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Enjoy the Blake Show

Won't hapen, but what if the Sixrs got in on the NYK/Den deal, in essence trading:




Would leave the Sxiers with:


Bench: Lou/Thad/Meeks/Hawes/Noce/Battie

...That would be a very interesting team for a few years.

"If Iguodala had been given the slam dunk title he rightfully won a couple years back, would his national profile be much higher right now?"

No way. Fred Jones, Gerald Green, and Nate Robinson don't have big national profiles; Jones and Green are out of the league of course, but they didn't even have big profiles a week after they won. I don't think it raises people's awareness of a player enormously. To the extent that the dunk contest raises awareness about a player, it's their dunks that do that, not whether they win or not. If Carter had not won his dunk contest, everyone would still remember his performance... though I guess it's generally true that strong losing efforts are generally forgotten. I guess I'll say very slightly higher.

As for Blake, I think his chances of deservedly winning this contest are very slim, though he may well win undeservedly. He's the best in-game dunker I've seen since I started watching the NBA, but with him it's all about dunking on people. Or the unexpectedness with which some of his alley-oops materialize out of nowhere. You take those things away from his highlights and there's nothing technically incredible about his dunking. I think McGee, if he doesn't screw up, has a much better chance.

tk76 reply to Tray on Feb 19 at 10:18

I'd give VC the edge for best in game dunker- but he has a much bigger body of work. I still think his dunk over a 7 footer in the Olympics ( http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=XMrPjl-927Q ) was the craziest dunk I'v seen.

Blake might be the best high volume dunker I've seen. Most high volume dunkers lack his pizazz.

tk76 reply to tk76 on Feb 19 at 10:21

Also, Vince and MJ dunked on some of the all time great defensive player. We might see the same out of Blake over time... but VC or MJ in their prime would have caught Dwight Howard flatfooted and demolished him.

Tray reply to tk76 on Feb 19 at 11:12

Paradoxically, big-men-dunkers impress me more than perimeter player dunkers. Especially the really little guys.

tk76 reply to Tray on Feb 19 at 11:25

But VC in his prime was atypical. He dunked more like a big man- all power. MJ was more diverse. Sometimes power, sometimes grace.

tk76 reply to tk76 on Feb 19 at 11:29

And 'Nique was up there in terms of power dunkers to. But the other "old timers" like Nance never really impressed me that much. Dr.J was graceful, and occasionally powerful (the finals dunk on Portland), but not to where VC or MJ were.

Tray reply to Tray on Feb 20 at 1:22

Well as I predicted, Blake won undeservedly and McGee should have been the winner. Really, Blake didn't even deserve to make the finals.

Ugh, that last dunk by Griffin was a complete joke.

Tray reply to Brian on Feb 20 at 12:19

Well, the fans voted him the winner so we can't complain that the league somehow fixed it for him.

eddies' heady's on Feb 19 at 10:14

Would like to say congratulations to Maurice Cheeks for his induction into the Basketball Hall of Fame. And for still being 5th on the all-time steals list at the time of his going in. Well deserved Mo, enjoy it. Really good player that I enjoyed watching as a youngster growing up and tried to mimic my game after while playing little league. Props.

Wait, people are being inducted or people are being included on this year's ballot? I don't think anyone's been selected yet. Of course, Reggie Miller didn't even make the ballot.

No one doubts Griffen is off to a fantastic start to his career. We knew he was good but, wow! What impresses me is he's 6'10 (so they say) and moves like he's 6'6.

He's just too explosive for the bigger guys to cover. You got to hand it to him, he's fun to watch.

tk76 reply to conner on Feb 19 at 10:45

At the pre-draft measurements Griffin measured out as:

6'10" in shoes (6'8.5" in socks.) The NBA lists guys ht in shoes. So he is 6'10 by NBA standards.

tk76 reply to tk76 on Feb 19 at 10:49

As a comparison, Dwight Howard measured out exactly 1/2 inch taller (in socks)- although he may have grown taller since he was drafted.

Tray reply to tk76 on Feb 19 at 11:08

Video's been removed due to a Comcast copyright claim.

tk76 reply to Tray on Feb 19 at 11:12

Sorry, I don't get any video (blocked at work), so I did not realize it was blocked for everyone. But I do remember it during the game and did not really follow what was going on... as I don't really notice when Snow is talking or silent.

What most impresses me about Griffin is how he attacks the opponent. He did it in college, and he is the same in the NBA. He has bulked up to where he has the same advantage now as he had in college. His game reminds me of a blend of Barkley and Kenyon Martin.

The knicks will end up over paying for Carmelo because the owner has gotten involved and is now the point man, and the owner according to reports is determined to get the deal done at almost all costs, which works to denvers advantage, but what is Denver going to do with Felton? Maybe they don't like Ty Lawson?

Why is Isiah Thomas involved in anything the Knicks do?

What would you trade for Marvin Williams if anything?


tk76 reply to Jason on Feb 19 at 12:46

Lou is worth more than Marvin.

tk76 reply to tk76 on Feb 19 at 12:47

A ton more give Marvin is a lousy player with a bigger contract than Lou.

nah. Marvin> Lou.

Actually i'm booking this now so i can get my credit come playoff time. Lou williams is going to be absolutely worthless in the playoffs and will cost us a game at the minimum.

tk76 reply to Jason on Feb 19 at 14:21

Maybe Marvin will step up as the ignored #5 option. That would still seem weak for a guy making 6.7-8M. but I guess we'll see.

While Lou essentially does what Crawford does. Except Crawford makes 10.8M and Lou makes 5.5M.

Lou fills a role. If he is deployed wrong then that is the coach's fault. He's not a PG. He's paid lie a 6th man, and fills that role (scoring 6th man) about as good as anyone- unless the coach tells him to play PG.

Wasn't suggesting getting him - just more of a 'new name' floating today that I hadn't seen before.

tk76 reply to GoSixers on Feb 19 at 15:03

I'd think with his contract, Marvin has negative trade value. While Lou has mixed value. Some teams would not want anything to do with his high usage ways, while other teams would give you some value back for his scoring ability.

Lou has sucked up all of the latent hate that was previously shared between Sam and Willie. And then there's the Iguodala-hate. I wonder who that sticks to after he's gone?

Oh i hated lou while willie was here - and i had come around on Sam

Besides, how can you not hate hawes?

tk76 reply to GoSixers on Feb 19 at 15:11

I know people have hated Lou for a while. Its just now its all focusing on him.

Hawes is useless. Its hard to even muster up hate for guys like that. Its beyond his lack of effort. He's go locked knees from old surgeries that make him sloth-like. Its like hating Shawn Bradley or picking on a fat kid.

Tray reply to GoSixers on Feb 19 at 14:14

I don't get what Marvin Williams brings to a team beyond above-average mid-range shooting. 48% from 16-23 feet this year, which is unusually high for him, but he's always been in the low 40s, which is strong. Still though, that's all he does well. He's a slightly above average rebounder for his position, and he gets to the line at a decent clip given his fairly low usage. Basically he's a solid fourth option, but he'd be a lot more valuable if he could make threes. As is he's like a worse version of Deng on both ends of the court.

tk76 reply to Tray on Feb 19 at 14:24

And he's basically the 5th option most of the time. His shooting % would drop if he was asked to do more.

Compare that to someone like Thad- who is often the #1 or #2 option while on the floor, and still produces efficiently. Ask Marvin to carry the load for a second unit- I doubt he would be able to do it. The guy is a fine #5 starter- but he's paid to much. He's not as valuable as a good 6th man.

Discuss the rather out of the box (insane?) draft proposal from the players union?

While there wasn't much negotiating during the meeting and very little progress was made, one intriguing concept was proposed by the players. Rather than changing the salary structure to level the playing field for small market teams, an alternative was proposed that would involve making drastic changes to the draft process.

The union made the argument that the quickest way to turn around "crummy" teams is through the draft. Because first-round picks have become so valuable in today's NBA and many teams have had success building a roster with this model, the union feels that the best way to increase parity is to focus the draft around the underachieving teams.

The fourteen non-playoff teams that make up the lottery would not only receive the first fourteen picks, but the next fourteen as well. The team that wins the lottery would receive the first overall pick as well as the fifteenth overall pick. The second team on the clock would also own the sixteenth pick, the third picking team would also own the seventeenth pick and so on.

tk76 reply to GoSixers on Feb 19 at 14:59

And the 7th and 8th seeds in each conference would be summarily executed?

If you want to outside the box, I'd prefer a two tiered league (like English Soccer) where the good teams are in the Premier League. And a the best 2nd level teams can earn promotion. It's not all that different than the current playoff system, except the bad teams would get to play other bad teams more, and can actually "win" despite being second rate. And the B league teams continue to get the lottery picks.

It works really well for young teams. They can find early success and challenges by trying to win the B level title, and as they mature/improve they get to face the better and more veteran premier league competition.

People keep floating this idea, and it would never work in the US - sports is just a different animal than the football in the UK - there's not the 'city identity' through team that you see in the UK football.

wow lol. I had this idea 6 months ago with a friend/ Brag.

A++++++ idea imo

My idea was to extend it though to teams that lost in the first round of the playoffs. But if you make 2nd round you don't get in on this.

Reason I like this idea is because most young prospects end up going to teams in the late 20s that never ever give them the ability to develop as a player. Obviously some teams develop players but most contenders end up selling picks etc. If young players can go to teams that will actually play them it will imo increase the talent pool in the NBA.

I hate ideas like this - it rewards suckage and bad drafting. It penalizes teams that maintain their quality through good drafting - look at the spurs...this is basically saying 'you guys keep getting quality picks low in the first round that we're too stupid to pick while we draft guys that are out of the league in 5 years'.

The nba draft has problems, no doubt, but improved intelligent scouting and making the combine a bit more required and nfl like (and having an nba wunderlic to eliminate the 'athletes with little pure ability' would help too) would help a lot more than this simplistic solution.

Not to mention - you'd still probably have a second round right?

Bad drafting teams will continue to draft badly if they have two picks in the first round, and the good drafting teams will continue to get the steals low in the draft or make unbalanced draft day trades that lead to owning a super star (see lakers, los angeles and kobe bryant)

I mean, you pretty much hate everything :P. You are anti change. How do you fix the system? Can you at least agree that NBA needs fixing?

Since 1980 how many different franchises have won an NBA Championship? Answer is 7 different franchises.

In past 12 years Spurs/Lakers have won 9 out of 12 titles. Something has to change this is just ridiculous.

And your suggestion is giving stupid teams more draft picks.

The spurs and lakers both had some luck - robinson went down and the spurs won the duncan lottery when if robinson had been healthy that year they wouldn't have been in the running.

You realize in today's NBA that the Lakers wouldn't have gotten Shaq right? So it's not like the nba hasn't 'tried' to stop the lakers.

The spurs draft smartly - have a stable organization - smartly run and know to think long term (remember when everyone said obtaining jefferson was just a disaster - how does it look this year) - everyone passed on dajuan blair because of his knees - the spurs realized the risk might be worth the reward - they draft smartly low in the draft and are good at evaluating 'euro' talent.

The lakers - well they stole Kobe Bryant from the Hornets when he was drafted - giving the hornets an extra draft pick that year would not make them less stupid would it? The lakers have an advantage, but you aren't going to fix it in the draft. They have an owner willing to pay top dollar because he knwos he can charge top dollar and - oh yeah - just smartly signed a multi billion dollar deal for spanish language distribution somehow.

BTW - people need to stop being mad at bosh lebron and wade. For years everyone bitches that the players are 'all about the money', that's all they care about. Bosh Wade Lebron take less than max so they can form a better team and suddenly people wanna know why they didn't take all the money? Come off it. Pat Riley maneuvered well (and probably had some inside information from Wade that they'd be willing that others didn't).

Things I would do to try and make the NBA better

  • Make the NBDL a real minor league - 30 teams affiliated with 30 teams - no '2 years only' limitation. You'd probably have to make changes to the 'roster' idea, more MLBish, but all those young guys who are raw? Give them a real place to develop. Change the way rookie deals are functioned as well
  • Eliminate guaranteed contracts, one bad contract can cripple a team - see the Blazers right now - more NFL like, portion guaranteed, but guys can be cut
  • For years I've advocated 'in contract arbitration. A guy signs a long term contract based on a certain production. If that production decreases, what is the owners recourse to recoup what he has lost for being screwed over?
  • Raise the age limit one season, find the D.R.A.F.T initiative research over at ESPN and you'll see why
  • The NBA and NCAA need to be more involved in the AAU system - the agents and the shoe companies have interests that don't coincide with the best input of the game
  • The NBA and NCAA need to be more partnered than anti partnered
  • I know the players are the 'product' - but with guaranteed contracts - where's their financial risk? The owners have all the risk (yes they get money too), so the players getting 57% is ridiculous to me - the players get too much money and have an obnoxious sense of entitlement, lower the BRI - or have the percentage based on 'net income before salaries are paid' (or something) so that it's more fair to owners
  • Less teams in the playoffs

That's it off the top of my head.

Many of these things being negotiated protect owners and GM's from their own stupidity.

Isiah Thomas is supposedly still influencing James Dolan - that's just one of the dumbest things in the world - how in gods name should the Knicks get another draft pick when they miss the playoffs if the owner continues to allow Isiah Thomas to be involved with the team. Why should stupid owners be protected from their own stupidity. If you don't protect them - they're more likely to sell sooner, and lots of NBA (and NFL and MLB) teams need new ownership with a different perspective.

Owners who primary goal is to win a championship are the only kind of owners I want to see in professional sports.

Oh yeah, the NBA should adopt the NFL ownership policy (at least I think it's a policy - ever see an NFL team with corporate ownership? ever see an NFL owner owning another US sports team?)

Old School Sixer Fan reply to GoSixers on Feb 19 at 22:29

You've presented many good ideas, including some I'd never heard before. I'd add a hard cap so teams with lots of good players would have to decide who to keep and who to let go. Also, a fall back on eliminating guaranteed contracts could be to shorten them by a year or two - 3-5 instead of 5-6 years. Thd draft idea probably wouldn't help because only ~15 quality players and no more than 1-2 stars enter the league yearly.

There is always the idea of eliminating 4 teams so the talent becomes more uniform.

I'm not sure how you implement a hard cap without grand fathering in current contracts, the cap is coming down for sure (i think). If you then make it a hard cap - guys have to be cut - but their contracts are guaranteed by the last CBA, so teams have to cut, say Elton Brand, but they have to pay him too.

I was trying to be within the realm of things I think the owners could get from the players.

does anybody else hear all of the Blake Griffin hype this weekend and keep wondering "when did Family Guy add a new character?"

No - but mostly because Family Guy stopped being funny before it was canceled - the first time.

Seth McFarlane steals money from FOX every day - it's hysterical

ESPN.com grades for sophmore game last night

Jrue Holiday got a C
The Sixers point guard logged the fewest minutes of anyone not named Griffin and played a bit of off-guard alongside Jennings when he was on the floor. He was a quick trigger, but not a particularly accurate one.


And just for kicks

Demarcus Cousins - A In addition to having one of the most thunderous dunks of the game, Cousins rumbled end to end with the ball for a layup and made beautiful music with fellow former Wildcat Wall. His 33 points led all scorers.


so is there any particular reason why Dwight Howard isn't dunking in this contest?

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