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Sixers Laugh At the Wizards

Court_visioN on Feb 24 at 1:30

are you sure Brand touching his elbow wasn't his way of letting the refs know "hey he fouled me on that shot too"?

I think Jrue was the first guy to be doing the raise the roof celebrations, the rest of the young guns are just following suit.

Still, good to see the team has cause for celebration.

Yeah, I'm sure. There was no one w/in 10 feet of him on that play, and Iguodala did it first when Brand hit the jumper, he looked at Brand and did it, then Brand did it.

johnrosz on Feb 24 at 1:43

Really enjoyed watching Turner play with some confidence tonight. The step back jumper he took at the beginning of the 4th in particular was pretty nice.

Rich reply to johnrosz on Feb 24 at 1:50

"Too bad it wasn't against Phoenix."

In all seriousness, a lot his points came in garbage time, but he was still contributing while not scoring in the first half. He played good defense, rebounded well, and made a really nice drive and kick to Iguodala for the three. I'm feeling better that he's going to be a starter in this league sooner rather than later. He's a key contributor on a playoff team.

If they could just replace Hawes in the 8-man rotation with a center who could at least get in the way of drivers as a weak-side helper, they'd be such a better team. Like, maybe win a round in the playoffs better. Ugh.

Wow, Baron Davis for Mo Williams. Somehow, I think both teams got worse with that one. The rare lose-lose.

Wow that really is a bad trade for both teams... Especially Clevelend.

Btw, does anyony think the Anthony/Stoudemire partnership is the second coming of Denver during the Iverson era. Good enough to make the playoffs and lose in the first round. Both are black holes, both want to be "the man". I smell trouble there, especially after Billups leaves.

I'm wondering if Amare basically turns into Nene. An uber-efficient, mostly-ignored big man.

The Clips gave up their first-rounder in that deal as well, and got Moon.

Heh, Williams is shooting 38.5% from the floor and 26.5% from three.

Sterling basically gave up his first round pick to save about $11.5M over the next two years, plus the savings from not having to pay that first rounder. I wonder if he'll use the money to pay DeAndre Jordan this summer.

Also wondering if Bledsoe will start over Mo Williams.

Okay that makes more sense now for Clevelend. I can't seem to find a report on the trade somehow... I do believe the Clippers will re-sign Jordan at any cost.

Great game for the Sixers tonight. They did exactly what a very good team would do. Hopefully they can continue to grow. For the first time in forever, the team looks like a REAL team in every aspect. And they are very very young. I see absolutely no reason to be down on them because the Knicks and Nets got some stars...

Billups is the reason they may be improved for the rest of the year. I smell trouble in subsequent years.

Why the hell would you want to trade Speights? We are seriously lacking in big men and he is the one we have that actually has talent. This guy is only 23. I wouldn't give up on him. I am still holding on to hope that by the end of the season his minutes will be much greater than Hawes.
Speights tweeted alluding to how the Sixers have different things they do (such as that elbow tap). Speights puts up 3 fingers. And I don't think that signifies a 3 pointer.

dwhite reply to MW on Feb 24 at 8:24

I don't think Speights gets moved, simply because other teams look at the Sixers, notice he's not playing, and think they can offer some low-ball talent swap and we'll go for it (Dante Cunningham, anyone). He's got one year left on a cheap rookie contract and I don't think you can get equal value in a trade w/ Speights as the main piece, the guy's offensive game is still scary at times and we've got another year and change to (hopefully) integrate him more into the rotation.

Maybe Thorn's got a surprise for us, but no team wants our expirings or flotsam like Nocioni and we can't really stand to lose more size

Story: Sixers overwhelm Wizards with balance:


I'll be glad when the deadline passes. Then I can go back to refocusing on the Sixers instead of how other teams are building.

Just watching the Sixers and how they have gelled as a team is enjoyable. Aside from a couple of guys, their players are easy to root for, and improving. They seem to be maximizing their talents and responding to coaching. That is rare in a young team. Even rarer in a young team without a star to take pressure off everyone else.

So big picture the rebuilding issues won't go away- and frankly I don't know if there is an answer available to them. But fortunately when you watch the team they are enjoyable, and seem to be getting more fun to watch since they are growing from their earlier struggles.

tk76 reply to tk76 on Feb 24 at 10:05

The types of teams I hate to watch are the older teams in decline (late AI years) or teams that have given up (EFJ team.) Its also frustrating to have a "good" team that fails to meet expectations.

But I immensely enjoyed watching the Sixers 2-3 years ago (post-AI trade) where it seemed like a young team was starting to grow. Last year was terrible, but this year is turning out to be pretty darn good. Seeing a fledgling group grow up and outperform your expectations is one of the better things in sports. Not as great as watching a contender reach their potential- but you can't have everything.

eddies' heady's on Feb 24 at 10:01

Thorn? You there? Only a few more hours to move Turner for something, anything. Favors has that thing you can't teach called height along with the supposed upside with the young age, and NJ didn't have an issue with letting him go. Turner's not a big, and his age and game suggests his upside has plateaued, put him in a package...........NOW.

Out of curiosity, name some trades you think they might able to pull off using Turner?

tk76 reply to tk76 on Feb 24 at 10:08

I had hoped for Turner/Speights/filler/sweetener for Gallinari/Nene.

What did you have in mind? Because I think at best they get something like Turner for Mayo- and that's not a great move IMO.

eddies' heady's reply to tk76 on Feb 24 at 10:26

I don't really have anything specific in mind. Don't really get into all the cap and trade ramifications. Your first suggestion would be a dream but I'd even settle for your second one involving Mayo. I'm just in the mode that we're going to wait around for Turner to 'get his game/shot together' and we'll still be saying the same thing 2 to 3 years from now like with Thad and Speights. At some point, players are what they are and Turner doesn't come across as leading us on any upward path out of this sustained mediocrity we've been in. The way he disappears against some of the better defensive teams or even some of the mediocre ones, I just see him doing the same thing in the playoffs when every team clamps down on defense. He only seems to show up if it's a bottom-feeder defensive team or in garbage time like last night. To be that high of a pick and not appearing to be able to lead us anywhere, even incrementally, is really disappointing.

This will be polarizing for sure - but he really isn't that much better than the guy he replaced, Willie Green. He just gives some of our fanbase the dreaded hope, because he's the new kid on the block. Just like Thad once did and Speights too. We see how they've turned out after the few years of initial giddiness.

I'm clear on your impression of Turner. And the draft is over, so he is a Sixer. So if you want him gone, who would you want back for him? It sounds like you are not suggesting a solution, just re-hashing a problem.

eddies' heady's reply to tk76 on Feb 24 at 23:54

Suggesting a solution? In the first sentence I said I don't have anything specific in mind, trading him period would be a solution, no?

Of course you'd like mayo over turner.

He seems to be contributing very well in the short term, which seems to be your philosophy, no?

eddies' heady's reply to Rich on Feb 24 at 23:57

Your definition of contributing very well must be worlds apart from mine. If he's contributing very well as you say, then I guess Hawes is a borderline all-star.

LeChance reply to eddies' heady's on Feb 25 at 0:26

In the last 15 games Turner has shot 46% to go along with 69 rebounds, 43 assists, and only 7 TO's.

If you don't think that's "contributing" for a guy who plays 20 to 25 minutes off the bench then I think you should start following another sport. Maybe curling?

Curling is such an underrated sport. Best winter olympic.

Shawn reply to tk76 on Feb 24 at 10:36

I know I'm in the minority, but I really love what Turner brings to the basketball court, and if my prediction is correct, I believe his asset value will balloon if he can put it all together in the next few years - the real concern will be can we fit 3 potential initiators and playmakers together on one team to run a successful offense?

You aren't in the minority. The minority is the exact opposite just a lot more vocal, iconoclastic and beating the dead horse.

Intelligent sixer fans realize that Turner is not the bust he was made out to be early in the season

Tray reply to GoSixers on Feb 24 at 12:07

Turner's not quite a bust but he could still be a major disappointment. He hasn't really improved, over the course of the season, at scoring; he's still really lousy at that. And I had thought scoring was what we drafted him to do.

He's definitely improved. Shooting 45% in February. I'm not sure what you can expect his scoring numbers to be when he is instructed to focus on defense, rebounding, and passing, and let Lou Williams and Thad take most of the shots.

Tray reply to stoned81 on Feb 24 at 14:46

So he's been okay in 10 games this month. You're saying he's improved because, instead of making 27 of his 67 shots this month, he's made 31. Way too small a sample size to convince me there's a real improvement there, when every other month he's been shooting 40%.

tk76 reply to Tray on Feb 24 at 14:49

He's been shooting pretty well for a guy who IMO has een settling for too many bad shots. He has to stop shooting 20 foot jumpers and start using his size/handle to generate better looks inside 15 feet.

I can't wait until he's entrenched a's the starting two guard next season and shuts you up. What do you expect from him? He's a rotation player on a very solid playoff team and has shown flashes of being a big time player. Would you rather him be like Tyreke last year and shoot 20 times a game to get his 16 ppg? Would his season be a success to you then?

Amare Stoudemire comes to terms with the fact that he's going to get about as many touches as Nene did in Denver while Melo goes one-on-one at every opportunity. I

And the fantasy team that I have that is performing well weeps as I have not only Amare but Landry Fields who if last night is any indicator won't be relevant much any more

I caught a lot of the Knicks game last night, Fields was trying to make plays off the dribble and it wasn't a pretty sight.

Fields did have a sweet dunk on the baseline tho! :)
Also you like Melo's 27 on 25 shots? Haha get used to that knick fans!

As Jalen Rose said last night, he's a volume scorer.

In other 'man i wish he was a sixer instead of iguodala' news

Brandon Roy played 15 minutes last night, he got 5 points on 5 shots and 1 rebound.

Shawn reply to GoSixers on Feb 24 at 10:47

I agree with your views about Roy, but we shouldn't forget his first 2 or 3 years in the NBA, he was an electric player who could get to any place he wanted to on the floor, just a smooth ass scorer.

That's all gone now though. Blah. Sports are brutal.

He was never 'far and away' better than Iguodala unless you ignore half of Iguodalas game.

He was a primadonna in waiting (the whole Andre Miller thing was proof of that)

And his knees were going to kill his career, it wasn't a matter of if, it was a matter of when, this issue was an issue when he was drafted, and how many medical professionals are wondering why the blazers signed the contract, and saying 'see that's why they couldn't get it insured'.

This was the inevitable course of Roy's career, Iguodala on the other hand has been as healthy as an NBA player gets with the amount of minutes he plays -a nd I"m sorry - but health matters - all this 'the blazers will be great if roy and oden get healthy' is funny cause that ain't never happening.

PS - the next 'knee guy' to watch is Dajuan Blair. I'm curios as what the spurs will do long term as they usually don't take on injury risks like that. He's got long term knee issues as well obviously.

Shawn reply to GoSixers on Feb 24 at 10:53

Isn't the case with Blair, that he doesn't have knees at all? whats up with that guy?

We all have knees - (the reason crooks break knee caps by the way, so I"m told, is they don't heal like a broken arm or leg)

Blair has no ACL - in either knee. According to the first article I found (slate.com)

When an athlete (or anyone, for that matter) lands after a jump, the force of that impact moves up the leg to the knee. This force is dissipated or opposed by muscles, tendons, cartilage, and ligaments like the ACL, which connects the femur (thigh bone) to the tibia (shin bone) and helps keep the knee stable by limiting twisting motions. Since Blair lacks ACLs, his quadriceps and hamstring muscles, and the remaining soft tissues in his knee, will need to pick up the slack, as it were, straining harder to stabilize and absorb shocks. So long as his quads and hams remain strong, it's possible for Blair to play.

Shawn reply to GoSixers on Feb 24 at 11:00

I'm convinced he's a robot then, cause his legs should be falling apart by now.

I think the spurs are smart and limit his minutes, but I wouldn't be surprised if his long term contract isn't so long term (or big) from the spurs and he gets more money from a different team ignoring his injury risks (you know, like portland ;) )

Roy was healthier earlier in his career, but the wear and tear of the NBA starting getting to him. The reason Blair slipped wasn't cause of the first two years, it was the long term, a lot of teams worried about his long term health and while he had first round talent that injury risk seems pretty severe. That was before the whole Brandon Roy thing came full public in Portland.

Something like that yes. The realistic expectation is though that he will have a fairly short career. He may have 3-4 more seasons in him but i expect serious health issues afterwards (if not sooner).

Shawn reply to Brian on Feb 24 at 10:44

I think he's got really impressive vision, and a great knack for rebounding (notice I didn't say an elite wing rebounder, I'm not ready to go there yet). The ball handling may never be there to beat guys off the dribble, but there's still time for him to improve his shooting off the dribble. That could put him as a starter, versus a high minutes bench guy. If that doesn't improve, however, he'll always be a 1 or 2 dimensional player.


Thanks all for the headphone adivce. The Etymotics finally arrived from amazon and they are quite excellent - for 77 bucks quite a bargain.

Now all I need is that damn door

Now I thought the clippers would move Kaman for a TPE to save money to re-sign Jordan, but who knew that the 'big splash' the cavaliers had in mind for their TPE was to get Baron Davis.

Even with the clippers draft pick (low lottery?) in this years weak ass draft, that's just stupid.

I hope Toronto does something similarly stupid.

My favorite rumor of the day is that Miami is do damn desperate they're trying to get Brandon Haywood from the Mavs and don't have the assets to get it done :)

Think about that, the Heat can't even trade for a contract the Mavs would give away if they could

Hmmm, did the Cavs need the TPE for Baron Davis? I thought it was Mo Williams + Moon for Baron + a pick

You know what, had me a moment there. You're absolutely right.
Mo + Moon (M-O-O-N that spells stupid trade)

Take away the TPE aspect and it still makes little sense to me. Neither Mo nor Baron is 'great' - Baron makes a lot more money and they're both signed through the 2013 season.

Is the clippers 2011 mid to low lottery pick really worth taking on that much money (8 million extra for the next two years approximately)?

I don't think it is. But mostly because Davis will be terrible in a situation like Clevelend. I think he might get traded again in the offseason.

It's interesting how a lot of lottery bound teams are selling picks this year. Everybody knows the draft is going to be terrible. Minnesota was open to trading their pick as well.

Is there a team left in the NBA that would trade for Baron Davis?

Miami!!! But they don't have the assets :).

That's true.

And just to add to the fun that is the Cleveland Gilberts

: Baron Davis in '05: 'Playing with Coach Scott, it was more like he was a dictator. It was his way or the highway.' Twitter


An inefficient 20+ points game is definitely a detractor when assessing a players ability to contribute to an offense. However, is there something to be said for being a volume scorer, especially when playing very strong defenses? For clutch situations and when an offense breaks down, can't a guy who can create any time he wants be an asset to a certain degree?

I'm not saying Melo is a top tier player, obviously. But I'm asking, isn't creating your own shot, at the expense of efficiency, an important asset to have on a championship basketball team?

Oh Shawn, please don't start using volume scorer, I was making a joke. He's not a volume scorer, he's a volume shooter. (Here's where the difference between a scorer and a shooter comes in to me, Allen Iverson, scorer, Kyle Korver, shooter).

Here's the counterpoint. With his athleticism and getting to the basket, how many points does Amare score with those 27 shots? Maybe he's got 34, 35, and the game isn't close (it was close late in the fourth) because the more efficient scoring of Amare Stoudemire stretches the lead without as many shots.


Boston, Chicago and several more would love to pry Jared Dudley out of Phoenix, sources say. Suns can't dump Childress deal, need money off.


Get him here.

The sixers may have been the team to finally break the Wizards spirit Check It


Talks of players moving away from small market teams (nothing new.)

Can you name trades/signings where a desirable, high profile player went from a big market to a smaller one?

Of the top of my head, I can only think of when Shaq was traded from LA to MIA.(I also asked this at LB)

No offense to New Jersey (ok, big offense, it's freaking Jersey for gods sake) but they're a small market too, and there's no guarantee Deron goes to Brooklyn so he went from small market to small market and while New York is huge tv market (of course) denver is a top 20 market


tk76 reply to GoSixers on Feb 24 at 11:45

They play in the NY metro area... and will soon be in Brooklyn. Its mot like the Nets play down the shore in A.C.

No - they play in north jersey - which is at best a suburb or new york and no one cares about them - they aren't playing in new jersey and calling them selves new york (yeah you giants and jets) - they are a new jersey team - and will be for longer than they think i bet (recessions, inflation, and sky rocketing fuel costs, I see that construction being delayed beyond the current projected date)

Salt Lake City is not a small market - and while new york is a big market - it's the knicks market. The nets will be popular in Brooklyn I'm sure, but what portion of the New York market is brooklyn (brian?) and what appeal will the nets have outside of Brooklyn compared to the 'hot' knicks at the 'mecca of basketball' (for a team that has made as many finals as the nets since 1970 - seriously - why the hell is the garden considered the mecca of anything?)

Baron Davis just got traded from LA to CLE, does that count?

tk76 reply to Brian on Feb 24 at 11:46

As a "a desirable, high profile player" :)

tk76 reply to tk76 on Feb 24 at 11:46

But Brand chose Philly over LA- so that counts...

LA 2 - Philly 4

And the clippers are 'second class citizens' in LA

While it's a 'smaller' market - it ain't a small market

See, this is the argument I was making about baseball. A-Rod chose Texas over NY, and it was 100% about money. Mike Hampton to COL, all about money, Werth to DC. There are a ton of examples in baseball of how small market teams can get elite players, simply by paying a tax. In basketball, where the max is the max and anyone can offer it, small markets get squeezed out. Or I should say undesirable markets/situations. The money's the same, so I may as well play in a warm place, or in the greatest city in the world, or with another superstar who will take the big shots in the fourth so I can be Pippen.

John Hollinger

The scary part is that he's not even close. Sterling, Dolan, Taylor (Minn), Heisley,... they at least got Cohan out of the game, but league's biggest problem that nobody wants to talk about remains the boobs who run half the franchises.

(In regards to sarver being one of the worst owners)

Daryl Morey - boy genius

In talks to obtain Thabeet for Battier and JOnny Flynn from Minnesota.

Man, he's turning those assets into gold Jerry...GOLD

Tray reply to GoSixers on Feb 24 at 12:02

He gets picks back of course.

An interesting name started floating around. Marginalized by the new coach, only 26, he's an upgrade I think on both ends of the court Zaza anyone?

He shouldn't cost much to get

WOjo (on fire this week) with the sixers 'small move'

No late trades surprises with Andre Iguodala. "He's out of play," source says. Jason Kapono buyout likely next order of 76ers business.

Save that money comcast - save that money

Any chance at all Thorn pulls a gigantic rabbit out of a hat?

this gets them out of two bad contracts, gives them Turner, and you throw in multiple #1 picks.

You're a funny guy.

I don't think the magic would do it and I still don't believe in Comcast and luxury tax ville :)

You make me laugh - but you're not a clown to me

Clowns are scary

AND evil

Hell, i'd give up half the team


add 2-3 first rounders

not possible unfortunately...

Boston has been dangling Nate Robinson and Avery Bradley. They're looking for a tough wing. This seems to work to me, in a big way.

Nate Robinson can only come to the sixers if he is immediately sacrificed on the altar of competition

Yeah, he could rot on the bench for all I care. I like Bradely, and this would save the team money.

He's just one of those guys that irrataionlly I truly hate and could never ever root to succeed, hell I'd like Lou more just because Nate was on the roster.

And he's the kind of guy collins would play cause he's a 'vet' who can 'score' in the 'clutch'

over Jrue

And Danny Ainge may be off - but he's not that off to believe Nocioni doesn't suck?

They wanted Nocioni bad last season.

Yeah, but he played this season :)

Rich reply to Brian on Feb 24 at 14:13

I loved when the Mullet saw his first action of the game last night when we were up 30 points.

Remember when he started?

Tom Moore on Feb 24 at 12:45

Video: Collins on a possible minor trade on deadline day, Jason Kapono and liking his team:


Adrian Wojnarowski: Teams calling Houston on Courtney Lee keep getting same message: No big in deal, no trade. Will Bulls cave and give Omer Asik? So far, no. Twitter


So was there actually any possiblity on Gortat being traded? If we agreed to like a Childress-Nocioni swap to save them years on the contract maybe we could get him?

Nope, not mention whatsoever, just extrapolated the saving money comment to get people excited about getting Gortat :)

Oh ok, well the rumor said the Suns are trying to dump Childress, I would take him if it meant getting Gortat, he's not a bad player, just has a long contract.

Yeah, they've been trying to dump childress pretty much all year - such a dumb contract :)

There's probably about 6 hours (max) left in the Jason Kapono era...I think it would be nice if every talked about their best Kapono memory. I'll start below:

tk76 reply to GoSixers on Feb 24 at 14:30

lol, did they test his pump fake dribble drive?

Could it have really happened like this? From Woj:

The New Jersey Nets had gone morning until night for weeks and months tying to make a deal for ’Melo. And then Tuesday afternoon, Jazz GM Kevin O’Connor and Nets GM Billy King were on the line. King hadn’t called O’Connor about Williams, but about Andrei Kirilenko(notes), the Russian forward. They talked about the possibilities of a deal for Kirilenko’s expiring contract, but there was nothing there.

Anything else, O’Connor asked?

“What about Deron Williams?” King said with a I-know-that’s-silly laugh.

O’Connor responded, well, if you’re serious about discussing him, we’re serious.

Within 24 hours, Williams was a Net...


The thing that pisses me off about that deal is the Sixers could've offered expirings for Murphy and been the third team. GSW didn't have anything we didn't, and we could've used Murphy.

I believe the perception is that Brandan Wright has more 'upside' than Mareese Speights

Tray reply to Brian on Feb 24 at 13:27

Murphy may leave GSW, but reportedly it's a buyout deal, and then he'll go with some contender.

Now the rumors are that the kings aren't looking to trade sam OR buy him out - wtf?

Tom Moore on Feb 24 at 13:25

Kapono declined to talk today.

Tom Moore on Feb 24 at 13:26

Still waiting to talk to Iguodala.

Tom Moore on Feb 24 at 13:29

Kapono declined to talk today.

A little over an hour to go. Can someone drive by that Chili's and see if Stefanski and Thorn are on the clock or enjoying some babyback ribs.

Nothing says they can't do both

Chad Ford reporting the Celts want Kapono. For the pure pite of it, I hope we don't buy him out.

I hope we do, they sign him and actually play him.

Rich reply to MW on Feb 24 at 14:16

Didn't he have like his only good game of the season last year at Boston?

Is that what's clouding their judgment?

Not a sentiment I understand but I guess I can respect it. I doubt Kapono makes a difference to anyone this year regardless of where he plays.

I just wish they couldn't buy him out so that Comcast couldn't be cheaper than they already are

Dwyer on last night's game. Only the last line is about this Sixers, but it's true-

"The Washington Wizards are an awful, awful team full of people who either don't know how to play winning basketball, or wouldn't care to try even if they did. John Wall(notes) and Trevor Booker(notes) are exceptions. The Sixers came at them in waves, moved the ball, and never let up. A post-game image on local Washington TV reversed the final score, and though I sometimes do that, I won't be doing it here. Also, Andre Iguodala(notes) was robbed in the 2006 Dunk Contest."

35 minutes. I feel a big goose egg coming on. And buying Kapono out doesn't count as even a minor move.

Any deal the sixers made this year had to be salary 'neutral' (at worst) for the next two seasons (in my estimation)

Combine that with the belief (rightly or wrongly) that this core might do something going forward and you have limited assets to move combined with an unwillingness to take on contracts.

Remove the starting five, lou, thad and turner

What's left if you aren't willing to take on longer contracts to improve your roster?

espn2 is having a trade deadline show at 3pm

tk76 reply to jaypiddler on Feb 24 at 14:34

Gi there if you definitely don't want to hear anything about the Sixers :)

One of the things that hasn't been discussed much in regard to the Williams/Melo trades is that we're now headed for a very uncompetitive first round in both conferences. After the West's top 5 (and arguably top 4), no one there is any good anymore. The West looks just like the East now.

MW reply to Tray on Feb 24 at 14:47

couldn't disagree more. The knicks will play hard/well against the bulls if that is 6-3. We match up well with an old and injured celtics team at the 7-2. And the pacers have given the heat fits all season. it's gonna be the best 1st round in the east in many years.

That's a fine theory, except the Sixers will be playing the Bulls at 6/3 and the Knicks will be taking on the Celts at 7/2.

I really want the sixers to end up 8/1 vs the heat. I don't think they can beat the Bulls or celtics. Do think they could beat Heat, and also think they could beat ATL/ORL winner in 2nd round.

I don't think it's a lock who gets the 1, 2, 3 seeds in the east. I want the sixers to get the 5 seed cause that's the only chance they have of winning a round this year in my opinion :)

Tray reply to MW on Feb 24 at 14:51

If Miami doesn't match up well with Boston, how do we? I'm sure that Indy, New York, and we can win games in the first round, but I really think the chance of an upset happening in any of those series is below ten percent.

Agree on the percentage. I think it's lower for the Knicks. They go 6 deep, on a good night.

Tray reply to Brian on Feb 24 at 14:57

I was actually making the more extravagant claim that the chance of any of those being upsets (not the chance that each would be an upset) was less than ten percent.

And I guess the Knicks are more than 6 deep. Toney Douglas, obviously, is a valuable role player, they've gotten production from Shawne Williams, Sheldon Williams is an okay big off the bench, Carter's a perfectly serviceable backup point guard, and Balkman can be disruptive. It's a weak bench, to be sure.

Douglas is the only legit rotational player of that group. Six deep.

Yes, they proved that he definitely does travel... every time.

tk76 reply to tk76 on Feb 24 at 14:59

Sorry, reply fxn didn't work.

Adrian Wojnarowski WojYahooNBA

Boston has agreed to send Kendrick Perkins to OKC for package that includes Jeff Green, sources tell Y!


That deal is absolutely insane. Weirdest trade deadline ever!!!

Btw, i love that deal for the Thunder. Presti does it again. The Thunder are scary as hell now.

Holy crap. Celtics traded Perkins to OKC for Jeff Green. That's completely batshit insane.

Boston has to be banking on Troy Murphy.

johnrosz reply to Brian on Feb 24 at 14:59

didn't they draft Jeff Green? Traded him in the Allen deal?

Ainge must love him

That's interesting. I wonder if they know something about his knees as he's up for a contract extension this off season.

Is this the beginning of the 'pre-emptive' rebuild for when the big 3 retire?

Tray reply to Brian on Feb 24 at 15:00

Yes, that is batshit insane. You know what, maybe they're so unconcerned with Orlando that they think Shaq can hold the spot down. Then again, you still have the Lakers. More likely, they knew Perkins would leave and go to Miami in the offseason and wanted value back. All the same, that significantly impairs their shot at another championship.

Wow I cannot believe this shit.. Jeff Green might be the most overrated and underrated player in the NBA at the same time. How much better is OKC now, and can they lock him up easily?

Real GM had a report saying Perkins turned down an extension of 4/30.

Tray reply to T McL on Feb 24 at 15:07

I had read a whole lot of Perkins-to-Miami talk, and you'd think that if he'd leave a situation like Boston the prospect of winning with Durant wouldn't be enough to keep him in Oklahoma. Nevertheless, doesn't this at least give OKC a theoretical shot at making the Finals? I think it makes them a legitimate long shot.

Tray reply to Brian on Feb 24 at 15:01

They did apparently get Krstic back too. But that really means nothing.


Houston has traded Shane Battier to Memphis for Thabeet and a first-round pick, source tells Y!

Good lord

I don't understand this deal for memphis. Give up a 1st and their #2 pick for battier whose an expiring i believe...

You gotta always look at the finances and the expirings and what they didn't do.

The Grizzlies did not trade Zach Randolph, which would indicate they will attempt to sign him to a contract extension this off season.

Additionally, Marc Gasol is due a contract extension this off season.

And they have Gay and COnley signed to long term deals.

Gasol is worth a big deal and Randolph will want a big deal. A #2 pick bust makes about 5 million a year (or so), so that's 5 million dollars Memphis saves that they might not have another way.

It's a financial move for Memphis and it's another one of those 'genius' moves for Morey that people will praise him for because of his rep, but so far in the past year I've been very unimpressed with his moves.

Tray reply to GoSixers on Feb 24 at 15:15

You didn't like the Kevin Martin deal? For that matter, what's not to like about turning an expiring contract of limited on-court value into a first-round pick?

tk76 reply to Jason on Feb 24 at 15:08

So they had to give away a 1st rounder to give away their #2 overall pick from less than 2 years ago? And all that to get an expiring contract?

1. That would be like the Sixers next deadline trading away a future #1 and Turner in order to get an expiring.

2. I would have loved it had thorn traded Kapono for a #1 pick + Thabeet.

Would have been great, but no way Memphis would've chosen Kapono over Battier. Battier actually helps them with their playoff run this year.

And apparently Mayo to Indy, for McRoberts and a first-round pick. If that's the price of Mayo... I mean, is McRoberts's value much greater than Speights's?

Mayo is awful.

Tray reply to Jason on Feb 24 at 15:09

This year he is.

tk76 reply to Jason on Feb 24 at 15:14

I would have traded a lottery protect #1 + Speights for Mayo. I think he slots well between Jrue and Iguodala.

I don't think we wanted Mayo and didn't want to give up our #1. And Speights is clearly better than McRoberts. I'm much happier keeping Speights and our #1.

Tom Moore on Feb 24 at 15:04

Video: Iguodala on remaining with Sixers as trade deadline passes:


Paul Coro: The Suns "likely" are trading Goran Dragic and a first-round draft choice to Houston for Aaron Brooks, a source said.

What? Really? I really have no understanding of this league anymore.

tk76 reply to Brian on Feb 24 at 15:16

So Lowry took advantage of Brook's earlier injury to suplant Brooks as the #1 PG.

jkay reply to Brian on Feb 24 at 16:06


Paul Coro:

Suns are sending their 1st-rounder but it is lottery-protected. If the Suns miss the playoffs, Houston gets the Orlando pick the Suns have.

Hmm. Morey must like this draft.

Be interesting to see a list of the teams that didn't make a deal and see who should have

I'm surprised Toronto did nothing, their ownership flux might mean that they can't do anything.

The NBA has officially gone nuts. Honestly with all those ridiculous trades i'm beginning to think it's a good thing the Sixers weren't involved. So many mind-blowing moves.

Um, I kinda want Boston in the first round now.

Rodney Buford reply to Brian on Feb 24 at 15:18

I'm kind of with you. I guess Perkins is hurt though? Sprained MCL , out at least a week.

Charlotte's Gerald Wallace has been traded to Portland, a league source tells Y!


lol not meant to be a reply to this. :(.

I don't want to face boston, honestly I don't want to face anyone with meeks still our starting 2.

Is this for real or not - rumors were that it had fallen apart cause Jordan is a coward

And you might get your wish. There is a very good chance they end up 2nd or 3rd.

I still cannot believe that deal. Is Garnett injured, so they needed Green?

I think it's just more that Jeff Green is a pretty darn good player, whereas Nate Robinson is an annoying and awful gunner (addition by subtraction) and Perkins was going to leave for a big contract.

Basically they got Ray Allen for free, since they acquired him straight up for Green. Kind of amazing.

WojYahooNBA Portland will send Joel Przybilla and a 2nd round draft pick to Charlotte for Gerald Wallace, source says.
1 minute ago

Wow, what a steal for Portland

Jesus. I would of given up a first to try a Iggy/Wallace/Brand lineup.

Yeah I don't get that at all. Michael Jordan strikes again?


Ken Berger has picks right going to Charlotte for Wallace. I can't read a text message: Two future first-rounders for Wallace.

Haha, that makes a lot more sense.

Best trade by far. Great job by the new Portland GM.

Josh reply to Xsago on Feb 24 at 15:34

What is wrong with MJ? I really feel sorry for the Charlotte fans.

johnrosz on Feb 24 at 15:25

A lot of these deals seem like trading just for the sake of trading

Yup. A lot of teams just got worse while trying to become better.

Josh reply to Xsago on Feb 24 at 15:30

I think some of these deals are made by drunken GMs

You know what's the best thing about all this? Almost every team has new players they need to integrate in their team.

Hopefully the sixers can take advantage of that.

johnrosz on Feb 24 at 15:31

Portland just got Gerald Wallace for free

Do you guys think Ainge saw their division "rivals"Knicks and Nets make big deals and said, i have to get one for my team?


Source confirms @WojNBAYaoo report: Rip Hamilton-to-Cavs fell apart over buyout amount. Rip stuck in Detroit. Pistons won't do buyout.

Lol good job Rip! I won't feel bad for you anymore.

Joe Dumars signed Richard Hamilton to a bad cotract, knowing it was guaranteed. No one forced the pistons to make that bad offer. No one forced the pistons to keep joe dumars employed longer than he should have been.

NBA contracts are guaranteed, I never understand why the player is always the bad guy when he won't agree to take less than he was guaranteed. The system is broken, not Rip

Rip and Cavs were in negotions for a buy out, Rip wanted more $$$, he could of gotten out of his contract if he wanted but didn't. So i don't feel bad for Rip Hamilton anymore, he can enjoy that Detroit bench.

chadfordinsider Hearing same as @MikeWellsNBA ... O.J. Mayo to Pacers for McRoberts and a first.
6 minutes ago

Didn't make it in time possibly? lol.

Although the 76ers did not make a move by the 3 p.m. trading deadline, a source confirmed that they were engaged with the Houston Rockets up until the final hours before the deadline discussing a deal which involved Sixers' forward Jason Kapono and big man Marreese Speights in exchange for Rockets' forward Shane Battier. Houston ended up trading Battier to the Memphis Grizzlies for Thabeet and a first-round pick.

Read more: http://www.philly.com/philly/blogs/deep-sixer/76ers_went_to_the_wire_with_Rockets.html#ixzz1EufJB6Sw
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