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Assuming he's bought out, share with us your most touching or vivid Jason Kapono sixer memories.

And, I'll post it here so others can comment as well, though I know I'm wording this badly.

Of all the deals made (and lordy are there a lot of em) at this trade deadline, which ones do you think the sixers should have made and what do you think the equivalent 'give up' for the sixers would have been compared to the actual trades made (I.e. the suggestion of kapono and in the thabeet deal over battier)

For the sake of interesting debate, we'll ignore the fact that the sixers ownership will not go over the luxury tax ever again :)

tk76 reply to GoSixers on Feb 24 at 15:24

I would have done a version of:

-The Thabeet deal (if only to get the additional #1 pick.)

-The Mayo deal

-The Gortat deal (Lou instead of Brooks.)

I actually would not trade Thad for Perkins. But mostly because I don't like Perkins for this team- despite his defense/rebounding.

Gortat wasn't traded.

I actually would not trade Thad for Perkins. But mostly because I don't like Perkins for this team- despite his defense/rebounding.

Interested in hearing why.

I think Perkins is good at what he does. But he is extremely limited in other areas. So he is a great fit for some teams but would not work great next to Brand.

1. He is not mobile enough to finish lobs or scorer off of cuts. That is the type of player that the Sixers need to feed off of Jrue/Iguodala/Turner.

2. He can't pass, so it is hard to hide him in the offense. Not an issue for the Celtics, when KJ prefers to live 18 feet from the basket- and their other shooters. Bigger problems for the Sixers who need space for drivers.

3. Great man defender. Not nearly as much a threat as an off the ball defender. So he is not quite good enough to where you can get by with Thad at PF. Say Thad's man is backing him down. if you have Dwight/Sma/Bynum/Camby etc they can come over and alter the shot or be a deterrent. Perkins lacks that mobility/athleticism.

Perkins is really good at a few key things. Man defense, rebounding and taking charges as a team defender. Unfortunately, that skill set is just to limited for the Sixers to commit longh term salary to him. His value is inflated based on profile and how helpful he is to some teams. That drives up his price to where he'd be a poor choice.

You have to come up with equivalent talent to make it a feasible thing.

What would you have given to the Grizz equivalent of McRoberts (I'm thinking speights maybe?)

tk76 reply to GoSixers on Feb 24 at 15:54

Yes. Speights.

I would have liked Thabeet, but none of our expirings can play, whereas Battier helps Memphis in their playoff run.

I would have absolutely traded for Brandan Wright. Nets got him for free, we could've traded anything for him. Blew that one in my opinion.

No interest in Mayo at all.

We should rescue Sean Williams from the D-League. Thorn drafted him, now he ignores him.

Thunder got Nazr Mohammed as well for free. Presti outsmarted the whole league again...

While everybody makes stupid deals the Thunder just became super dangerous.

Michael Jordan never should have bought the bobcats and now he's making it clear why. He has neither the basketball brain or financial acumen to run a team.

I wouldn't say paying Nazr Mohammeds contract is a genius move.

It's not genius but it gives them a legit backup C behind Perkins. They can afford him right now.


Rockets did their deals with Phoenix and Memphis after also going deep in talks w/Philly on a Battier for Speights-and-Kapono deal

Would sixers of started a Jrue/Iggy/Battier/Brand/Hawes lineup?

Apparently the Sixers were close on a Speights + Kapono for Battier deal.

If Battier were a bit younger (and I believed the sixers would/could lock him up long term) I might be actually perturbed

Yeah it's an interesting idea but his age scares me... Defensively though, Jrue+Battier+Iguodala? Oh my...

So obviously this is a legit question about the Sixersbeat show. What do you think about that possible trade?

I guess the Rockets liked the first rounder more than Speights. Or maybe they liked Thabeet...

Or maybe the Sixers wanted more than Battier?

Alvin reply to Xsago on Feb 24 at 15:58

Yes that could have been a great 1-2-3 defensively but I didn't like the deal cause dealing Speights when we lack frontcourt depth is just weird. I don't wanna give up for him yet, not for Battier at his age.

is Jrue/Battier/Iggy that much better than Jrue/Turner/Iggy defensively?

This season? Yes. Battier is a top 10 wing defender in the NBA. Possibly better.

Oh and he's a very good three point shooter. He'd be a perfect fit between Jrue and Iguodala as well.

can he run the floor?

His age is an issue

It is an issues which is why i don't know if i like that deal or not.

It is a very interesting idea though.

Rich reply to Alvin on Feb 24 at 16:06

Speights doesn't play though. Collins doesn't like him.

I would have loved that deal, although the backcourt would have been pretty crowded. If the Sixers could have in turn got rid of Lou for a bag of rocks (preferably a tall one), then that would have been great.

Alvin reply to Rich on Feb 24 at 16:24

I feel it would have made sense to trade Speights if it would have gotten us a servicable big. Don't think we need a wing player taking minutes from Turner.

My feelings about the trade deadline now are: no deal is better than a bad deal.

Don't think Sixers could have gotten good value unless some GM made a stupid move. Too bad there's nothing we wanted from the Bobcats.

Too bad there's nothing we wanted from the Bobcats.

Nazr Mohammed and or Tyrus Thomas wouldn't improve the sixers roster?

Tyrus wan't available and Nazr has another year on his contract that limits the Sixers financial flexibility. If they could have him for Nocioni great, but the Thunder offer would always be better.

The sixers financial flexibility is already pretty limited. Nazr makes the sixers better.

Tyrus may have ben available, just cause he wasn't traded doesn't mean he wasn't available - Michael Jordan just shredded is team to save a buck

tk76 reply to Xsago on Feb 24 at 16:17

Good. Now I don't have to worry about Battier taking away minutes from Turner's development.

I'd rather go small with Battier at the four than Thad :)

Alvin reply to GoSixers on Feb 24 at 16:28

That is true, I think Battier at the four is much better than Thad at the four. Don't think it'd make that much difference though. I hope I'm wrong, but as well as this team has played this season I feel the ceiling for now is pushing a team to 6 games in the first round.

Hopefully in the process the players (especially Jrue, Turner, Young) will get a lot better though.

tk76 reply to Alvin on Feb 24 at 16:37

Don't agree. Battier may defend better at the PF but he is still below average as a PF defender. At least Thad can kill certain opponents with mismatches at PF. That would not happen with Battier.

There are certain Sixers that have value that a segment of the fanbase think are absolutely worthless. Lou and Thad are at the top of the list. Iguodala not far behind. Sam used to be tops.

And yet people find other team's one dimensional players hugely appealing (like Perkins.)

I don't believe Thad is worthless, I believe replacing a guy who scores well at the rim, and not as well most other places, who is more athlete than basketball player and can't defend for shit is easier to replace than an intelligent basketball player who works hard defensively and has a quality 3 point stroke.

You value Thad more than battier

I balue battier more than thad

They are both incomplete - and I feel one is more easily replaced than the other.

I don't think Lou Williams is any harder to replace than willie green

tk76 reply to GoSixers on Feb 24 at 16:43

Battier is a 32 year old guy with an expiring contract. You would be replacing him this summer regardless.

tk76 reply to GoSixers on Feb 24 at 16:48

So hypothetically will send away Thad, Lou and Speights for minimal return. What is your bench moving forward?

Meeks or Turner
Next year's #1
Some minimum guys

This team has played 60% ball for 1/2 a season. I'd say bench (offensive) dominance accounted for at least 20-25% of their wins.

Sure bench scoring is a luxury. But its not a luxary when you don't have it.

So hypothetically will send away Thad, Lou and Speights for minimal return. What is your bench moving forward?

I didn't send them all away at once did i?

tk76 reply to GoSixers on Feb 24 at 17:15

No, did not mean to imply that.

BTW, do you feel like a superhero now? Replying to random call's for help (dealing with certain posters) :)

This is a job for ...

I was just bored...it was a pleasant diversion from work, and definitely more enjoyable than lamenting all the moves the sixers haven't made.

Rich reply to tk76 on Feb 24 at 16:30

If they would have dealt Lou in turn after getting Battier, then Turner's development might have been accelerated.

Rich reply to Rich on Feb 24 at 16:32

Do the Battier deal then this one-


I don't care if the guy sucks, just get Lou out of here.

Boston also sent Erden and Harangody to the Cavs. I don't know what they got in return though.

2nd rounder.


Did Thorns experience working as an NBA's Executive Vice President of Basketball Operations, influence his decision to have a wait and see approach about the pending CBA agreement? Is that a good thing or a bad one?

i simply think there wasn't much interest in sixers roster.

tk76 reply to Jason on Feb 24 at 16:27

Some fans say the same thing.

Marquis Dnaiels was traded to Sacramento for nothing?

tk76 reply to GoSixers on Feb 24 at 17:38

Wel they had to take on salary, right?

I assume BOS sent cash as well.

Boston is going to wind up playing a lot of small ball after these trades. Like, lineups w/ big baby at the five and green at the four. I really think the Sixers have a decent shot at winning a series against them.

tk76 reply to Brian on Feb 24 at 17:44

How much is Boston's thinking long term- as in post big 3?

I think that's totally the thinking on the perkins thing personally. The Daniels trade seems dumb if they didn't do anything else after, but it seems that the Celtics didn't want to pay what Perk wanted so they made a trade for an asset, and while hurting their team a little short term, long term it puts them in better position.

This is the exact opposite of what the sixers do.

tk76 reply to GoSixers on Feb 24 at 17:59

And the stakes are much higher for the Celtics.

Remember when people thought Danny Ainge was a terrible GM? Is he still?

Tray reply to GoSixers on Feb 24 at 18:17

They also moved out Erden and Harangody for a second-round pick. I can't see why you'd move your back-up center (J. O'Neal's health is very iffy) for nothing.

Well, i'm not sure how great of a move this is for the future. Green is a restricted free agent this summer. Personally, I don't think he's worth as much as Thad. I thought that was going to be a defining situation for OKC, because really, they needed to cut ties w/ him if the team was going to move forward. An extension for Green would've wound up handcuffing them.

johnrosz reply to Brian on Feb 24 at 17:51

read that Sheed is considering coming back for the stretch run. That gives them some size...well, that gives them someone tall at least.

Tom Moore on Feb 24 at 17:48

Players, coaches glad Sixers didn't make a significant trade:


And Comcast is thrilled, they don't have to spend any more money and they can still get that first round playoff loss this year and next year.

Not to mention the money saved by buying out kapono - they should buy out songaila too

I think Portland has become a pretty interesting team - Miller, Matthews, Wallace, Aldridge, Camby, and Batum, Fernandez, and whatever Roy has left off the bench.

HOllinger had this take (via insider) on the celtics green trade...it's only the intro to the article.

Take note, Lakers and Magic fans: The Celtics are effectively betting against you.

They'll never say so in so many words, but actions speak much louder. And today's actions said that when playoff time rolls around, Boston thinks it will need perimeter depth, floor spacing and the ability to play smaller a lot more than they'll need quality low-post defenders.

Translation: Miami is the threat here, not Orlando. And if they survive, it's San Antonio, not the Lakers, whom they now match up better against.

Tray reply to GoSixers on Feb 24 at 18:09

Boston hasn't seemed to have much trouble beating Miami without Jeff Green. This is a weird deal to me. I can see dealing Perkins - they've been great this year without him, they're clearly better than Orlando with or without him - but what's the great use of a very mediocre backup to Pierce?

ojr107 reply to Tray on Feb 24 at 18:38

Green will probably see most of his minutes at the 4 spot with KG sliding to the 5. Maybe it was a mistake to trade Perkins, but they didn't make the trade so Green can play 10 minutes a game backing up pierce.

Tray reply to ojr107 on Feb 24 at 18:48

A position at which he's really bad. How many other power forwards in the league score as inefficiently as him and rebound as little as he does? The answer: pretty much no one. Rashard Lewis's half-season in Orlando is the only other instance.

There's also a better than 95% chance they made this trade looking beyond this season and since Paul pierce can't play forever, having a replacement in place makes sense, again, hard for some to understand when the sixers have no clue how to do things like that.

Tray reply to GoSixers on Feb 24 at 18:54

A really bad replacement.

johnrosz reply to Tray on Feb 24 at 19:02

Agreed. The window for Boston is this year and perhaps next year. Worrying about replacing Pierce in 3 years shouldn't be on top of the to do list.

they will be players in 2012 free agency.

Sometimes we believe news reports sometimes we don't.

However, there have been a few reports that the big 3 would retire (together) if they won this year.

If they sit for a year not doing anything does it make them more or less likely to retire.

Your thought processes are why the sixers are lways screwed, because 3 years is not a long time - paul pierce ie nearing the end of his career and if you wait until he's done you might not have the assets to find his replacement. You might trade him for andre miller and joe smith and then end up with squat

Tray reply to GoSixers on Feb 24 at 19:15

But if the replacement is an objectively bad player, that doesn't help you. Green is a criminally bad rebounder at the 4 and doesn't, much like Thad, have the skills it takes to play the 3, which doesn't prevent him from jacking a ton of threes and long-range twos. Neither of which he's good at making. I don't think anyone claims he's a lockdown defender. He's a good finisher but doesn't, for whatever reason, make much of his ability to finish.

Old School Sixer Fan reply to Tray on Feb 24 at 19:52

OK. I'm confused. Is Green better, the same or worse than Thad as a 3-4 tweener? Which of them is worth more $$.

Thad is very much the better player, it isn't even close. Plus, he's two years younger.

Thad can actually play the 4 off the bench, Green can't play any position particularly well.

It kinda sucks that we're stuck with the shitty comcast owners and Ted Leonsis and Russian Mike come into our division the same year.

Also, I saw people talking about McGee in that Wizards thread, McGee doesn't get alley oops because he might be the stupidest player in the NBA. Him and Blatche are easily the dumbest frontcourt in the league.

At least the Sixers bench is really good now. I am ready to pretend to be excited when the Sixers take a game or two from Orlando/Boston/Miami in the first round and ultimately lose.

Leonsis isn't in the sixers division and hasn't really impressed me as an owner just yet.

Would the capitals be as good without the drafting of that great player?

Mike P reply to GoSixers on Feb 24 at 19:24

It feels like the Wizards are in our division, but whoops, still Leonsis is a great owner.

Look at the caps farm system, do they call it a farm system in hockey? They've won like teh last two calder cups.

Wiz are on the come up with Wall. It'll be funny if they manage to trade away all the dummies in one fell swoop this summer. Also bring back the Bullets!

They've won like teh last two calder cups.

And year in and year out the royals have a great farm system. If it doesn't translate in the pros - does it matter?

The caps have ovechkin right? Which was kind of a no brainer super star draft right place at the right time - would they be as good without him?

Just for interest:

player comp Green and Thad.

Thad + Hawes is a better package than what Boston got.

Tray reply to Brian on Feb 24 at 19:20

Well, Perkins would just leave us. He'll likely leave OKC too, but OKC could, just maybe, win this year.

Not saying we could've or should've done it. Just saying Green + Nenad isn't much of a return at all.

Tray reply to Brian on Feb 24 at 19:28

The deal I might've liked to make is Speights + pick for Mayo.

Maybe - but the whole 'in division' nonsense means it would never get done - 4 games a year - and yes I'd prefer perkins over Thad if the sixers would sign him long term

tk76 reply to Brian on Feb 24 at 19:23

The best part:

Green 5.5 FG on 12.6 FGA
Thad 5.3 FG on 9.7 FGA

Green does get to the line more.

Thad's also 2 years younger.

Mark in Houston, Tx:
Can you make it sound like Thabeet will be a dominant center in 3 years and make Morey look like a genius? I would love to hear that.


How god damn big is your DVR you can keep the rookie sophmore game?

I have two dual-tuner tivo's. one's 20 gig of HD, the other's 45. Both have 1 TB external drives attached, which add ~120 hours of HD.

I then have a fileserver with 4.5 TB of storage. I have a perl script that runs every night, that polls both tivo's for new records, downloads them locally, then converts them to mpg, so this way I can delete stuff off the tivo and still know I can view it. 4.5 TB gives me about 540 additional hours of HD recordings.

So, in all, I have 120*2+20+45+540, or about 845 hours of HD stuff I can record before I've hit my limit.

Remember, before I was involved with basketball, I was a tech geek, and I use that to my advantage.

I also have a PVR in my computer. During tournament time, i can record up to 6 programs at once. It's usually entirely basketball, too.

Is it easy to get stuff off of a DVR to a hard drive? I've been trying to figure out how to get stuff off a DVR to a hard drive and then being able to use editing software on it (if it exists) and never been able to find a reliable guide online for such a thing

Tivo's provide an app (Tivo Desktop) that can download shows real easily. For Linux, there's a bunch of third party apps. I ended up writing my own perl script, so this way it could download it automatically to my server every night (which doesn't have a monitor, so these gui apps weren't going to work).

For the script, it took me about 2 hours. There's basically a web page that you do a wget of, then parse the page for the records to get the URL to download the records. It's not all that intuitive, but hey don't do anything to actively block it.

For other manufacturers, I don't know. I had a comcast (RE: motorola) DVR, and I couldn't find that functionality. I switched to tivo's and I love them.

About what you just said on the show, the Bobcats moved Nazr. He's a defensive big of sorts. Surely a Nazr-Battie platoon would be an upgrade over Hawes.

Love when Tmoore is on the podcast

Also i think Boston's plan is 2012 FAency, Dwight howard.

Tray reply to Jason on Feb 24 at 21:19

Somehow I don't think he'll choose to go there.

Aren't there reports that Billups is locked into the KNicks for next year - he won't be opting out they guaranteed his 14 million?

Tray reply to GoSixers on Feb 24 at 21:31

So I thought. I thought the plan was that he walked in 2012, and they somehow attempted to sign Paul or Deron.

Tmoore was meant to do radio.

I don't know about other writers and other cities but if they gave out an award to 'best embracing of new technologies by old school journalist' - he'd win it hands down

Last week I mentioned that one of the chatters had said something about Thabeet and the game of basketball - he said it again today in hoopsworlds trade deadline wrapup chat. I wanted to share it. I think on some level it can apply to a lot of those athletic players who bust out

Most basketball players found the game themselves... they picked up a ball, played and loved it. They played it soo much that they became good at it and pursued it as a passion.

When you are a seven footer from Africa, the game finds you... someone else put the ball in Beet's hands, and told him to go play... he does not love basketball... this is a job and business for him and thats why he's not very good.

I think he wants to be good, but it takes effort to be just average in the NBA, and he's never put fourth the effort to be even average.... that may change and it may not, I think lower expectations on Beet will be good for him.

Tray reply to GoSixers on Feb 24 at 22:08

I don't know, the vast majority of players who find success in the NBA are probably in the 99.99th percentile of athleticism. Besides, even if you're just 6'5 and an American who's not born into great wealth, chances are good that a basketball will be put in your hands. And of course, there are so many players from circumstances similar to Thabeet - Mutombo, Ibaka, Yao - who have been quite successful. So to me that doesn't explain much. I mean, yes, it may well be true that in Thabeet's case there's not too much enthusiasm for the game. But I don't think that, as a general matter, tall guys from foreign countries/poor backgrounds who are pushed into basketball are more likely to underachieve than players who "found the game themselves."

I literally screamed out 'Jesus' when Tom Moore said 11 mil per year after last season.

That's what I was told, though he could ask for anything. Guessing the price will go down considerably.

Thanks so much for coming on, Tom. It's always great to talk to you.

If he felt he was worth 11 mil after the craptacular numbers he put up last year - how much is he going to think he's worth now all the praise he's getting.

His agent is not sane

Doesn't that just prove Gay makes too much money?

Nah, he's a very good defender (near top 10 wing defender). Gay's having a great year that is without a doubt worth 5/82.

It's an awful comparison,comparing a 3 to a 4, but it was one that was made over the summer on this blog.

Alvin reply to GoSixers on Feb 24 at 23:40

I liked Young during his rookie season, and I like him now, but if he's gonna ask for 11m all I can see that makes sense for the team is a sign-and-trade.

Brian high on optimist juice - 3-0 :)

I'm a sucker. Just get above .500 on Sunday and I'll be happy.

Actually - I'll be pissed if they AREN"T above 500 with the 3 games this week it's unacceptable

And in today's match-up of MVP candidates, Rose has used 31 possessions to score 26 points; LeBron, 23 possessions to score the same number of points. LeBron also has 6 more boards, 2 fewer turnovers, 2 more steals, 1 more block, and the same number of assists.

and Rose had 1 win, LeBron 0.

Tray reply to Brian on Feb 24 at 23:54

Which is more a function of his team hitting two threes, or his bench scoring 2 to Chicago's 22, than anything that he or Rose did. Rose had about as bad a game as you can have while scoring 31 points, while LeBron played a very good game.

If you really want to play the sample-size game, then why only shrink it down to this game? Let's shrink it down to what decided the game. With LeBron on him, Rose drove, drew a double team, and kicked to Deng for a three. On the other end, LeBron missed a three to tie it by about five feet. Those two possessions carry as much meaning as this entire game does, in the great MVP race.

I do hope lou was watching that moment

Tray reply to Brian on Feb 25 at 0:35

Well, I hope voters aren't so stupid as to cast their votes largely on the basis of the last minute of head-to-head match-ups between the candidates. And of course, I wouldn't suggest shrinking the sample size to this game; I'd look at the whole season, where again, LeBron has been the best player in the league, and Rose has been maybe the 7th or 8th, if you're being charitable.

LeBron is the best player on the planet, that's not really debatable. If we were talking about the Best Player award, he'd win it hands down every year. But we're talking about Most Valuable, and I've always taken that as meaning Most Valuable to his team, ergo, how good would the team be without him. Rose is ahead of LeBron in that category. Miami would still be a top three seed w/out LeBron. Chicago would be somewhere around the Bucks, at best, without Rose. But really, Howard is the most valuable.

Tray reply to Brian on Feb 25 at 0:55

Like I said before, I don't think MVP should be about what would happen if you bumped off the various MVP candidates. The fact that a player has superstar teammates who would pick up the slack if he were gone doesn't detract from the value that he is, in the real, non-hypothetical world, actually bringing to the table. So for example, let's just suppose that Chris Paul had had a really great year last year, one of the great point guard seasons ever, but that in the ten games he missed, Darren Collison was amazing. Almost as good as Paul. To me, the fact that Collison, in this hypo, is there and could come in and play almost as well really has no bearing on Paul's value, because, in the real world where Chris Paul is a Hornet and isn't subtracted from the team, he did, in fact, win them a ton of games. The fact that there's an insurance policy there doesn't take away from that. And it's the same with LeBron. He's their best scorer, playmaker, defender, and second best rebounder. If he left, yes, you'd see Wade, and primarily Bosh, doing a lot more, but in the games that were actually played, LeBron was the biggest reason for all those wins.

I disagree. Wade is carrying an equal or slightly lesser share of the weight in Miami. It's not just about what would happen if he was gone, it's also about what he's responsible for while he's there. Wade is right there w/ LeBron in pretty much every statistical category but assists, and you could even make the argument that he's more valuable than LeBron, considering Wade is the guy they go to down the stretch (unless they're looking for bricked threes). Is there's a legit debate as to who is the most valuable player on a team, I'm not sure how you can say either guy is the most valuable player in the league.

Tray reply to Brian on Feb 25 at 1:11

Perhaps, then, Wade is a serious MVP candidate. Is it impossible for one team to have the league's two most valuable players?

I guess if they go 82-0 and they'd be .500 w/out 1 of them, 0-82 w/out both. This Miami team would win about 15 games w/out both of them.

Tray reply to Brian on Feb 25 at 1:30

Besides, I don't really believe that losing Rose would turn the Bulls into the Bucks. Just compare the two teams. The Bulls without Rose would still have a top three defense and a functioning offense. Milwaukee's uniquely bereft of offensive talent (last in the league); Chicago would still have Deng, Boozer and Noah. On the other hand, I'm not positive that Wade, Bosh, and some extremely limited three-point shooters and barely functional big men would be a third seed. They'd be worse defensively and on offense they'd be strictly a two-man team. All that really would be is a slightly better version of the Melo-Amare Knicks - Wade being a lot better than Melo, but Amare being a lot better than Bosh.

Chicago is the #16 offense with Rose playing absolutely out of his mind. I think they'd be exactly like the Bucks without him. A terrible offensive team with a top five defense.

And Bosh + Wade is head and shoulders better than Stoudemire and Melo. Wade is a great distributor and a super-efficient scorer with a high usage rate. Melo is neither of those things. When Bosh was essentially in the same situation as Stoudemire (last year in Toronto), he was more productive than Amare. Put him in the #2 slot w/ Wade to set him up, and about a 27% usage rate, and he's going to perform as well as, or better than Amare. Plus, Bosh defends a little, and Wade defends a whole lot. They're still top 3 w/out LeBron. They won 45 last year w/out LeBron or Bosh.

Rose's 1 win is equal to the amount of Field goals hit by bosh.

How exactly do you call the block on derrick rose at home you silly ref

I love that LBJ is guarding Derrick Rose. If sixers end up vs bulls in Playoffs I want Iguodala guarding rose in crunch time.

Do you think Collins just saw how the Bulls PG said - screw the iso - i'm going to help my teammate get the open 3


Lebron takes an ugly - long 3 - with time remaining

I swear - i had it posted BEFORE the awful shot


Either Spolestra is a horrible coach and called that play or Lebron's ego got in the way.

Lebron's lack of intelligence is why I still would rather have Kobe.

Tray reply to Jason on Feb 24 at 22:45

Kobe would undoubtedly take that same shot. Even if he were a markedly more intelligent player, LeBron's so much better in all sorts of ways that I'd still rather have him.

Do you think basketball would benefit from a 1 timeout per team in the final 60 seconds rule? I hate this, nothing worse imo than the final minute taking 5.

It's not the timeouts - it's the 'make a shot and foul' over and over that drives me crazy.

Is it a problem - I suppose - but there are bigger issues in the NBA (and basketball) like god awful officiating - the 3 point line should be moved back (in my opinion) and the use of instant replay being more appalling than the MLBs

Gallinari and Kenyon your starting forwards for Denver

Felton coming off the pine.

I watched a bit of Denver's last game, Ty lawson is a 5'11 2 imo.

Wojo on the sixers Twit trail

Adrian Wojnarowski: Philly's Darius Songalia could be a buyout candidate generating interest elsewhere, including Orlando, Miami and Golden State, sources say.

Tray reply to GoSixers on Feb 24 at 22:45

Seriously? Interest in Songaila?

deepsixersuede on Feb 24 at 22:45

Do you guys think Collins would have any interest in J. Jeffries if he is bought out? He could come in handy as an extra defender to throw at Lebron and Pierce, allowing Iggy to be used on Wade or Rondo at times.

Whether or not Collins has interest isn't as important as that luxury tax line. Buying out guys doesn't decrease their cap number, just how much money you gotta pay em - so the sixers are right up against it.

deepsixersuede reply to GoSixers on Feb 24 at 22:52

If Perkins signs a deal with Okl. City maybe B.J. Mullins becomes available this summer. Didn't the sixers have interest in him before?

I don't really have a lot of knowledge about stuff like that. Maybe, maybe not.

I'm trying hard not to think about the off season because once the CBA expires, the NBA is going to be gone for months (I bet they don't come to a deal for at least a month of season missed - I mean aside from rookies even the most free spending NBA player can miss a month right?) and that's gonna suck - but the new CBA could be so different maybe OKC can't afford Kendrick Perkins due to a hard cap or something?

Gallo posting up Ray Allen - seems weird to me

Tray reply to GoSixers on Feb 24 at 23:00

The Denver Nuggets in general feel weird to me now. It's an odd assortment of talent. I wouldn't be surprised if they play good basketball the rest of the season and I wouldn't be shocked if they fell off the map entirely.

Perhaps we should have signed this Chris Johnson guy.

But we have songaila.

Spencer Flaws reply to Tray on Feb 24 at 23:34

he's getting some blocks in there.

Notably, Lawson, far from being horribly exposed now that he's a starter, has put up the same numbers as Rondo in half of Rondo's minutes.

It's funny how you phrased that. Rondo had a shit game, as did Lawson.

If there's any takeaway from this game it's that Felton and Lawson are going to be splitting minutes at the point.

Tray reply to Brian on Feb 25 at 1:14

Lawson had 10 assists and 1 turnover in 22 minutes - that's really a pretty good game. He didn't score but he didn't kill them with a lot of misses either. I'm just saying, he's now won both match-ups since Billups left, and - though it's probably just a coincidence - both Conley and Rondo had really lousy games against him. So the notion that starting point guards will kill him has yet to be borne out.

I'd be more impressed if his backup hadn't played more minutes than him. But you're right, two games is all we need to see.

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