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Game 55 Thread: PHI @ MEM

Court_visioN on Feb 15 at 18:55

.500 by the all star break. C'mon, let's do this.

Anyone see the awards watch on ESPN.com? Lou is now #2 for 6th man, which is nice. But still no love for Iguodala on the DPOY list. Ronnie Brewer gets mentioned, but not Iguodala...ridiculous.

Tray reply to DonH on Feb 15 at 19:09

Only players who are superstars or don't do anything on offense get noticed on defense. If you don't do anything on offense, writers figure you must be a great defender to hang around.

Ronnie Brewer is at 0.91. He gets a ton of steals, though, so I guess that counts for more than shutting down the best scorers in the league.

Sorry, he's 0.75. Which is the second-best I've seen behind Iguodala.

Have we figured out who is ahead of Iguodala? Dwight Howard maybe? Soe sort of defensive specialist player?

Nope, not Dwight. Still haven't found anyone ahead of him. Just thought of a couple others to check:

Shawn Marion: 0.91
DeShawn Stevenson: 0.84
Richard Jefferson: 0.81
Lamar Odom: 0.87
Granger: 0.88

Did you check that dude on the bucks whose name i can't spell luc richard mb'a moute - he's supposedly a good defender

Tray reply to GoSixers on Feb 15 at 19:56

I think he did check him and he was... well, I forget, look at the previous post and CTRL+F 'Moute.'

Tray reply to Tray on Feb 15 at 20:01


How'd you get synergy?

I got it last summer, I guess they just aren't taking new accounts.

Someone asked earlier if Lou was the best in iso situations on the Sixers. I didn't check everyone, but Lou is 0.90 PPP in isolation, Jrue is 0.91. So no is the answer to your question.

I'm worried about d-boards tonight.

I'm always worried about d-boards, but somehow they're close to average. Can't figure it out.

Anyone watching NBATV right now? Wade is out of his mind right now. 22 points and even threw a perfect 90 foot ally-oop pass. Amazing to watch. Hibbert also threw the worst pass I've seen all year.

Miami's blowing it in the second quarter. Bugs me.

This TV guy for memphis looks just like Tim McGraw.

Ok - took me a minute to get that joke - stupid illness

eddies' heady's on Feb 15 at 20:08

We're gonna sweep these two games, and no, that's not being greedy. Expectations have risen my friends.

Let's do it!

Alright! Here we go.

Hawes (with a new haircut) loses the tip.

"This is the biggest game they'll play all year," Memphis announcer.

Gasol exposing Hawes early.

Whatever the opposite of help is, that's what Hawes just gave Iguodala.

Memphis is more aggressive early, much more aggressive. Meeks on his feet while Sam Young is on the floor getting the loose ball. Hawes gives up multiple o-boards in transition on the other end.

2 turnovers for Meeks early, both bad.

eddies' heady's on Feb 15 at 20:18

Ugh, that's twice Meeks has coughed it up just holding the ball.

Let's play some team offense maybe?

Fucking turnovers. That's horrible. Clean that shit up.

Playing out about the way I thought it would so far.

eddies' heady's on Feb 15 at 20:21

Silly pass/turnover by Jrue for a runout on other end.

Doug has to make some adjustments here. EB can't be overplaying ZBo like that, they're just going to go backdoor.

I want speights.

eddies' heady's on Feb 15 at 20:23

Ugh, another lazy pass by Jrue for a turnover.

Jrue had the one bad pass, the other turnover was on Iguodala. Not sure who that last one was on, but the Sixers are excruciatingly slow to the loose balls and just playing sloppy basketball. Better get this under control before the game gets out of hand.

Jrue and Meeks to the bench.

Songaila is not the answer. dear god.

eddies' heady's on Feb 15 at 20:26

Call a timeout, we're not matching their energy.

Yay, early minutes for Songaila.

This is awful.

eddies' heady's on Feb 15 at 20:32

Man, this is bad and getting worse. Offensive end is atrocious.

eddies' heady's on Feb 15 at 20:33

Dammit, that's five times now. DIVE on the floor for the ball!

Get Songaila out of this fucking game. God damnit.

Everyone has butterfingers tonight.

PS, not news but Darius is a stiff.

I'm not happy my prediction for this game is coming to fruition, but I loveeeeeee how Memphis has been playing lately when I've watched them so not shocked.

so, in the past 2 quarters, the grizzlies have basically outscored the sixers by 40?

PHI 10, MEM 26 after the first.

I'm not sure if that was worse than the fourth quarter against this team last time they played, but it was close. Not sure why I'm going to watch the rest of this game. This looks like the Bulls game all over again.

Indiana was down 22 after the first quarter vs the heat. they are now down by 1 with 7 mins left in the 3rd.

Fitting way to end it...that was BRUTAL

But hey, we do owe them a big comeback win right?

I wasn't sure I could see guard play worse than what Holiday/Meeks brought us, until Louis came onto the floor. My god was that the worst guard play I have ever seen.

This is why Lou should not handle the ball.

eddies' heady's on Feb 15 at 20:35

We're playing crappy on the offensive end, but must credit Memphis' energy and defensive effort. They are locking everything down.

eddies' heady's on Feb 15 at 20:37

Just get this thing around 10 or 8 before halftime and we'll be OK.

Scapegoat on Feb 15 at 20:37

I really can't understand why a lot here thought this would be an pretty easy win. The Grizzlies are more athletik than we are, they can press the hell out of you and play some amazing Basketball rigt now. I knew it would be tough, but not that bad as it is right now.

Can't get a rebound. Can't get a fucking loose ball. This is just pitiful. Extended minutes for Songaila, that's fucking awesome.

this lineup is why i don't trust DC.

Nice play, Lou.

If Lou did that at the end of games I would not mind it.

eddies' heady's on Feb 15 at 20:39

Come on, why the fuck is J williams that alone at the arc? Why is everyone standing in the lane there?

Lou's man.

B/c Lou left him out there.

eddies' heady's on Feb 15 at 20:45

I've always liked Sam Young, trade Turner for him in a nano....:)

Now they're just making bad shots. I'm fine w/ this garbage, they're playing better D.

lehigh valley sixer fan on Feb 15 at 20:46

hey does anyone know a link that would be streaming this game live. its on csnphilly and we only get comcast sportsnet up here in the valley. so if anyone knows a good link id love to watch this game. thanks guys.

lehigh valley sixers fan reply to jkay on Feb 15 at 21:02

thanks a lot. thats working well.

eddies' heady's on Feb 15 at 20:47

Heh, Lou threw that dunk in the rim ala Gay last time didn't he?

eddies' heady's on Feb 15 at 20:49

Get Iguodala back in for Turner, Doug.

Turner is the only guard playing well. Lou/Holiday/Meeks have been absolutely atrocious, save Lou randomly spiking a Rudy-Gay style slam.

eddies' heady's reply to stoned81 on Feb 15 at 20:54

Except Turner isn't playing guard w/ Jrue and Lou out there, he's at forward.

Thad's the only reason this isn't a complete laugher.

now guarding randolph...

eddies' heady's on Feb 15 at 20:50

Uh-oh, EB picks up his 2nd foul. Not good w/ the way they were going at Songalia. Extended minutes for Hawes maybe? He was boarding pretty decent in his run, but nothing else.

eddies' heady's on Feb 15 at 20:52

Dre still on the bench out of timeout? Come on....

I have spent the last 30 minutes with Cox Cable trying to restore my tv to 1080i from 720p (i couldn't see anything to fix it and the manual fix on the box wasn't working) so i guess it's good i've missed most of the first half of this debacle

Shoulder injury for Gay, if it's dislocated, done for the year.

trade nocioni for Thabeet :D?

TS reply to Brian on Feb 15 at 20:55

Turner with the judo chop. I like Rudy, so I hope it's only serious enough to keep him out of this game. His buzzer beater over Miami was one of my fav plays this year.

Xavier Henry can't even foul properly

Yep, he's fucked.

I still would trade Iggy for Gay.

And how do you support that argument (out side of points per game) when Iguodala out classes him in almost every aspect of basketball?


So I see

Just go back to the last memphis/Sixers pre game thread.

There was no justification for the trade then - there's no justification for the trade now.

It's slightly less ludicrous than the granger suggestions but in the same category of 'i don't appreciate iguodala but i like guys who score lots of points'

I appreciate Iguodala good sir. I appreciate Rudy Gay more though.

That's great - do you have anything other than personal preference (and no 'holding back jrue' is WIP fed nonsense) for wanting to make such an imbalanced trade?

1. Rudy Gay's shot is far superior to IGuodala's.
2. Rudy Gay's 31 months younger.
3. Rudy Gay doesn't need the ball like Iguodala. Please don't give me Usage ratio, it's a flawed advanced stat.

Tray reply to Jason on Feb 15 at 21:31

Jodie Meeks has a superior shot to Iguodala's, he's a lot younger, and he doesn't need the ball. Now, not to compare Meeks and Gay, but obviously those reasons aren't enough to make Player A better than Player B if Player B is way better than Player A in other aspects of the game. Iguodala's a way better defender, passer, and, I believe, rebounder - doesn't that all add up to more than Gay's advantages of a little extra youth, a better jump shot, and (supposedly) needing the ball less?

Maybe the way the sixers just 'match up well' with the Celtics - the grizz just match up bad with the sixers when they utilize the massive big man advantage they have

Has Iguodala been sitting the entire second quarter?

eddies' heady's on Feb 15 at 20:57

Still no Dre? Is he dinged up? wow

Nope, back now.

Get this to like 5 by the half. That's the goal. Come on.

That shot didn't leave his hand on times and finally Iguodala back in the game

Take over

Hawes - reggie evans would have made that

Jrue's got Conley, I like him going in the post.

Sweet . i found a live stream! seems like sixers are startin to lockdown a bit

No it doesn't - they can't stop zach randolph - and the defensive rebounding has been crap

eddies' heady's on Feb 15 at 21:00

Get this lead to 8 before the half. Close out strong here.

Dre needs to go right at Tony to get him that 3rd foul.

Doug Collins is really good when he has a day to prepare for a team

Fucking turnovers. Iguodala's been really careless w/ the ball.

Come on - watching zach randolph strip hawes and 'run' the fast break was funny

Scapegoat on Feb 15 at 21:02

Iguodala is a fucking joke today. His defense is weak. I've never seen him so bad on defense as today. Even Tony allen can do what he wants. Bench him. Damnit. This game is a joke, everybody plays like they don't care. Is Eddie Jordan on the sideline again?

eddies' heady's on Feb 15 at 21:02

MFer. Two turnovers in a row. One by Dre and one by Hawes. Both unforced. ugh

Uh, they were both forced. They had the ball taken right out of their hands.

Hawes holding the ball is as bad as when sam did it

eddies' heady's reply to Brian on Feb 15 at 21:05

yeah, shouldn't have said unforced but more in the sense of just careless, not valuing the ball

Interesting that all the guys except the one you wanted taken out of the game (Turner) have committed turnovers.

eddies' heady's reply to stoned81 on Feb 15 at 21:07

You've got to have the ball actually trying to do something with it before you turn it over.

any1 else feelin suicidal?

Scapegoat on Feb 15 at 21:04

Iguodala plays with no heart at all. I'm getting really mad at him today. HE doesn't care at all. His defense is just laughable today. I can't believe what I'm seeing.

If you're supposed to funny - you're not - if you're supposed to be serious - you're laughable

Scapegoat reply to GoSixers on Feb 15 at 21:11

I'm talking about today. Gay hit 5 of 7 against Iguodala, Tony Allen got an easy line drive against him. His head is definatly not in the game today.

I'm sure you're insight into his head is as accurate as your spelling ability.

STFU reply to GoSixers on Feb 15 at 21:28

Stop commenting. When people do give you stats and examples, of course you focus on 'the head' comment. Do everyone a favor and don't be a hypocrite.


There's no way this game should be this outta hand. They better get their shit together at half time.

Meeks was wide open for like 10 seconds there.

Hawes has ice on his ankle.

Gotta love the standing O for a guy coming back from a drug suspension.

Oh come on - it's not like it's a real drug - it's a stupid banned substance...per usual the NBA goes over board with something...

Was that what he said it was for, or what the league said it was for? Either way, I'm doubtful.

I'm not - cause if it was something serious he would have had the birman year suspension - same thing as rashard according to all reports

2 for 1, get it to 10.

Who left him open?

It was Jrue's fault. He lost his man watching the ball.

Alright, they crept back to within touch at the end of the half. Now please come out and play some semblance of decent basketball in the second half.

PHI 44, MEM 55

eddies' heady's on Feb 15 at 21:12

Not bad to get it to 11. Lou and Thad basically carried them. Got to come out strong before the first TV timeout in the third and get it around 7-8.

And Turner played stellar and really stood out out there. More burn. lol

Any reason for getting the ball to Brand for only 3 shots? No. Get him more please.

If Iguodala and Brand come out and play a good second half we will win this game. Oh, and if Doug keeps Songalia on the bench too.

Brand's playing fine. If we actually pass him the ball, we can win the game.

He's playing bad defense. We have no chance on the boards if he gets only 1 rebound.

Yes - blame the 6'8 power forward who is out heighted by randolph AND gasol

Let's ignore that hawes sucks

I didn't feel the need to say what we already all know about Hawes.

I'm talking about Brand, and he needs to step it up on the glass. I don't expect much from Hawes, but I do expect our team leader to give a better effort then what he's shown.

One of Iguodala's worst halves in a while. He was -14, 2pts, 2TO, 1 asst and took only 1 shot. No other SIxers had as bad a +/- but Hawes was close. Notably, Jrue was +1.

So was the team reading a bit too much of their positive press clipppings?

Good - feed the idiots why don't you.

If Hawes is really hurt - do we suppose Speights might play?

I hope so...I can't take any more Songalia

Oh you know if hawes is hurt sogaila is starting and nocioni is the back up center

Batties injury seems to be taking a while don't it?

Battie was back at practice yesterday. Man, is that what I have to look forward to in a couple months when I turn 35? Is it going to take me months to recover from injuries?

You young whippersnapper - i'm 39 in less than 3 weeks

tk76 reply to GoSixers on Feb 15 at 21:23

He won't be back until after the AS break.

tk76 reply to GoSixers on Feb 15 at 21:23

I support Iguodala enough to be able to point out when he is invisible.

Top 5 tweets of the week - that's like 8 different kinds of waste of reality

Here's my bold prediction. Sixers hold Memphis under 100 pts and win the game.

I agree...don't see Young/Allen having the same impact offensively that they had in the first half.

The Great Satan, Demarcus Cousins, has 14 and 11 at the half. On 9 shots. But he also got to the line 7 times in just 17 minutes, which I guess is supposed to be a bad thing because it means DeMarcus is using lots of possessions. Even though it's really a good thing. Also, he has 2 fouls and 2 turnovers, which is really terrible. What kind of big man picks up 2 fouls in only one half of play? I'm glad we didn't draft him, because if he were starting for us instead of Hawes, we'd be way worse.

3 turnovers now, 4/10 from the floor. You probably should've waited for the final line to do your chirping.


Anybody hear anything about gay?

X-rays negative - done for night - MRI tomorrow

Alright, down to six.

Yesss Brand!!!

strain shoulder i think i heard MRIs tomorrow 4 him

eddies' heady's on Feb 15 at 21:31

Great start here. Just what we needed. Now sustain it please.

Iguodala more active. Jrue over-dribbling.

Brian - Gay is out for the game. At least.

Shoulder subluxation, says Twitter. A partial dislocation that may only keep him out for a couple weeks.

Dislocation is a big problem for a hoops player.

JODIE 4 3.

Iguodala really looks out of sorts on the offensive end, like he's trying to do things too quickly.

Not the best color man in basketball but Sean Tuohy is just cool

eddies' heady's on Feb 15 at 21:39

Jo-3! LEt's go! Shit, Allen layin. Jrue up and under. Get a stop!

anyone with any optimistic outlook? I'm becoming extremely depressed

They've cut the lead to four - what game are you watching?

The grizz are leaving Meeks alone on the perimeter - a lot - find him until he misses.

Anyone know the history of Zach versus Brand? Has he always owned elton?

Tray reply to GoSixers on Feb 15 at 21:40

I'll call Doris Kearns Goodwin and find out.

He's been open all game. There have been 3 or 4 times where they completely ignored him and our guys didn't find him.

Brand did it once - pissed me off - he can't post these guys up - he was trying to back down someone and meeks was wide open


That's a 5 point swing you idiot by taking that 3

HAWES!!! He was a good 3/4 of an inch over the rim there. Jrue w/ some nice penetration.

eddies' heady's on Feb 15 at 21:40

Down to 4. We're the aggressors now, keep that up and good things will continue to happen.

can somebody give me a website to watch the game online for free

WITHIN STRIKING DISTANCE! , im tired of being a silly optimistic fan, I WANT the sixers too attack! & bring it to em!

eddies' heady's on Feb 15 at 21:42

Dammit, Jrue, turnover for a runout on other end. ugh

And then gave up a 3. Fuck.

Fuck me. Had it to 4, then a Jrue turnover, make on the other end. Then Hawes tries a three and gets it blocked, made three on the other end. Fuck me twice.

Then Hawes fail on 3pt attempt. back to 9 on stupid plays.

Spencer effin sucks

Hawes should be punched in the junk every time he even LOOKS like he's attempting a 3

can somebody take spencer back to the barbershop, he seems to play alot better with more confidence after a fresh Jersey shore Situation haircut

and Cousins has quickly upped his total to 4 turnovers and 4 fouls. Now 5/12 from the floor, 6/7 from the line for 16 points. So 16 points on 19 possessions, give or take.

eddies' heady's on Feb 15 at 21:45

That sequence there starting w/ that Jrue turnover could be crucial - in a bad way. Got to get this lead back to 4-5 before end of quarter.

Good god - are the sixers allergic to the ball tonight?

What the hell was that pass? Was it tipped?

eddies' heady's on Feb 15 at 21:46

ANother turnover for a runout, they have to have near 20 pts on breaks

EB with a J

Just finish the quarter strong and all will be forgiven...

motherF^CYU&*#$Y&#%Y#&* turnover! sloppy

I know you drew the foul lou - (after jrue was fouled trying to get to the basket and not called) but MEEKS was wide open

Wow, cry me a river Memphis announcers. MIKE CONLEY IS BLEEDING!!!!!!! STOP THE GAME AND LET'S ALL GO HOME!

Lou got a gift foul - be petty about it why don't you

Defense still not giving me confidence the sixers can win this game

eddies' heady's on Feb 15 at 21:51

Damn Elton, just shoot it w/ the smaller guy on you.

Lou and-one! YES


if we had a real center who could finish Jrue woulda dropped that off. instead he looked off Spencer for Lou on the perimeter


ps...i still hate you


I feel 100% certain that they are going to throw the zone at us in the 4th.

eddies' heady's on Feb 15 at 21:53

ugh, looked like good ball denial by EB but they call the over the back for his 4th.

ET in.

Some folks at libertyballers are very happy that vasquez dude s playing.

I'd like to thank lou for all the crappy offensive sets in the last minute

Huge board by Thad, and great job by Lou going to the hole hard to get the two-for-one. let's fucking go.

Hey lou - there was 4 seconds on the clock you putz.

Memphis announcers gave a stat that said when thad scores 20 the sixers are 6-1 - anyone verify this?

yep sort by points scored.

PHI 75, MEM 77 Great third quarter. Now get over the hump quickly and don't let up.

eddies' heady's on Feb 15 at 21:56

Good quarter, cut that lead down by 9. This one's gonna be a dogfight. But we should come out on top with the same energy and effort displayed in that quarter. Finish.

THADDDDDD... i need to stop watching these sixers games till they start playin consistant, or at least till they get a GOOD BIG MAN, to replace spencer..im suffering from depression...deep..depression

Dammit Lou!

Just a little penetration and he could have kicked it to Meeks for the corner 3.

Ikeepnotmakinganaccount on Feb 15 at 21:58

Why hasn't Speights played at all?

Teh starting center is playing horribly, your best big man is on the bench with 4 fouls, they're bigger in the frontcourt..

you'd think he'd at least get some minutes...

At this point, I'm just happy Songaila hasn't re-entered the game.

Speights seems to be so deep in the doughouse (not a typo) he must have raped one of douggies grand babbies or something.

Watch for the zone - and figure out how to defend the grizzlies big men or trouble ensues

eddies' heady's on Feb 15 at 21:58

Turner's got J Williams on him. Post him up please.

eddies' heady's reply to eddies' heady's on Feb 15 at 21:59

Nevermind, conley's back in

Ikeepnotmakinganaccount on Feb 15 at 21:59

Why hasn't Speights played at all?

Teh starting center is playing horribly, your best big man is on the bench with 4 fouls, they're bigger in the frontcourt..

you'd think he'd at least get some minutes...

i hate when thad settles for that step back jumper. its never was and never will be a good shot

The Thunder announcer just praised Carl Landry for being a "rigid - rugged - very rigid rebounder." He realized it was rugged but switched back to rigid.

Thad sometimes gets way too out of control.

Lou - gotta watch the guy on the run out - bad pass by conley prevents the easy 2 off the jump...

Gasol/Randolph - sixers can't stop em

eddies' heady's on Feb 15 at 22:01

Got to bring EB back in, no?

Get either Jrue or Iguodala back in there, please.

eddies' heady's on Feb 15 at 22:02

And Dre for ET too please.

Fuck me. From 2 to 9 in the blink of an eye.


Marc Gasol
Zach Randolph

Big men who can pass well

The only thing Spencer hawes passes well is gas

Isn't elton brands gonna be a FA same year as dwight??? can't we heavily pursue him? dream come true, we need a defensive big man who can rebound and finish around the rim ! match made in heaven

Nice ball security, Lou.

eddies' heady's on Feb 15 at 22:05

Dammit, another turnover for a runout. sheesh

eddies' heady's on Feb 15 at 22:06

Make these at the line Thad. That's our only shot is to get them into the penalty.

Lou got the hook. Blocked shot turns into a layup. Ugh.

eddies' heady's on Feb 15 at 22:07

Aannnnd....he missed both. Typical for the night

O-board putback on other end. Game over? maybe....

Guess I can go do the dishes

TERRIBLE line-up to start the 4th. Are you kidding me?

eddies' heady's on Feb 15 at 22:09

And Dre misses one of two.

Down to 7. Come on.....

Come on. Two in a row off the Sixers. Can't keep giving them opportunities.



Kainer reply to TS on Feb 15 at 22:12


eddies' heady's on Feb 15 at 22:11

You've got to be kidding me? Jrue leaks off and Conley is wide open from 3 and he banks the muthafu...... in.

eddies' heady's reply to eddies' heady's on Feb 15 at 22:12

Off the third chance/opportunity/possession on that end of floor. ugh

Banked three at the buzzer, huh? Not sure they're coming back from that.


At least the effort was better in the 2nd

The effort in the 3rd was nice - the effort in the 4th was pathetic - though brians prediction wasn't so bad if you ignore the teams

we can win this game at the line.

not if they can't hit a free throw...

eddies' heady's on Feb 15 at 22:15

Shoot, EB missed one of two, too. That's four free throws this quarter.

Jrue +9 in 32 minutes.

Collin's other line-ups -19 in the other 10 minutes.

He has one of the best on/off +/- in the league. It's a difference of like 8 or 9 pts in OFR/DFR dif.

At least the dagger wasn't banked in.

eddies' heady's on Feb 15 at 22:17

There have been so many loose balls tonight that they were obviously quicker to.

Conley 3 at buzzer again. We're done. Disappointing.

Game over.

ET -23 in 23 minutes.

ET and Iguodala just terrible. But I guess they were due for a stinker.

How can their announcer think they need 100 to win? We'd need to score 17 points in 3 minutes to match that. Odds are decent that they could never score again and still win.

what a disappointment.

So the Sixers basically lost this game twice. Once with Gay, once without.

At least it only counts for one loss.

This game reminiscent of how the Sixers 2 years ago lost a bunch after they made it to .500 right at the end of the season. You can't get to happy with yourself and lose your edge.

Well, 6-2 when Thad scores 20. He's your player of the game, I guess. Probably should be Jrue, but he's gotten like 1 shot in the last 15 minutes or so.

Well, this is the good thing about back-to-backs. Get to erase the memory tomorrow night.

PHI 91, MEM 102 final.

eddies' heady's on Feb 15 at 22:27

Bummer. Well, at least Evan had just as good a second half as his first half with no turnovers. What a difference maker, huh?

Terrible game all-around. We looked chaotic all night on both ends sans for little over half of the 3rd quarter. Bad, bad game.

Your beyond annoying.

Sixers on the road against a team 500 better at home - not a surprising loss

Rich reply to GoSixers on Feb 16 at 1:26

Nah, don't get to high or too low. Played a poor game, got beat. Head to the next one.

ET's worst game as a pro IMO.

In nearly 27 min he shot 1-7, 2 pts, no FTA, 0 assists, 0 TO.

With 1:30 left he was -26 in 24 minutes on the floor.

He basically stood around and did absolutely nothing- except missing a few shots.

tk76 reply to tk76 on Feb 15 at 22:36

Maybe his back is hurting him?

I'd give the POTG to Hawes, not joking. The 2nd half fell apart when he was benched since we were ridiculously overmatched inside. Same thing happened in the first half really. Can't understand Doug C.'s insistence on the small lineup against a team like Memphis.

tk76 reply to stoned81 on Feb 15 at 22:40

Nah. Hawes was not really a net positive or negative. I thought the Sixers made there runs when Jrue and Thad were effective (and partly Lou.) The problem was, that was only for brief spurts.

Randolph and Gasol and the grizz had a field day on the offensive glass even while hawes was in the game - he stinks defensively - he hade the ball literally pulled out of his hands for an easy 2 by the grizz in the first half - and there was that junk punch of a 3 attempt.

He had a nice dunk though - who knew he could jump

The 3-point attempt was for entertainment value :)

In the 3rd quarter I thought he held his own underneath, and it helped spur the run. Thad couldn't handle Randolph down low in the 4th, either defensively or on the glass (how could he, he's like half his size). Poor decision by Collins imo.

Stat of the night:

Grizz 20A:5TO
Sixers 14A:16TO

Asked Sweet Lou about reaching .500 before all-star break (2 games in 2 days to do it). He said they know and they want it -- bad.

Kate Fagan posted that on twitter before the game.

Accurate word - bad

johnrosz reply to tk76 on Feb 15 at 23:13

looked more like Ryan Leaf than Peyton Manning tonight

eddies' heady's reply to johnrosz on Feb 15 at 23:23

lol, don't insult Ryan Leaf like that..hahah

LOLZ, you're so funny.

Tray reply to tk76 on Feb 15 at 23:35

Advice from Nocioni, good idea.

Tom Moore on Feb 15 at 23:12

Oh, mama: Sixers stuck with Memphis blues again:


dwhite reply to Tom Moore on Feb 16 at 8:48

Even with an injured Rudy Gay, the Grizzlies just smoked the Sixers eyelids and punched their cigarette :) Crazy.

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