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Game 58 Thread: PHI vs. DET

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Phil (Philadelphia)

Did you see my pathetic Cavs picked up Baron Davis? Sadly, I'm happy about this trade. I figure his butt can fill up 2 seats next year.
DJ Gallo
(4:36 PM)

You live in Philadelphia ... why are you a Cavs fan? Maybe you should consider being a fan of the team there in Philade- ... nah, just stick with the Cavs.

I never actually read the page 2 chats at espn...i limit myself to the nba and team specific ones

Cotton reply to Salomon on Feb 25 at 18:06

I live in LA and I'm a Sixers fan. Was I supposed to change teams when I moved across the country?

so, this DET blowup is proof that God wants us at .500, right?

It is the sabbath and I am one of gods chosen people

Tray reply to Cotton on Feb 25 at 18:32

Yeah, maybe all the losses early in the season were part of His plan to get us right at .500.

tk76 reply to Brian on Feb 25 at 18:28

Yeah, caught that last week. Amusing vid all around.

The dougie stopped being amusing when wolf blitzer tried to do it :)

Tray reply to GoSixers on Feb 25 at 18:38

Spencer Hawes hates it when Communist news anchors try to do the Dougie.

Hawes won't even go up strong against Villanueva.. jesus

What makes you think 'go up strong' is in the spencer hawes repertoire?

Worlds biggest trap game.

The Sixers have lost a few like this. Wasn't OKC without everyone a while back and the Sixers got destroyed?

Court_visioN reply to tk76 on Feb 25 at 19:00

not too surprised about that. Thorn said what he had to say. How would you feel if you boss said "oh yeah we tried to trade you but it didn't work out?" The Sixers need to keep Speezy's morale up.

Court_visioN reply to Court_visioN on Feb 25 at 19:06

replied to the wrong post... was in reference to Kate Fagan contradicting Thorn.

Figured that.

I just found it curios that if Kate's source is 'sixer' connected he would undercut the GM's public comments

So - Kate Fagan has a source that contradicts thorn?




Quick little snipe at Elton at the end of this video... pretty funny

and i enjoy the humor but putting him in the same boat as Baron Davis.. not a fair jab. still funny regardless.

Is there room for another person in a boat if baron davis is already in it?

Bynum, Gordon, Monroe, Summers, Charlie V

Gordon was one of the conscientious objectors, wasn't he? Or did he just miss the bus?

Daye and Stucky - no Gordon

A day after the trade deadline passed, half the Pistons players missed Friday morning's shootaround in what a team source called a "player protest."

Tracy McGrady, Tayshaun Prince, Richard Hamilton and Chris Wilcox did not show up to Friday's morning shootaround. Ben Wallace also wasn't present, but has been dealing with an ongoing family matter for the past several weeks. [...]
According to team spokesman Cletus Lewis, McGrady was out with a headache, Prince had the stomach flu, while Wilcox and Hamilton apparently missed the bus without a reason. A team source confirmed Prince's and McGrady's illnesses, adding Wilcox overslept.

Chris Iott at MLIVE said Austin Daye and Rodney Stuckey missed the bus, but showed up toward the end of practice. Iott is also treading a little more carefully on whether or not it was a "player protest," citing that The News and Free Press were the ones who called it that.

From Detroit Bad Boys

this whispering commercial is terrible.

Is it the one for the minivan?

NBC On Demand had it playing on all their shows last week - and you can't fast forward - i must have seen it like 12 times in 2 hours

Alrighty, here we go.

I saw Ben Wallace on the bench, don't know about the rest of the protesters.

And Hawes wins the tip pretty easily.

This should be a 20-point win for us. And hopefully Turner pads his stats again

Earl Watson is starting for the jazz?

Charlie V. guarding Brand. I think they might want to go to that early and often.

AI9 to JH on the cut. CV was late with the help, shockingly.

ugh, that should've been a dunk for EB.

The pistons have 3 shots

Ben Gordon has 3 shots

Ah Ben Gordon

(four different sixers have taken the first four shots)

Is yahoo accurate

almost 3 minutes have gone by and it's 4-2?

Yeah, I think it was.

Foot on the line, ref.

Sweet quick oop from Jrue to AI9.

silky smooth

Ugh, that's two passes in transition thrown into the crowd.

OK, so where do you guys have Jrue in the PG rankings right now?

I have him 12th, behind Paul, Deron, Rose, Westbrook, Nash, Rondo, Parker, Curry, Billups, Devin Harris and Wall.

I'll hold off on ranking him until he's playing the point primarily.

I like him better than Harris

Tray reply to AJ on Feb 25 at 19:36

I think he's a lot farther back than that. Not that he isn't, arguably, a top ten talent, but on production, no.

eddies' heady's on Feb 25 at 19:21

Problem w/ the site? Banner at bottom isn't there, front page won't load fully, personal info doesn't store.

It's fine for me, try holding shift and hitting refresh.

AI9 three.

eddies' heady's on Feb 25 at 19:23

Dre has been on with that near-corner three lately.

Pretty ball movement.

Argh. Jrue w/ a turnover then his second foul on the other end...nope, they gave it to Iguodala.

Heh, CV "tried" to stop AI9 on that break.

their starters are looking gassed already. this could be brutal.

Thad, who can you guard?

Part of the whole '11 million are you crazy' thing

I actually didn't think that was bad defense in the post. Didn't see the foul and the shot was garbage.

Iguodala is 10 points away from a superstar game.

What's his career high in points

I'm guessing 33 or something like that. No chance he plays enough minutes tonight.

If he is more than half way to the triple double by half time - Doug has to let him try and get it, a 'real' one - 30/10/10 :)

What's non-pathetic? 15+ points? 20+?

A triple double that isn't all 10s or 11s - gotta have one oustanding category :)

I think it's directly tied to the points. 10/13/15 would be considered pathetic.

Speights with first quarter minutes. No Turner, yet. Which is surprising.

mo speezzzzzzzzzzzzy on Feb 25 at 19:32


mo speezzzzzzzzzzzzy on Feb 25 at 19:33

ed heady must be loving this.. NO TURNER!!!!!

OHHHHHHH!!!!!!! What a catch and finish by Thad on the oop from AI9.

PHI 29, DET 22 after the first.

Some sloppy transition play, or this is about a 15-point game right now. Clean that up and the starters can watch from the bench in the fourth.

We're probably going to hear from Tray any second because Cousins is off to a fast start against CHA.

Nash with a very good shot at a triple double tonight.

Iguodala has 10/3/4, but he's only going to have three quarters to get it done.

Has Nash scored yet?

Is Charlotte now the least talented NBA team?

Cleveland or Charlotte, I'd say. I don't think Cleveland has one legit starter in the NBA.

Hatin on B-Diddy?

And Manny Harris - who is better than Evan Turner

Tray reply to Brian on Feb 25 at 19:45

Maybe Davis, maybe Sessions - and Hickson has recently shown signs of improvement. I think Eyenga will be a starter.

Turner's running the point here, like to see that.

I have no idea how Thad dunked that.

mo speezzzzzzzzzzzzy on Feb 25 at 19:39


Ugh, 2 on 1 and Meeks blows it.

Wow, pretty play out of the timeout.

Offense is so much easier when the other team doesn't defend.

What was Nocioni doing there?

Giving Collins the bird.

Heh, Turner stones Charlie V. on the blocks.

mo speezzzzzzzzzzzzy on Feb 25 at 19:48

wtf turner was open

That pass to Thad was a really good decision by Lou on the break. He could've gone to Meeks but waited for the trailer instead.

Then Lou turns around and coughs it up.

Get the starters back in, please.

Lou with a parade of suckage there.

He got the hook.

Not for nothing - I realize you gotta penlize the pistons guys who boycotted - but keeping the starters out there so long - you're going to kill the guys who showed up

Thank you for putting starters back in Doug

Has Gordon ever dribbled with his left hand? You'd think that might be in a scouting report.

3 personals on Gordon, and they've only used 6 guys so far.

AI9 finds Jodie for the transition three.

Kuester just got run. I wonder if they can fire him at the half.

Also wonder if the assistant will use the guys who didn't show up for shoot around.

McGrady is laughing on the bench.

jkay reply to Brian on Feb 25 at 20:03

at least it wasnt a player. then that'd really be a pickle

Jrue with the +1 in transition.

Jrue missed AI9 on to straight back door oop chances. Got the three point play though.

He went to Meeks for the corner three, Iguodala did the exact same thing on the previous trip when he had Jrue for the layup.

Did Jason Maxiell gain a lot of weight this past off season?? I don't remember him being so heavy.

PHI 59, DET 49 This should be more than a 10-point game.

You've got to tip your cap to the Pistons who are actually playing. They're fighting.

Bigs have to do a much better job stopping Bynum in the lane. Can we get at least one block on him please?

Amare scoreless in the first quarter for the Knicks. They also gave up 28 points to the Cavs, but they're leading by 2.

This Carmelo trade seems REALLY bad for my fantasy team

HA. That quick start for Cousins has soured a bit. He had 11 points in the first quarter. At the half, he's still got 11 points, and 5 turnovers to go along with them.

Tray reply to Brian on Feb 25 at 20:14

And 9 first-half boards.

Tom Moore on Feb 25 at 20:11

Pistons' five starters had a combined 55 of 295 possible starts this season, with nobody more than 25.

Detroit 0-15 this season when trailing after first quarter.

You know, while GoSixers piles on Morey for trading some pretty average players for first-round picks, Thabeet and Dragic, I wonder why no one criticizes Dell Demps. Indeed, he's been praised for every move he's made, but to me they add up to a GM foolishly dealing away his young talent for overrated veterans. So far, he's dealt Collison, Bayless, Peja's expiring contract, and Marcus Thornton for Ariza, Jack, and Landry. Oh, and he traded a pick and Songaila for Green and Smith. Now what kind of GM does that? Jack has done nothing there but get arrested for a DUI. Bayless, meanwhile, has shown a lot of flashes in Toronto. Collison would have made a very solid fallback if Paul left, which he will; Ariza's a defensive specialist who makes a lot of money. He could get about the same thing from players who get paid a tenth as much, e.g. Mbah a Moute. Thornton's departure means their shooting guard rotation is Belinelli and Green. Good luck with that. Landry does - oh, what David West does. None of this will add up to legitimate contention, it tends to make Paul less, rather than more, inclined to re-sign because in the long run it takes them further away from contending, and once Paul does leave, their entire team will be vets, with the shining exception of Quincy Pondexter. No youth to rebuild on at all.

jkay reply to Tray on Feb 25 at 20:15

this is a game thread you know.

It's halftime, that was a better point than anything Lynam said in the halftime show.

jkay reply to Brian on Feb 25 at 20:22

just trying to look out for him. the comment looked like it would go waste.

I wasn't aware anyone was saying anything about the Hornets aside from Marc Cuban being pissed.

The Hornets are in an untenable situation, cash strapped, and about to be blackmailed by chris paul, comparing them to the rockets is kind of like comparing Spencer Hawes and Dwight Howard. Sure they are in the same league (the nba that is) play the same position but that's pretty much where comparisons end.

Really good point. Those are all terrible moves. I'm wondering if they overpay West or he walks this summer. Walking is probably better for the team in the long haul, and I agree, Paul is out of there if the franchise tag doesn't happen. I just hope he doesn't get rooked into trading him for Chauncey's expiring contract this time next year.

That team should be moving to Anaheim. NO can't support it - the NBA's dogmatic 'we have to have a team in New Orleans' when you have teams losing money in bigger more fiscally stable cities is a nice idea but a horrible business move.

Can you imagine what's going to happen if the NBA owns the Hornets whenever free agency starts? It's going to be insane.

Demps is in a no win situation with absoulutely no owner and virtually no money (or future) morey has all that and the supposed genius pedigree. I honestly never thought to compare Demps cause only someone desperate to make a non existent point would look to a guy in an entirely different situation.

A smarter person may have mentioned Bryan Colangelo

Is money really the issue in NO in regard to the moves Demps has made? They took on money in the Landry deal, and the other moves were trading away young (cheap) guys and an expiring contract.

Well, Cuban got pissed about the money in the landry deal (and that's possibly why the mayo deal fell apart since the hornets were taking on rush - additional salary, by the way)

It's more a matter of Shin sucking, and he was looking to sell, so they don't have ownership support, then the sale fell through and shinn punked out and sold out to the league (will they ever let him back in - mlb lets failed owners back in all the time) and now the NBA took on the team and instead of doing the smart thing they have their 'committment' to a place poorer than Detroit (which also should be moved). The Hornets could have REAL, SPENDING owners already - but the new owners would have moved the hornets and stern can't have that.

It's a cluster fuck in New Orleans without any confidence that ownership is going to spend money AND the chris paul blackmail coming - the rockets have no 'blackmail' candidates (cause they have zero stars) but they have strong ownership

10/4/5 for Iguodala. If they don't stretch this lead to 20 in the third, he'll have a chance. I'd prefer a laugher, though.

Tom Moore on Feb 25 at 20:15

Should be running the "Detroit 6" out of the gym.

Yup, absolutely. Need to push the lead to 20 quickly here in the beginning of the third.

Who the hell was that guy? I think they just pull a guy out of the stands once in a while to do that 3rd Q interview.

4 on Gordon.

Wow. 4 on Gordon!

Hawes with the transition slam!

Please don't tell me this zone is going to baffle them. 7-point fucking game. Come on.

Poor Spencer.


If Iguodala misses by 1 assist, you can thank Hawes for that missed dunk.

I'm about 30 seconds behind - i can't believe he missed that - he's awful

Earl Barron would have made that :)

mgfields on Feb 25 at 20:28

Please remove Sissy Hook.

Brand is having a field day.

The sixers need a guy who at least looks like he can block shots in the middle - this is ridiculous

Game is way too close - you don't say 'oh they're only playing six, we can lighten up' you hammer the crap out of em

Cousins has a legit shot at a triple double too. 11 pts, 9 boards, 6 turnovers.

Meeks picked a good day to be pretty useless. Bynum looks like Chris Paul. this is dumb.

I hate you lou

12/6/7 for AI9.

Should be 7/7 if hawes didn't suck

this game is discouraging cause it shouldn't be this close against a team that sucks when fully 'rostered' now it's only 7

Looks like he'll get a chance to get it too with the way we're playing this quarter.

Lou and Meeks have been awful these last couple of games. Can't bust a zone when your busters are playing like crap.

Josh reply to TS on Feb 25 at 20:40

Bad Lou tonight

Pacers down six in 3rd - knicks up 5 late in the 2nd

I miss Sammy D. I really wish we had someone who could block a shot or two.

Brand could easily go 30/15.

Wow, what a pass by Iguodala and slam by Thad. 12/6/8

Scapegoat on Feb 25 at 20:39

If we will ever regret the drafting of Turner it won't be because of Cousins or Favors, but because of Monroe. This kid is 20 years old, has the frame to build up almost us much as howard and has great moves and touch. He will be a great big man.

Could of had him if we stayed at 6 lol.

Tom Moore on Feb 25 at 20:41

McGrady is on the bench. He was there in first quarter, disappeared for a while but returned in second period.

Big three for Jrue after a three by Lou.

Josh reply to Brian on Feb 25 at 20:44

We can't slow down. Let's finish this one strong.


PHI 86, DET 75 after three.

Pretty lackluster quarter. Can't get stops. Pushed the lead by 1.

Utah up by 2 headed to the fourth

Knicks/Cavs tied at the half. Amare must've gotten his shots up when Melo went to the bench in the second.

Glad Lou stepped back, he just did it too late.

Why step back there, Lou?


Lou Meeks back court - pistons guards salivating

So that birdy thing is the Iguodala sign?

Must be.

Elbow for Brand.
Birdy for Iguodala.
Raise the roof for Thad.

Those are the ones I've picked up.

DAMN was that a nice slam by AI9!

Come on, don't let up.

Back-to-back dunks for Iguodala. 1 point away from superstar status.

What is that little birdy hand signal?

Cause he can fly?

eddies' heady's on Feb 25 at 20:51

What a beauty.

I think Iggy was looking to see if he could dunk over a car on that last break.


Over half the sixers viewing public with voting ability pick the knicks 52% over the thunder (37%) for best improved at deadline.

52% of voters are dipshits.

Did Speights just block a shot?

Yup, then he fought to secure the ball in a crowd. Nice play.

Josh reply to Brian on Feb 25 at 20:54

Eric Snow probably accounted for all those votes.

Oh my! That just wasn't fair, Thad.

eddies' heady's on Feb 25 at 20:54

I like seeing Noc be the one with the camaradarie, with that signal, they're in it together it seems. That's so valuable. Kind of pumped-you-up seeing it type of thing.

I'd really love to see Jrue get back in this game.

Explain how charging can be called when the guys foot is still sliding into place?

5 on Gordon. They should make McGrady go into the game when it gets to 20.

Am I the only one who feels bad for the pistons guys who have to play all these minutes tonight?

That's 20. Charlie V is having a coronary out there.

I kind of do, but I'll give them some credit too b/c they played hard. They just ran out of gas.

I'm pretty sure I've seen enough of Lou. Come on, don't sit Jrue for the entire fourth in back-to-back games.

Here's Jrue

and a second block by speights

Did something happen to speights over the all star break? If speights finds a switch that involves effort - and trying on defense - the sixers could be real scary

Course if Lou is still in - Lou's the point :(

Let's give ET some burn

You know, since this game is getting out of hand, collins could do the nice thing and call some time outs :)

Why hasn't Lou gotten the hook yet? I know it's not a close game but he's been terrible. Let ET get some minutes.

Lou is not subject to the same standards of 'play like crap go to the bench' that other, better, players are subjected to.

Just get Iguodala his trip dub

Jazz by 8 over the Pacers now, midway through the fourth.

That poor girl had to dance with the sixers hookers, i mean dancers, she looked unhappy

Double-double for Iguodala. 21/7/10.

3 rebounds - he can get 3 rebounds in 4 minutes right?


Josh reply to Brian on Feb 25 at 21:08

13/10/7 turnovers for Cousins. He can get three more turnovers in four minutes

Kings lost by 12

Cousins had a -20

Next highest on his team was a -14

Two of the kings starters actually had a positive +/-

George Karl and Carmelo Anthony having it out in the media - I can only imagine some of the locker room disputes they had regarding Carmelo and his 'defense'

If Iguodala gets the 3 boards, he's POTG. Otherwise, I'm going w/ Brand. 20/17 in 29 minutes.

can we get an honorable mention for speights just, you know, motivational :)

eddies' heady's on Feb 25 at 21:08

I would really like to see the Jrue, Lou, Dre, Thad, and an effort-giving, interested in defense playing, pick your spots for shots shooter, and aggressive rebounder Marreese Speights more.

Jazz up 11

Pretty pass from Thad to Speights.

That time out is going to pull Iguodala

Heh, Jrue stole a board from Iguodala and he looked pissed about it :)

I'm going NYK/CLE when this is final. UTA has it locked down vs. Indy.

Hawks in golden state at 10:30 your time - dream big baby - dream big

Double/double for Jrue, too.

Cleveland up 5 with 3:42 in the 3rd but Anthony Parker seems to be in a lot of pain

Did someone try to get an MVP chant going for thad?

PHI 110, DET 94 Final.

.500, baby!

eddies' heady's on Feb 25 at 21:15

Just a great, great game no matter the weakness of the opponent. That's what they should've done. Let's roll.

So Sunday they go for the first 4 game streak of the season

Uupper thigh area my ass - he got kneed in the junk

Anyone have a count on the number of dunks the Sixers had? It had to be 15+, no? Brand had a couple, Iguodala had maybe 5, Thad had at least 5. Hawes had one.

zfg reply to Brian on Feb 25 at 23:42

When you get dunked on by Hawes, you know things aren't going your way.

Let's make it a three-way tie for the POTG!
Iggy: 21/7/11 on 9-13
Brand: 20/17 on 8-16 and 0 TO's
Thad: 24 on 12-15

eddies' heady's reply to AJ on Feb 25 at 21:20


Weirdest interview interruption of an NBA game i've seen in a long while - two cleveland browns pimping a minor league hockey game

eddies' heady's reply to GoSixers on Feb 25 at 21:23

couldn't agree more.

Cavs up 8 after three.

I would love to know where the Sixers rank in % of baskets assisted. Has to be pretty high.

Anyone have that info?

I don't know where to find it but if you give me until Monday I can get you updated information as of games on sunday ;)

I actually think the A:FGM number could be an important indicator - but I've never looked at it deeply

Thanks, that would be great.

tk76 reply to DonH on Feb 25 at 21:29


Sixer's 12th in % assisted at close to 60%.

Bos, Utah, Dal top 3 at about 64%.

Sons of bitches

Nice. I actually thought we'd be higher. Still impressive though.

Favors made his debut for the Jazz, picked up 4 fouls in 15 minutes. He fouls out once every 36 minutes.

After 3 the melo-mare pair where 16 for 37 shooting combined

Knicks down 10, Melo begging to be taken out, literally. Didn't he realize there's no one behind him on the wing in NY? He's going to have to play 40+/game.

Tray reply to Brian on Feb 25 at 21:30

I think his desire to play in New York wasn't based on what was currently on their roster. Nor can the trade be fully evaluated this season.

Tray reply to Tray on Feb 25 at 21:31

Not that I think for a moment that the pairing will ever amount to anything.

Rodney Buford reply to Brian on Feb 25 at 21:38

Why isn't Corey Brewer playing?

He's not active tonight according to the box score

I think he's hurt.

That Young dunk, early in the game- one of the better in game dunk's I've seen (in traffic.) Did he take off 1 foot inside the foul line?

Agreed. If that was Griffin who dunked it, it'd be hailed as the dunk of the night and would be replayed all over the TV and internet.

bebopdeluxe reply to tk76 on Feb 26 at 0:07

Yeah. Amazing what you can do when you are as lanky as Thad and can take 3 steps.


Anthony Parker recovering from a a knee in the junk quite well

eddies' heady's on Feb 25 at 21:34

No techs, come on..


Come on D'antoni is not hard to pronounce

Tray reply to GoSixers on Feb 25 at 21:38

I just hope Marc starts saying "deep in the Wells Fargo Center."

I always thought it was pronounced Dan-Tony.

It is - sorry - Dee-Ann-Tony is how the cavs announcer tried to announce it

Great box score:

A. Daye(notes) DNP - Coach's Decision
R. Hamilton(notes) DNP - Inactive
J. Jerebko(notes) DNP - Inactive
T. McGrady(notes) DNP - Coach's Decision
T. Prince(notes) DNP - Upset Stomach
R. Stuckey(notes) DNP - Coach's Decision
B. Wallace(notes) DNP - Coach's Decision
T. White(notes) DNP - Inactive
C. Wilcox(notes) DNP - Coach's Decision

Tray reply to tk76 on Feb 25 at 21:42

Have you ever thought about how weird it is that basketball box scores note the reason for a player not playing? It doesn't happen in baseball, football, hockey. In other sports there's not a stigma about not getting in a game; it's not something that has to be explained in a box score. It's seen as a given that some games you won't have a use for Dobbs, or even that some games a star will be given a day off. I think we should lose the DNP-CD.

Daniel Gibsons terrible terrible hair style is only accented by that idiotic thing he wears as a 'sweat' band.

Cavs free throw shooting - not good

Chauncey Billup throws a hip check - throws up a shot that's not chance of going in - and he gets free throws - if the offensive player initiates the contact he like that he shouldn't get the free throws - just asinine.

Cavs are going to lose because of free throw shooting

eddies' heady's on Feb 25 at 21:50

Not Bavetta reffing... didn't see him til then...ugh

Wow, the announcers are saying that Gilbert won't criticize Davis's play like Sterling did. No, Gilbert only writes passive-aggressive letters in Comic Sans bitching about you once you leave.

Billups the best player on the knicks?

south broad on Feb 25 at 21:54

These game threads can often be the greatest place you could watch a game.


eddies' heady's on Feb 25 at 21:57

This game is far from over, CLE better get it together, if for nothing but our sake.

And replying to GoSixers' comments about the Hornets above, the Hornets' problems really aren't spending too little money. They actually paid cash for Landry. They could have sat on Peja's expiring contract but they decided to trade for David Andersen (2.5 million) and a backup point guard who was having an awful season and making 4.6 million instead. They exchanged a rookie for Trevor Ariza (6.3 million). They'd be better off with their old, cheaper roster, but they thought that by trading every young player they had for so-so veteran role players, they'd contend and get Paul to stay.

There was no reason to believe the Cavs were going to maintain this lead - they're terrible - but the free throw shooting is just embarassing

eddies' heady's on Feb 25 at 22:05

Please, Cavs.

3! rooting for the cavs, ha

ItAintEZ on Feb 25 at 22:06


The cavs have boxes right behind the scorers table dedicated to players - it seems very odd

So that's what a clutch free throw shooter looks like?

ItAintEZ on Feb 25 at 22:09

Melo with the clutch miss. U talk about two teams that have no idea what defense is. Brutal.

The Young-Wall backcourt scored 62 tonight on 33 shots. Wall had 24 and 12, Young had 38.

I love when Austin Carr sings 'Hit the Road, Jack.'

I'd like to thank the knicks for continually fouling sessions who i played (again) over jrue.

The magic are kind of slapping the thunder around

Spencer Flaws on Feb 25 at 22:12

well the 6 spot is down to one game.

eddies' heady's on Feb 25 at 22:13

thank. you. who's next on our list, these guys right?

Tom Moore on Feb 25 at 22:14

Video: Young on the Sixers reaching .500 by beating the undermanned Pistons:


Sixers and Knicks should be tied for sixth after sunday night

Yup. Sixers hold tiebreaker, for the moment.

I really hate doing this to myself, but if the Sixers hadn't blown those five games, they'd be .5 behind ATL for the fifth seed and 2 games behind ORL for 4th.

eddies' heady's reply to Brian on Feb 25 at 23:49

Don't feel bad, I did the same thing too earlier tonight. If we could just have those 6 or so games, it would be very interesting, although I think it still will be. We're gonna be a tough out, for sure.

Spencer Flaws on Feb 25 at 22:39

i think those losses have made us mentally tough as a young squad.

I think that Doug Collins didn't have his roster figured out and it took 16 games to get it all together. I don't think it made them mentally tough as much as they were still learning each other - as players and the coach learning the players.

Charlie H reply to GoSixers on Feb 25 at 23:32

Agree. Collins was trying to figure it out while rearranging the rotations and having the pressure of a 3-13 start that probably meant little to him but still put him under the microscope and was something he had to deal with. The Lou thing still puzzles me, but smarter people than I (Mike Fratello?) think Lou is a real positive with his scoring. I trust Doug. I always have. Ever since '72.

Have you seen the hairpiece he wears...no one smart thinks they're fooling anyone with that monstrosity

Tom Moore on Feb 25 at 23:07

Will Bynum after playing the entire game: "I got DNP-CDs (Did Not Play-Coach’s Decisions) for a month and a half. You think I was turning down 48 minutes?"

Spencer Flaws reply to Tom Moore on Feb 25 at 23:35

i like bynum. I don't see why he gets so many dnp's on the pistons.

Story: Sixers get to .500 by throttling Pistons:


bebopdeluxe on Feb 26 at 0:15

There was a possession about 3 minutes into the 4th...the ball moved around the perimeter crisply, then into the mid-post to Thad...the ball may not have even touched the ground...after the D collapsed onto Thad, he found Speights all alone on the baseline for a wide-open jumper (his shot, as Thad knows)...even though Mo missed the shot, I was struck at how well - how CONFIDENTLY - the ball moved.

Yeah...it was the Pistons (SIX Pistons, to be precise)...but the ball movement I saw tonight was perhaps the most impressive thing that I have seen all season. Collins has these guys buying in to what he is selling...big-time. It is the perfect blend of tough defense and solid half-court execution - while still killing teams when they get in transition.

Heh, Gallo > Melo.

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MarkLapinski on Feb 27 at 15:19

Couple of articles I have up on Thaddeus Young

The first is a reminder how he got hot before the playoffs in March 2009, including a streak of 12 games where he scored >20 ten times.


The second is video highlights of his career...



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