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Happy Presidents Day

I DVR'd the 2nd half of the allstar game. After watching the 1st half highlights, I deleted it. Can't watch rookie/soph or allstar game when no defense whatsoever is played. I guess the intensity increased in the 4th qtr?

Q of the Day:

Sixers Mount Rushmore (top 4) at G/F/C, 6th man and coach?

G: AI/Greer/Cheeks/?

F: Dr.J/Barkley/Schayes/Billy C.

C: Moses/Wilt/Mutumbo/Ratliff

6th: B.Jones/Anderson/Caldwell Jones/McKie

Coach: Billy C/Hannum/LB/?


All Memorable Mention (for interest or brief greatness):
PG: Barros
SG: Toney/Mad Max
SF: McGinnis
PF: Mahorn
C: Bol/D.Dawkins

deepsixersuede reply to tk76 on Feb 21 at 10:09

g] A.I., Greer, Toney, Cheeks
f] Barkley, Doc, Billy C., G. McGinnis
c] Wilt, Moses, Theo, Gminski
6th man] Billy C., B.Jones,R.Anderson, A.Mckie
coach] Hannum, Billy C., L.Brown, D.Collins

eddies' heady's on Feb 21 at 10:07

Heh, this blog has felt like the Melo-at-the-trade-deadline-update as of late. Anyway, my answer to the questions are:

-No, just don't see anyone willing to take our dead weight sitting at the end of the bench.

-Never watched a full two minutes of it. Flipped by it twice in a non-interested way like it was Lifetime or something. Haven't really watched it in quite a few years.

-Right now, I'd have to say it's going to be quite a while. Maybe in 4-5 years Jrue can make it as a reserve as Rose and Rondo will probably garner the public vote. But he appears to be our only shot in the near future.

deepsixersuede on Feb 21 at 10:16

No moves at the deadline.

Didn't watch the game, recharging batteries for 2nd half like, hopefully, our players are.

E.Turner, in 2 to 3 years, after Allen retires and perhaps Wade is injured and misses game.

Somebody please explain to me Minn. reasons for accepting Curry's contract and Randolph for Brewer.

Sixers gearing up for season's final seven weeks:


Denver is crazy. They should forget about Felton and make NY take Harrington instead of Billups. The easiest way to improve their team would be getting rid of the guy who plays a lot of minutes for them and is awful.

The problem i guess is that NY will never take Harrington because he prevents them to sign another max guy which seems to be their goal.

I believe that if it's February 24th at 3 PM (or whatever) and the knicks and nuggets haven't consummated their deal then Carmelo Anthony will become a New Jersey Net

Because, in the end, the extension is more important to him.

Honestly i hope the Nets get him. No Favors and first rounders bodes very well for the Sixers. The Knicks are screwed with or without Melo IMO.

That would be so hilarious. The Nets are trying to make the Knicks look like idiots :).

The knicks dont need help looking like idiots

The nets hired billy king

One of the nice things about being in the atlantic that there are 2, possibly 3, of the organizations run worse than the sixers in the same division

PRobably recycled news - but sf gate reports warriors have called about Iguodala at some point here

I wonder if the sixers hung up or actually inquired about curry?

Are we retarded if we don't trade two #1's for Gallinari & Mozgov, if that's what Denver is planning to do with them? I think I'd throw in Thad too.

My guess is the Nets will absorb Harrington as well because 2 picks for Gallinari and Mozgov is indeed a huge steal. But the reports also say that it may be Chandler or Felton packaged with Mozgov. In that case it's a good deal for the Nuggets.

The sixers can not make the same move - they don't have any room under the salary cap

additionally - they don't possess numerous #1's like the nets have

I'm pretty sure the Nets don't have cap space. Would this be Murphy's expiring + picks for Gallo and Felton?

No name going to the Nuggest had been mentioned in any of the deals so I just figured they had the cap room.

There are reports of a team absorbing Murphy's expiring deal at the deadline (the cavs maybe?) and then buying him out - maybe that's attached

I believe this all stems from the reports that the nuggets want to get under the luxury tax when doing this trade...if Murphy is traded to someone (with the TPE) New Jersey can then absorb the two former Knick contracts.

I'm curios to see what the Nuggets are going to do elsewhere, I wonder if the deal (knicks vs nets) affects what they do with the rest of the roster.

The Nuggets are going to be looking to flip Felton as well wouldn't they?

Old School Sixer Fan on Feb 21 at 17:48

Why would the Nets be willing to give up so much for Carmelo? How is he worth favors and 4 picks? (What four picks?)

I'll prob get flamed for saying this, but i think at this point the nets are just trying to drive up the price for the Knicks.

You could get flamed for it - or maybe you just read numerous articles that quote the Nets russian owner saying exactly the same thing?

Carmelo isn't worth what either team is paying.

idk why any1 reads articles when there is twitter.

Has Prokhorov said he's just raising stakes? Give billy king/ nets some props imo.

Twitter is a waste of bandwidth and when it collapses under the weight of its own hubris it'll be a great day for intelligent people everywhere.

Search Pokhorov CNBC interview - he made have worded it differently but yes - the Nets are just trying to make the Knicks pay more, however they might end up with Carmelo cause in the end I think that 3 year extension is more important to him than playing for the Knicks, if the Knicks don't make the deal the Nuggets agree to I think Carmelo will agree to go to the Nets very close to the deadline and claim to be happy in new jersey - but he'll be desultory the whole time and realize maybe it's not all about the money (and LaLa will kick his ass to the curb for making her live in New Jersey for even 5 minutes - that part is mostly joke)

"Twitter is a waste of bandwidth and when it collapses under the weight of its own hubris it'll be a great day for intelligent people everywhere."

Twitter is a great tool for sports fans everywhere imo. lot of great information is tweeted these days. Updates about player injuries can be found on twitter before anywehre else for exmaple. I value twitter+Blogs+Podcasts over columns and articles about the NBA, columns/articles imo have the least amount of knowledge for the time that i have to put in.

Most what is twitted shows up less than 24 hours later in most news articles. Injury updates I care about I get on my yahoo fantasy update.

What you're talking about is a small amount of twitter accounts, who cares what you just ate, or what carmelo anthony just ate, and let's not forget twitter leading to asinine 'instantaneous' comments from 'famous people' that then have to be retracted or just vanish from the twitverse

I did have an account at one time and really it's just a huge time waster - it's like playing farmville

"who cares what you just ate, or what carmelo anthony just ate, "

I don't think you understand how twitter works. Lot of great information tweeted.

I understand how twitter works, probably better than you think I do, I have had to use it for a variety of things, and look at it for a variety of things.

The best thing Twitter did was partner with google voice to allow Egyptians to get some news out when the egyptian government killed the internet

Cin reply to GoSixers on Feb 21 at 19:53

if twitter gives even the slightest of contributions to the general good of humanity then it is in the 99th percentile of invaluable earthly assets, in the grand scheme of things.

Rich reply to Jason on Feb 21 at 17:58

At this point, I'm sick of hearing about Carmelo Anthony.

I just think it's ridiculous how this one deal is holding up the whole thing...put a little 'draino' down the pipes and clear it up.

I mean you wanna talk about Trevor Bayne?:)

27-29, 26 games to play.

Final Record predictions?

40-42, 7 seed, first round loss to whomever ends up the #2 seed, I think that's all kind of still up in the air.

Tom Moore on Feb 21 at 18:41

Am at Sixers' practice (started at 6 p.m.). Told everyone is here (curtain still closed).

Is it normal for the curain to be closed?

Collins taking a page out of Phil Jackson's book- Naked practice. Makes the players more comfortable with each other on the court.

Just as long as those guys from MLB who like to pee on folks in the shower aren't around

Comment on HoopsHype forums

Adrian Wojnarowski: On prowl for scoring punch, Hornets inquired w/ Bucks on Corey Maggette, sources tell Y! Conversation didn't advance. Demps is very active. Twitter

Hey Demps - Lou can score - and he don't cost that much money

lol, he tweeted that :P.

Yes, I'm aware of that - and I bet you he writes it in his article tomorrow.

This would be a nice trade: http://games.espn.go.com/nba/tradeMachine?tradeId=4gv2u3e

I would do it in a heartbeat.

Tom Moore on Feb 21 at 21:14

Video: Brand on the Sixers eyeing strong finish in final 26 games:


Tom Moore on Feb 21 at 21:38

Video: Collins on the Sixers feeling good about themselves after break:


ESPN reporting that the deal is done

Carmelo, Chauncey, Shelden Williams, Anthony Carter (who has to renounce bird rights, I know it's a small thing but still), Renaldo Balkman to the Knicks

Nuggets get gallinari, chandler, mozgov, felton, 1 1st round pick - two 2nd rd picks, $3 million dollars.

Now - Denver likes Lawson right? and is flipping gallinari and mozgov reportedly and chandler is a restricted free agent.

How is this deal good?

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