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Sixers Around the Web - Feb. 27

What's the status of Kapono? Any more rumors about us buying him out? If so, is that when we sign the great Earl Barron?

BTW: Check out my NBA comic page if you have the chance. I need to have something to do at work :)

I read somewhere that both Kapono and Songaila are unlikely to be bought out (why i have no idea).

Anyway, i doubt the Sixers will sign Barron. He's probably going to New York. Not that it will change anything.

Rod Thorn Saturday: Sixers 'not looking to buy anyone out'

Crazy stat of the day:

Lou Williams has 10 blocks in 11 games in February, after averaging 14 blocks total per season over the last 3 seasons.

Overall he has had 50 blocks in his first 361 games of his career and 10 in his last 11.

Talking about small sample sizes... :)

tk76 reply to Xsago on Feb 27 at 9:48

I do think part of it is that he is trying to defend more. He won't continue block shots at this rate, but if he continues to be aggressive he will block some shots given his athleticism.

I do think his effort on the defensive end is improved. He still has a very long way to go though. Actually despite our collective hate for him, i think he has improved his game every single season since coming to the league.

If only he started playing off the ball more, something he can do very well but is rarely used that way (it's partly his, partly Collins fault).

deepsixersuede reply to Xsago on Feb 27 at 13:20

We all want Jrue to close games with the ball in his hands but if our coach calls Lou's number the best we can ask for is him to improve at it. He seems to be a willing passer of late with Evan and Thad the players benefiting. I think Lou does keep getting better and hopefully he gets his shooting numbers up to 45% f.g. and 36% 3pt. for his career when all is said and done and his decision making gets better.

bebopdeluxe reply to tk76 on Feb 28 at 10:49

Lou has impressed me with his clear improvement in "work rate" (love that term from soccer/football) on defense.

I wish that Speights would get the memo.

mopey reply to Xsago on Feb 27 at 10:23

See we don't need to trade for a defensive center

Column: Sixers still need to find a star:


eddies' heady's reply to Tom Moore on Feb 27 at 12:25

Jrue can't be that 20ppg scorer and big shot taker? I'd say he has much more of a chance to be that star than Evan Turner, as suggested.

I think any one of the young trio of Turner, Holiday and Young can become that go to guy. But it's not a given that any of them will. Time will tell.

Tom Moore on Feb 27 at 9:31

Collins is wary of the 11-win Cavaliers:


Lapinski putting some work in:


The very last video is great. He looks like he was shot out of a cannon.

deepsixersuede reply to tk76 on Feb 27 at 13:27

Tk, Could you list the top 5 things a star does for a team, in preference of most important on down? I keep thinking end of game scoring but would like your opinion. I am trying to validate that a starless team can compete basically, and know I am in the minority.

By the way, has B.King's luck changed. If his Oden trade went through D.Williams wouldn't be there.

I sort of there with ya....except we have about three guys who could develop into stars in this league....

The biggest thing (I know I' not tk) is get the calls from the refs. Samuel Dalembert does the crap Howard does and he would foul out in a quarter.

It is something I have notice over the decades is that the league is catering to their marketing darlings snd some of the big market teams more...hopefully they consider Philadelphia a big market.

I thought it was a shame that Amare got the benefit of all the doubts in MSG to get his 41 points. If Oscar Robertson played today, he wouldn't get the calls playing for the Cincinnati Royals...

deepsixersuede reply to MarkLapinski on Feb 27 at 16:43

All good points, and I hope Turner gets to the, earn some calls, level.

Thanks, I didn't seee you posted this..I tried but everything I do needs an approval...what did I do?

I apologize for the briefness of this, my computer must have hiccuped (drop box and open office sometimes do weird things I've found) - I had a file that was much long but some things seem to be missing, there was nothing really that interesting this week due to the sixers not participating in the deadline

Peter Vescey admits to getting something wrong while not fully admitting he makes stuff up all the time


Does anyone else find him unreadable? Oh, btw, I called someone a drunk and they were a teetotaler, my bad.

He's awful - just awful

No one wants him as a guest or commentator for anything to do with the NBA. I have not heard him on radio or tv for about 5-6 years it seems, no ESPN, no FOxSports, No TNT, No ABC....its nice!

Indiana up 1 on Phoenix with a minute left. Total choke job on the offensive end by Phoenix in the last couple minutes.

Bad, bad game.

Ugh, come on, Suns.

Rich reply to Brian on Feb 27 at 14:23

Shot-clock violation? Nash is better than that.

Granger is so un-clutch.

Rich reply to Brian on Feb 27 at 14:26

What a cluster-eff this game has been down the stretch.

Phoenix's last 5 minutes-


Good start to OT.

7-0 run for the Suns.

Rich reply to Brian on Feb 27 at 14:31

BOOM! Great quick hitter on the inbounds. Frye for 3.

Rich reply to Brian on Feb 27 at 14:34

Granger's been awful down the stretch. Grant Hill put the shackles on him, then he gets a wide open easy look on OT- clank.

Rich reply to Rich on Feb 27 at 14:35

Jinxed it a little, stupid foul by Gortat up 3. Just challenge and make him make a tough one.

Nash for the win at the buzzer?

Rich reply to Brian on Feb 27 at 14:39

I'm giving it to Grant Hill. He's been their best player.

Nope, it was Frye instead. I'll take it.

Un fucking real. McRoberts 3 point play on a terrible, soft, foul by Channing Frye. I hate Phoenix.

They have a chance to win it with a last shot and the game tied.


Wow, Phoenix tried to give that one away. Their offensive execution with a lead was Sixer-esque. Just some real low percentage basketball. Alas, they run a play for Frye at the end, and he makes a tough, contested shot.

Two articles up on Thaddeus Young....

First looking at his recent play and how it is reminiscent of the 10 of 12 twenty point games he had in March 2009 before he was injured. A series of interviews are displayed.


The second has a lot of eye popping videos displaying his athletic prowess and scoring ability.


This was caught by the filter because it had multiple links.

Hey, if you're the guy who runs PhilaFans.com, can you please put an end to this crap. http://philaphans.com/sixers/category/disgruntled_fan/

I'm not a big fan of having my content stolen on a daily basis.

tk76 reply to Brian on Feb 27 at 17:05

Odd. It does eventually link back to you when you click "read more", but no one would post stuff without proper attribution (and permission if they are going to include huge blocks of text.)

tk76 reply to tk76 on Feb 27 at 17:07

BTW, this group is scary: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Las_Vegas_Review-Journal#Copyright_trolling

They are leaches on society, suing blog sites for what posters quote, and giving a cut to the original source.

the guy who runs philaphans would - he's a notorious douche

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