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Rooks vs. Sophs Challenge Game Thread

Be nice to see Jrue play - sad no other sixers are playing in this game tonight

if any1 can find a link i'd appreciate it.

johnrosz on Feb 18 at 19:28

is Griffin playing in it? What's the deal with that. Did they replace him?

All reports as of today indicated that Griffin would appear in tonights rookie/soph game - only bail out was evans for sophs

bieber has a decent crossover....

johnrosz reply to Jason on Feb 18 at 19:36

I can't believe I'm watching this celebrity game. Time to go out and have a few...

They need to get Michael Jordan next year.

I just woke up. Beiber shoots like a chick.

Well since he looks like one - that makes sense.

Sure, he's an annoying little git, but you see him interviewed, he comes off like a grounded kid - he actually has some talent in singing and dancing (as opposed to those idiots on reality shows) and if you saw him on CSI - he can act

And he called out greenberg on the radio this morning - mano a mano in four sporting events.

I truly want to hate this kid - but I can't - I won't say I like him - but even though eh's like super hateable - it's just not like hating New kids when all the girls loved them back in the day -

I really like beiber, his personality is top class for a 16 year old. Kid is living an amazing life.

The fact that chicks like him though is just further proof that all girls are in fact at a minimum bisexual.

I think for a kid with the world as his oyster he's incredibly well grounded in everything he does - and he is talented - he reminds me a lot of timberlake (another one I just want to hate - but every time i see him be interviewed about something I hate him a little less - and since he's given up his quest to be the white michael jackson it's even better) - but don't read his twitter - it's awful - i've seen comments about it on tmz (the funniest show on tv)

He'll have an acting career long after his singing is done

johnrosz on Feb 18 at 19:38

waltons feigned enthusiasm is hysterical. I love him.

By the way, when people talk about Jrue's size, they're purely referring to his height, right? Because as that picture really shows, he's not big at all.

Well, he was either 18 or just turned 19 when that picture was taken.

Did anyone read Bissingers column today? Here's the thing that bothers ms about the 'money' argument - and it's in all sports, and it's the same issue with tv networks.

People don't have more money these days - they have probably the same a mount of discretionary income - if not less - but in the past 10 years - the choices for what to do with your entertainment dollar have increased who knows how many fold. Network tv is having the same issue - the ratings are going down partly (I believe) because all these niche networks bite a bit here and there - but when combined - it's a lot.

Another thing (at least to me) - freaking gas prices. I was considering taking advantage of a clipper deal where you get 2 tickets and a griffin jersey for 100 bucks (just against the bad teams) and then I drove by the gas station.

Don't know about you guys - but gas has gone from low 3's to 3.57 a gallon this morning in about 2 weeks.

I hope the NBA really focuses on getting more american born white guys - I bet you buzz loves him some jimmer

link please

wow, awful awful article. He is right that the nba is in trouble, but wow, not even close with his guess.

IMO, NBA needs to extend games to 60 minutes. NBA is the only league where a single player can single handedly carry a team. NFL stars are on the field ~50% of the game, NHL it's about 25-30%, and Baseball is baseball. LBJ/Bryant/Durant/Wade all play 40-44 minutes in the biggest games. The problem with the NBA is you have to have one of the elite players in the league in order to compete.

Move to 60 minute games and it turns into more of a team game and imo would become much more entertaining. The NBA regular season is a complete waste of time and only junkies really follow teams that have a 0% chance of getting out of the first round.

I don't think making the games longer is a solution (it's an inventive one I've never heard before) but the problems with basketball start long before these kids get to college.

What's the problem that starts long before college? AAU?

That's part of it, yes - the star system starts earlier in basketball earlier than other sports - but it's not only that too - how do you get on ESPN - do you get there with a great defensive play or a perfectly executed pick and roll or do you get there with an awesome dunk or stunning blocked shot into the stands (which still gives the team possession - just saying)

I think basketball has become more individualistic in general...even when you're 8 and coached by parents - a lot of them care more about winning than anything else so they'll just keep feeding the best kid

Tray reply to GoSixers on Feb 18 at 22:16

The NBA's ratings are up substantially, I'm pretty sure. I don't know what he's talking about.

Apparently, Jrue will be wearing a mic during the game. i hope he drops an f bomb.

I hope he says world f'ing champs - just for the hell of it

Ok - um - with Bissinger's article in mind - who is laughing at TNT's open for the rookie/soph thing with a white american?

Is there a single host of this all star game or is it the clippers and lakers?

Was Jrue wearing yellow shoes?

Is Jrue starting?

Did they really give Blake Griffin 'super star' treatment and announce him out of order?

(Alphabetical by team)

Jesus the hype machine is out of hand already on this kid - I'm hoping for a little freeze out on sunday

BTW Jason

That right there - where griffin was announced out of order (and no one else was) - that's the kind of thing that affects why basketball is more individual and less team - it's how the NBA markets itself - they market superstars and players - they don't market teams

don't all sports market individuals?

NHL-Sid and ovechkin
NFL-Market the QBs
MLB-guess they market teams the most.

During games? Does the NFL Market players or teams? The NFL doesn't care about individuals when it comes to the games played - it's all about team - no individuality allowed - hell you get PENALTIES for showing off - in the NBA it's encouraged.

As for how the NHL markets - I don't really know or care that much - they are as significant as the CFL in my opinion.

If the NFL had a 'rookie game' - there's no way one guy would get singled out from the rest the way they did with Griffin pre game.

The NFL doesn't force stars upon you - that let stars naturally occur -and the nfl still markets teams - i'm not talking about what other folks do - but the league themselves - they are focused on team - when they marketed the super bowl (the nfl) they talked about the packers and steelers - the history of those two teams.

(Some of this is just ocurring to me as I write)

Teams are permanent - players are transitory - if you root for the front of the jersey - you care less about the names on the back - you will be there for the team year after year regardless of the players - if you market the players - you will lose fans when the player leves.

Look at it this way

How many 'sixer fans' were really just Iverson fans?
compared to
How many Eagle Fans were really just Mcnabb (or Jaworski, or carmichael, or montomgery) fans?

Market the team and the league is stronger - market the player - and you're going to suffer when you dilute the talent (expand)

Jerry West is right -t he way the NBA is currently run - they need to cut 6 teams

Basketball is an individual game for the most part. I said it before, but NBA is the only game where super stars can be on the floor for 90-95% of the game.

I'm not old enough to go back into the memory bank, but didn't they try to market the NBA as a team game with merchandise? the JAckets etc.

I think the NBA's problem has more to do with the set up and i don't really see how you can fix it. I don't follow hockey at all, but if i had to choose between Flyers tickets and sixers tickets i'm going to the flyers game 100% of the time.

Can someone explain why Bledsoe and Wes Johnson are there instead of Turner? link

I believe Bledsoe is there because of the fact that is in LA

I can't explain wesley johnson except that no one was calling him a bust for the first 20 games like turner was being called (and thus many of the nba covering bone heads still believe he's a bust)

If you think eric snow is bad - get ready for Chris Webber

Jrue got fucked.

Wesley Matthews is starting over jrue?

Oh come on - curry is no more point guard than tim duncan is power forward

Players can't foul out? Is that the DeMarcus Cousins provision?

Pretty sure that's been in play for years...

Turnover number 1 on Cousins.

Are jrue and curry wearing the same ugly yellow shoes?

Haven't seen Jrue's shoes yet.

Looked yellow during the intros

Cousins transition three. Awesome.

Turnover number 2 for Cousins.


There's just a lot of yellow shoes tonight- maybe some sort of launch?

Oh man Jrue - the sock stoo?

Webber just called Jrue a Clipper.

Harlan called him a high pick

There you go Jrue - just take the game over

He got the hook for hitting that three and blocking a shot on the other end :)

If those 2 3-pointers were in he was one of the MVP candidates.

OH come on - Blake Griffin is getting the MVP in this game - it was decided before the game even started :)

Is it worth it for me to tune into the 2nd half you think?

I do love me some basketball but watching these games typically is painful for me.

i put them on the level of a harlem globetrotters game - just entertaining and silly

Carmelo claims no meetings this weekend - other sources reporting he had a phone conference with dolan yesterday

Cousins just launched his second three, I think that qualifies as painful. Jrue played about 5 minutes in the first half.

Joe reply to Brian on Feb 18 at 21:50

I'll tune in.

I'll just try to shield my eyes when bigs touch it outside 15 feet.

TNT / NBA with their timely half time entertainment - they're going to teach us how to dougie

When does John Wall get on stage?

Blair cost Jrue an assist w/ that off-the-backboard dunk. Fucker.

Interesting link about NBA production broken down into 2 week increments. Turner and Lou are playing much better recently. (not shocking news)

Doesn't Cousins look like HE thinks he deserves to touch the ball every single time down the court?

Yep. He's also complaining to the refs.

Felton, Gallo, Chandler, Curry's corpse and a #1 pick. NYK's latest offer for Melo and Billups.

Leaves them with a starting five of:


and Douglas off the bench.

Did they include gallo really? Stuff I was reading tonight was that gallo was the hold up? They wanted him the knicks didn't want to give him up

saw a tweet saying NYK told den to pick b/w Fields and Gallinari, Denver prefered gallinari.

Joe reply to Brian on Feb 18 at 22:07

Just one pick?

I think so, yeah. I think they're going to have to trade Randolph to get that pick, too.

I like the new jersey deal just because of the number of moving parts :)

Young Justice is on

Jrue gets the second-half start for DeRozan.

Zumoff just said, "on the see saw" in his living room.

was the 1st half this pathetic?

If by pathetic you mean no defense - yes

but did you expect any?

Joe reply to GoSixers on Feb 18 at 22:15

Griffin and Cousins are just cherry picking and waiting for dunks the entire time this half.

Yes, that's what happens at all star games

Actually, this has been worse. Just chucking the ball the length of the floor. I don't think Cousins has passed half court in the last five minutes.

Cousins steals the oop from Griffin :)

Tray reply to Brian on Feb 18 at 22:21

Hey, Cousins has 22 and 9 on 10-17 shooting, 3 steals.

When asked who has impressed him in this game, Kevin Durant's first answer: "Jrue Holiday"

Countdown to 2016 free agency?

Tray reply to Brian on Feb 18 at 22:24

He must be a rather astute observer of the game to pick him of all people.

Durant has a mancrush on Iguodala and not Jrue as well.

Joe reply to Joe on Feb 18 at 22:19

and now* Jrue


See my comment above.

Obviously he should demand a trade from OKC to Philadlephia...

Joe reply to GoSixers on Feb 18 at 22:24

As I listen to C-Webb I just keep saying... "At least he isn't Reggie Miller"

No - he's worse

Sono-site makes hand carried ultrasounds or is someone else sponsoring the d-league all star game?

Looks like the rooks are going to take this.

Where is Ed Davis, by the way? I thought he was selected. Certainly should have been. You can argue about Turner vs. Bledsoe and "Wes" Johnson, but Davis has been way better than all three.


Tray reply to Jason on Feb 18 at 22:31

Ed Davis has had a better rookie season than Turner, than Bledsoe, than Wes/Wesley Johnson. And probably Cousins too, who has been productive but wildly inefficient. And actually, Davis has been better than Favors and Monroe if you just look at numbers.

Garbage time hero for the fucking win.

Tray reply to Jason on Feb 18 at 22:41

Well I guess tomorrow all the stories will be about the great potential of the mercurial and enigmatic DeMarcus Cousins. I've never gotten what's so enigmatic about underachievement and inconsistency; they're extremely common and understandable personality traits. To me it's a lot more enigmatic that someone as naturally gifted as Ray Allen works as hard as he does.

Tray reply to Tray on Feb 18 at 22:35

And Neal, he's been better than Gary Neal.

Joe reply to Tray on Feb 18 at 22:29

He didn't play a game till December. That is prob why.

Jrue out for Curry after this break.

i really think the 'movie trailer / sports highlight' cross over commercial might be one of the dumber inventions of madison avenue

Tray reply to GoSixers on Feb 18 at 22:32


Dude - Obama should play in the game next year

Chris Webber talking about how education got him to the NBA is laughable

Posted this in the wrong spot.

Well I guess tomorrow all the stories will be about the great potential of the mercurial and enigmatic DeMarcus Cousins. I've never gotten what's so enigmatic about underachievement and inconsistency; they're extremely common and understandable personality traits. To me it's a lot more enigmatic that someone as naturally gifted as Ray Allen works as hard as he does.

The we want blake cheer is just stupid

Four straight sophmore possessions gunning 3's for no apparent reason

Cousins is going to be unstoppable when he's playing for the harlem globetrotters in five years.

Jrue played only more than Griffin in the game.That's frustrating.

Cousins must be pissed hehe

Joe reply to AJ on Feb 18 at 23:03

Imagine if he didn't score 30 as well and Sager took a shot at him... he would be really pissed then.

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