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Payback, In A Big Way

I admire your optimism - so in your they split scenario you feel they're losing tomorrow?:)

The second priority is defensive rebounding.

This has been bugging me the past few games - the need for a big man who isn't Spencer Hawes becomes more clear every day.

They got Jrue next to Ellis and Gay on http://espn.go.com/nba/

there's your national press--

What do you guys think of this deal?


Maybe we can throw in Brackins as well...

Memphis is shopping Thabeet true - but I don't think that's what they have in mind.

Thabeets contract can expire as early as next season, so not sure why Memphis takes on extra money.

Yeah, they'd be taking back the difference between Nocioni and Thabeet next season, which is somewhere near $1.5M.

Nocioni has a far better reputation of being able to play than Thabeet. Maybe they'll think he can help their weak bench.

Their bench is better than you think and you take away both their back up centers and make them a much older team

Nothing ventured, probably nothing gained imo.

Memphis has very few bad contracts (for now) if you consider gay a 'good' contract it's really only conley

Mayo back from suspension?

Either way, I'm chalking this up as a L unfortunately.

Since I was in Synergy, the numbers back up my assertion that Lou is the best spot-up shooter on the team (and that's really his best role, not running the offense). He's at 1.14 ppp in spot-up opportunities. Meeks is 0.95, Turner 0.87, Jrue 0.89.

Iguodala is the second best, at 1.07ppp.

Check that, Iguodala is 3rd. Brand is second at 1.11ppp. Brand is pretty much awesome across the board, except on offensive boards (1.05).

except on offensive boards (1.05).

Am I the only one who thinks they're a lot less important than defensive boards? IT's why I always hated reggie evans - the defensive rebounding went down but the offensive rebounding went up

No, I don't think they're less important. I think they just really shouldn't be related to defensive boards in any way. An o-board typically not only gives you another possession, but gives you a high percentage look at the hoop. The possession goes from a sure 0 to probably better than 1.1 points in value w/ an o-board. That's a big deal.

I guess my point is that when thining about an upgrade for the sixers big men my focus is first and foremost someone better on the defensive glass...it's one of those things that can be good - game in and game out regardless of offensive efficiency that helps you win the game and is a lot of 'effort'.

I think I just value defense more that's all, comes from being a goalie in all sports and really not having offensive skill in basketball but i usually got the defensive assignment to stop whomever at camp - that i could usually do

jkay reply to Brian on Feb 15 at 17:57

although Evans' touch around the basket might bring that figure down to 0.45

My argument always was that evans was so good on offensive boards because he kept getting his own misses - it was purely emotional and i had no actual evidence :)

jkay reply to GoSixers on Feb 15 at 18:05

and mine was purely comedic.
a graceful figure he wasn't.
...bet DC would like some of that toughness.

Raptors fans love him - convinced if he didn't get hurt they'd be a playoff team :)

Who is the best on isolations? Do the numbers support the role Lou gets from Collins at the end of games? I seriously doubt it...

Rich reply to Brian on Feb 15 at 18:06

Your feet need to be stapled into the ground for a spot-up, right? He's great at those catch and shoot on the move when he ends up in the corner too.

First PECOTA projections have Yankees missing playoffs. http://sbn.to/eZSRBr

Yikes, only 87 wins for phillies?

I don't know how accurate pecota is

Don't really care about the win total - what matters is the place in the divsion.

Many heads on ESPN (of which neyer is no longer one which is a shame for ESPN's baseball coverage) feel the phllies may have an age issue in their line up (and they do) and they lack a right handed bat.

Rollins age and injury history has been a concern of mine for a couple years now - and they have no one ready to assume the mantle at short, 3rd, or second

Damn, they're fake PECOTA rankigns - sadness

first game in a while I have been anxious to see. hope this will be a good performance.

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