in 2011-12...I would be moving Jrue to bring a piece that would have them contending for the ECF during the Iggy/EB era.

If we can't do that, the answer is no.

But watching what this team is doing right now - without a consistent shooter from deep or a legit low-post defender - does make me think what this team would be like if we added a piece like a Camby or Curry. Could we beat the Celtics or Magic in a 7 game series if we added a piece like that?

I think it's too early too overreact and think about contending. We need to do this one step at a time and if the first step is getting to the playoffs and losing in the first round so be it.

My first goals for the foreseeable future would be the following:
a) Get a big man who can defend and has some finishing ability around the rim without ruining the young core.
b) If you can use some of the young pieces (including Jrue and Turner) to get a superstar you do it and you don't look back.
c) If you can use Iguodala and/or Brand to get a serious young talent (allstar worthy down the line) you do it.
d) Continue developing chemistry with the team at hand and playing a wining type of system.

Anything outside of that might be overthinking it and ruining any chance we could have in the future.

bebopdeluxe reply to Xsago on Feb 5 at 12:15

I'm not talking about trading Jrue to win a round...what I am asking is this: is a team anchored by Iggy and EB good enough - with the addition of a guy like Camby or Curry (or similar KEY PIECE that we could potentially get for Jrue) - to win 50+ games next season? Would they be good enough, by next season, to beat a team like Boston or Orlando in a 7-game series?

THAT is the standard that would have to be met if we were to consider moving somebody like Jrue.

If yiou don't think this team could do that, then just stay pat, let Iggy/EB's contracts roll off, and take it from there. I would say, however, that watching this team of late, it would be a LOT more interesting to play the Celtics or Magic in late April with a Camby or Curry...

Trading Jrue Holiday is a bad idea - especially for a guy near the end of his career like Camby

tk76 reply to bebopdeluxe on Feb 5 at 12:39

Bebop, I'm more focussed on the division, and the top 3 seed that comes with it. And even that would require Boston falling apart quickly.

I still hold fast to the belief that you cannot build a contender when Iguodala and Brand are your two best players. So I basically agree with Xsago. If you can somehow land a superstar then you do it. But otherwise make smaller moves to build a team that fits together better and hope to take the next step in 2-3 years, when the giant contracts of Brand and Iguodala are no longer an impediment.

In the meantime, no reason to give away Iguodala for nothing. Especially when Collins has the current team playing entertaining basketball. And probably the Atlantic Division is out of reach for a few more years, but maybe they can make it interesting.

But somewhere down the line they will have to do something drastic to get this team on the road to being a contender. It's just that there might be no way to get headed in that direction for a few years.

bebopdeluxe reply to tk76 on Feb 5 at 13:24


I would say that trading Jrue for a quality SG or low-post defender would qualify as "drastic"...wouldn't you?

If your position is that this team cannot contend for a spot in the conference finals with Iggy/EB, then we stand pat...because Lou, Speights or any tradable asset other than Jrue ain't getting us much. And it's not like I don't understand your position...it's just that if Iggy/EB can play consistently at this level, and we keep getting contributions from Thad, Turner and others, it would be interesting to think of what kind of piece Jrue could bring us...and whether we can go as a team from one that could perhaps take a game or two from the Celtics or Magic in a 7-game series to a team that could potentially beat them over the next 2-3 years.

If you combine those names you mentioned with players whose contracts expire sooner than the contracts you obtain (sonagila, nocioni, kapono - players not necessary anyway) - you can improve your roster while not taking on contracts that are too long.

Would adding Kaman or Hamilton without losing anyone past the 'top 8' improve the sixers? It couldn't hurt (well kaman couldn't hurt)

Not sure where sterling is right now, but if he's on the fence about giving Jordan a contract extension - saving him 11 million on kaman next year might be enough to get a pick added as well

There are trades to be made to make this team better on the court right now tht honestly (to me) helps the long term development of Jrue and Evan as well...the better the sixers players are on the court the better Jrue and Evan could develop (in my opinion)

Brian, excellent points. A few additional observations from this game:
* Remember when Brand first came to the Sixers and it seemed Iguodala wouldn't pass him the ball? Entirely a thing of the past (six assists last night from Iguodala to Brand). Those two seem to have great chemistry right now.
* For one night at least, that was PhillyMax. Hopefully we'll see it again. 33/16 was channeling the best of Moses and Barkley. According to basketball-reference.com, Brand was the 5th Sixer since 86-87 to post a 30/15 game. The others: Webber (once), Gminski (once), Weatherspoon (once) ... and Barkley 53 times :-)
* If I'm reading the chart correctly, it looks like Brand got 38 seconds of rest in the 2nd half (impressive). I thought the Sixers caught the Knicks in a bad matchup at the beginning of the 4th, with Stoudemire and Felton resting.
* Anecdotally, it seems Meeks makes a higher percentage of 3's off Iguodala's passes than anyone else's passes. Possibly coincidence, but there's something to be said for passing being delivered at the right time and speed.
* I'm with Brian that keeping Lou in for the entire 4th was a good move (from the standpoint of winning the game). Unexpectedly, it was because Lou did a better job defensively on Felton than Jrue had (Felton went 2-4 with a huge turnover in the 4th). Felton's explosion in the 3rd was mostly at Jrue's expense and continued a disturbing recent trend of point guard explosions on Jrue (Augustin and Billups being other examples). All adding evidence to the hard numbers that Jrue is not a good defender right now -- and may not be much better than Lou. The frustrating thing is that Jrue's ceiling on defense is much higher than Lou's, but he doesn't show it consistently.
* One of my favorite plays of the night was in the mid-4th when Stoudemire found Iguodala switched onto him at the top of the key. Stoudemire tried to make a move toward the basket but Iguodala beat him to the spot and didn't get pushed away, forcing Stoudemire into a wild one-hander from 15 feet. I think Stoudemire was shocked to be defended by someone he couldn't just dribble around.
* Even though Gallinari didn't have a good shooting game (in good part because of Iguodala's defense), I can see why Brian and others like his game. He has a decent handle for a forward and gets to the line a lot (more FTs made than FGs this year), and he's deadly from the line. But he's still a liability defensively, and Iguodala seemed like he could get into the lane at will on him.
* I was impressed with Mozgov. If he played for the Sixers, would he be their #1 center?
* Iguodala is having one of the great passing seasons by a forward, and if he keeps it up, it will be a historical season. Since 1986-87 (again according to basketball-reference.com), there have been 13 players to average >= 5.9 assists/game and none of those 13 was a forward.

So onto another matchup with the Knicks on Super Bowl Sunday. The best news for the Sixers is that they didn't even play close to their best game but pulled out a close win. Let's hope the Sixers have a convincing 4-quarters win in them for Sunday ...

eddies' heady's reply to Statman on Feb 5 at 12:40

"All adding evidence to the hard numbers that Jrue is not a good defender right now -- and may not be much better than Lou."

Good observation, I just said this same thing on here yesterday.

And yet the sixers were -2 overall when Jrue was on the floor in the 3rd (without Lou) and the sixers were -4 over all when Lou was on the floor without Jrue (all of 2 minutes)

But yeah, Lou's definitely a much better defender than Jrue - or maybe he just gets more help from the rest of his team cause they know how much he sucks?

But yeah, Lou's definitely a much better defender than Jrue

To be perfectly clear, that's not what I said at all. I said that Jrue "may not be much better than Lou" on defense.

On first viewing, though, I did think Lou was better than Jrue defensively on Felton in this game. I still have the game on DVR; maybe I'll re-watch Felton's baskets in the 2nd half more closely.

speeke reply to Statman on Feb 5 at 15:42

I was impressed with Danillo's handle and Mozgov too. The big Russian is much more atheltic than I thought. I think he'd be perfect as a starting center for us. It looks like he can protect the rim a little bit too.

"Iguodala is having one of the great passing seasons by a forward, and if he keeps it up, it will be a historical season. Since 1986-87 (again according to basketball-reference.com), there have been 13 players to average >= 5.9 assists/game and none of those 13 was a forward."


Sorry, somehow that bullet was cut off. It should have ended with "and less than or equal to 1.7 turnovers/game"
-- somehow a less than or equal to sign gets misinterpreted by HTML.

Oh ok...damn that is impressive.

Speaking of Iguodala, do you think this is finally the year he gets recognized for his stellar D with an all-defense selection?

Speaking of Iguodala, do you think this is finally the year he gets recognized for his stellar D with an all-defense selection?

I hope so, but in fairness he's playing better D this year than he has in the past. Unfortunately, All-Defense selection is partly based on visibility, and the Sixers aren't on national TV the rest of the year. Maybe the Sixers need to do a PR campaign?

-- somehow a less than or equal to sign gets misinterpreted by HTML.

No - it gets interpreted as HTML :)

Try using < &+lt; (no plus sign)

Sorry - that came out weird

The ampersand followed by lt; will give you the less than sign

Simpler stat: Top 10 A:TO (min 30 mpg)

Chris Paul
Jose Calderon
Jason Kidd
D.J. Augustin
Andre Iguodala
Rajon Rondo
Kyle Lowry
Mike Conley
Joe Johnson
Steve Nash

JJ and Iguodala the only non-PG's ion the list.

The sixers really should find a way to get NeNe

Nene would be a really nice addition but i don't see how we could possibly make that happen. Maybe as a third team in the Melo to New York deal? I've been thinking about this but i couldn't find a logical scenario.

All depends who wants what - I didn't think NeNe was doable, he wants an extension but he also has an option for next year - so if you obtain him you gotta extend him or you probably lose him.

I think agreeing to give him a long term deal and giving them expirings and a pick might make denver happy depending on how they see the carmelo thing.

News out today is that Carmelos agent is back to telling everyone he'll ONLY sign with NY - so the nuggets are kind of back to being royally screwed

The word on the street is that Nene is none too pleased with all the Melo-drama while the team hasn't focus on his future....further, "they" say he has made a list of possible destinations, and Miami is one of them (Dallas is perhaps another, and Houston the other?). He has an early-termination option he can exercise after the season. I think your question is moot since Miami doesn't have sufficient assets to get a deal done before the deadline, hence, no "increasing their chances of a championship this year."

From a hoopsworld chat.

Chris Sheridan via ESPN New York on the end of game 'hiccup' by Shawne Williams

Click Here

Not camby or przybilla or nene - but an upgrade - and no impact on the rotation or long term contract issues for the sixers (in terms of brand / iguodala - not luxury tax)


That trade i would do. There are two problems though.

a) The Clippers probably wouldn't do it for cap relief only. They want more for Kaman.
b) If Thorn plans to resign Young, there is no way the can avoid the luxury tax with Kaman on their payroll. Will that be a problem i can't tell. Despite popular belief i think Comcast is willing to spend when they believe the team can do something i'm just not sure this team is there yet.

As for Kaman he has played well with Brand in the past. He's got a long injury history which is a major red flag but otherwise when healthy he has produced (this season not included since he was not 100% even in the little time he actually played)

You got an owner with a history of frugalness about to have to sign Jordan long term, then gordon, then griffin if he's serious.

If he can save 11 million dollars and Kaman is expendable - I think he would do it - add a pick if you have to - add this years pick - i think the sixers end up in the low teens if they get kaman because of the improved output from the center position (assuming he stays healthy)

I don't believe comcast would do the deal regardless of their plans for Young because of the luxury tax. In fact I think Comcast is probably one of the more pro lockout ownerships...cost control is important when you're more worried about the bottom line and stock holders.

Professional Sports teams are vanity toys for very rich people - they shouldn't be owned by folks or corporations whose primary motivation isn't winning a title (that's my theory on it)

Old School Sixer Fan reply to GoSixers on Feb 5 at 16:03

Comcast's Quarterly revenues and income last quarter were $9.5 and $2.0 billion, respectively. The losses the Sixers may suffer are not even a pimple on their butt. It may even be possible that signing another player and getting to a second round of the playoffs is revenue neutral The $$ are too small for Comcast to care. They want the teams for programming.

People keep saying that like it should mean something.

Every penny matters when you're a publicly traded company. Assets that are losing money do not get MORE money - they get their expenses cut...the miller fiasco, the idiot Dalembert trade. People who say things like what you just said are ignoring the facts that the sixers run their organization to avoid the luxury tax, or they would have already made a move to improve the center because it's obvious it's a disaster.

Yes, comcast is a giant company - but in a down economy - slashing costs on losing subsidiaries matters - not to mention they just invested how much in buying the last rated network in television?

Old School Sixer Fan reply to GoSixers on Feb 5 at 17:59

You make that statement on little evidence. The Dalembert trade was supposedly about getting rid of a player with a problem attitude who wanted to leave. They made a bad trade, but I see little evidence that it was $$ related. I wish they had made Sac throw in Whiteside.

Also, who would they have gone after. Thee are few available defensive bigs. We all have trouble coming up with suitable candidates here when ideas are thrown around. Who out there is available for our expirings? Should we give up on Lou, Speights or Thad to rent a journeyman center for a year or maybe two?

Sacramento isn't using Dalembert much. Maybe they'll trade him back for Songila and Kapono or something.

The Dalembert trade was supposedly about getting rid of a player with a problem attitude who wanted to leave

Yes that's the spin that the sixers gave out - and if you wanna buy it - that's just awesome.

Before the trade - one of the best defensive centers in the league but over the luxury tax

After the trade - hawes who has sucked ass since he came in the league and nocioni who has an extra year left and sucks - but under the luxury tax for THIS season (but not for next season most likely but they took care of that with that awesome deal that meant nothing to get craig brackins)

Propaganda is aweseome to believe, I learned long ago to ignore what people say and see what they do.

Anyone who still believes the dalembert trade wasn't about saving money - that's great - but I have ocean front property to sell them in Nevada when my friend lex pulls off his plan

bebopdeluxe reply to GoSixers on Feb 5 at 14:16

If you think this is not a mirage, I would do the deal.

Gotta think the Roberts boys and Snider noticed the difference between last night's gate and what they took in during November/December...if Kaman helps them become a 50ish win team, the 150,000 extra seats you sell over the course of the 2011-12 season should help pay the tax.

Last nights gate was nice - but I'm sure they also noticed that about 1/4-1/3 of the people at the game were knicks fans :)

They also remember not selling out the last two times the sixers were a low seed in the playoffs.

I don't know what you mean by mirage but here's what I do see.

  • The sixers aren't going to trade Iguodala and won't (can't?) trade Brand. So they sort of cap fracked for the forseeable future.

  • They seem committed to going forward with this core for near future (2-3 seasons)

  • The sixers have two gaping holes in their starting line up - center and two guard - center is worse because their bench of 'centers' is so bad that their best back up center is their starting power forward

  • Kaman is expendable in Los Angeles and if Sterling wants to pay Jordan long term saving that 11 mil next year is good motivation

  • If the sixers are committed to being as competitive as possible while Brand & Iguodala are here - you gotta go over the luxury tax limit - period

  • If there's a lock out most or all of next season - contracts still expire (reportedly) so there's a chance that the sixers only have to pay Kaman the rest of this season

I don't think getting kaman vaults the sixers above the hawks, but I think getting Kaman makes them better on the court...without hurting their current rotation since both players are basically done as far as collins seems concerned. Injury prone is a factor, but gotta take a risk to plug the holes if you want to be as 'competitive as possible'. The center position needs an upgrade, there are better upgrades out there than Kaman (and kaman just scares me to look out - boys ugly) but I think Kaman is the most gettable and is still an upgrade over Hawes (plus, theres the added bonus that it's less likely the sixers get desperate and give hawes a long terem deal)

It's not a block buster - but with the sixers thinking (as it seems) a blockbuster isn't happening. It's a 'small move' that makes the roster better.

It only requires Comcast to commit to building the best roster possible this and next season without paying attention to their luxury tax committment.

I think they could also get rip without ripping out parts - but that contract is longer and his benefit to this roster is less obvious (to me) than Kamans.

Battie trying to help Speights not get in Dog House

Mosgov starting for the Knicks on Sunday


I would do deals that would make us better (how much better Kaman, a supremely inconsistent player from year to year, makes us is hard to say), but no, I don't think we have so much potential that we should consider dealing Jrue for a piece that would supposedly get us to the ECF.

Gettting hurt a lot (which is a problem of course) makes a guy inconsistent...but he's always been a strong defensive rebounder...and he's better than hawes and speights when he's healthy and the trade I suggested cost the sixers literally nothing but money

Tray reply to GoSixers on Feb 5 at 16:34

I guess I'd wonder if there's a better or cheaper solution out there, but he'd definitely be an upgrade.

Kaman is a much better defensive rebounder and shot blocker than Hawes. He's also better in finishing around the rim. All that makes him infinitely better than what we have right now. He's far from perfect and there are certainly better options out there but none that wouldn't require us to sacrifice a key rotation player.

Tray reply to Xsago on Feb 5 at 17:24

Not this year, but are there better free agents? I'm not in a huge hurry to lose in 7 games in the first round this year. I can live with a loss in 5 or 6.

See below for the list of free agents that the sixers can't afford to sign

You can't judge Kaman on this years stats because he barely played and even when he played he was injured. He has proven to be at least decent next to Brand in LAC. He even had one dominant season.

There are better solutions, but are they obtainable.

Basically - there was something published today that said Kaman is expendable because of Deandre Jordan (I usually post these things after I've read something implying they might be available or something) and if they like Jordan so much they would need to clear some money so as not to upset Sterling when they give jordan a big deal - that accomplished their goal - that's all :)

Other big men rumored to be available before the deadline

Nene Possible

UFA's according to Ford in this off season
Perkins (didn't know he was a UFA)
Yao Ming
Kenyon Martin?
Przbyilla (making him hard to trade for of course)
Big Baby
Troy Murphy (not my kind of center)
Jeff Foster
Nazr Mohammed
Reggie Evans

But the sixers and free agency right now is basically nothing more than the MLE (as it currently stands in the CBA) unless they renounce Thaddeus I think.

And the luxury tax - which I still believe is a firm no for Comcast based on past acts - regardless of how much 'money' Comcast has...big corporations don't keep losers losing money - they slash costs

The problem with that list is that those who are actually worth something aren't really an option for our team.

Nene - big contract from a contender
Perkins - stays with Boston or MLE with a contender (Heat is rumored to be interested)
Dalambert - no way anybody wants him back (players, coach, front office), nor does he wants to come back
Yao - huge gamble that simply won't pay off
Chandler - will stay with Dallas
Przybilla - i'm OK for renting him until the season ends. He's not good enough to be signed long term.
Camby - Won't play in Philly (he's not even a free agent)

The others are not worth considering for a variety of reasons.

I wasn't saying any of them were gettable, I was just presenting the names.

Camby doesn't want to come here - I'd prefer him over Kaman - I think Kaman is gettable AND the best the sixers can get.

I do agree with that. The question is who are we competing against for Kaman and what are they offering. I'm not sure what the market for him is right now. If that deal you posted is good enough for the Clippers than great. But i'm not sure i would sacrifice a bigger asset for him.

I do believe though that he could actually help the team improve a lot, because that hole at C is really dragging the team down at this point. I think with at least an average (or slightly below average) C, which i guess Kaman is, we could be looking at 5-6 more wins at this moment if not more.

I believe adding this years first round pick and or speights strengthens the trade but doesn't really hurt the sixers (in my opinion). It's a weak draft, and if the deal gets done, the sixers are looking to be closer to 20 than 14 (bottom of the lottery), and while you can find quality in drafts in that location, it might be harder in this draft.

I have no idea what the clippers are thinking or if it would be enough or if anyone wants him - but I think in terms of 'centers available at the deadline' this year - he's at least third after camby and przybilla.

It seems to me like a win for both franchises and their plans for the next couple seasons.

Tray reply to GoSixers on Feb 5 at 18:53

I guess the real question is whether Kaman can survive the tough style of play known as East Coast Basketball. All his career, he's been playing in a conference that plays (I'm told) more of a Euroleague style of play. Can he measure up to the Joel Anthony's and Timofey Muzgov's of the world? Only time will tell.

hahahaha well done Tray

An interesting way to look at things if you want - by positoin


Ahh, I'm sorry Tray. I missed a DeMarcus Cousins Update last night. 3/8 from the floor, 1/2 from the line for 7 points. He did have 10 boards in only 24 minutes, but I don't think that quite makes up for the 5 turnovers.

Tray reply to Brian on Feb 6 at 2:20

Strictly speaking, don't 10 rebounds make up for 5 turnovers? Like, you're gaining more possessions for your team than you're losing? Anyway, he had three good ones before this.

Do 5 offensive rebounds that lead to 5 missed bunnies cancel each other out? (It's the reggie evans conundrum)

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