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Game 56 Thread: PHI @ HOU

The Kings Speech?

Yeah, I'm sure it's a fine movie, I just have this sinking feeling that there's a finite number of Colin Firth movies a man can watch without diminishing his testosterone to dangerously low levels.

I have no problem with colin firth movies - but historical movies about the brits make me want to vomit - my gf tried to get me to go see it but i have a standing refusal to see any movie on the big screen that doesn't really require it (i mean come on - movies are too expensive and the only movie i paid to see on screen last year was trek and that was worth it - this year though a bunch is coming) and she knows she'll get it on netflix and watch it upstairs while i'm watching something she won't like :)

Though - I've made her a stargate, farscape, and dr who fan :)

Yeah, I expected to hate it too. For one, I'm not a big fan of the house of windsor. And I tend to dislike those quality mid-brow british productions that taste of pbs fundraiser specials. Nevertheless, I ended up liking the damn movie despite myself. It was just well done on many levels -- even the wallpaper was cool. Not as fun as Black Swan, but heartwarming in a way that failed to nauseate.

Didn't appear to affect my testosterone level. But that's never bean a big concern.

Tray reply to Bob on Feb 16 at 21:21

You liked those ridiculous shots where Firth would be isolated in the corner of the frame, the rest of which was filled by an expanse of that weird rotting wallpaper?

No not that wallpaper especially. I did like the windows in that room, though. I meant the crazy bright wallpaper in Logue's apartment.

Tray reply to Brian on Feb 16 at 21:20

It's a solid, but really very average film. Firth is very good though.

I would not trade Iggy for Martin.

I really like Luis Scola. Worried about Jrue Holiday vs Aaron brooks matchup. I don't trust Jrue vs speedy guards.

Funny thing is I htink there were people saying that's a trade they'd make before.

I also think there are some of those chatters who think martin straight up for iguodala wouldn't be fair - to the rockets :)

wow Kmart's usg% is 30% :O. His O-rating is 119 with a 61% TS% :O.

Having Jodie guard K-mart is a mistake.

Having Jodie Meeks guard anyone is a mistake :)

His defense isn't that good either, be nice to get Jodie off early and KEEP ON HIM until you force martin into foul trouble

tk76 reply to GoSixers on Feb 16 at 19:31

I'd rather not let KMart get started. Put Iguodala on him from the start. Iguodala will get more respect from the refs when KMart tries to draw fouls. And If Iguodala draws 2 fouls just put Turner on him and move Iguodala to another man.

He's no offensive juggernaut - but you are encouraging a jodie meeks / shane battier mis match?

Adelman might notice that :)

Eh. If they're running offense through Battier, you've already won. I put Iguodala on Martin right from the start.

6'8" 38.6% career 3 point shooter
Just saying - by all means - let meeks guard him

His offensive game is standing in the corner and shooting when he's wide open. It's a waste to put Iguodala on him.

I'm hoping Jodie gets into early foul trouble.

This is from the Sixers twitterer:

Coach Collins says break good for #Sixers after good stretch of games; 'most important' thing for guys is to keep weight down during break.

Who do you think that's directed at?


tk76 reply to Jason on Feb 16 at 20:20

No Chili's then?

he's been demoted to Boston Market.

Yeah but he doesn't play anyway so who cares?

I was thinking Songaila. Need him in tip-top shape to be our backup center.

In all honesty - being at the 'festivities' I'd be most concerned about Jrue and all the parties - but he's going home right? So maybe he'll just hang with familY?

Yeah, I don't think you need to worry about Jrue in that way. He'll be with his mom and dad.

See - that's just kind of awesome - it reminds me of Ryan Howard - who still gets an allowance from his CPA parents to make sure he doesn't over spend his money (side note for those who don't know - ryan howard is the runt of his siblings - think about that for a minute)

I like when guys are grounded in those small ways

tk76 reply to GoSixers on Feb 16 at 20:22

Jrue's mom is going to coach him up this weekend. Expect some excellent defensive intensity when he returns.

I hope his brother comes home and wallops him in one on one or something :)

Hmmn, the Sixers are 4.5 point dogs and ESPN.com's simulation has them losing by almost 7. I guess that makes sense. Houston had last night off, played at home vs. Denver on Monday night.

+ Sixers are 9-20 on the road.

will there be a Podcast tomorrow night?

That's the plan.

Looks like ESPN's live box scores are down. NBA.com or Yahoo, which should I use instead?

Yahoo.com - the game center is quite nice - and it's not nba.com - most league sites are bad - but i find NBA.coms especially poorly designed - they're all WAY too auto play video heavy - it's not as bad as MLB's (which is pretty bad) but it's close

Knicks up by 10 on the Hawks early in the second. I wonder if ATL could go into a major tailspin.

How good is atlanta really? I mean atlanta magic - does anyone believe the winner can take out the celtics or heat in 7?

This game isn't really being played at the knicks pace though

Yeah, ATL is slowing it down. They cut into the lead, too. Horford's doing a great job on Amare, from what I've seen.

I need amare to step it up

(BTW - for your fantasy folk - i benched jrue in favor of sessions again - in sessions last game he was better off the bench fantasy wise in his last game than jrue was last night :) )

Alright, I've been looking forward to this all day, let's hope they don't shit the bed in the first Q again.

The rockets broadcast are abusing Lawlers (sp?) law.

AAAAAAAAAAAAAAnd...Hawes actually wins the tip.

Must be my tv - the jerseys look orange?

Iguodala on Battier to start. Battier scores in the post.

Brand scores right over Hayes on the other end.

aaand, nice pass Payton.

Look at Hawes literally getting pushed around by Scola when he tries to get position in the post. Pitiful.

Hawes can't even out rebound this miniscule front court? Sad

Great start, ugh.

jrue needs to double hard there, or not double at all. I prefer the latter.

Jrue w/ the slam on the break.

So - they're flat again - but it's the players fault right?

Eh, little early to say that. The Rockets just can't miss.

The half court offense is weak - and hawes looks bad, even for hawes - too many open looks and sily match ups (what the hell was jrue doing on battier) from bad switching.

Do you think lou is watching the rockets offensive sets and confused by this thing called 'ball movement'?

Collins will take time out and bench Jrue I bet

Where the eff is the D. Awful.

Gotta defend fellas. Poor start.

houston announcer called Jrue a 2 guard lul.

who is running the offense? past 2 days it's seemed very disorganized.

Yeah, I heard that too.

So - what does a country do when a city really has just died and doesn't have the ability to evolve to meet the new era (yeah i'm talking to you detroit)

Make cool commercials.

Also, Watson will take our jobs in 15 years. didn't catch tonights episode of Jeopardy but i bet he killed again.

The commercial is only good when the super bowl version airs with the cool voice over (i forget the actors name) and eminem actually appears.

Right now the best thing to come out of detroit is hardcore pawn (tru tv - it's hysterical) and just really it's instructive

God. Who the hell is this announcer for the Houston feed???

Is he the guy who wears really bad suits?

Houston is a really, really bad defensive team. They need to get into the lane earlier.

Another three. Ugh.

It's Drexler and some other guy.

Drexler is talking out of his arse

is it me or does it sound like he's emulating frazier from MSG?

Put Turner on Lowry. Lowry is doing up Jrue like Billups did.

Fuck me, man. Jrue out of the game.

Needed Turner to guard Lowry. But I woulda kept Jrue in and just switched the defense.

Yeah, but you knew collins was taking jrue out for lou - lou's strong defensively :)

Jrue AND Meeks to the bench huh?

Is this one of those games wher Hawes should be fed because the rockets are so short?

Hays already in foul trouble - feed the big men

Payton rocks.

"His Daddy"

How don't you know that ET was teh 2nd pick in the draft.

eddies' heady's reply to Jason on Feb 16 at 20:53

Watching him play?

Funny thing is - I think Speights could abuse these guys

I don't think they can match Thad's quickness.

Eventually, I'm going to hate the fact that Turner takes long twos on those kickouts. At this point, i'm just happy to see him make something.

eddies' heady's reply to Brian on Feb 16 at 20:55

Yeah, it was disappointing to me to hear him say that he wasn't really fond of shooting the long ball.

Brand w/ the lefty jam in transition!

Clyde Drexler has the 'cliche book next to him.

"He's 7'1" - you can't teach that"

Nice little run after the time out (and substitution) - yay sigh

Rockets feed appears to be narrated by the lucky winners of Houston's Announcer-for-a-day contest

12-0 run. Apologies to Doug Collins.

Wow. +10 for Turner and Louis. Meeks in the starting lineup should be expired. These last two games aren't the first two they've started out like crap and then the bench brought it back.

That's more like it. I'm getting a little perturbed that Turner more than once has come in for Jrue and the defense noticeably picks up.

Very similar to the Denver game.

And Martin hasn't gotten a good look since Iguodala was put on him (turner switched onto him for that last play).

Ah, Lou. You have to know Scola's going to play the euro interior defense.

Catch-and-shoot Lou. He'd be so much more effective if he played off the ball more.

OK, good recovery.

PHI 23, HOU 23 after 1.

eddies' heady's on Feb 16 at 21:00

Nice comeback after an inauspicious start to the quarter.

Ryan Leaf is playing pretty well right now.

That's an insult to Ryan Leaf.

Is it possible to insult ryan leaf?

So the mascot at the rockets game just smashed a cake over a fans head - i hope the fan agreed to that in advance

If cleveland beats the lakers (currently up 9 with 9 left to go in the 3rd) - is that just normal or do the lakers get worried?

cue eddie's heady's head exploding at Turner nailing the final possession shot!

eddies' heady's reply to stoned81 on Feb 16 at 21:07

lol...not hardly, it's one shot

How does Luis Scola play taller than Spencer Hawes?

This has to be Hawes' longest run of the season.

I'm pretty sure the rockets announcers know absolutely nothing about the sixers coming into this game

They just said Hawes works hard on his game. I think that says it all.

i love the hawes praise. Love it.

Be nice if we could stop the three ball.

Why start this season?

weren't the sixers one of the best defending the 3 earlier this season?

Still are. 4th in the league, 33.5%

Trading hoops, until that turnover.

Early triple double watch for Iguodala. 2/4/4 in the first quarter.

Mars Needs Moms

Spencer Hawes has clearly not worked hard on his game. What are you talking about, Clyde?

They really are idiots aren't they

(PS Folks - Ramon Sessions has 20 and 5 assists with 7:30 to go in the 3rd)

Tray reply to GoSixers on Feb 16 at 21:30

I understand Atlanta thinks he's what they need to get to the next level. Idiots.

They need a point guard upgrade - bibby is pretty bad these days - and teague isn't ready.

I've been a sessions fan for a few years now - always helps me out in fantasy ball :) 23 points , 6 assists and 3 steals tonight.

The lakers have serious point guard problems that might give them issues come playoff time

Tray reply to GoSixers on Feb 16 at 21:58

Atlanta needs a lot of things. Trading for a back-up point guard so they can start him because he's better than their other back-ups won't solve anything.

Wait - who the hell is #16?

Speights sighting.

Thad is on.

When did PTS+REB+AST become something measured?

Jesus. Another three for Lowry.

Love all the Japanese ads at mid-court for the Yao Ming following out there.

Sean reply to Sean on Feb 16 at 21:13


I'm going to assume that was a joke for my own sanity.

Pretty P&R w/ Jrue and Speights.

Speights can't miss.

I actually have a portal into doug collins brain (much like the one in malkovich) that i use infrequently but felt it was necessary tonight since no one was playing defense anyway

eddies' heady's on Feb 16 at 21:21

Good look and pass ahead from Jrue to Thad.

Atta boy, Jrue. Atta boy.


eddies' heady's on Feb 16 at 21:23

I've kind of liked Patrick Patterson going back to last year. Don't know specifically why though.

Double-edge sword with Young playing so well...it's great to see him finally reach his potential but it seems more and more certain he'll command more money on the market than we will give him.

Until he gets better defensively - let someone else pay him

From what I was reading on my cellphone, it looks like Turner has, in the words of Mark Jackson, mastered the lawst art of the mid-range jumpah.

Heh. He certainly takes enough of them, not sure he's quite mastered it, though.

Do don't mess with texas commercials air outside of texas?

Brad Miller is so slow and yet I feel that he might be faster than Hawes. We need an awkward slow motion post off.

They should have those guys do a foot race a la Barkley vs. Bavetta, at the all star game.

I really hate Bavetta - that race just emphasized the fact that he's too much about himself - and inserts himself in games too much

The internet gets another casualty today - borders files chapter 11

That blows, I go to borders a couple of times/month to see what books I should buy on my Kindle.

Well they aren't going out of business - but they are closing down stores - we had a big one (that put my favorite 'local' out of business about 5 years ago) shut down rather quickly -0 the barnes & noble closed a couple weeks after that.

I can tell you what books to read - just tell me what you like :)

Amazon also has an 'look inside function' now.

Book stores were doomed once people figured out online transactions.

I mostly just go in to see if any of my favorite authors have anything new out.

One of my web site ideas involved that idea once - on a grander scale - register your favorite authors / artists etc...and know when they have new stuff coming out (because amazon doesn't do it)

And then I have a money making idea of allowing companies to submit samples of 'similar' artists to the groups (without selling the names themselves) of people who like similar artists to build buzz.

I have a list of folk i just check every time i log into amazon - and if jim butcher keeps pushing back his next book i'm gonna whack him one.

I really like the amazon suggestion algorithm - i've discovered a lot of writers that way

Tray reply to GoSixers on Feb 16 at 21:34

I've never heard of a Barnes and Noble closing. In my part of the suburbs, there are 2 within 7 minutes of each other, and 4 within 20 minutes of my house. Barnes and Nobles per square mile are probably only surpassed by Starbucks and McDonald's.

The big Barnes and Noble just north of Columbus Circle closed. That shocked me.

Tray reply to Brian on Feb 16 at 21:45

I guess our local economy is just better than New York City's.

TS reply to Brian on Feb 16 at 21:31

I do the same thing. It sucks but you needed a coupon just to get prices down to a reasonable level. I would always try to at least by a coffee though.

I go into book stores - i scan the books - and just add them to my iphone list to buy later on amazon :)

Yeah, it's hard to muster sympathy for stores like Borders and B&N, considering they pretty much destroyed the independent book stores. F them.

I remember talking to the 'sci fi' guy at my favorite local when he told me that they were opening a borders down the street - i looked at him and said 'you guys have six months' - he agreed - they were gone in 3

eddies' heady's on Feb 16 at 21:27

What was Dre doing there? Why didn't he challenge Lowry on that layup?

He looks out of sorts on the defensive end to me. Last night and tonight.

eddies' heady's reply to Brian on Feb 16 at 21:30

That was really weird though, he just sort of floated back toward the baseline or something. The guy running the wing hadn't even got mid-lane deep out on the wing and Dre just drifted off to the side on the baseline while Lowry goes straight down the lane for the lay-in.

Heh. Iguodala with the banker at the buzzer. I'll take it.

PHI 55, HOU 52 bad defensive second quarter, but I'll take the three point lead.

Lowry was an absolutely horrendous shooter in college. Has he significantly improved or is this shooting display a complete aberration?

He has improved.. as a nova guy he's one of my all time favorites but this is still surprising.

Probably his best shooting half as a pro

To me, as a nova guy, he is automatically one of the most evil NBA players around.

not proud of going there, simply the best school i got in to

Emory may have been better (american too) but i headed to wisconsin.

My sister had a shirt when i was growing up "I root for two teams, Temple and whoever is playing Villanova" - it's a motto that stuck

When was the last time the Sixers scored in the last 10 seconds in both the first and second quarters? Notice neither final shot was by Louis.

Jerred Jeffries w/ the velour green suit. he looks like a pool table.

Seriously - when announcers can't even announcer a players name - it drives me nuts.

Wheres Courtney Lee?

Sick - Pneumonia I think?

Meeks on Battie to start the third, Iguodala on Martin (who scores off a cut on the first play).

Heh. Meeks lets Battier completely burn him off the dribble. Ugh.

Thought you wanted to let battier beat you :)

I do.

Heh. Hawes three!

Clyde loves Hawes.

Hawes giveth - and then hawes giveth back to luis freaking scola

Junk PUnch - i don't care if it went in - PUNCH HIM IN THE JUNK


SERIOUSLY. what has happened to Iggy?

This is what happens when Hawes makes a three god damn it - everyone wants to take them.

Doug Needs to be telling them to drive every damn time - the rockets are SOFT

Seriously - they're almost as soft as you in the midle - sotp taking 3's you idiots

Get Meeks out

Drive to the hoop, please.

Will doug pull them BOTH again or just meeks?

Pull meeks and Iggy please. Bring in Speights for a twin tower!

I'd pull meeks and hawes - bring in turner and speights - collins will probably do the back court switch again

God damnit, Hawes. Fucking sissy afraid to roll. That turnover was on him, not Jrue.

I wonder if Iguodala's achilles is barking again. 4 threes, his defense looks off. Hard to tell, because he's still explosive, but I do wonder.

In today's episode of As the Rookie Class's World turns, Ed Davis had 8 and 13 in 22 minutes, on 4-5 shooting, while Derrick Favors, in his never-ending quest to put up the quietest lines of an NBA starter since the days of Michael Curry, has 2 points, 5 rebounds and 4 fouls in 15 minutes. Wesley Johnson, Eddie's Heady's preferred pick at #2, has, through three quarters, come off the bench to miss two threes, get two turnovers, and pull down two rebounds; Griffin has 25, 6 and 4 through three. Eyenga probably had the dunk of the night, and Cleveland's probably about to beat the Lakers. Cousins has been lousy.

I'm surprised Tray hasn't given us a Cousins update yet. I'll pick up the slack for him.

5/12 from the floor, for 11 points. 4 turnovers, 2 fouls in 20 minutes.

Tray reply to Brian on Feb 16 at 22:00

See above, "Cousins has been lousy." He did have 21 and 13 off the bench in his last game.

We followed along. the 5 turnovers were pretty.

Tray reply to Brian on Feb 16 at 22:04

By the way, if a guy misses his shot, gets his miss, misses his shot, gets his miss, tips it in on the third try, that sequence makes him look inefficient, but is that fair? Because they're not really using 3 possessions, they're using one. It's very different than going 1 for 3 in three different possessions.

Come on. Chuck fucking Hayes?

Give it to elton brand




I'm liking the extended burn for Hawes tonight. He produces with minutes and Brand plays better at the 4.

He produces with minutes against soft big men. Chuck Hayes? Luis Scola? Jordan Hill?

Let's not give Hawes too much credit - the houston big men are not good. Speights was having his way as well

JRUE 4 3!

Jrue has been stellar this quarter.

The cavs might lose this game

I'd ride Jrue here. He's dominating this quarter (as the initiator, I might add).

Get Speights back in there - maybe run of that missing pick and roll

JTI in the game right now. Leaf gets two buckets in a row.

These Houston announcers sure love Hawes, huh?

Clyde loves his dad

Jesus, Lowry can't miss.

How many times did Turner foul Evan without it being called?

At some point the sixers will come out to guard Scola on that shot right?

Shit. Give the ball to Jrue, please.

Thank you. JRUE 4 3!

Scola might be the ugliest chick I've ever seen.

That chick on the drew carey show is still the ugliest chick i've ever seen

Jrue's stroke is something tonight. I love his form.

eddies' heady's on Feb 16 at 22:08

Jrue on fire!

Did Turner just out muscle a triple team?

that was nasty

I was just wondering if maybe I was seeing things...would have been better if he made the basket but that was kind of awesome I thought

Yeah he should use that strength when he goes up for the basket instead of tossing the floater. He'll learn.

We're getting a good preview of the Turner/Holiday future backcourt right now.

How bricks can Iggy throw up in one quarter? None of them even seemed to be in and out.

If it weren't for him shutting down martin a bit since the first quarter (when meeks covered him) this might be wosre than last night since every one sucked last night

strong move by Turner. Hawes turning garbage into garbage into gold.

Hawes headed to the locker room

Strained labia, no doubt. Return, questionable.

Hey Lou elton was wide open from his money location you idiot

PHI 86, HOU 78 after three.

Good third quarter, better defense (sort of). Now finish this shit off.

I loathe Lou Williams.

Would it kill Lou to look at Brand in pick and pop? Just once?

WIDE FREAKING OPEN in his pleasure zone...yeah he gave it up to iguodala later - but Brand had a wide open look.

With Cleveland's win over LA tonight, Cleveland has cut LA's scoring margin in the series to a mere 50-point advantage. (Cleveland lost by 55 in the first game.)

Holy shit. Just doing quick math in my head, I've got the Sixers at 86 points on roughly 68 possessions, through 3.

and the rockets at 78 points :)

Not exactly good defense tonight

Lakers just lost to the Cavs. Awesome.

Sean reply to TS on Feb 16 at 22:19

Despite a 30 and 20 from Gasol

Ramon Sessions had a monster game

Wow. That was great defense by Turner on Budinger.

Speights wasn't half bad on Scola either...

Kaman returned tonight and has played okay in low minutes.

Catch-and-shoot Lou.

That might send jrue to the bench

That was the unforgivable Jrue turnover. The other three were not bad, but you can't just get your pocket picked like that. Ugh.

4 turns for Jrue tonight, I'd say 3 led straight to buckets too.

One was the oop to Iguodala where he got held up. Dead ball. Another was to Hawes where he just stopped rolling. That fourth one was definitely bad. Can't remember the other.

Rich reply to Brian on Feb 16 at 22:25

I believe it was the terrible outlet pass that Hayes picked off. Might have only been 2 then.

Yeah, it got deflected, right? Popped up in the air.

Yep, take a seat Jrue.

He's been scolded- lou still sucks - bring him back in

Awful offensive possessoin that was

Lou's missed lay-up of the game.

Dre still possibly on pace for a "pathetic" trip/dub if he could hit a shot.

Come on, put it away. 5:52 to glory.

Terrible shooting - but he's still got that court vision

That was his 9th assist. Needs 2 boards, 1 dime, 3 pts. The pts are probably going to be the hardest.

TS reply to Brian on Feb 16 at 22:30

League Pass stats have him at 7/9/9 right now.

Wow, that was awful transition D.

Rockets are now 8/28 from three, 28.6%.

who would like to at least HIT kyle lowry

ET could give him the season ending judo chop.

Ugh. You've got to be shitting me. Lou is helpless on defense.

Jrue back - but for Turner sadly...

Fuck this, win this game with defense Doug. Get Jrue the fuck in for Lou.

Cousins update: 6/17 from the floor for 13 points. 6 turnovers.

So fucking quick up the floor. Love it.

The energy and effort they're playing with tonight (after a slow first quarter start) just makes last night coma fest even more inexcusable

Heh. If they're flat tonight, Collins sucks. If they aren't flat tonight, Collins sucks :)

I'm just asking a question honestly - what the frack was up last night - where was that energy - why didn't it show up in the second half with adjustments? I'm not blaming anyone - I just wanna know why they were SO BAD last night - there's no real excuse.

BTW - Doug collins was the head coach of a lot of teams right before they won a title in cluding the pistons with larry brown - rick carlisle obvious not relevant to these guys

Tray, is 16 points on 29 possessions a good game? 19 shots, 6 free throws, 7 turnovers. Yep. 29 possessions. He didn't foul out, though. Only 5 fouls.

Hey leave me out of this

How many lay-ups for Houston before Doug recognizes that small ball is big fail?

Hawes is i nthe locker room
Speights is back in the doug house it seems

Who do the sixers have who can stop anyone in your scenario?

Speights is at least tall, can put up an arm. Hawes has been back on the bench but possibly done for the game.

There seems to be a point in the game where doug collins decides (especially with a lead) - these are the guys i'm going with for the rest of the game (sometime in the fourth) but i maybe it's just my perception.

Great D, Jrue. Made Lowry miss.

Iggy follows it up with a 10% shot. I don't get what he's doing!

Iguodala's going to get the board and the pts off that play. He didn't get the assist yet, did he?

TS reply to Brian on Feb 16 at 22:40

11/10/9 right now.

Not yet

eddies' heady's on Feb 16 at 22:39

Dre has the 11th worst FT% in the NBA? wow

69 % is 11th worst? Really?

eddies' heady's reply to Rich on Feb 16 at 22:43

That's what the graphic said they just showed when he was shooting. Was wondering if it was correct myself?

I saw, but there are only 10 worse? That can't be right.

Cin reply to Rich on Feb 16 at 22:57

I assume FTA are take into account

15th worst w/ 100+ FTA.

6th worst w/ 200+ FTA.

9th worst w/ 150+ FTA.

So I guess there's a number you plug in there where he's the 11th worst.

Yes, 'qualified' he is 11th worse

Click & Clack

tk76 reply to GoSixers on Feb 16 at 23:07

Bizarre. 1.8FTA/g is "qualified?"

Did he throw that pass to Lou?

TS reply to Brian on Feb 16 at 22:40

Yeah but they didnt give him the assist for some reason.

Awesome D, awesome rebounding, awesome passing from Andre tonight. Shot selection F, but otherwise great game.

These announcers are idiots - that 3 pointer at the buzzer was by the sixers?

I'm almost convinced they were drunk the whole time.

Houston is going to remember that 3 the next time they meet :)

They aren't going to give him a chance to get the assist. Who threw the long pass to Lou for that dunk? That should've been an assist.

Get the assist!

They gave it to him. 13/12/10

He should have tried to hit Brand on that last possession.

I like that he just held it and heaved - I don't like those 'get it at the end when no one cares' things.

He got his in the flow of the game - he just had an awful shooting night - but at least compared to last night he had some strong passing and rebounding (and defending)

I'm still very confused about exactly what happened last night - not to blame anyone - but come on - how do they have all that energy during the back to back and just stunk on ice after the two days off?

Turtle Bay reply to GoSixers on Feb 16 at 22:47

It's one game. Relax.

Thanks for the suggestion, chief, I'm quite relaxed - but the lack of any explanation for such a horrible game when the team had 500 in its grasp is troublesome

Turtle Bay reply to GoSixers on Feb 16 at 22:57

Only explanation: Doug Collins is a terrible coach.

And yet I didn't say anything about collins - thanks for playing.

Turtle Bay reply to GoSixers on Feb 16 at 23:00

Yeah you only said it about a hundred times on the last thread. Just stop. You were wrong. It's ok.

eddies' heady's reply to GoSixers on Feb 16 at 23:05

Don't an alarming number of turnovers and a lack of a post presence on defense explain it? Along with your best player laying arguably his biggest egg of the year. It's just called an off night. The Lakers are great and they even just had one.

Memphis is a fun town, gotta assume a longggggg night of drinking :)

ET was hitting up some BBQ as per twitter. That was Marc Gasol's poison when he first got there. Maybe it got our guys too.

Haha I just took a look, that explains it. After ET tweeted the BBQ, Speights responded, "Where?" and all went silent. You know that means BBQ followed by getting sloshed, haha.

tk76 reply to stoned81 on Feb 16 at 23:15

Hah, next time the Sxier play flat, I'll yell BAR B Q!

Kevin Martin 9 points on 3-12 shooting.

On the list? Do you think Iguodala was on him most of the time?

Oh yea...get him on the list!

TS reply to DonH on Feb 16 at 22:51

Turner had him for a spell, but I remember Dre on him most of the time.

PHI 114, DEN 105 Final.

POTG options: AI9 (13/12/10, they gave him the assist. Pathetic triple double), Jrue (20/4/8), or Hawes (17/10)

I guess they did give him the assist on that Lou dunk.

Turtle Bay reply to Brian on Feb 16 at 22:48


I don't know - hawes did great offensively but defensively he looked terrible - good numbers since he left early

Iguodala's defense on martin breaks the tie?

You could even make a case for Lou and Thad too. Their offense was key tonight.

This has to be the hardest game to pick POTG all year.

eddies' heady's reply to Brian on Feb 16 at 22:50

Hawes. Jrue was certainly good but he was getting eaten alive on D most of the night.

Same can be said for Hawes though, his D on Scola was awful.

Whoever gets it, they will have some blemishes on their line.

Hawes. He was beasting. I also respect how he tried to body-slam Scola when he twisted his ankle, rather than risk further ankle-twisting by trying to D him up.

Dre's final line: 13/12/10 4 steals 1 TO great defense and terrible shooting.

Another Pathetic Triple Double (PTD.)

And almost every jumper taken by Iguodala was wince worthy :)

Doug needs to say "stop shooting" to the guys who don't get when they aren't hot.

That starts with Lou

ESPN final text alert - where they give you the 'big stat' guy for each team - they gave me jrue instead of Iguodala and no 'trip dub' text alert yet either

tk76 reply to GoSixers on Feb 16 at 22:53

He's no Rondo.

I think Houston- and esp Martin, got frustrated that they did not get their typical sissy calls. They are no Lou.

Pathetic Triple Double = tiebreaker in any POTG debate. Plus, another guy on his list.

tk76 reply to Brian on Feb 16 at 23:13

Did Jrue get POTG on his PTD night?

Happy that Thad has gotten back to his relentless attacking style lately, thats good to see. Even Hawes was able to contribute on the offensive end! And his defense was only pathetic as opposed to nonexistent tonight.

Tray, is 16 points on 29 possessions a good game? 19 shots, 6 free throws, 7 turnovers. Yep. 29 possessions. He didn't foul out, though. Only 5 fouls.

Tray reply to Brian on Feb 17 at 0:49

No, although you forgot to mention the 12 boards, 4 assists, 3 steals, and 2 blocks. There are some major positives there. And weirdly enough, even though he played 38 minutes and his team lost by 16, he somehow pulled a plus-minus off of +2. So in the ten minutes he was out, they were 20 points worse than when he was in. On an amusing but admittedly meaningless note, the premier young perimeter player in the league, as I think you've called him, only played 21 minutes tonight because in those 21 minutes he picked up 5 fouls. He also was 1-7 from the field, for 4 points. His ostensibly worse backcourt teammate scored 35 on 25 shots, with 7 assists. And of course, Aldridge continued to dominate tonight with 34 on 13-18 shooting, leading a team that currently goes 8 deep, with Patty Mills as the 8th man and Dante Cunningham as the starting center, to their 6th straight win. With that win, they improve to 32-24 and take 5th place in the West. If the MVP's the player who means the most to his team, I think Aldridge deserves some fourth or fifth place votes.

As long as Andre Miller is 3rd on your list, you might be right. 3 defensive boards in 44 minutes for LMA. He's totally blue collar.

Any other team have 2 guys with a triple double this season?

Wade and James

Wow. Boston (rondo/pierce), Charlotte (daiw/jackson), LAL (kobe/pau), Miami (wade/lebron) and Philly (jrue/ai9)

I thought maybe the Lakers - wouldn't have thought the others

Tom Moore on Feb 16 at 23:34

Sixers experience liftoff in Houston:


A question for tomorrow:

Rank in order of preference which current Sixers you would like to see on the team in 3 years (after Brand and Lou's contracts come off the books.)

tk76 reply to tk76 on Feb 17 at 0:25

In order of preference

Jrue (the only stone cold lock)
Turner (please be good)
Thad (hopefully not too overpaid)
Brackins (Thorn's guy- might surprise people)
Brand (cheap extension)
Lou (torn, since he could be an asset if properly deployed)
Speights (I've lost all hope in him)

I'd say the other guys are sure to be long gone (Kapono, Dong, Battie, Noce)

Good stuff. I'm making this into a post for tomorrow afternoon.

johnrosz on Feb 17 at 0:43

HOUSTON - A Western Conference source said that the Portland Trail Blazers are said to be looking at Sixers forward/center Marreese Speights.

As a proposed trade, the Blazers offered forward Dante Cunningham, a Villanova product, as well as a second-round draft pick.

The Sixers do not appear to be interested in such a move.


Tray reply to johnrosz on Feb 17 at 0:52

If they refuse to play him, that's what his value will become - and if they refuse to play him, I don't know why we don't go ahead and move him for an okay role player and a second-round pick. Only good things can come of second-round picks (actually, that's not always true - if you get a decent player in the second round, there's a tendency to overvalue him and give him too much money, like Willie Green - or, they could just walk after a year, like Wesley Matthews).

johnrosz reply to Brian on Feb 17 at 1:14

would think they're at least looking into Camby if they're speaking to Portland. Would he come here is the big question

Well, that's kind of why you got Collins and Thorn, right? They have cache in this league, get Doug on the phone with him. He's the great communicator, after all.

I'd start the conversation by telling Camby the Sixers + Camby are a more formidable playoff team in the East than the Blazers + Camby are in the West.

tk76 reply to Brian on Feb 17 at 1:38

Looking at Camby's numbers he has been just as efective in the games he played then he was in the past few years. Although he does not give you much of anything on offense. But how is he on defense (aside from rebounds and blocks.) Could he man up against Boozer/Bosh/KG?

If so, the Sixers would actually be formidable defensively across the board.

johnrosz reply to tk76 on Feb 17 at 1:48

If the cost is Speights and the expirings, it's almost a no brainer. I'd be ok with throwing in a pick if they have to. I really think Collins could get this team to do some great things defensively with a true anchor. Camby isn't what he was, but he's still one hell of an upgrade.

I wonder if Speights getting burn tonight was a showcase. If it was, it was a pretty good one. He looked sharp on the offensive end.

johnrosz reply to Brian on Feb 17 at 2:05

was thinking the same thing.Songalia was getting his minutes up until tonight, when this Portland chatter started...

You could wake him up out of a sound sleep and I think he'd still bury that mid range J

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