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Relevancy Sure is Fleeting

Say it with me, "Player Development."

Someone tell Doug Collins :)

Seriously though - the wizards played last night - the sixers should win this - they should win all 3 games this week

I could care less about DWill, Melo, the Nets and the Knicks. This is what we need to focus at.

The Sixers need to show that they can handle this kind of games the way very good teams do. And that's taking care of business and not leaving anything to chance. I'd like to see a big game from Jrue and Turner coming out of the break against Wall.

I'm just happy to be able to watch Sixers basketabll again, felt like longer than a week. Who knows maybe Thorn will have something going on with a trade and he's just keeping it quiet? He should be looking to make a move either for the present or the future.

One thing has me less worried about not making a deal is that you don't disrupt the chemistry. Don't forget the Knicks and Nets will both have to build theirs from scratch while the 76ers know each other for the most part and have the bond of playing together longer. While talent-wise we might be underdogs, as a team this is one that beat the Spurs, Bulls, Magic and Nuggets (a season sweep in the Melo era) beat the Knicks with Amare 2 out of 3 times, lost twice to the Celtics by a total of 5 points. Lost to the Lakers by 4 points. Except for the blowout loss to the Bulls (that they avenged) the 76ers were in most every game this season despite heartbreak losses.

The team's finally figured things out (hopefully) and consistency will only help them grow together. Think about it, the 76ers are actually more dangerous than star-studded teams. Who do the other teams focus on stopping? We got 6-7 players who can score 20 on a given night. Shut down Iguodala and you got Lou Williams, Thad Young, Brand, Jrue, Meeks, Turner etc who could take over the scoring load. With those super-star run teams you shut them down and you can win. Who do you really focus on shutting down on the 76ers? Pick your poison!

Worrying about the chemistry this season is kind of short sighted though. If the sixers have a chance to make a move that would improve the roster long term worrying about the chemistry for just this season is not a concern. They'll make the playoffs as the 8 seed in stead of the 6 seed then - but they'll still lose in the first round.

The sixers MUST stop thinking one season at a time

We do not nearly qualify for "pick your poison" status.

I'm glad you all are staying positive. Usually I do a good job of doing so, but honestly I am just sick to my stomach over the moves the Nets/Knicks have made. Sure, it won't have much of an impact this year. But just when I was starting to feel really really good about our team, these 2 go ahead and make it feel like 4th place has our name on it for the long haul.
Clearly the Nets will have to add a lot more, but gut feeling says their owner will stop at nothing to do so.

I'm not worried about the Nets yet. They added Deron but they have nothing else around him yet, Wright doesn't make them fearsome and they were pretty terrible before this trade. Are they less terrible? Maybe. Maybe they're less terrible than the Raptors now but I still don't think they're better than the sixers.

I'm curios as to how this shakes out in New York, I'm not 100% sure that it's going to go well.

Adrian Wojnarowski: Portland is pushing hard and getting closer to completing a deal with Charlotte for Gerald Wallace, a league source tells Y! Sports. Twitter

Just walked by MSG. Had to laugh a little.


Carmelo Anthony is already capitalizing on the Knicks trade. VH1 announced this morning that Anthony and his wife, La La Vazquez, will appear in the new reality series “La La’s Full Court Life” -- a title that still could change. The series will begin in August, running for 10 episodes. New York Post

Ianzzone says that the nets aren't done yet - but that may have been before the murphy deal was official

Yeah, like I said before, the Nets are clearly irrelevant this season. But they now have a big time piece of candy to lure other players (aside from moving to Brooklyn) and the mad Russian scares the hell out of me. His evil genius just made the Knicks look like fools and got back a super star in the process. 4th place in the Atlantic might be the highest we go in the next few years.

Rod Thorn: Nets, Knicks trading for stars will have "no impact at all" on what Sixers do or don't do by tomorrow afternoon's trade deadline

That's right, the sixers don't need to worry - they're the 7 seed baby - who needs better than that?

I'd take even money on the sixth seed right now.

sixth seed, seventh seed, still losing in the first round and that's just a-ok :)

MW reply to Brian on Feb 23 at 15:59

Brian - I agree with you for this year. I think we can expect the Knicks to struggle the way the Heat did at the beginning of the season. Still by April they will probably have figured out how to best utilize their parts, but we might've passed them for the 6. Either way the top 3 seeds in the East have to be pretty scared about first round matchups. I don't think anyone should want to face us, and everyone is scared of the Knicks now. Not to mention that the Pacers have played the Heat extremely tough this year, in case that is a matchup as well. Should be an amazing playoffs! I am trying to keep looking to the short term, which pathetically most likely has more promise than the long term now after the NY/NJ trades.

If Charlotte is really aggressively looking to move Gerald Wallace (to cleveland for nothing but picks?) is there anything on that roster that the sixers could pick off with some of those expiring contracts (not that they would)?

Tray reply to GoSixers on Feb 23 at 15:50

Well I suppose they want to keep the good parts. Then again, maybe they'd be open to moving Tyrus Thomas? He's worth taking a chance on. Kwame Brown could certainly help solidify center for us.

Yep, I'd be calling about Tyrus Thomas.

Guess Portland wasn't so crazy about Batum after all, huh?

You know what's going to be awesome? When Jrue ascends to Williams' level...then forces his way to the West coast instead of signing an extension to stay in Philly. Really looking forward to that.

don't worry, he won't ever be as good as deron williams.

I guess that's we have to hope for.

a) Holiday can become as good as Williams IMO.
b) Who says he will force his way to the west coast? If he has a good team around him, there is no reason for him to leave. Plus i think it will be very hard to make these multiple star free agency BS moves under the new CBA. Guys will resign more often than not.

Outside of Jrue being similar in height, why is deron williams who people think he'll end up like? I don't think Jrue will ever be as strong nor as good of a passer as Deron williams.

Not like him. As good as him. Big difference.

resign means quit, which may start to happen. It would be nice if guys would re-sign, though, which is what I gather you meant.

Yeah of course i meant re-sign, my bad :)

man - you're worse than me :)

Tray reply to Brian on Feb 23 at 18:19

He'll be as good as Tony Parker, but no one will ever care because he'll never be on nearly as good a team as Tony Parker.

Is Wallace now a blazer? Does anybody care? This is getting excessive imo.

Cin reply to Jason on Feb 23 at 17:17

I care where Crash goes. He's meant just about everything to CHA. Even when they had literaly zero total franchise playoff appearances, he still left it all on the court game after game.

Hey Rich- I was totally wrong about my Deron Williams West Coast statement. Don't know what I was thinking...

this guy think Speights, Nocioni and Songaila is a good enough package to get Nene. Joker.

Spencer Flaws reply to Brian on Feb 23 at 18:45

someone commented on that article and said something about trading iggy+turner+a 1st for Granger.
LOL that's why i only read this blog. At least you guys have a fairly decent grasp of how the Nba works.

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