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Sixers Topple Spurs

How about this? It was the Sixers' first win when scoring fewer than 80 points since Dec. 9, 2003.

boy Iguodala's defense is so under-appreciated. granted he owns Jefferson but to clamp down Manu, especially on that last iso play = airball!
Unbelievable defensive work tonight from Holiday (I thought he did very well against nelson the other night even though he got into the paint often).
EB didn't have a great offensive game but no kidding with the boards and the blocks and defense on Duncan when he had to spell Hawes.

your 3 best players coming through; is how it's supposed to be.

Now we go from best record team to nearly worst record team.
PLS don't drive me crazy with a letdown game.

Fourth game in five nights and long flight to Minny ...

It won't be easy. One writer said over/under on Love's rebounds is 17.5.

I'll take the over. Minny also played tonight, which helps. Love played 39 minutes, and he doesn't appear to be the best conditioned athlete in the league. Maybe that helps.

mike reply to Brian on Feb 12 at 7:45

He actually got himself into much better shape this offseason. He def was pretty fat before but credits last summer with this break out season

Video: Brand on Sixers upsetting the Spurs:


Game story: Sixers grind out 77-71 victory over Spurs:


Nice win for the boys - great to see Jrue step up and carry the offensive load, with huge supporting contributions from AI and EB.

steve v on Feb 12 at 8:21

In addition to player of the game you should have a goat of the game for the player who had the biggest negative influence on the team that game. I have a feeling Lou would be leading this team in goats of the game.

mchezo reply to steve v on Feb 12 at 8:46

why is it necessary to disparage lou so much? i just don't get it. he brings so much to this team an is an integral part of its success this year yet he is constantly disparaged.

Here's a positive comment on Lou for you: I thought Lou deserved his spot on the floor over the last 6 minutes because of his defense. He wasn't scored on or beaten off the dribble once in the last 6 minutes ...

Yeah, he did a nice job on George Hill last night, I was worried about that matchup going in.

Here's fun stat for the non-believers.

The Sixers are 2 in the eastern conference in wins vs. .500+ teams with 13 wins. The only team that has more is Boston. Miami and Chicago have 12 each and none of the others has more than 9.

Great stat; unfortunately, the Sixers probably also lead the league in losses to Cleveland ;-)

Don't take this as a negative...

By the numbers Jrue played a great game as a SG.

How is that a negative, except for those who don't believe Jrue can succeed as a SG? :-)

Most of the team's best wins have been either after gut wrenching defeats or against teams who blew them out. Case in point- there wins agaisnt the Spurs and Bulls- the two teams that blew them out earlier in the year. Also their quality bounce back wins after many of their terrible throw away losses.

So definitely points to good character and coaching to be able to turn negatives into positive motivation. Also reminds me of the Sixers under Cheeks and DiLeo. The bifg picture issues have not abated, but certainly a fun team to root for.

tk76 reply to tk76 on Feb 12 at 10:10

Early A.M., but still no excuse for lousy spelling and grammar.

Old School Sixer Fan on Feb 12 at 11:41

Speights played only a few minutes in the first half. Does anyone have any incite as to why he gets no minutes? Is it that Hawes must be evaluated this year, but that they have another year with Speights? Has he never recovered his explosiveness from Jordan rushing him back last year? Does anyone even have an idea?

Speights doesn't defend (other than to try to draw a charge), doesn't react well and isn't a good defensive match against anybody with size. On offense, he's a jump shooter. He was not good last night. Don't blame Collins for not bringing him back in the second half.

Tray reply to Tom Moore on Feb 12 at 13:04

Yeah, but what's Songaila? Speights is better than him.

Tom Moore reply to Tray on Feb 12 at 13:28

Not at the defensive end, especially against big guys. Several writers near me commented on how ineffective Speights was last night.

Do any of them every comment about how ineffective Hawes is defensively or offensively?

Tray reply to Tom Moore on Feb 12 at 14:15

And you know, if you use Speights in pick-and-rolls, he's more than a jump shooter offensively. You saw the Toronto game.

Speights is a victim of the Collins coaching style that is selectively applied

Jodie Meeks fails he tells jodie to 'just play'.

Speights fails in his first appearance of a game - he's out the rest of the game

Songaila was only playing because Battie was unavailable

Tom Moore reply to GoSixers on Feb 12 at 13:29

That's true about Battie. He would've gotten those minutes if healthy. Collins chose Songaila over Speights.

Is there a way to politely ask Doug what he has against Speights, what Mo has to do to earn some minutes back?

Tom Moore reply to GoSixers on Feb 12 at 13:54

My belief is that Collins doesn't think he can rely on Speights. It comes down to that.

eddies' heady's on Feb 12 at 18:44

What a game last night, huh?!! That was a barnburner from start to finish.

Couple of my favorite things from last night were two plays. The first was around the 4:08 mark of the 3rd quarter when they ran a baseline curl to free Jrue for a midrange jumper that he nailed. Think Hawes was the one setting the pick. Can't remember who started it at the top of the key but it was something I haven't seen them run before. And the other one, was the Jrue to Thad to Elton play around the 1:07 mark of the 3rd (I think that was when it happened). That sort of scoop-handed whip pass from Jrue to Thad in the post was a laser and really nice for Thad to see EB cutting to the basket for the finish.

Even though his defense was sorry and token at times on drivers to the basket, I thought Spencer played an otherwise good game. His trips to the line ended up being huge along with his early boarding.

Andre is just playing so stellar right now on both ends of the floor, just wish he could be more consistent with his scoring night in and night out. He was in drive and be aggressive mode last Friday vs the Knicks but seemed to settle for the perimeter game last night. If he could put up a consistent 15-18 points a night we would be so much more potent with Jrue and Lou and Thad being up and down from game to game scoring-wise. Thought Lou played pretty respectable defense down the stretch to make up for his lack of shooting last night too.

What a win! We're gonna get that sixth seed.

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