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Advantage, Amare

Spencer Flaws on Feb 6 at 23:10

how do you guys like my trade?

Ugh. I know Lopez has a decent name around the league because he scores, but he's just as soft as Hawes. No way am I trading Iguodala in a deal centered around him.

Spencer Flaws reply to Brian on Feb 6 at 23:25

i see. Well what would u do to adjust the trade?

He would not trade Iguodala. He would really not trade him for Brook Lopez.

Hmmn. I would trade Iguodala in a deal that brought back a younger, impact piece on a cheaper contract. I don't see Lopez as an impact piece, though. He's essentially rebounding like Andrea Bargnani this season, and doing very little of his work around the hoop. I don't like Cs that play like SFs.

johnrosz reply to Brian on Feb 7 at 1:16

pretty alarming that he was abused on the boards by Spencer Hawes in that recent matchup. Doesn't get much more embarrassing than that

So annoying the team forgot about defense altogether. If they don't compete defensively as hard as they can they're the kind of team that goes 3-13.

Brian, good recall of that possession by Jrue; I was going to comment on the same thing. It was really a microcosm of his defense all season: he showed great quickness and strength in shutting off Felton's initial attempt at dribble penetration, then lost sight of Felton a few seconds later for the open 3. Jrue had some good moments on defense, but I didn't think his defense was "good" overall (as he termed it); it was simply better than it was on Friday, when it was awful.

No doubt, a good segment of Sixer fans will somehow blame Jrue's struggles on Iguodala, citing Jrue's numbers with and without Iguodala, to which I would respond with the statistician's maxim: correlation does NOT imply causation.

I don't think it's a fluke anymore, Fields is a very good NBA player. If Denver settles for Chandler in a Melo deal instead of demanding Fields then they're lost. They might as well just not make a deal because Chandler is about as average as they come. Although any organization that signs Al Harrington to a 5 year contract should probably re-evaluate its decision making process.

I agree. I was reading in SI how solid Denver's front office is now. I think they're doing an awful job. I can't really blame the Nets owner for his little tantrum.

Melo for 2 first rounders, Fields and Gallinari is a great deal, if that's what we're talking about. I don't think the Knicks will do that, and without Gallo, it's not enough. Who else can the Knicks send? Felton? The only 2 guys who tip the scales enough are Gallo and Amare. I guess you can say Favors, but that would mean a 3-way trade that's too complicated for me to think about right now.

How is Denver doing a bad job?

Carmelo said he'd only sign with New York, he never said otherwise (others desperate to capitalize on the extension like the agents who haven't made a single dime off of Carmelo yet maybe have).

So Denver is screwed, they can trade him to a team willing to rent him, hopeful for a 'franchise tag', or they can trade him to NY knowing NY won't give them fair value because, mainly, they don't have to, or they can let him walk.

Carmelo is getting off too easy in this whole thing...he's making it impossible for Denver to get a good deal done for him.

I think Denver should hold on to him, hope for a franchise tag, tag him and then make NY pay value for him (though I feel he's also over valued)

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