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Time To Sprint

Hopefully they can avoid a slip-up like the Memphis game. No reason the 76ers couldn't really compete with Dallas either. Jrue has to outrun Kidd, wear him down and with Butler out Iguodala should rule that game. It's time for this team to show they are for real and not a fluke the first half of the season. I believe they can do it given their record over the last 40 games. I really think a flip switched in Iguodala where he is not just going to do what it takes to fill the stats, but try and do what it takes to get the wins. He's playing with anger and fire like the greats do - MJ, Kobe, LeBron etc.

Scoring has nothing to do with it as far as Iguodala goes. He doesn't really need to put up 20+ppg on this team. As Collins said when he first came on, this team is capable of having 6 or 7 players in double figures each game, we are seeing more and more of it as the season progresses. People need to realize Iguodala's importance on this team. Defense wins basketball games. Ask any championship team or coach. Iguodala doesn't need to score 20 if he can hold his man to less than that.

I think the key is the winning type of atmosphere around the team and the winning type of system. This is the first time we have that since Larry Brown left IMO. If they can carry the atmosphere into the last 26 games they will win a lot of games. All the players are buying in and hopefully this is the start of something greater.

As for the next 7 games, i really hope they can finally go on an extended winning streak. While winning all 7 is probably a stretch (although not impossible), i do believe they can win 5-6 of those games. All 7 are winnable, lets see just how mature are they. They desperately need to improve their record vs. below .500 teams to show that they are for real and this is the way to do it.

smh1980 on Feb 23 at 6:46

After all yesterdays work this article shows up demanding Iggy be traded in Philly paper from a writer I've never seen:


Wow he somehow managed to ask for an Iguodala trade without mentioning a single legit reason for that.

scott reply to smh1980 on Feb 23 at 8:34

Looking at the Philly.com website, it looks like that article about trading Iguodala is meant to be read along side this article about why we should keep Iguodala:


I actually think both articles are pretty dumb, but thought I'd reply with the link to this one in case you missed it.

smh1980 reply to scott on Feb 23 at 9:59

good catch. I'm always looking at the mobile site so I never get to catch things like that

We've seen enough of Meeks already to have a feeling what kind of player he is. While he has his weaknesses he is a useful player who has more or less deserved his minutes. My question is, who do you think he can become in the future, since he is fairly young and only in his second season?

This is a comparison of him with 5 similar players in their 2nd year.


Meeks measures up fairly well with these guys. Can he become a player at their level in a year or two?

Most of those guys are bench guys which Meeks is - Meeks is just used as a starter. It's a motley group of guys you have listed there with probably the best being Redick in Orlando who early in his career barely played

I don't see why Meeks can't ascend to their level, but at the same time it's not like it's a high level of goodness.

Well they are all useful role players (20min per game guys) on contending teams IMO. If Meeks becomes that i think we can be happy right? After all, all we gave up was a second round pick...

Story: Knicks getting Anthony could make it tough for Sixers to move up in standings:


Shawn reply to Tom Moore on Feb 23 at 10:56

I'm pretty sure New York will require a LOT of time before becoming a cohesive unit. Playing quality team defense takes at least a preseason and maybe 20 games before their defense will be anything more than horrible.

Not to mention, their longest tenured player now is Toney Douglass, who was drafted LAST YEAR. The Knicks have a long way to go before even their offensive capabilities match anything close to their potential.

Melo, Stoudemire ISO. Billups, 3 ball. blah, boring team. They were semi-dynamic with gallo and chandler getting to the line.

Link to Sixers' video interviews:


Couldn't the sixers top Orlando's Brandon Bass+EC for Zach RAndolph offer with ease?

I'd be willing to do Speights/Brackins/Thad+ecs for Randolph.

You want Doug Collins imprisoned for murder? He'd kill Randolph.

This is also a rumored request that might never have been in actual play - just a hope of Memphis

Zachs one of those guys I just don't want to see on the sixers - it's not rational
One interesting tidbit from a source in Memphis: Last week Sam Smith of Bulls.com floated a potential Randolph-to-Magic deal. While it's unclear if it was actually proposed, I was told that, internally, the Grizzlies have discussed sending Randolph to Orlando for Brandon Bass and Jason Richardson. The thinking in Memphis is that the deal would keep the Grizzlies competitive this season while also giving them a young power forward for the future. Randolph is an unrestricted free agent this summer and it isn't clear if the Grizzlies can afford to keep him, while Bass is due $4 million next season and has a $4 million player option in 2012-13. ESPN.com

How else do the sixers get over the hump? You have to take a chance on his talent imo.

For 26 games and one playoff round? No you really don't. Zach doesn't make them beat the heat bulls or celtics in the first round.

The point of trading for zach is you give him the 3 year extension he wants.

god no

Why not? how do you suggest the sixers win a playoff series?

Adding Zach Randolph and his doughy softness playing for a contract extension won't get the sixers out of the first round.

They aren't getting out of the first round with this ownership any time soon

Until the new CBA maybe makes it better for them

There's no reason the sixers shouldn't be a game over 500 by Sunday. Looking at the next 7, like Brian said, there shouldn't be more than 2 losses, the 2nd loss I could see is on the road at Indiana which is playing better under Vogel and seems to have remembered that Roy Hibbert is on their team.
Except for Dallas (of course) most of the home opponents are god awful road teams...the best of the motley bunch is Golden State currently at 7-18 on the road.

There's no good reason, barring injury, that they don't head into the Pacers game 5-1 in the previous 6.

Holy crap. Woj is reporting the Nets are about to get Deron Williams in a three-team deal w/ the Jazz.

good thing the Nets still have brook lopez haha. They won't even win 35 games next year, Deron williams will be leave NJ after next season.

It ain't over yet. There's a season left to be played, there's Dwight Howard in 2012 who may look to get out of Orlando, maybe New Jersey targets him.

When Williams made that comment about recruiting to Utah you knew there was trouble.

oh man, Deron williams, dwight howard in brooklyn :|.

# More coming and a link will be coming soon, but the Nets are hammering out the final details of a deal with the Jazz for Williams, I'm told less than a minute ago via TweetDeck

Sources told The Record it's a 3-team. deal and the Nets would send D. Harris, DFavors and picks to Utah for Williams. 2 minutes ago via TweetDeck

BREAKING NEWS: Nets are close to acquiring Deron Williams from Utah, sources told The Record. 3 minutes ago via TweetDeck

from http://twitter.com/Al_Iannazzone Is this guy real?

Woj just said it's a done deal.

Wonder if the sixers could of gotten Deron for Jrue/ET.

Shawn reply to Jason on Feb 23 at 11:04

Maybe, but you have to think the Sixers are committed to improving the asset values of both Jrue and ET before trading them away.

Devin Harris, rookie Derrick Favors and two first-round picks would go to Utah for Williams, a two-time All-Star.

The first round picks are crappy team first round picks (with some protection) of New Jersey and Golden State.

It's an interesting trade, but I think Utah panicked and got rooked. They saw the Carmelo thing and maybe Deron told em "I'm out come 2012". Seriously though, how could they have had time to shop Williams this fast to every team?

Something is definitely wrong in Utah. First Sloan, now this?

If this happens, i think people will have to congratulate Prokhorov. First he drove up the price for Anthony so he can screw up the Knicks and then gets an even better player for more or less the same package.

If this is really the package, the Jazz just screwed the pooch (in my opinion) badly. If Billy King gets the best of you you should be ashamed of yourself.

I find it hard to believe the Jazz had time to go to the 29 teams in the league and say 'what's your best offer for Deron Williams' and that THIS was the best offer, especially with the Nets in play in the Carmelo deal.

Then again, if Williams doesn't sign an extension in New Jersey and leaves after next season - was it really worth it?

Teddy KGB is going to get Williams his own mini-giraffe and sell him on being the face of the Brooklyn Nets. Although, I think he'd have a better chance of re-signing him right now, before he starts playing w/ Brook Lopez.

Offer him a max extension - under the old CBA - and get him to sign it.

They have to have their sights set on Howard you'd think. You need to get a lot more talent (in a short period of time) to make Deron Williams want to stay in Jersey I'd think.

saw a tweet saying that deron williams isn't eligible for a contract extension until after the new CBA is signed.

There is a good chance he will resign though. New CBA, owner willing to spend, big market... What's not to like.


OMG couldn't we top that offer?

No more Titanic jokes i guess. That's a better deal than the Anthony one...

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