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Well That Was Easy

mgfields on Feb 9 at 0:17

It's probably time for an official Iguodala list update.

Marcus on Feb 9 at 0:36

Iguodala is that dude I hope he retires a sixer.

Well, I would give Iguodala a fourth-place vote or something, maybe third-place, but I suppose Dwight Howard is the only real DPOY candidate. After tonight's game, in which Griffin only had 10 points on 12 shots, Griffin said this about Howard:

"He is a physical guy, the most athletic big man in the league," Griffin said quietly after a rare off night." It's a different type of matchup against him than anyone else in the league. I have to watch the film and look for areas where I can improve. You can learn from any game. I just have to move forward."

And Howard wasn't even really guarding him; he was just there to double and help a lot of the time.

speeke reply to Tray on Feb 9 at 0:48

Howard's definately Defensive Player of the Year if he can turn Ryan Anderson's D vs. Blake's O into a favorable matchup.

Who are the other two or three guys you'd put above Iguodala? I can't argue against Howard.

Rich reply to Brian on Feb 9 at 1:49

My 1st Team would be:

I don't know about PG's, maybe Rondo?

Tray reply to Brian on Feb 9 at 9:47

Keith Bogans. No, seriously, Garnett and Bogut. This is a good piece on Bogut's impact:


speeke on Feb 9 at 0:46

If Iggy doesn't get hurt this season does he make the all-star team? I think he'd stand a good chance if a performance like this against Joe Johnson happened earlier in the year. Dude's been on a roll since this summer with Team USA when he shut down every big scorer on every opposing team. Did anybody see what he did to Linas Kleisa for Lithuania (who was tearing up the tournament until he ran into Iguodala)? It's great to see him playing at this level.

Can't believe Jrue didn't get any dimes though; not all his fault cause I'm pretty sure there were some missed open looks and a few Thad fumbles.

In a season full of supreme defensive efforts, this might have been Iguodala's best. Joe Johnson came into the game averaging 26 PPG on 55% shooting in his last 7 and got next to nothing against Iguodala. And it wasn't as if Iguodala's contributions were only on defense: another 8 assists to 1 turnover gives him 42 assists to 4 turnovers in his last 5. It was as dominant an 11-point night as I can remember.

The other big positive from this game was Holiday's play. I thought his defense was excellent for the most part (he did leave Bibby unnecessarily a couple times, but thankfully Bibby played like a fossil), and he showed good aggressiveness in getting into the lane and making his shots.

Oh, and Turner played well too. Was this the first time that JTI all had good games? (tk76, you keep track of this more closely than I do ... I think this game is going to lessen the impact of your "Jrue shooting with/without Iguodala" stats, though)

tk76 reply to Statman on Feb 9 at 9:33

I think there's been a few games where all three have played well. They still obviously have a ways to go to figure out how to blend and maximize their games. Hopefully we'll see more nights like tonight :)

I think earlier in the season Turner was flat out stinking it up, and he would not have helped any rotation. Now he's at least an asset on the floor. While Jrue is a bit slow to adapt to change (especially when he is handling the ball less.) And his new role make him more reliant on his jumper.

While Iguodala was trying to figure how much to defer to the kids, and Collins has now told him to just do his things and have the other guys adapt (and prosper.)

Its still hard to know how J/T/I will ultimately work out, since Jrue and Turner are still growing. There certainly is great rebounding and distributing potential. But they will have a lot to adapt to- and will have to improve their jumpers.

If Iguodala doesn't make the First Team All Defense Team, there's something seriously wrong with the voting process. Name me a better wing defender in this league. It's awesome to watch.

Paul or Rondo

You have to figure these are almost locks...Iguodala should be that 5th guy.

Kobe, Wallace, Wade, Thabo, Deng, and Ariza would probably be his best competition

BTW...this is who I think the voters would consider, not my personal opinion.

I made a list of the guys I thought Andre was assigned to shut down each game. I didn't include any games where neither he or his opponent didn't play at least 20 minutes. I only listed guys who were worthy of being on the list, so no Moons, Outlaw's or Graham brothers on here.

LeBron James - 16
Joe Johnson - 22
Danny Granger - 22
Al Thornton - 12
Danny Granger - 7
Shawn Marion - 16
DeMar DeRozan - 7
LeBron James - 20
Brandon Roy - 10
Marvin Williams - 22
Gerald Wallace - 8
Paul Pierce - 10
Trevor Ariza - 5
Kobe Bryant - 9
Luol Deng - 22
Paul Pierce - 11
J.R. Smith - 9
Danny Granger - 27
John Salmons - 12
Gerald Wallace - 11
Hedo Turkoglu - 12
Gerald Wallace - 6
Vince Carter - 2
DeMar DeRozan - 29
Rudy Gay - 16
Carmelo Anthony - 12
Danilo Gallinari - 18
Danilo Gallinari - 10
Joe Johnson - 6

Wow....what a beast

Granger was his first game back from injury, and if memory serves, he wasn't on DeRozan for most of that game, he had Julian Wright because the size difference between him and Meeks was too much. He did spend some time on him, but that wasn't his cover.

Yea, I was on the fence about DeRozan but figured I'd put him on there since I put DeRozan's first game against Iguodala on there(did Iguodala cover him that game?).

Brian, I think you should write up an article about Iguodala centered around his list of victims. Then do your best to get it seen by as many people as possible. I would suggest getting the Philadunkia people to give it to Henry Abbot to put on his ESPN TrueHoop blog. Then maybe it could get some national attention.

I wrote one a while back, I'll probably update it later in the season. Just put a bunch of these games on twitter, AI9 4 DPOY!

Tray reply to Brian on Feb 9 at 9:41

Yeah, the Wright/Meeks thing was a mistake because Julian Wright is just a nonissue on offense.

Maybe we as fans need to send stupid Iguodala for DPOY questions on those ESPN "expert" chats. Maybe that'll get him noticed. Unfortunately that's how the voting system works... Perception by the media...

Games like this worry me.

Great win, but it may affect the players badly. They may think they're "all that" (I'm looking at you Lou) and not realise that it is a combination of a really strong game by the Sixers and a really poor game by the Hawks that resulted in a resounding victory. If they don't put in the same effort they can easily lose games to really bad teams (e.g. Washington, TWICE).

This may also be one of those games that lead the management to think (WRONGLY) that this team is not far from competing in the East.

mchezo reply to Alvin on Feb 9 at 5:28

Its amazing that you would look for something negative in a 32 point blowout road win against a solid playoff team. Talk about hating... jeez...

Marcus reply to Alvin on Feb 9 at 8:47

Damn bro just enjoy the blow out victory I dont think they will get gassed up off of one blow out victory. Remember it doesnt matter if u lose by a 40 or 1 a loss is a loss regardless

Great game to watch! Except for that weird feeling that the Hawks were going to somehow make a game of it. The Sixers are really playing Great team defense. Any way we could get an answer on the Speights situation? Maybe Tom could ask Doug next time he has a chance.

CM reply to TimX on Feb 9 at 8:51

A couple potential explanations come to mind:

ATL went small a lot

In his post-game Collins said he was glad he didn't need Battie b/c ORL was next - Speights will play more vs Magic

An opportunity to get Songalia some minutes - hadn't played since the CHI blow-out

WHo cares if Songaila and Nocioni get minutes - they're space wasters - dead money - like Kapono

Speights not getting in last night was an atrocity that needs explaining. If they've given up on the kid, at least say so

Tray reply to GoSixers on Feb 9 at 11:16

I told you, Josh Powell's just a bad match-up for Mareese. They didn't want to lose the lead.

This game aside, I thought the two Knicks games exposed our weaknesses in team defense and team rebounding. If we are to become a legitimate 5 or 6 seed, we'll need to do both of those things better. That means, not just Iguodala rebounding and playing tight defense, but also the rest of the guys making smart rotations which have to be tighter and faster. We'll also need to do a much better job closing out on the three point line. I think those things come with more game experience and chemistry - but the real killer here is that we do not have an interior shot blocking presence to anchor the paint. Until we get that piece, our team rebounding and team defense will always be about average, and we'll continue to be a lower seed welcome mat for playoff contenders.

Yeah, I don't see any evidence of this. They're 11th in the league in defensive rebounding, 12th in overall defense. The Knicks did a good job on the offensive glass against the Sixers, but I don't see how two games shine a light on some glaring weakness that really hasn't been a big problem all year. As far as overall defense, in the first game the Sixers held them under their typical OFR, in the second they were over.

eddies' heady's reply to Shawn on Feb 9 at 23:32

Did you realize that almost everything you wrote was going to come true later tonight? Dag....

deepsixersuede on Feb 9 at 8:57

It seems the perception of this team not having a chance against the big boys in the east may be shortsighted. There are nights when our bench big 3 [Thad,Lou and Evan] outperform our starters and help to level the playing field a bit against a more talented starting five, thanks in part to our coach setting up mismatches.If Spieghts could join the party our bench group [we need a nickname] could become the ultimate weapon.

Brian or statman, I would love an article comparing our bench against the probable top seeds in the east; now that Collins is trying to turn Lou and Thad into better team defenders this is a real weapon for our team and if our starters can defend well this group could sprint by the older groups that teams like Orlando have.

Lets take a look at the top 5 and how the Sixers matchup with them:

- Celtics - tough tough matchup mostly because the Celtics are built similarly to what the Sixers are, with the added bonus of having far far more experience. They are also very physical and sacrifice their offensive rebounding in order to stop transition offense. Simply put, worst possible matchup unless half of their team is injured. I'd put them at 5% at best.
- Heat - I think the Sixers matchup quite well with the Heat and might cause some problems. Experience, late game issues and the Heats stars getting too many calls will probably be too much too handle. I don't like that matchup a lot either. Chances 10%.
- Bulls - It's all going to come down to health. If the Bulls are healthy and clicking with their complete team by playoff time this is a tough matchup again. It'll depend on how well Noah adjusts playing next to Boozer after he comes back from injury though. The Bulls are fairly inexperienced themselves so i'd put this one at not probable but possible. Chances - 20%. Chances go up to 50% if Noah or Boozer is not at or close to 100% health.
- Magic - This is a matchup i like. The Sixers have often proven that they can devise a very successful defensive plan as long as it's centered around one key player. They have also defended the three fairly well this season. All that bodes well for a matchup with the Magic. Experience will be an issue though. I'll put their chances in this potential matchup at 30%.
- Hawks - The biggest advantage you can have against the Sixers is length and inside presence. The Hawks don't have that which why the Sixers always play well against them (even though they lost two close games early on before the team had found an identity). I like the Sixers chances in a matchup with the Hawks. Let's put them at 70%.

Xsago: good analysis. Boston is an interesting case because on paper they seem to have an advantage at every position, but the Sixers have played them tough already twice this year. The Sixers' athleticism and good passing will always give this current Celtics team trouble.

Beating them will require better play at the ends of games, as well as defending effectively without fouling (comes down to experience, as you note). The situation is similar in this respect to when the younger Pistons faced the older Celtics in the late 80's. The Pistons should have won 5 of 7 games in 1987 (but didn't because of inexperience) and finally got over the hump in 1988 thanks to a maturing team, great defense, and a hot Microwave in Game 6.

The bench isn't going to matter much in the playoffs. Just look at what happened to phoenix's bench last year against the lakers, they said they were going to rely on it and it disappeared. Teams play their starters 40 minutes, there are plenty of off days, you only need to be 6 deep to win. Unfortunately, spencer hawes is in our top 6, speights can't find the court, and brand shouldn't play against fives all the time. In the playoffs, when every possession matters and there aren't as many transition points, the best teams will exploit that weakness time and again. So as much fun as that win was last night, I'm not getting sucked in to thinking this team, without a significant upgrade in the frontcourt, can win when it matters most. Unless Iguodala, as good as he is defensively, can find a way to protect the rim and control the paint as well.

deepsixersuede reply to Chunky Soup on Feb 9 at 12:31

I disagree about the bench disappearing; Hawes will be a big reason for that with Battie and Thad getting major minutes, in my opinion, and that is why Batties minutes are so low now, he only has so many left in his knees.

This team has no chance matching size with Boston or challenging Miami's big 3 by playing Iggy, Elton and Jrue 40 minutes, they must try for mismatches and tire out the experienced teams by using a mix of speed and youth.

I actually think Chicago, if they acquire A.Parker as rumored, can defend and play with our 2nd unit with a mix of Thomas, Brewer, Gibson, Korver and Watson as good as anybody in the east can.

Batties minutes are low because the sixers best 5 man rotation has Elton Brand at center...the sixers do better when they go small...Battie is an afterthought, so is Speights, they're as useful as golf clubs for a quadrapalegic

Not sure they still do but the sixers have one of (if not the top) the best benches in the league

Sure I'll agree with you that it's the best chance the Sixers have with the roster as currently constituted. But there is no way we are winning a series against either Boston, Miami, or Chicago playing Thad and Battie major minutes up front, one can't defend well and the other is a fossil. The top teams will laugh at that almost as hard as they laugh at Hawes.

deepsixersuede on Feb 9 at 9:09

About Iggy; the world games, and coach K's praise may go a long way when the voting starts for 1st team defensive. And Johnson, with Horford out had to try and carry his team which, to me, makes Iggy's effort more impressive. How can any team trying to get by Kobe and Lebron not want Iggy bad and overpay to get him?

Kainer on Feb 9 at 9:14

"How many All Star wings does Andre Iguodala have to absolutely embarrass before someone outside of the Sixers blogging community begins to talk about how much of an impact his defense has on basketball games?"

Well, it's not too far outside the blogging community, but the CSN post game show had a graphic about Iggy's defensive dominance in the last few matchups. Its the first time I've seen anything like that.

Howard, Magic pose big challenge for Sixers:


IN the realm of tangentially related trade rumors, there's some reports out there that Golden State has approached Denver about Nene (though Golden State would require him to agree to an extension before the deal goes through according to those same reports)

Yeah, I saw that. So they'd wind up with Lee, Biedrins and Nene signed for a boatload of money, they've got a long-term commitment already made to Ellis. Where is the money to re-sign Curry going to come from?

Well they'd have to trade something TO denver for the deal..maybe denver likes Lee - I really don't get why he isn't working out in Denver...and yeah I know he's probably a BYC

If Nene is in play it would be malfeasance if the sixers didn't make a call to at least see what it would take - without the extension - to add him to this roster.

deepsixersuede reply to GoSixers on Feb 9 at 12:39

What would you, if you were Thorn, attempt to over pay to get Splitter from the Spurs? Does Hawes work next to Duncan and Blair? Would Hawes and two #1's get the Spurs attention?

When the hell did the Spurs come in play.

The spurs aren't dumb
they evaluate talent well
they have the best record in the nba

Why would they make a single change, especially taking on a restricted free agent who weakens their depth they wouldn't pay anyway.

I'm sure two number ones would get their attention - cause it's vast over payment - but that's not the deal the sixers should make and the spurs probably still would say no - what the hell do they need lottery picks for - they've been picking in the 20s for years and seem to do alright

It's gonna be very hard to get the Spurs attention right now considering how they are playing no matter what you are offering. I do agree however that Splitter is a very good target for the Sixers because

1) He can legitimately play both PF and C
2) He can't be valued too highly considering the minutes he's been getting
3) He has a decent contract

He's valued highly - he's been valued highly for years - the spurs are not short sighted thinking team - they have brains and foresight, if they believe Splitter is going to produce next year - they'll keep him. He's Duncan insurance.

His minutes this year are really not that important - again - the spurs have the best record in the league - he's nice insurance against duncans age and blairs knees and he has long term value.

They held onto his rights for years - if they're willing to give him up - it makes me wary

deepsixersuede reply to GoSixers on Feb 9 at 12:47

If I am the sixers I would do it; the spurs would have to be overwhelmed though, after they screwed up with Scola.

The picks would get their attention. Hawes would just insult them. But I really doubt they want to sacrifice Splitter. One day, Blair-Splitter might be their frontcourt.

Turner is up to number 10 on the Rookie Rankings on ESPN. Over the last five games, he is putting up assist to turnover numbers like Iggy, 21-2.

Speaking of, has there been any word regarding the rookie/soph challenge and Blake Griffin being replaced? I can't find anything

I haven't seen anything, but Turner definitely deserves it.

I'm sure he deserves it but remember

1. He's the biggest bust there is this year
2. Andre Iguodala is grossly over paid
3. 25 mil is not over paying for Iguodala
4. Elton Brand - untradeable

Those are all facts :)

Hoopsworld added a new correspondent this week - for the t'wolves.

So they now have weekly 'chatters' who cover the hawks, raptors and t'wolves, made me laugh

Tray reply to GoSixers on Feb 9 at 12:49

I guess Brian would argue Cousins is a bigger bust. Udoh hasn't done anything (well, 0.9 blocks in 12 minutes). Hayward, Henry, Aldrich - pretty useless.

I think you're paranoid and think everyone is out to get you. There are much bigger busts than Cousins but cousins 'performance' is inefficient on a god awful team and you felt the need to point out single game performances early in the season to prove some sort of 'should have drafted him point' - and no you're mocked mercilessly for it - just the way it is.

Tray reply to GoSixers on Feb 9 at 13:10

That's exactly right, I think everybody in the NBA blog commenting world is out to get me because... I think Brian, who thinks Cousins is a bust, would argue Cousins... is a bust. Yeah well, that's why you're not a lawyer. Anyway, it's not just single game performances, Cousins is coming around of late to be a pretty productive player, though still a much less efficient one than one would desire.

Not everyone is out to get you - just some are out to mock you :)

Tray reply to GoSixers on Feb 9 at 13:28

Well, I think in 2011 he's averaging 17 and 8 while shooting a little over 46% from the field and getting to the line over 5 times a game, so I don't think it's a huge stretch to think he might end up being the second best player in this draft. No one besides Wall is producing like that; everyone else in the draft, Turner included, is playing a pretty marginal role for their team.

Tray reply to Tray on Feb 9 at 13:30

Sorry, Monroe is doing a lot for Detroit. He, Wall and Cousins are really the only rookies from this draft who are playing starter's minutes and actually doing something with them.

Check the records of those teams. A lot of players can put up big numbers on bad teams. I am pretty certain Turner would have been averaging 15p 7a 7r with the best defense of the entire class if he was in Washington. Would he still be worse than Wall, Cousins and Monroe?

Shh....don't point out he ignored perpetual foul trouble, tunrovers and over all bad attitude.

Tray reply to Xsago on Feb 9 at 13:36

Well we did try out the whole starting Turner experiment early on and he did nothing. There was also the period where Turner got Iguodala's playing time. I think it's true that on a really bad team, the current version of Turner would be putting up numbers. But he's still scoring-challenged, even the new and improved Turner of January only shot 39.8%. So I could see him really struggling with a higher usage level on a bad team.

Two things:

1) Turner wasn't exactly the focal point of the offense when he started. It's not about starting. It's about the role you play within the team.
2) Cousins shooting numbers are arguably worse then Turners considering he is a big man. That doesn't stop you to think he is the second best player in the draft. And i do believe Cousins can be a good player if he can fix his attitude, and significantly improve his work ethic. Big IFs i know...

Tray reply to Xsago on Feb 9 at 13:47

Yeah, well Cousins's inefficiency is arguably worse, relatively speaking, but Cousins is something like their second option, seeing double teams in the post. Turner's the guy the defense ignores half the time and he's still clanking wide open 18-footers (though, to be sure, showing a really, really promising floor game). So what he'd do in some disaster situation like Cleveland where he was actually one of the focal points... could be pretty awful.

Or it could be the beginning of something special. The problem in the reasoning is that Turner bring much much more to the table than just scoring. I'm not saying he would have a better shooting percentage, but he would've been great in every other statistical category relevant for a guard. And believe me Turner has seen many many more double teams and even triple teams in his life. It somehow didn't exactly stop him from putting huge numbers in college.

Tray reply to Xsago on Feb 9 at 13:37

And 7 assists, 7 rebounds, wow. He's not LeBron.

Tray reply to GoSixers on Feb 9 at 12:57

And I guess you meant someone other than Iguodala in #3.

Yes, I did, I meant Carmelo :)

dwhite reply to GoSixers on Feb 9 at 13:05

Speaking of Hoopsworld, apparently they added a Spencer Hawes correspondent as well:


Kapono, Speights, Brackens and 2011 unprotected #1 for Nene(must be able to sign him to an extension). Not sure if that can be done?

Incoming Players
Nene Hilario 28 year old , 6-11, 260 lb C-F from CR Vasco da Gama (Brazil) 15.3 ppg, 7.3 rpg, 2.1 apg in 30.7 minutes

Outgoing Players
Jason Kapono 30 year old , 6-8, 213 lb F from UCLA
0.8 ppg, 0.5 rpg, 0.1 apg in 5.2 minutes
Marreese Speights 23.5 year old , 6-10, 245 lb F-C from Florida 5.6 ppg, 3.6 rpg, 0.5 apg in 12.0 minutes
Craig Brackins 23 year old , 6-10, 230 lb F from Iowa State 4.0 ppg, 1.5 rpg, 0.0 apg in 10.4 minutes

Read more: http://basketball.realgm.com/tradechecker/saved_trade/5841142#ixzz1DU7JYzwl

Honestly - I'd do that without the extension if the 2011 draft is really that bad.

He's here, at most, for one more season after this one (and maybe the sixers don't have to pay that second season in terms of a lock out) and sixers would still be able to offer him a better deal in the new CBA (probably) than any other team.

I'm looking to give away 'extra' assets to try and improve the team for the next season or two. If they obtain nene i believe they have a better chance of catching the knicks for 6 (and seriously, are the hawks really the 5 seed in the east?) so the 2011 pick drops in value in a perceived weak draft.

deepsixersuede reply to sfw on Feb 9 at 13:06

If Denver trades Melo for the rumored players, do they have a fire sale on all their vets? Maybe giving 2 bigs [Spieghts and Brackins] gets Nene, does Beidrens and his big contract scare the cost conscience Nuggets away?

Maybe our expirings and either Brackins or a 2nd rounder gets Kenyon Martin for the stretch drive, he is expiring also, I believe.

I believe a #1 would have to be included. Nene would be the piece the Sixers need to win a first round playoff series and compete bigtime in the second round series.

If it's this years - no biggy

Tray reply to sfw on Feb 9 at 13:32

I thought this whole fetish for trading away your free agents to-be had something to do with getting value for them before they leave, not just trading them for the sake of trading them. I think Nene is worth a good player, or some kind of decent prospect.

If you're bored at work/home/school assault chad fords chat - try to get him to answer a sixers question that isn't 'andre iguodala isn't on the market'


Impossibru. No one can penetrate ESPNs Anti Sixers Bias.

Wild Geo no!. Chris Broussard will scoop Iguodala is un-happy. Iguodala want 50 pts a game!.

Everyone should just spam him with Iguodala 4 DPOY and 1st team all defense questions until he takes one. I'm going to put one in every couple minutes.

No shot. Chad Ford Anti-Spam Filter is too strong.

Yeah, there's no way he's taking this question.

Not when he can take questions about Mr Vogel

Tray reply to GoSixers on Feb 9 at 13:49

Mr. Vogel shows some promise, and he was born in Wildwood Crest, or so said the Miami announcers last night.

If the pacers hadn't blown their double digit lead in the fourth against the heat i'd say he had some promise as opposed to just playing crappy teams.

I went to school with a Vogel (or summer camp, not sure which, summer camp he was most likely from jersey, but his name wasn't frank)

Tray reply to GoSixers on Feb 9 at 14:55

Well, Pacers score 97 through three, but in the 4th Miami puts the clamps on and they just score 15. Miami's a really good defensive team and that can happen to even a well-coached opponent. I thought there was one rather smart move, with 13 seconds left and down three they go for the easy two with one of their big men, I forget which, catching a lob after coming off a downscreen. Only took a second off the clock.

I sent one too :). Maybe he gives in eventually... Although i gotta admit Hollinger or Thorpe would've been better choices. They are the best of the ESPN analysts by a wide margin...

If you're really bored - all espn personalities can be 'emailed' via the web site (truehoop has an actual email account, I asked him a question about something once long ago)

Ryan F reply to Brian on Feb 9 at 13:46

I threw about 5 at him and nothing.

I'm Jimmy the greek from mikanos - it wasn't sixer related sadly - but was curios to hear what he thought about the issue

Tray reply to GoSixers on Feb 9 at 13:40

He thinks Melo would be a good fit in LA. I don't really see that. That's nothing like LeBron and Wade, that's two gunners who don't like to pass. Yes, they do different things, but not different enough for it to work.

Hollinger thinks it's a good deal too IF part of a largr thing, he wrote as much on ESPN yesterday

(PS - your ability to make excuses for DeMarcus Cousins just to try and justify that he's anything after half a season is awesome - good on ya son)

Tray reply to GoSixers on Feb 9 at 13:52

Yeah, I think they're wrong and just combining superstars rarely works. And Cousins, 17 and 8 in the new year, he's more than just "anything." Yes, there are huge problems, but the same's true of Wall, Turner, and pretty much every other rookie. At least in this case there's clearly something there to build on.

Combining super stars rarely works


Those 3 seemed to work well

Tray reply to GoSixers on Feb 9 at 14:02

Yeah, two of those are classic big/small pairings, and we don't know how Miami will pan out, right now they're just a very good regular season team. In addition to which, LeBron and Wade are vastly less selfish, or at least, vastly less attracted to taking bad shots, than Kobe and Melo.

Rich reply to Tray on Feb 9 at 14:06

How do they run their offense in LA? The SF position in their triangle the past couple of years has been a spot-up shooter. Melo won't do that. There would have to be adjustments on the fly.

Spencer Flaws reply to GoSixers on Feb 9 at 15:14

melo and iverson didn't work. both of them lead the league in scoring but still couldn't win many games.

Iverson was no longer a super star in the league (in my opinion) in terms of game - he existed on name recognition but his game was long gone - and was also a unique super star.

That doesn't prove to me that Carmelo and Kobe wouldn't work (and since Kobe is closer to the end than the middle of his career there'd be a couple years and then the team would 'become' Carmelos)

Old School Sixer Fan reply to Tray on Feb 9 at 14:31

Don't most rookies and almost all rookie bigs start out inefficiently. If I remember correctly, Durrant was extremely inefficient his rookie season. He just shot a lot, scored a lot and worked on his pro game. Seems to be working out OK there.

Hold your ground defending Cousins. Unless he implodes, he'll be fine.

Guards or if we generalize perimeter players do tend to start inefficiently. Bigs however are usually efficient unless they are of the jump shooting kind (there are exceptions of course).

Well if i had to choose between Bynum and Chandler, than yeah the Lakers offer is far better. But in reality both are bad for the Nuggets. They are getting robed for trying to bully a Russian billionaire.


I think this whole Nets thing is over played. I don't think Carmelo would have ever signed the extension, and word got back to Pokhorov (too many agents and 'tools' involved in these things, the NBA is a freaking mess) so he pulled out and tried to save face, while kind of embarrassing himself because the Nets were leaking like a sieve as well as the Nuggets

I'm starting to have my doubts about Pokhorov as an owner, he may not be as smart as I thought (he hired Billy King) and reports are that he's kind of 'meddly' - meddling is bad

Tray reply to GoSixers on Feb 9 at 14:03

But then Melo went out and said he would have happily sat down with Mikhail.

Right, and I truly believe that too...especially after it was no longer relevant. I believe in the easter bunny santa claus and hannukah harry too.

Spin is Spin, BS is BS - Carmelo said so much about this I don't believe squat about what he says, he's just trying to cover his ass to be the 'good guy' he doesn't want to take the PR hit Lebron did

Tray reply to GoSixers on Feb 9 at 14:12

So it makes him the good guy to have been willing to sit down with the Nets owner? I mean, you're right, it's possible that was his idea, but I just feel like our notions about what being a good free agent means have gotten so bizarrely distorted in this saga. Like, it makes you a good guy if you lie and say you're not forcing a trade, because post-LeBron we don't like people who "flaunt" their decisions to leave a team. But, it also makes you a good guy to be open to the pursuit of teams that you don't really want to play for, and not be too insistent about, God forbid, going to the city of your choice.

Carmelo Anthony is not a free agent - he's under contract - it's an entirely different animal.

I think Lebron is a punk, and a wuss, but he did what was best for him - and he shouldn't have done anything else - i was just shocked he took less than max money.

All the people ranting about how bird or magic never would have done that - they didn't have to cause they had many hall of fame top of the game players on their rosters already.

Tray reply to GoSixers on Feb 9 at 15:36

Yeah, so Carmelo has given his team notice that he probably won't stay, helping them to actually get something when he departs. Totally praiseworthy. I mean, LeBron could have done that (if he really knew he was leaving), and Cleveland would have been offered treasure troves of assets.

ESPN Rookie Update from Thorpe - if you click on the 'view more' comments about Evan Turner and end up on his rookie card - this is what you see (currently)

And I think Wall will be competing for Rose for the starting slot in two years, maybe even next year. He's an easy player to love, someone that forces you to watch him when he's in the game, and a guy who is clearly willing to work on his game and get better every year.


Tray reply to GoSixers on Feb 9 at 14:48

You see a comment about Wall? And what starting spot will he be competing with Rose for? The Eastern All-Star starting spot?

I copied what I saw - that's what currently is on the evan turner rookie card for his 'february 9 update'

the original article says

Turner is not scoring much, but he's doing the other things we expected from him. Philly has won seven of nine, and Turner played at least 14 minutes (and as much as 33 minutes) in each game, with multiple games of … more »

'more' is a link to the rookie card - which says what's in italics - I don't knkow more than what it said but I"m pretty sure what I pasted in earlier isn't about evan turner

Rich reply to GoSixers on Feb 9 at 14:49

Yeah I saw that. Just a mistake I've seen ESPN make on those rankings from time to time. He did move him up the the Number 10 spot as well, which is good to see.

ESPN makes mistakes all over the place, it's awfully embarrassing for an organization that would like to be taken seriously.

It's a small thing but when Chad Ford wrote 'should of' in his chat today I laughed

Rich reply to GoSixers on Feb 9 at 14:57

Wasn't the thing you posted earlier about Turner usually the thing that shows up in his Rookie Card or whatever? That shouldn't be too hard to copy and paste.

Even though it's a mistake, I think Thorpe is a real highlight of their coverage in general, focusing on young players.

I have a feeling this happened with Jrue last year, giving his section's writeup to another player. They really should be able to catch that.

When Thropes stops over praising the guys he's trained personally, I'll take him more seriously

Tray reply to GoSixers on Feb 9 at 15:33

I think in his last chat he said he adores Yi Jianlian. A sponge for knowledge, great guy, saintly personal hygiene, etc.

Does anyone else find this comment a bit troubling? I don't think a commissioner should be doing stuff like this.

Commissioner David Stern has worked quietly behind the scenes to have Knicks owner James Dolan bring back president Donnie Walsh to finish out the final year of his contract, a source with knowledge of the situation told The Post. Three years ago, Stern lobbied Dolan to hire Walsh to restore respectability to the franchise in the wake of the Isiah Thomas fiasco and the sexual harassment trial involving former marketing employee Anucha Browne-Sanders that stained the franchise. At the time, Stern thought the esteemed Walsh, a native New Yorker, was the perfect fit to restore dignity to the franchise and had requested Dolan play a more behind- the-scenes role. New York Post

Check out option 4

Guy thinks that's a 'viable' trade

sfw reply to GoSixers on Feb 9 at 15:24

I'd like to have what he's smokin!

OMG that is quite possibly the worst article i have ever read.... All of the mentioned options are hilarious with the Sixers one at the top... This guy should be banned from posting.

Tray reply to Xsago on Feb 9 at 15:37

"the 76ers would never go for this. They would be giving up 2 of their starters for 1 bench player. And, even though Blake makes more per year, Holiday may already be a better player."

And yet it's termed 'viable'.

Viable is not a hard word to understand.

DOA is not viable

Tray reply to GoSixers on Feb 9 at 17:41

I think he doesn't know what 'viable' means if he's saying that his "viable" trade ideas would "never" be agreed to by the teams in question. Perhaps by viable he means "insane, but slightly less insane than other trade ideas listed below."

tk76 reply to Xsago on Feb 9 at 17:58

Tyreke for Fisher was equally laughable.

The best one I ever heard was Kwame Brown for Pau Gasol...oh, nevermind.

Bleacher Report had a '10 trades for andre iguodala' slide show today but I had to find something tht didn't involve bleacher report :)

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