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Bounce Back

The Sixers seem to be at the point where you can expect a competitive game every night out. And they could beat ATL and then turn around and lose to a team like Minny.

I really don't like the Hawks. Johnson is OK (not 120 milion worthy though) and i really really like Horford. But the only way i see them potentially getting to contending status would require spending (doubtful) and trading J.Smith for a legit C and a decent PG. Until they do it they will be stuck at the 4-5 spot in the East.

That being said i think it's time for the Sixers to win one of those close games vs. the Hawks. I think this one will be a win. I expect Holiday to break out of his slump.

Philly in NYC on Feb 8 at 14:16

This is not a perfect trade but it would intrigue me a lot. What do you guys think?....


No way in hell thank you.

I'm not sure that team works for any of the teams.

Philly should want no part of Artest and his long contract. Denver should be looking to rebuild, not to add big ticket 2nd level stars like Iguodala or Odom. And the trade would really shake up the Lakers- without necessarily making them better.

Philly in NYC reply to tk76 on Feb 8 at 14:39

It gets the Sixers a starting quality, young big man in Bynum, frees up some clutter to get more minutes for ET and Thad, and I think Artest gives the Sixers more than Nocioni. Fisher will get his teammates involved more than Lou. We also would free up some future money. It's tempting to me.

For the Lakers, they get a huge upgrade with Melo and Billups and would be ready for a deep playoff push.

For Denver, they get Iguodala which is good return in a Melo trade at this point. Lou and Odom will give them good role players.

That is intriguing, but Artest scares me. The way I look at the trade is would I trade Iguodala straight up for Bynum? I don't think I would make that trade given Bynum's injury history. Would I trade Lou for either Artest or Fisher straight up? Ehh...I don't think so. It's close, but not enough. I think Iguodala and Lou do more for the team than Bynum, Artest, and Fisher would be able to do for the team. Shedding Hawes and Nocioni helps- but I couldn't pull the trigger on that one.

Ugh. Horrible trade. Bynum is a 40 games per season player aka useless. Fisher and Artest just make it worse.

Are you a LAkers fan cause that is the only team this trade works for.

Philly in NYC reply to Xsago on Feb 8 at 14:45

I'm a Sixers fan...and I like Iguodala a lot. But they are going to have to give something up to get a young center with good upside, and that's what Bynum is. There is a big gamble that he can stay healthy, but sometimes you gotta roll the dice. Personally, I think that Thad can develop into a star player and the hope is that ET can as well. If Iguodala gets traded, then it frees up minutes for these guys and I like that. IMO, it gives them a better opportunity to be good in the coming years.

Bynum doesn't really have more upside to what he already is. And what he is is a solid center for 40 games per season. There simply is zero chance that he can stay healthy. He's not much different than Oden in my mind (with the exception that Oden has bigger upside).

If we can get a center of that quality that will actually play than great. But Bynum is not that one.

P.S. I like Thad a lot too and am fairly high on Turner of late.

tk76 reply to Xsago on Feb 8 at 15:10

Jeff Ruland

Court_visioN reply to Xsago on Feb 8 at 16:59

sometimes i think people take the "take a step back to go two steps forward" idea way too far.

They can draft one in the first round. It's not as if the only good centers are high lottery picks.

johnrosz reply to Xsago on Feb 8 at 16:03

not in love with that show but gotta admit the anchors have gotten the ESPN act down perfectly

I didn't watch the whole show but caught it during commercials of other shows and the bit they did about ben roethlisberger being 'one win away' from being a good guy again was freaking brilliant

So according to that Wages of Wins article:

"And that is all the Sixers need to become a lower-ranked contender in the East. Just to summarize, to move from awful to contending status…

Brand had to get healthy
Young had to revert to what he was in the past (at the urging of his coach)
Holiday (and eventually Turner) had to improve with age
and this team needs someone else besides Hawes in the middle
When all of these things have finally happened (and as noted, some already have), the Sixers will be back towards the top in the East."

I disagree, but it's still nice to read something positive.

My problem is that it ignores the fundamental flaw in last years sixers was not a player issue - it was a coaching issue (ignoring the Iverson idiocy)

Go back two years and compare the relevant comparisons. The sixers look much better compared to last year but that's because they were coached by a moron, poorly.

tk76 reply to tk76 on Feb 8 at 18:22

So by that measure, the current Sixers + Sam are a contender.

Again, I don't agree.

I don't either, see above, the flawed premise in the article is the bad coaching is being ignored in my opinion :)

Though technically seeds 5 through 8 are the 'lower contenders'

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