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Legitimacy in Philly

It's crazy stuff. I've been to a couple games this year, and the atmosphere has steadily improved during this stretch, so maybe the fans are starting to buy into it as well. Now, if only the Sixers could get that place sold out from time to time.

Couple questions and comments:

1. Was Eddie Jordan even worse than we thought, or is Doug Collins that good?

2. Was Elton still recovering last year, or did Eddie mess with him so bad, and Doug just started using him correctly again?

3. I didn't realize their schedule was kind of cushy in the second half. I really think 44 wins is the low end of things for wins (assuming no major injuries occur). You don't even have to be very bullish to push 44.

4. Can Doug Collins weasel a coach of the year award for this magic trick?

5. Oh how I wish the Sixers didn't have to run into Orlando/healthy Chicago/Miami/Boston in first round. Maybe somehow the Sixers sneak into the 5th spot and the Hawks take 4th.

6. Looking ahead, do we as fans just have to hope for internal improvements (Jrue, Turner mostly since the other young guys are secondary assuming we don't count Iggy as a young guy), and just hope to get lucky selecting a big in the draft while waiting for cap space? Otherwise, do the Sixers just go Hawks style and steadily improve while hoping/waiting for a chance to make a splash -- this would deviate from what the Hawks were able to do.

Those are all good questions. Here's my take:

1. I guess it's a bit of both. Jordan was horrible in managing the young players and his system was a horrific fit for the team. Collins has created a system that for the most part plays to the players strengths.
2. I think Elton was reasonably healthy last year. He would've performed fairly well if he wasn't terribly misused.
3. They can go anywhere between 40 and 46 IMO. The schedule is relatively easy yes, but teams will respect them more and more from here on out. We'll see if they can keep this up or even improve on it. A trade might play a big part as well (bothways).
4. Doubt it. He will be in a conversation sure, but beating Popovich, Thibodaux and Monty Williams won't be easy. They will have to get close to 50 wins for that and that's borderline impossible.
5. I think the SIxers are a lock for the sixth seed and a matchup with the Bulls, unless some major injury hits any of the top 7 teams.
6. I think what they need to do is make steady improvements until they can package some of the young talent with draft picks and trade for a superstar. They need to be ready at any moment when opportunity strikes and the right guy is available. The Hawks had a similar chance but failed because of ownership issues not inability to pull of a deal.

Just answering the question on Jordan/Brand. I think Brand was healthy last year and was not only misused by Jordan, but was publicly insulted and benched repeatedly by him.

Remember the game when Brand was benched at halftime and didn't start the 3rd quarter, and the opponent went on like a 17-1 run?

I just look at the +/- lineups. The team's 5 best lineups last year had Brand on the court. The problem was that he wasn't on the court enough.


Jordan just hated Brand, and, I surmise, was also trying to get fired so he could get a golden parachute while not having to work.

Even when Brand was on the floor, I'd say about 75% of his touches occurred out past the three-point line, and I don't think that's an exaggeration.

LOL this is so true. Jordan's ideal PF was Antawn Jamison, shoot the 3 and forget about posting up, we don't do that here.

Encouraging post. I can't even remember the beginning of the season at this point. Ofcourse I remember the disappointment, but the actual games are a blur because what was on the court doesn't even resemble what we are seeing now. I make this point a lot, maybe to the point it gets annoying, but if the fans start showing up this team will be even better.

I'm just happy there is a winning environment for these guys to develop in. Last time I've been this confident was around the Brand signing.

^ adding to that list....if the Sixers have won the past two games against two of the better rebounders in the NBA in Duncan and KLove, does that mean they actually might stand a chance vs Orlando and Boston, even with #00 at center?

Scapegoat on Feb 14 at 3:41

The nets want expiring contracts or a young talent for Murphy. We can offer both:

Kapono + Songaila + Brackins for Murphy works but it would reduce our team to 12 players. Carney and for example Steven Hunter are Free Agents, sign them to minimum contracts and your looking at the following rotation:


you keep every single player who's important to the team right now get a shooter at the 5 spot who is a solid rebounder and will help spread the court for Iguodala, Holiday, Turner and Lou. I like that a lot.

jkay reply to Scapegoat on Feb 14 at 13:01

why would NJ essentially give up a huge expiring contract for smaller expiring contracts with even less talent? makes no sense.

To get Murphy, you're going to need to give NJ a carrot. Three ways to do that: Trim their payroll this season (more than a buyout would), give them a pick, give them a player who has some potential cost-effective value beyond this season.

I'm not sure Brackins fits the third category, there's no pick included here and NJ would be taking back an extra $800K or so in salary, so no, I don't think they'd do it. Take Brackins out of the deal and put a second-round pick in, and maybe you've got something. In that case, NJN saves about $500K, they get a pick and the Sixers remain under the luxury tax.

Following my own investigation, billions of people all over the world get the mortgage loans from good creditors. Thus, there's great possibilities to receive a short term loan in all countries.

I do agree that the situation is somewhat similar to the Hawks situation a few years back. There is a huge difference though that makes me a believer. The Hawks have a very complicated ownership situation that has forced them to sort of stand pat each time there was a possible deal out there. Plus their GM is Billy King bad (read: far worse than Ed Stefanski). I think this is a perfect situation for Thorn to show what he's worth and i believe Comcast will even let him spend to do that (if spending is what it takes).

I also believe in the one step at a time approach. A relatively small move that will improve our hole at C without messing up with the key players and the general rotation is all i am asking for right now.

High-end centers that are available (unlikely to happen):

There are a number of lower tier centers that can be had, and if you can get them for close to nothing that would beneficial.

Murphy at center is a bonafide defensive nightmare.

Scapegoat on Feb 14 at 6:38

More than Hawes at center? More than when we're going small? I would rather give Murphy 25min a game than Hawes 20 a game.

I know you'll be stunned by this, but i think Hawes is a better man to man defender than Murphy in the post. He is also a better shot blocker. Murphy is much much better as a rebounder and as a shooter though.

deepsixersuede reply to Xsago on Feb 14 at 7:51

I think Murphy could improve this team greatly offensively with his screening and shooting. Defensively he seems to be a willing banger, which Collins could use against a Howard, or a Boston frontline. If Collins won't play Spieghts, I would consider adding him to get Murphy, and I like Mo .

Scapegoat on Feb 14 at 7:58

Hawes got owned by Duncan pretty easily. I think Murphy could have done the same against him. What we need is spacing and rebounding. Murphy does both those things pretty good which could open up things for Turner, Lou, Holiday and Iguodala.
We wouldn't lose much either.

If we can get Murphy i'm all for it. He is an improvement, just not the kind of improvement we need.

What we need is a shot blocker/post defender/rebounder/good screen setter. Strong inside finisher is a bonus.

eddies' heady's on Feb 14 at 9:14

Without Andre Miller as a legit floor general and (can't believe I'm saying this) a Sam Dalembert as a legit post presence (more on defense), I would have never imagined that this team would have the cohesion that it has and be playing like it is. While some of the credit goes to the players for their effort and buying in, I think most of this has to be laid in Doug Collins lap. He has truly adapted his coaching techniques to be more suitable to these new-age type players.

What a job by the former #1 pick and family member. This can almost erase the bad taste I still have for how Mo Cheeks was done. Almost, but not until Stefanski's gone. On that note, doesn't the superb job that Collins is doing just shine that much more of a light on how boneheaded of a choice that EJ was as his coach?

Streaks of quality play and overall record:

2010/11: 38G (23W/15L)...26W-28L...60%/48%
2009/10: 27G (15W-12L)...27W-55L...56%/33%
2008/09: 42G (27W-15L)...41W-41L...64%/50%
2007/08: 34G (24W-10L)...40W-42L...71%/49%
2006/07: 26G (17W-09L)...35W-47L...73%/43%

There are legit reasons to believe this year they have turned the corner. But I've seen this too often to base my judgments at high ebb.

tk76 reply to tk76 on Feb 14 at 9:26

That said, I could not me more surprised that this flawed roster has been able to play .600 ball for a nearly 1/2 a season. Colllins has really maximized their ability to compete on any given night, and the players have responded. I'm against some of his methods for long term reasons, but it is still impressive.

I somehow have the feeling this year is different. They are pretty much in every game and have a shot at a win against any opponent. In the past few years when they made those runs the were winning because they were catching teams asleep and their "fastbreak offense" worked. When it didn't work they were getting beaten easily. This year they have won in many different ways against different (and better) teams. They don't have to be at their absolute best to win. Their defense is the best since Larry Brown left. Even their half court offense i think is average right now (which is far better than having one of the worst half court teams in the league). And most importantly this team is the youngest of all of them and by a considerable margin. Unless you think we are this years Milwaukee, there is no reason to think the Sixers aren't on the right track to being a very good team.

Nocioni, Thad for Troy Murphy.

Wonder if the Nets would do that one. Saves the Sixers 8 million or whatever next year and also saves them from themselves when it comes to Thad's extension.

The Greek reply to Joe on Feb 14 at 10:32

Not in a million years would this happen, Thad Young is one hell of a bench player that every good team needs to win.

jkay reply to The Greek on Feb 14 at 13:04

which is why they would overpay.

The Greek reply to jkay on Feb 15 at 8:37

Like I said every great team needs a Thad on the bench, if your on the plan of trading Thad for Troy Murphy then we can gladly agree to disagree.


I think you pointed out some really great things for Sixers fans, and the Sixers themselves to be very proud of.

The next step now is, can the team translate this type of success to the playoffs? Whether it be 2 or 3 wins in a series, can the Sixers achieve when the game slows down, the shooting skill of players matters a little bit more, and securing difficult rebounds becomes not a premium, but an essential goal.

I think the role Jodie plays off the bench, or as a 25 min / game starter, will be absolutely essential to spacing the floor, and giving our playmakers a chance to get to the rim. 'Cause we sure ain't getting an impact big any time soon.

It will be interesting to see what happens to the ranking once the Hawks win falls outside the "Last 25%" of games. Right now, that win has helped the Sixers to the 2nd-best scoring margin in the league over the "Last 25%" of games. I believe they went up from around 15th to 10th right when that game happened.

I made the comment very early on (mid-December) that this Sixers team had the makings of a pretty good team because they were "winning big" and "losing close." If there is a basketball version of the Pythagorean Theorem (I haven't seen one yet), that trend was in the Sixers' favor for the first time in a long time.

The Sixers' recent performance is even more impressive: since the Pacers game where Iguodala was rusty in his first game back, the Sixers are 11-5, with 8 of those games against current playoff teams -- and they are 5-3 against those teams. Carry that percentage through the rest of the year and it turns out to be 45 wins, right around Brian's projection. They also haven't lost 3 in a row since the end of the 3-13 run.

One more stat that might be the most amazing of all: currently, the Sixers lead their opponents in both overall FG% and 3-point FG%. The last time that happened for the Sixers? 1984-85, when Charles Barkley was a rookie and Jrue Holiday was -5 years old. The Sixers won the 3-point battle that year 26.3% to 25.7%, mainly because one player (Andrew Toney) made nearly two-thirds of their 3-pointers (39 of 59). It was a very different game then, so you might say the Sixers have never achieved what they are currently achieving in the modern NBA.

The Spurs win kind of helps too - and that won't fall off for a time

It's why I don't pay attention much to Hollingers rankings as they change after every game a team plays.

The sixers are better than they were last year - but anyone who thought they weren't going to be ignored the disaster that was eddie jordan.

Don't think they'll end the season above 500 though

It helps, but not directly. Specific wins over "strong" teams don't enter directly into the formula (I didn't realize this until I looked at it), only scoring margin and strength of schedule do.

If the Sixers end the season below .500, I will be surprised and disappointed.

If they end the season with 45 or more wins, they will not only be better than last year but also better than the six Sixer teams before that, in which case you might have to grudgingly give Collins some credit ;-)

I will grudgingly give Collins credit if they some how end up above 500 as long as others realize a lot of it also has to do with Elton Brand being healthy and having a not idiot coach :)

An injured brand like his first two seasons here and the sixers stink :)

I too think Brand deserves the most credit. I don't think he was that unhealthy last year though, I think it was more Jordan treating him like a pariah.

Eh, if they never made the Dalembert trade, then yeah, I'd say it was a no-brainer that they'd improve, even under an average coach. But with Hawes replacing Sam as the starting center, I'd say an improvement wasn't guaranteed, even a modest one. We're probably talking about a 15-game turnaround.

I think you're wrong.

Eddie Jordan was a horrible coach with a horrible system who didn't know how to use the assets he had properly. More than larry brown even I've never seen one coach try to fit square pegs into round holes, except the holes weren't even round, they were just not there.

A healthy brand and a competent coach (Dileo) accounts for a 10 win turn around in my opinion because Jordan was terrible X's and O's AND made everyone miserable.

They were bound to improve no matter the coach, yes. But anything more than 7-8 wins would've been unrealistic, considering they have less talent on paper (Dalambert-Hawes) and even dealt with an Iguodala injury. Every win over 35 is i due to Collins doing a good job. I had them at 41-42 before the season began and i was among the most optimistic but it looks as though they might even top my prediction.

tk76 reply to Xsago on Feb 14 at 11:51

He is doing a winning job. Most of that is also good, but not all (ie Jrue's diminished PG role.)

tk76 reply to Statman on Feb 14 at 10:50

"If there is a basketball version of the Pythagorean Theorem (I haven't seen one yet), that trend was in the Sixers' favor for the first time in a long time."

Per http://www.basketball-reference.com/teams/PHI/2011.html Their Pythagorean Record (Expected W-L) is 30-24

Their definition is:
"Pythagorean Wins; the formula is G * (Tm PTS14 / (Tm PTS14 + Opp PTS14)). The formula was obtained by fitting a logistic regression model with log(Tm PTS / Opp PTS) as the explanatory variable. Using this formula for all BAA, NBA, and ABA seasons, the root mean-square error (rmse) is 3.14 wins. Using an exponent of 16.5 (a common choice), the rmse is 3.48 wins."

And if the five impossible losses were actually wins, they'd be 31-23.

tk76 reply to Brian on Feb 14 at 11:08

I think they have grown a bit through the bad losses. I still expect them to lose a fair share of those type games- but they have learned that bad losses don't define them. Meaning they can bounce back and not carry the pain too long.

May seem stupid, but I think coming out and trouncing Minnesota, even after a bad first, after the hard fought win of Friday against the Spurs was a big step for them. It's a game they should win, but in the past there was a 50/50 shot they'd lose it

tk76 reply to GoSixers on Feb 14 at 11:31

I agree. They lose that Minny game and it makes the SAS game a wash.

Thanks. You'd think with how often I visit that site I would have seen that before :-)

I like the 14th power, adds an extra factor of geekiness to the basketball version ...

Take Lou out of the equation... and do you want to see the Sixer make a trade? And if so would you prefer a short term or long term move?

I would trade Lou and Speights for Gortat (not that the Suns would.) I'd love to trade for Camby, but that is a reach and he is nearly 37. I would not enter the Nene sweepstakes. And I'd be all for a trade for Sam.

As long as they don't touch the long term assets, i'm all for improvement, any kind of improvement. Long term assets can only be used for long term improvement. And by long term assets i mean young players playing a meaningful role, financial flexibility and 1 round picks.

bebopdeluxe reply to tk76 on Feb 14 at 11:55

I think we could get Sam back for Hawes and Kapono.


Gortat for Lou/Speights would be manna from heaven...hard to imagine that the Suns would bite (although I bet Speights would put up some good numbers in that offense). To me, Gortat would be a nice upgrade over what we have...and if Turner could develop into the late-game option that I think he can turn into by, say, next season, this could be a 50-win team that plays in May.

I'd jump at a Sam for Kapono/Hawes trade- and write off the Noce year as a sunk cost. And Sam's value is low enough that they could resign him to a reasonable deal... but it ain't happening. If only Sam knew how much things have changed, and that he'd finally have a coach who would say things like "I love Sam, he's one of my favorite people in the world. And when Sam succeeds he just makes us all a better team...)

WEll I've said it repeatedly I think they should make a move to solidify their big man rotation, but they'd have to take on money to do so and I don't see them doing it. Throw thad into a deal with the expirings and you probably can get kaman

tk76 reply to GoSixers on Feb 14 at 12:01

Yeah, but we know this team will not be taking on more long term money.

Then there's no real deals to be made are there? It's that realm of possibility thing. If they aren't taking on long term money (without dumping equivalent long term money) there aren't as many useful deals to be made.

And there's no evidence to indicate that the 'gortat dream' is something Phoenix would consider, and unless you take back childress or warrick you ain't getting him either anyway.

Yes I want the sixers to make a trade, but in the confines of what they seem willing to do I see nothing viable.

Why do people thin Comcast won't spend on a winning team? They were losing the past few years that's why the didn't spend too much. When they were good in the past they willing spenders...

There's a diference between a winning team and a mediocre team. No move comcast makes is going to get the sixers past Miami, Boston, or Chicago in the first round this year, and I don't think they can catch Atlanta (or Orlando) for the five seed.

The sixers were a playoff team who made a token offer to Andre Miller of one year knowing he wouldn't take it to avoid the luxury tax.

The sixers traded one of the best defensive big men in the league for garbage - to avoid the luxury tax (for one season at the time remember, they were over for next season after the same trade)

I think if the sixers could move Elton Brand for expiring contracts - they'd do it

raro reply to GoSixers on Feb 14 at 12:13

Any possibility the Sixers traded Dalembert simply because of Stefanski's ineptitude?

That doesn't excuse the lack of MLE's - though they're probably better off for it...

The Sixers didn't resign Miller because he didn't fit into their long term plans.

The Sixers traded Dalambert primarily because every single player on the team hated playing with him. They also thought Hawes will be better than he actually is and thought they needed a guy of Nocioni's caliber. Avoiding the luxury tax didn't hurt but it wasn't the main factor.

And they are a much better team now than they were with Miller and Dalambert. And younger with considerably more upside.

And they are a much better team now than they were with Miller and Dalambert. And younger with considerably more upside.

Miller and Dalembert are two different issues.

1. Miller may not have accepted being a back up PG - fine

2. If you think the sixers are better with Hawes and Nocioni then they would be with Dalembert in the middle, please let us know now.

The Dalembert trade, whether Sacto wanted him or not was about the luxury tax, everything else is bull shit spin as far as I'm concerned. The fact that Nocioni now doesn't play at all pretty much and Hawes sucks on toast more than anyone though possible proves it

Of course i don't think they are better with Nocioni and Hawes. The organization did. And honestly at time there was some legitimate reasoning behind it. The biggest problem with the trade was trading Dalambert too early. He probably would have brought more this year. He had no future in Philly however. The biggest reason why the chemistry this season is looking great is because Dalambert is no longer here.

On a side note when Dalambert is coming of the bench in Sacramento and Cousins and Evans are making far bigger head scratching headlines, you have to know those guys have some serious serious issues.

The biggest reason why the chemistry this season is looking great is because Dalambert is no longer here.

I disagree

Eddie Jordan was throwing players under the bus all season - starting with Elton Brand.

Read Fagans story on Brand last year versus this year and how collins went ot him to be a leader.

I'm tired of the 'sam was a malcontent' bull shit - it's spin to justify making a bad deal - EVERYONE was a malcontent last year - except lou

I agree that Jordan was the biggest problem. It still doesn't change the fact that for years Sam asked to be involved in the offense more despite having zero moves outside of an alley-oop, he asked for a trade repeatedly, everybody kept saying that the only way he can contribute is when teammates were "nice" to him.

I liked Dalambert for who he was, but it seems to me that we only remember his good side and we have completely forgotten his shortcomings.

And we traded him for one guy who's talking about retiring and another who hasn't put an ounce of work into his game. From a chemistry standpoint, the trade was a wash. From a talent and financial standpoint, the Sixers got raped.

BTW, Speights has done more complaining on Twitter this season than Sam did in his entire career in Philly.

But does he approach CDR for twitter insanity.

You read CDR's twitter and you realize why he doesn't work out anywhere he goes

Tray reply to GoSixers on Feb 14 at 13:47


I rememer sam's 'shortcomings' and for all his so called shortcomings HE WAS BETTER THAN HAWES at both ends of the floor.

The only hope really was that Speights would take a step forward this year, and if anything, it seems Speights has bottomed out under collins and if it was his second year he'd be in the D-League

Honestly - throw brackins in sometime - watching battie (or songaila) as a back up makes me vomit - battie is better than hawes - but that's not hard

tk76 reply to Xsago on Feb 14 at 12:23

There is no way to know what their lead motivation was.

But I'm sure they would have made some move to get under the tax. It would be stupid to end up 1M over the tax when getting under it saves the organization 6M+ when taking into account penalties and profit sharing.

tk76 reply to GoSixers on Feb 14 at 12:20

That Sa trade may end up being Sam + Thad for Noce+hawes if Noce's extra contract year forces them to let Young walk.

That all depends on what contract Thad signs for, as I feel he'll end up over paid

According to Steve Kyler of HOOPSWORLD, the Suns may stand pat at the trade deadline.

"Sources near the Suns say the team really is not looking at trade scenarios and might sit out the trade deadline entirely," he wrote. "A league source commented [Monday] morning via text message ... saying the Suns have been one of the least active teams in recent weeks."

ON an unrelated note but I'm sure some people here might have suggestions.

I'm looking for quality headphones for noise cancellation so I can have them on at work but no one else can hear them.


Is what I've found - I can't afford to buy the bose 300 dollar pair stuff - any one else here use headphones at work to drown out coworkers?

I have a pair of in-ear buds from Bose, can't remember the exact model, but they work really well. Pretty sure they were between $100-$200.

I never really had good luck with in ear buds (ipod/iphone) head phones but maybe they're better now


I never had a problem w/ in-ear. There was one type in particular I had a while back that were amazing, but the wires frayed after like 5 months, so I went w/ bose for my current pair.

Are they the 'ie-2' style you have now?

No, that's a newer model. Mine don't have that rubber thing.

Tray reply to Brian on Feb 14 at 13:41

I got the new ones. They're very similar to the old ones. Funny story about that - I had been meaning to buy them for a while, and then one day I was walking through Union Station and saw them in a weird Best Buy vending machine. It was the size of a small fridge, and if you swiped your credit card, out come headphones.

raro reply to GoSixers on Feb 14 at 13:33

Have you looked into the Grado series?


Cooney in the chat (on trading Iguodala): "that is the dilemma. This team is better with him, but can they get someone who makes the team even better than it is with Iguodala?"

That's not the dilemma, Bob.

Tray reply to Brian on Feb 14 at 13:51

Did he not get the Kate Fagan memo re: Iguodala magically becoming a way better player in the last two weeks on some emotional level that can't be measured by any stat known to man?

bebopdeluxe on Feb 14 at 13:16


I've used their ER-4P's for years - simply one of the best earphone experiences there is (especially on planes), but they are a bit above your range...but the other phones in their collection are also solid...make sure they come with the expanding foam inserts - you squish them up before you put them in your ear canal...they expand to fill the space - keeping the music in and the external noise out.

Those seem to have a balance between cost and function, the er6i-b's - plus with the standard amazon leverage the distributor discount - i get em for 77 instead of the etymotic 99 price

Thanks for the help

bebopdeluxe reply to GoSixers on Feb 14 at 14:03

Was looking at a comparison between the MC5 and the ER-6i...looks like both have roughly the same street price...the MC5 has a 2-year warranty, and some say the cord is shorter but better. The ER-61 is more the classic Ety sound - neutral, uncolored - while the MC5 sounds like it has more bass (if u like music that has "junk in the trunk").

You probably can't go wrong with either one.

Because of the two computers i work on pivoting back and forth - the longer cord actually is why i got the ones i got - i'd loe to get some quality wireless but none of them review well for affordability and quality

"ACCU•Filter™ user-replaceable filters protect the balanced-amature drivers from ear wax"

"Custom tuned the balanced-armature drivers."

They need to check their site for typos :) Makes them look like a bunch of amateurs.

bebopdeluxe reply to tk76 on Feb 14 at 14:06

Marketing has not traditionally been their forte - Etymotic's headphone biz grew out of their hearing aid biz...they really do a remarkable job of sound reproduction with their drivers. They don't spend a ton on advertising...you won't find their products at Best Buy or Wal-Mart...which may also explain some of the cheesy text on their web site.

All I know is the ER-4P's are the bomb.

The Sixers getting some love from ESPN.

They are 12th in Marc Stein's Power Rankings.

Ok, at this point, who is expecting a memphis houston sweep this week?


Memphis Vengeance or beating the Houston Calculators?

I expect them to split these two. A loss @Memphis, a win @Houston. But it could go the other way round. I just don't think there are many teams in the league that can beat both Memphis and Houston on the road on a back to back.

I think Sixers lose to Memphis -- really like how the Grizzlies are playing and think they will get into playoffs and cause some trouble for a higher seed.

I do think they beat the Rockets.

OK, there's really no reason to read anything Cooney writes from this point on:

[Comment From Rick]
as of right now do you think the team gives Hawes his qualifying offer?

Bob Cooney: I think they will. He has shown signs that make you see why he'd fit. Of course, he's also struggled mightily. If they can upgrade a big man, they have to. But then do you keep Hawes as a backup?

tk76 reply to Brian on Feb 14 at 14:01

Please no. The guy is a slug- both on and off the floor. Even if he was committed to his game, his lousy knees (mult surgeries in H.S.) make him too slow to be effective.

Court_visioN reply to Brian on Feb 14 at 14:14

i laughed out loud. at work. freakin Cooney.

TBJ lead off with three minutes of Sixers talk today. Someone has noticed.

Tom Moore on Feb 14 at 14:03

Video: Collins on Sixers' unselfishness, having a chance to be .500 at the all-star break:


First things first, we owe memphis big time. They went zone on us and erased a 21 pt deficit. I think that the sixers will make the necessary adjustments and win this one going away.

We can debate just how good vs medirocre this team is and its future...

But how do you rate this current team in terms of like-ability, how enjoyable they are to watch and worthiness of fan attention/attendance? How do you think the fans of opposing teams feel after they play the Sixers?

IMO they rank infinitely higher by these measures than last year's team. And probably higher than 2-3 years ago, since they have more young players to pull for and a more fan/media friendly front man in Collins. Its hard not to root for this current team- Lou, Speights and Hawes excepted.

Well - last years team was deplorable but that was mostly eddie jordan and his hate for the wrong players (and love for other players)

This year, Willie Green is gone, so that's good, jason smith is gone, so people can stop saying how good he's going to be (not) and how he just needs minutes.

Compared to the previous two years, I loathed Andre Miller every minute he was here. Wasn't really his fault, just a constant reminder of the crappy too late deal they got for Iverson and then that ownership was too stupid to flip Miller into value when they had the chance.

This is probably the team I've liked the most since 2001 or 2002 - really the only team I've truly liked since the rat left for sure

tk76 reply to GoSixers on Feb 14 at 14:24

In terms of other fans, I think they are intrigued by some of our players (Jrue, Turner and Thad) and are impressed by the Sixers high energy and relatively mistake free play. But the Sixers lack the high octane star power to garner much fan reaction from outside observers.

I think most opposing fans watch the game then say, "How did we lose to the effing sixers?"

tk76 reply to Brian on Feb 14 at 14:34

Hah, you are right.

I think other fans see the sixers as ESPN tells them to.

Iguodala is over paid and not very good
brand worst contract in the league - not really performing
Jrue Holiday good but young
Evan Turner - bust

Probably the most 'well reviewed' sixer player this year nationally is Louis Williams - which pretty much is all you need to know about the national perception of this team I think.

COY is usually not given to the best coach but the coach who exceeds expectations (of which they are based purely on the previous season), do you think if collins gets the sixers to an above 500 record they'll give him some COY pub? I mean isn't Monty Williams the leader right now? Or Thibodeau?

tk76 reply to GoSixers on Feb 14 at 14:35

All I know is that if the Sixers make it out of the first round they should rename the street next to the Arena "Collins Way."

I believe if they could get up to the 5 seed they could win in the first round. I see no other way barring major injuries to the heat/bulls/celtics players.

I know the sixers have played the celtics close so far this year, but the celtics home losses have really only been to the cream of the western conference. Plus there's that increased intensity thing where the big bitch is allowed to be even cheaper

I don't think they're going to beat any of the top three teams, to be honest, but I do think Collins is the best coach out of Rivers, Spoelstra and Thibs, and I think that probably gets you a game in the series. I could see them going to 6 or 7 against any of the three teams. Best chance to win the series is definitely against Boston, imo, because Rose/LBJ/Wade will all really use the unbelievable star treatment, Boston doesn't have a dominant scorer to take advantage of it, and Iguodala will really shut Pierce down.

Boston has FOUR guys who are going to get star treatment - cheap fouls called on the sixers and them getting away with amazing bs.

You see how the sixers get shafted now in the regular season at home - imagine how bad it would be come playoff time.

If I was a betting man, I'd say Phil Jackson gets a COY parting gift for all the years he didn't win it.

Yeah, and they kept saying 'this is the year' sloan wins it.

I'm sorry - but with everyone writing off the spurs this year - how does Pop not finally get one?

Yeah I think this is all correct. It's amusing to see national reporters still talk about Brand as if the Sixers will do anything to dump his salary for nothing (do they watch the games, do they talk to Collins/Thorn?), still act like Turner is a talentless, pathetic disaster (notably with the unbelievable Rookie Game snub), and treat Louis Williams like the best bench player in the NBA.

There are just so many NBA contracts worse than Brand's (you'd think he has 7 years left instead of 2 based on the national reporters).

Tray reply to tk76 on Feb 14 at 14:37

I think I was pulling a lot more for the Young of a few years ago than I do for Jrue now. There was an appealing, kind of boyish earnestness to his on-court demeanor that made him very likable at the time. He's gotten back to playing more the way he did his rookie season, but it just isn't the same anymore. Turner has a weird nerdy charm to his game, but he just isn't good enough yet to have much of an effect on my enjoyment of the team one way or another. Meeks has very little personality for a shooter. And Miller's a more fun player to root for than Jrue. So I prefer the old team. Before that, I enjoyed the mediocre post-Finals Iverson teams more than the Iguodala/Miller teams, where the idea seemed to be to surround Iverson with a collection of the league's biggest underachieving bums. That was fun.

tk76 reply to Tray on Feb 14 at 14:43

In terms of potential impact, I was most inspired by Speights early play. I though they might have stumbled upon an elite PF. Whereas Jrue, Turner and Thad have never looked to have dominant potential. They more come off as potentially very good players who seem committed to getting the most out of their games.

In terms of raw talent, probably both Sam and Speights were blessed more than Jrue, Thad or Turner (although Turner is a deceptively impressive athlete- just not jaw dropping in terms of power.)

Eh. I'd go Sam, Thad, Jrue then Speights in terms of natural gifts. Jrue's quickness, height and length are elite for a PG especially in one package. He's also got serious ups. I think the only athletic thing he might lack is that top end speed, which isn't such a huge thing imo.

tk76 reply to Brian on Feb 14 at 14:55

I guess I got a bit sidetracked- I'm not talking raw athletasim , but raw talent.

Sam is remarkably gifted as an athlete, rebounder, shot blocker and even has a nice outside touch.

While Speights in shape (his first 3 months as a rookie) had size, touch, balance and skills to project into a dominant big. There really was no weakness in his game from the neck down. But now he's wasted the athleticism by letting himself get out of shape and get dinged by minor injuries. And his decison making sometimes makes Sam look like Ptyon Manning (or should we say Hawes:)

Tray reply to tk76 on Feb 14 at 15:40

I generally like bad character guys - personally - but Speights rubbed me the wrong way from the beginning. His expressions always remind me of a younger version of the Buster Douglas-era Mike Tyson.

Timx reply to tk76 on Feb 14 at 14:41

This team is very likeable! Everyone at my office knows that I'm a huge Sixers fan and they took every opportunity over the past several years to remind me how bad they stink. However, over the past two months it has started to change. People are not only commenting on the score or lack of highlights on ESPN but they are actually watching games! These are very casual basketball fans (not even NBA fans). My wife has begun to watch the Sixers and now does not want to miss one minute. Even leaves Comcast on after the game to listen to Dougie address the media! I think this team is eventually going to start winning over these fans in Philly! It wouldn't hurt to have a player (like Iverson) who played up to the fans a bit. I wish AI9 or Jrue would open up more and become "that guy."

tk76 reply to Timx on Feb 14 at 14:50

I know my dad has started watching the games- although he's been fully indoctrinated in the WIP minimalist Sixers view. But it would take a lot more than winning to get my wife to start watching basketball.

Heh, Rich is mixing it up w/ HP and a Kings blogger about Cousins on Twitter.

Links please :)

Rich reply to Brian on Feb 14 at 15:11

Twitter's the best. Make a point, and do it in under 140 characters.

I had to chuckle when he said to check out Cousins' % at the rim.

Cousins is at 64.7%. Hawes is just trailing him at 63.6%.

Rich reply to Brian on Feb 14 at 15:16

He shoots so many terrible off balance lay-ups where he's hurdling across the lane.

So Bill Ingram of Hoopsworld claims that GSW want TALENT back from Biedrins and wouldn't get rid of him just to dump salary

Of course

When asked why he thinks mo williams is a better player than andre miller his come back was "when did andre miller make an all-star game"

Tray reply to GoSixers on Feb 14 at 15:34

Only thing Mo does better is shoot threes. I guess he's quicker but it hasn't made him a better offensive player.


Worst Carmelo Trade suggestion - possibly ever?

Almost impossible hypothetical, but lets amuse ourselvesC's trade Von Wafer, Bradely, and Nate Robinson for Carmelo.How much does that change the team?

tk76 reply to GoSixers on Feb 14 at 16:11

That's up there with that blog that suggested trading Jrue for Steve Blake was "viable."

It was in an espn chat with chris forsberg (who every time i hear his name I wonder how an NHL player ended up on ESPN)

Bill Ingram also said Manny Harris is better than Evan Turner. Whoever Bill Ingram is, he's an idiot.

Dwyer nailed the way I feel about Cousins today. My complete thoughts, except I wouldn't come close to expressing them that clearly.


Assuming it's this

Evans? The guy, I'm sorry, plays a brand of basketball that doesn't look like it knows how to do long division yet

Rich reply to GoSixers on Feb 14 at 16:09

Great line. My whole thing is that I don't like the way Tyreke plays either, but Cousins is no pick and roll Tyson Chandler type big, who needs a good PG to get him the ball. He is a back to the basket guy, I don't see a lot of his buckets being assisted. He has the second most shot attempts by a rookie by a lot (Blake Griffin is first), is nothing to complain about.

I still believe I could figure out & help Demarcus Cousins in six months (or less) personality wise.

Rich reply to GoSixers on Feb 14 at 16:19

Does that help his game though? Tyreke, after all, is supposed to be a good teammate, despite past indiscretions. He don't play that way though.

I think so - it wouldn't be changing his personality but changing his world view - i've been all negative all the time (much worse than I am now) and unhappy about it (contrary to popular belief on this blog, I'm quite happy most of the time and quite a few people like me :), plus I had a lot of issues growing up in terms of lack of a paternal role model etc...

When I look at Demarcus COusins - I have the same thoughts I had about Rasheed Wallace - and I wonder why both of them haven't been in counseling for a LONG time since it's obvious to even the most oblivious - that they need some help.

Give me a day and I bet you I could tell ya the source of most of Cousins issues - from coachability to his inability to handle even the slightest mistakes. It's a pretty simple thing it's just that 'mental care' is still such a bugaboo in professional sports, it prevented the yankees from obtaining a Grienke

I don't think it's a stigma around therapy that prevents these athletes from getting help. But rather a question of motivation. You may be able to accurately determine what Cousins needs. But unless he actively wants help, neither you nor anyone else will succeed in helping him.

It's all a matter of finding the proper motivation - each persons is different. Find out what drives a person and you can help the person massage that motivation in the right directions.

Human Psychology isn't really that hard - at its core - and it's a family trait that we're all pretty good at understanding people pretty quickly (or a family defense mechanism :) )

It's irrelevant in any case but if the kings want to get this thing on track - they need to bring in a consultant of some sort to sit down with cousins and figure it out...that's all (i've been saying it for months)

I agree that bringing in a consultant is sensible and worth a shot. But this is a project that would take a long time to bear fruit. That is, if got off the ground in the first place, which is questionable given his authority issues and the fact that it would be something imposed upon someone not actively seeking help.

Except that if you can't get past his authority issues you should cut him now - cause that's from the core of his problem.

Again, if he wants to have an NBA career that is more than draft bust to MLE contracts - he'll work on it - and it really wouldn't take that long - by next season he'd have his crap in gear probably.

I'd be willing to bet serious money that DeMarcus doesn't think he's the one that has the problem.

Of course not - Rasheed Probably never thought he was the problem either.

And that's usually the first step

(ok, it's usually the second step, but it's just as hard as the first step)

Tray reply to GoSixers on Feb 14 at 16:44

If you're such a good counselor, as well as a stats guy, the whole league should be lining up to hire you. Think about it, you can solve Cousins's emotional problems AND educate him on how to play better with advanced statistics.

johnrosz reply to Tray on Feb 14 at 19:45

was thinking the same thing. Hysterical. JEM is the most hostile personality around these parts, if only he could speak with Cousins and teach him how to properly treat others with respect.

Once again, the internet is not real life child.

Tray reply to Rich on Feb 14 at 16:42

I don't think his complaints are about his personal lack of involvement so much as Tyreke's generally being a dumbass.

Rich reply to Tray on Feb 14 at 16:57

That's fine because he does play like a dumbass, but so does Cousins at times. I actually kind of chuckled with all of the Tyreke hoopla last year. When he gets comfortable (like he did in high school), let's just say there isn't much ball movement. Not the first guy I would want to play with, way too many herky jerky fadeaways from 25 feet.

Cousins' 'personal lack of involvement' is just so untrue though, not sure if you were making that point or not. He's plenty involved.

tk76 reply to Rich on Feb 14 at 17:08

Some would say he has become too involved...

Rich reply to tk76 on Feb 14 at 17:17

Well they aren't a contender like the Lakers so I don't think it doesn't matter too much, but he should never complain about lack of touches. He has a ton of freedom.

He was fined and not suspended by the kings.

And it's not as simple as people are making it out to be...the problem is that when people look at professional athletes is that they forget they are people. Do you treat everyone you work with the same? Probably not. Everyone requires a little different handling, that's just the way it goes, everyone has their issues or whatever...for some reason in professional sports, people are expected to not have any issues, like somehow money makes the issues that are formed during your child hood go away - which is a crock of garbage.

Rich reply to Rich on Feb 14 at 17:20

Should say don't think it matters too much. I struggle on phones.

This was written in mid december from the same guy who broke the cousins kicked off flight story


Does the kid have issues? Sure he does - should making a lot of money in the NBA make those issues go away - not bloody likely - cause money had little to do with what caused them probably. Cousins isn't the first (or last) who will probably have his nba career screwed up because no one focused on the issues at hand

Tom Moore on Feb 14 at 15:57

Video: Brand on Sixers benefiting from more of a set rotation:


ANdre Iguodala is holding Jrue back

in fantasy basketball

With the exception of a 27-point explosion Friday night, Jrue Holiday has suffered since the Sixers decided to put the ball in Andre Iguodala's hands as their main playmaker. Averaging just 11.4 points, 2.4 assists and 2.2 steals over his past five games, it's time to drop Jrue in the rankings to more accurately reflect his future value.

Here's a yahoo video (I haven't watched it) regarding teams around the trade deadline.

There's some interesting discussion about Portland and 'rebuilding' because of Roy's knee. I think the sixers should be able to get ONE of those big men if they're willing to take on some salary


The guy on there said Portland would be looking for "younger players" which isn't specific at all. Have you heard of any rumors on what Portand might accept back for Camby if they did move him at the deadline? Of course the Sixers probably wouldn't take on another longer contract besides his.

Haven't seen anything concrete. Rich Cho claimed a couple months ago that the blazers were going to be active (or some sort, it was a stupid pronouncement like the Clippers GM saying Griffin will always be a clipper).

The Blazers should be looking to shed salary what with the Brandon Roy debacle (a doctor who looked at Roy's knee said today that the original surgeon either misinformed the blazers or they made one of the dumber contract decisions :) - hoping that the new cba allows themselves to shed him - saving a year of camby and getting speights should be more than enough to them.

A quick favor for me from anyone who has Synergy.

Could you please post where Iguodala is in the league facing iso situations (I think they were mentioned earlier), and list the people who are ahead of him. This would be greatly appreciated.

I think derek might be the only one here with access since their 10/11 subscription thing has said 'well be up in a few days' for months now (and they don't answer customer service inquiries)

Tom Moore on Feb 14 at 19:38

Holiday eyes reaching .500 for first time as a pro:


Tom Moore on Feb 14 at 19:41

Will post my Q & A with Iguodala today about the trade deadline in a bit.

Nice. It must be a lot more fun covering them this year than last for you, Tom. Thanks for all the videos and stories.

Tom Moore reply to Brian on Feb 14 at 19:55

Sure, Brian. Collins is tremendous to deal with -- he started calling me "Tommy" the other day.

I know he doesn't like to look that far, but I'd be interested to hear what Collins goals are the rest of the season - 6 seed? 5 seed? go to game 7? Win a round? What will he find 'successful'?

mgfields reply to Tom Moore on Feb 14 at 20:16

I caught that Jrue quote about Evan at the end of the video, calling him a potential All-Star. Collins said the same thing a couple of weeks ago.

If we could just get Eddie's on board :)

I watch all the videos Tom. Thanks for posting them.

Tom Moore reply to mgfields on Feb 14 at 21:14

Glad you like them. Thanks.

Tray reply to Tom Moore on Feb 14 at 20:57

This isn't to cast any aspersions at you personally, but I hope that the fact that he's way nicer to reporters than his predecessor doesn't cause people to write nice things about him.

Pistons had a 10 point lead over the hawks with 3:35 to play in the first half...they ended up down 2.

The bucks 'vaunted' defense held the los angeles griffins to 17 points in the first quarter (and bogut had two fouls early)

At this point I'm thinking about who the sixers can catch and I think they can catch the hawks but they need a little help.

Ralph Lawler thinks the bucks would be better if michael redd were healthy :)

Blake Griffin is all super stary I'm sure, but without EG - the clippers are pretty bad

Yeah, they were pretty bad even with Gordon. They've still played 6 more home than road games and they're 14 games under .500.

The pistons are just terrible though - they're not going to help - if you hae a better way to look at schedules going forward - might be interesting to see who (if anyone) the sixers can catch by the end of the season?

7 games is a ton to make up. I don't think it's realistic to think they can pass anyone but the Knicks. If Atlanta plays a game under .500 the rest of the way, that's 47 wins. The Sixers would have to finish 21-6 to tie them, and beat them to even the head-to-head record, and then catch them in the record vs. the East (which I believe is the next tiebreaker). I just don't see any of that happening. The only way the Sixers catch either ATL or ORL is if they completely fall off a cliff and somehow wind up with 44 or 45 wins at the most. I still think 44 is an attainable number for the Sixers.

See now that I have my hopes up - i wanna believe they can win a playoff round - but I can't believe that unless they're the 4 or 5 seed :)

I'm torn on the their best shot. Probably a miracle run by either ATL or ORL, coupled with a collapse by Miami to move either ORL or ATL up to the #3 seed and drop Miami to #4.

After that, I'm not sure if I'd prefer playing Boston or Chicago. Chicago's younger, with weak links, but I think Rose gets the serious superstar treatment in the playoffs, and takes advantage of it. Boston has superstars, but none who are going to score 50 points and get to the line 15 times/game. And the Sixers can and will play just as physical as the Celts, especially around the hoop. Still have a hard time saying I want Boston in the first round, though. Especially not when Chicago is starting Keith Bogans.

Tray reply to Brian on Feb 14 at 21:08

I think collectively Boston would get to the line a million times a game against us. Just because they don't have the one huge superstar doesn't take away from their having four who each command a lot of respect.

If Noah comes back strong they probably put him on Brand right? That would be rather tough for him to deal with I think. As long as we got Mr. Softy in there, he might be one of the only guys Boozer can check.

Brand really hasn't been neutralized by length this season, he's not really posting up all that much, at least not posting to shoot. He's just taking the bigger guys who are guarding him out to about 13 feet and getting his shot off pretty easily. It actually helps the offense, I believe, having the other team's best shotblocker dragged away from the front of the hoop to contest Brand's shots.

If we had a big who could grab some offensive boards playing next to Brand, he'd have an absolute field day. but we're stuck with sissy hook instead.

I'd feel much more confident about first round match ups if the sixers got a better center obviously.

I think Brian is wrong about the Celtics getting to the line honestly...Rondo is the worst kind of point guard for jrue - too damn fast - andre can try and shut down pierce but allen is one of the better pure shooters in the league - and i'm not sure how brand and the big bitch match up

Sending Rondo to the line would be one of my focuses on the defensive end. Every time he drives to the hoop, he should be should be scraping himself up off the floor, faking an injury, and limping to the line. The guy is shooting 54% from the line. Hell, I may even play hack a Rondo sporadically.

He's going to beat jrue off the dribble almost constantly - and thus Jrue's in foul trouble - a lot.

I'd rather face chicago than Boston personally.

Eh. Rose is more of a threat w/ his dribble, if you ask me. He's also not Shaq from the line.

I like the Sixers match up against Miami a little better, they start 2 players who aren't all that good and don't really have anyone that can slow down Brand or Thad. Plus aside from getting calls do they have any home court advantage? That arena seems dead when you compare it with Chicago or Boston. I don't know, maybe it'll be different come postseason.

I think they have a playoff advantage and I think come playoff time those miami peeps will show up - drunk and loud - and make a lot of noise.

Teams like Miami or Boston scare me cause Andre Iguodala can only stop one player - he can't stop em both - and unless Doug gets a lot more confident in Evan Turner, soon, Jodie Meeks isn't going to stop anyone.

I think I'm going to stick with preferring Chicago - who still might take the 2 seed

Yeah I thought he would put Jrue on Wade but that might cause him to pick up a quick foul or two which would be a risk, he does have the size to do it tho. Either of those matchups would be tough but fun to watch. I'd love to see LeBron get annoyed by Iguodala's D in the playoffs.

I don't really see Allen as the type of guy you have to put a lockdown defender on. You just need to make sure you don't leave him open, even for a second, in a catch-and-shoot situation. Rondo's scoring doesn't scare me at all because he can't shoot from the outside and if he gets inside, you've got an effective way to defend him, just foul him.

No one wants to help the sixers tonight, not even a little - the freaking lakers are embarrassing themselves in charlotte.

Tray reply to GoSixers on Feb 14 at 21:01

Apparently that's a trend with the Lakers. Supposedly over some multi-season stretch Boston and Charlotte are the only teams over .500 against them.

Tray reply to GoSixers on Feb 14 at 20:54

He's just one player. And he's a lousy defender and not all that efficient a scorer, yet. And past Griffin and Davis the talent drop-off is huge.

So, strange and probably meaningless factoid - Favors is 11-37 in the month of February. During this span, he's shot 7-21 at the rim, and 4-16 on all other shots. It's a small sample size but you just don't see a guy that big, or any player for that matter, missing two thirds of their shots at the rim very often. Perhaps he's hurt.

Tray reply to Tray on Feb 14 at 21:06

And this is a cool line from Favors that Brian will appreciate: 14 minutes, 2 points, 2 rebounds, 2 turnovers, 5 fouls. For some reason when he picks up a foul, in a game they've already lost to San Antonio, who they're trailing by 16 with 11 to go, Avery takes him out to protect him. I would just play him until he's gone. A guy who fouls that much (second in fouls per minute among players who play at least 15 minutes a game) should learn how to play with fouls.

Court_visioN reply to Tray on Feb 15 at 0:41

rookie wall

maybe it's just me - but if you read these wb chats on the various sites - bulls fans seem desperate to have derrick rose named the best PG in the game?

Tom Moore on Feb 14 at 22:27

Iguodala Q & A from today:

Q: Are you thinking about the trade deadline (Feb. 24)?
A: The trade deadline? I don’t know. I don’t trade anybody.

Q: Will you feel relief when it passes?
A:I learned that when you don’t control something, you don’t put much thought into it. We’ve been playing well, so it hasn’t come up. If we start playing bad again, it’ll come up again. I’ll deal with it when I deal with it.

Q: So you think the better the team plays, the less likely there’ll be a trade?
A: Ah, is that how it works? I don’t know. It depends on what you guys (the media) say. If you guys think I’m playing well, I’ll stay. If not, they’re going to ship my (butt) out of here.

Q: Your teammates appear to know what you bring to the court every night. Does it seem to you that casual fans are realizing more now?
A: I don’t know. To be honest, I don’t really care – only because I know what I can bring to my teammates. I’ve been doing the same thing for a long time. Nothing’s really changed too much. My peers have a lot of respect for my game. I put more into that than anything else.

3 out of 4 brilliant answers from Andre - #1 made me crack up - #4 will bring him some grief because tongue in cheek seems lost on the average Philadelphia sports fan

Tom Moore reply to GoSixers on Feb 14 at 22:58

He did smile a little at the end of #3 answer.

They were all quite funny, I just worry about #4 and people taking it the wrong way...

Tray reply to GoSixers on Feb 15 at 0:15

I didn't see any tongue-in-cheek in #4, just in #3. He's right about #4 though; it doesn't matter what we think, especially if what most of us think is off-base.

If only I used chrome, or google :)

...so do the 76ers need a center badly enough to kick the tires on this guy? bit.ly/edNWQf

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