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Forfeit? I'd Take It

How is it unclear whether Kuester lost this team. This is the final straw but man he lost the team weeks ago, the continued benching of Richard Hamilton for no apparent reason was publicly criticized a few times.

The offer for the pistons must have just dropped at least 10-20 mil i think

Yeah, that was sarcasm.

Sorry - i'm missing that a lot these days :)

But even healthy and happy - there's no way the sixers should lose this game.

And not for nothing - but I'd really like them to come out strong in the first quarter, this whole falling behind in the first quarter and then coming back is nice, but you can't do that against good teams.

Wow, talk about a meaningless game.

I think the Detroit beat writers wrote that only two of them missed the practice for no reason. Two of them were sick, and Wallace has been missing practice with some personal issue.

The link above is to the beat writer's report. Wallace has had family issues recently, so that was a possible excuse he listed. I read elsewhere that two of them may be sick. That still leaves two who were unexcused and two who "missed the bus."

"Like a bunch of unbathed hippies, the Detroit Pistons..."

that's all I had to read

tk76 reply to T McL on Feb 25 at 14:58

Big Ben in his prime- always struck as the intense type that would skip showering during the playoffs to help clear the lane.

They are showing support for their union brothers in nearby Midwestern teacher's unions. Brothers in arms unite!

It's funny that the 76ers are modeled after the Pistons and we are doing it better than they are these days. Hopefully we stay on track unlike them and make it so we can survive on rotating pieces in and out like the Spurs do instead of rebuilding. I am so tired of rebuilding. Let's let this mature and add vet pieces on short-term contracts. Spurs have done a great job of moving pieces in and out and drafting their main stars to build around. From David Robinson to Tim Duncan, Tony Park and Manu. We need to blend in with how the championship Spurs and Pistons teams did it.

I hope this Pistons situation doesn't backfire on the 76ers and have them come in playing inspired ball. I also hope that they don't play down to the Piston's level. The 76ers need to learn to be ruthless with teams. Take their hearts out and stomp on them.

The 76ers need to learn to be ruthless with teams. Take their hearts out and stomp on them.

Yep, that's often the big difference between good and mediocre teams, leaving no doubt when you're playing bad teams.

tk76 reply to Brian on Feb 25 at 15:16

I just hope they don't talk to any of the Piston's players. Bad attitudes are contagious :)

Any gamblers out there? What's the line on this game?

Sixers are 10 pt favorites.

Moneyline is -600.

MW reply to Jason on Feb 25 at 15:35

Interesting is that the line started at 8.5 and I'm guessing this news bumped it up. Still...I LOVE us at -10............

This is the type of game Donaghy wouldn't have been able to avoid. Lot of money to be made w/ a few questionable whistles.

Tom Moore on Feb 25 at 18:17

Video: Collins pregame Friday on Pistons' alleged mutiny, importance of communicating with players:


Tom Moore on Feb 25 at 18:22

Pistons starting Summers, Villanueva, Monroe up front, Gordon and Bynum at guard. Hamilton (sore groin) is only vet on inactive list.

Why are these guys still playing? Wrong coach for the team.

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