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Game 59 Thread: PHI @ CLE

It feels like it's been a while since the Sixers had a HUGE game on a Sunday and the national game on that same Sunday had HUGE impact on the Sixers playoff positioning.

This is our chance to grab the 6th seed AND exceed .500 on the same day. Let's grab both and not look back for the remainder of the season.

watching the games and highlights ty is starting too look like the guy of a couple of years ago, hopefully he still has that ceiling we thought he had when he was tearing up the court couple years ago. does anybody know if he is a unrestricted or restricted free agent.

Game in OKC looks like it's going to have a nice ending

Rick Adelman on Thabeet

"I don't know what I'm supposed to do with him"

That's hilarious.

A+ trade though

Tray reply to GoSixers on Feb 27 at 16:49

I would move Battier for a pick and a guy who has a 10% chance of becoming a good defensive center any day of the week.

in gosixers mind, Sam Presti is the only good GM.

Tray reply to Jason on Feb 27 at 17:00

Seriously. I mean, they get to try this guy out for one year, during which he just may develop into a legit shot-blocker, and they get a first-round pick. An asset that can help you get a superstar these days. They lost nothing, except 5 million dollars. Battier's absence during the last few months of the season is meaningless.

in gosixers mind, Sam Presti is the only good GM.

You must be in law school too - worse comprehension fail than Tray has ever executed

Joe reply to GoSixers on Feb 27 at 16:54

OKC with such a good deal. Unless Perkins is crippled r something. They essentially got an average center for nothing.

I think Battier is pretty good, but the Rockets weren't going anywhere and weren't going to re-sign him, so Battier for a 1st-rounder is a good trade. Yeah they'll have to eat Thabeet's $5M next year, but surely he can at least block a few shots.

Can he really be that bad? He was good at UConn. I don't get it.

He wasn't that good at Uconn - he's just tall - only crazy people think he even has a 10% chance of not being a bust

If you want to ride Morey's jock, you can marvel at turning Battier's expiring into a pick. If you want to be realistic about it, Houston basically paid $5.13M for a pick in the late teens/early 20s in a terrible draft. $3M is the max you can pay for a draft pick during the draft.

i think the memphis pick houston got is in 2012 but I"m not sure

Tray reply to Brian on Feb 27 at 17:03

But Thabeet has some value. If you re-did that draft today, he'd still be a late first-round pick because he's 7'3 and blocked a ton of shots in college. So it's like getting two picks.

You sure about that? And how much value does he have at $5M+. Memphis had to include a pick to get someone to take him off their hands.

Tray reply to Brian on Feb 27 at 17:10

He's overvalued at $5 million, no question about that. And looking at that draft, there are incredibly few busts, and a number of successful second-round picks. Whether he would be a first-round pick today depends on whether you'd still pick him over Flynn, Jordan Hill, Mullens, Jeff Teague, Earl Clark, Gerald Henderson, DeMarre Carroll, Terrence Williams. I think I might still take him over most of those guys.

3 million is the most cash that can be involved with any player movement, live bodies/rights to/or picks

Big dilemma here. I can watch the game in HD, but I have to watch the CLE feed, which means that dickbag analyst. Or I can watch the Philly feed in SD.

Watch the high def feed on mute - use the broadband feed for audio?

Tray reply to Brian on Feb 27 at 17:01

I'd rather listen to a loop of Carr saying "DEEP! In the QUUUUU" for two hours than Zumoff.

Eh, at least zumoff is not belligerent.

Tray reply to Brian on Feb 27 at 17:11

Yeah, he's incredible at being a non-presence.

tk76 reply to Brian on Feb 27 at 17:02

I watch in 320X240 that drops in and out. So you have an abundance of riches.

Btw, if anyone knows that guy from PhilaPhans, ask him to stop stealing content from me. http://philaphans.com/sixers/category/disgruntled_fan/

Good luck with that - Belmont_Shore is the biggest douche ever

This game is to tie the season series? That's just sad

Does Cleveland have two wins against any other team this year?

Alright, here we go.

Hawes has to win this tip, right?


Carr: "You need to attack Iguodala." Speaking about Eyenga. I hope that's their game plan.

HAWES!!! Sick rebound, missed the tip, followed it up with the nasty hook.

Offense looking ugly early. Brand extremely active on the glass.

Ugh. I think the lob was there for AI9 if Jrue threw it earlier.

Early TO for Collins. Down by 4, probably a smart move.

What an absolutely pathetic start...please make it easier for the Cavaliers to drive straight down the middle

Cavs fans are loyal at least. Looks like a bigger turn out than the average sixers game.

Good job by Brand chasing Jamison off the three. Absolutely pitiful job of boxing out Hawes, compounded by fouling Hickson for the and one.

Early Speights appearance

Speights for sissy hook.

Turnover by Brand. Ugh, come on. Wake the eff up.

Thad for Brand.

Good god - the sixers look terrible in every aspect of the game right now

I like Speights coming in early. Maybe boost his confidence more.

I'm just glad to see him in before Songaila

More because Hawes looks awful so far

but so do the rest of the sixers - this is embarassing

Another turnover, huh? I'm going to have to switch the Philly feed.

Wow, what a jam by AI9.

Pretty pass by the QB.

This is ugly so far.

I'm starting to wonder if they're allergic to 4 in a row

Tray reply to GoSixers on Feb 27 at 17:33

It's a reversion to the mean thing : )

Atta boy, Lou.

There we go, good ball movement. You don't have to do anything special to beat this defense.

..and we're right back in it

Perfect time for Good Lou.

I don't think Thad can handle Antawn Jamison.

There's only one guy on the sixers who can handle Jamsion even a little

Tie ball game if he hits this freebie.

Lou is the early leader for POTG.

Spencer Flaws on Feb 27 at 17:34

nice to see you good lou! :)

PHI 22, CLE 23 after 1.

Terrible start to the quarter, solid finish. Lou blew the freebie to tie it.

Now let's take a big lead in the second, huh?

After an atrocious start the FG% finished at 40%. Starters weren't getting anything done so Doug pulls em (except for Andre) - refs seem to be swallowing their whistles a lot and the sixers started off horrible on the defensive glass, that has to improve.

Speights looking alright again too

Thats what I love about this team...so many guys can carry the team when we're struggling.

Lou really stepped up. Hopefully the rest of the team follows his lead in the 2nd.

Jrue brought a -12 that quarter. Ouch! Thank god for the bench.

Spencer Flaws on Feb 27 at 17:37

also possible trip-dub for mo speights?

Ugh, Speights just got out of the way on that drive by Samuels.

Speights pulled immediately after that pathetic defensive play

I really don't like seeing Turner fall flat on his back like that.

I had bad visions of Turner's broken back on that fall...

Great find of TY by JH.

Wow, that was a sick pass by Jrue. Have no idea how it got through to EB.

Turner looking confident on the offensive end tonight.

All minutes against the cavs are garbage minutes?

DougieCollins on Feb 27 at 17:42

Ewwwwwww. Golden State with 41 points after the 1st.terrible d being played

And 58 halfway through the second. Could be a 130-point game.

Looking better now. Cavs scrubs need to miss some shots here though.

Iguodala has to shoot that corner three. That TO is on him.

left-handed toss by Hawes. Even I'll admit he closed his eyes and threw it up there. Sick though.

He has 5 inches on hickson - not sure what the problem is

Please keep this lineup in after the timeout Doug.

Yes, even Hawes.

Dear Doug

Yes Speights deserved to be pulled for that atrocious defensive effort.

However, he probably doesn't need to be benched the entire rest of the game

There's the tall goofy 13 year old in Hawes shining through

Heh. Hawes might the most uncoordinated guy in the league.

How the hell do you shove jrue holiday like that and not get called for an offensive foul?

The cavs suckage from the free throw line a definite advantage

Jrue looks tired to me. Doesn't have his hands up on D, and seems sluggish overall.

Maybe his fake ID worked last night?

CB reply to Brian on Feb 27 at 17:56

Yeah he's making some nice passes, but I'm seeing all these lanes and chances to rock floaters or pull ups, and he's just not doing it.

Nice move by Turner.

ET better get big minutes. He looks really good so far.

Yeah TUrner looks awesome.

Thad continuing his insane FG% of late..he hit 67% the last 5 games and 5-7 today...

Where'd everyone go...must have gone to Krass Brothers...

I gave jrue the benefit of the doubt over sessions tonight - shouldn't have done that

Yeah he looks terrible. Even one of his nice assists to Thad, Turner pointed to Thad down low or else Jrue was passing to Turner.

Pretty impressive that TUrner is looking for the open man even without the ball. That's serious court-vision.

Nice to have a guy on the bench that can turn a game around...The 76ers have gone 39-22 on Cleveland since Lou came in the first quarter....Thats 17 points, I think we keep adding to that lead....put the foot on the throat in the 3rd....

The problem isn't when he's hot - the problem is when he's cold - he doesn't adjust (start passing) and doug doesn't pull him

PHI 49, CLE 42 at the half.

Pretty blah second quarter. The Sixers don't look into it at all, but Cleveland is just terrible. Two more quarters like that and we go home w/ a 15-point win, though.

Special points to Doug C. for not calling the Lou end-of-quarter isolation for the first time in months.

I need to hit refresh more often...

That half could have gone better -- I don't have a great feeling about 2nd half right now.

So the comcast broadcast, intermittently, has the sixers half time show as opposed to cutting to nbatv or the scoreboard with the bad music

Josh reply to GoSixers on Feb 27 at 18:16

It makes you wonder if they want you to turn the channel at the half.

I'm not too embarassed to admit I'm checking out the NASCAR race during the half.

Who's watching the Heat/Knicks game after the sixers game?

I would, but I think I'm going to have to spend some time w/ the wife. I might DVR it and watch later tonight.

We've had a pretty traumatic weekend here this weekend (dog related, he's getting older) but thank goodness I don't have to watch the oscars :)

OK, Hawes has to win this one, right?

More of that, Jrue.

What was the call there?

That was the goaltending?

That the sissiest of all sissy floaters.

Followed by a legit block.

Loved the floater :).

Awesome hustle by Brand, hope he didn't hurt his wrist.

How many starting NBA 2s don't throw down a breakaway slam... no disrespect to jodie

In the first half - one of the cavs offensive players SHOVED holiday to the ground - that was ok - but somehow THAT was an offensive foul on Iguodalas?

rand headed to the locker room - a finger issue it seems like

Fuck. Brand going to the locker room.

A couple of ugly possessions there.


Please dont be serious

I'm going to say he just jammed his finger - no biggy

Jamison keeps taking corner twos. Thank God.

He heard you

That was a two as well. That's literally like 5 he's taken from like an inch inside the line.

Wasn't referring to the corner 2 was referring to him closer to the basket :)

Ah, gotcha.

Someone give me an update if they say anything about Brand's injury on the Philly broadcast. I doubt these jokers will update it.

JRUE 4 3.

Dude scored anyway, but Speights put a nice defeensive effort compared to what got him benched in the first half.

Glad to see Doug bring him back out in the 2nd half and that Speights seems to know why he was pulled in the first half

Hey look - comcast realized there are FIVE starting pitchers on the phillies - poor Joe Blanton

Whose going to buy tickets to a Joe Blanton pitched game is what I want to know.

They'll be just fine attendance wise.

I'm personally more worried about Jimmy ROllins and now utley's endurance

I wouldn't be surprised if Cole hamels was traded at the deadline for a bat.

I would - cause that would be kind of stupid

Cole hamels is the 4th pitcher int he rotation. He would start 1 game in NLCS and 1 in the WS if phils got there. Getting a good hitter would be much more beneficial imo.

Trading away an ace quality pitcher who is also the youngest pitcher on your roster when roy oswalt is near the end of his career is foolishness...unless you're getting albert pujols.

Dislocated pinky for Jamison. That's rough.

Jamison to the locker room - holding his left arm straight down by his side - not moving - that's not good

It's his pinky, you could see it. Dislocation, definitely.

Brand is back.

meltdown city

replied to wrong comment

EB is back.


Brand just came out of the locker room - still in uniform - right back onto the floor - some tape with his fourth and fifth finger together - no splint - probably just a 'jam'

Jamison can't come back, even if he wants to.

Man, look at all the garbage minute numbers Turner is putting up today

Elton Brand

Dislocated pinky - negative X-rays - where's tk76?

Hmmn. I thought the bone always broke when it went back in.

tk76 reply to GoSixers on Feb 27 at 19:55

I could hear Collins yelling at Speights on that o-board.

"Just put your body on him! Come on! Let's Go!"

22 FT's to 9

I hate refs

Damn it lou - LOOK for someone else you idiot

Sweet fucking iso Lou.

PHI 75, CLE 64 after three.

Better third quarter. Let's put them away early in the fourth.

I think I know the real reason LeBron left Cleveland...Gibson's hair.

He needs to clean that up.

Tray reply to Josh on Feb 27 at 19:03

Honestly the real mystery is why anyone ever thought he would/should stay in Cleveland.

Fox Sports Florida is talking My Giant during the bobcats magic game

GS is getting blown out in a game in which they had 73 at the half. That's very sad.

Kevin love 6 pts away from a 40/20, 10 boards away from a 30/30, could he get a 40/30 :O?

Tray reply to Jason on Feb 27 at 19:09


3 team fouls in 54 secnds

jesus - they just want to let them back in don't they?

Lou made that shot way harder than it had to be.

CB reply to TS on Feb 27 at 18:57

That's his specialty. Missing bunnies too.

That's the second 3 second call on you Iggy. Either shoot the damn ball or move it.

Great find by Turner.

These fouls are friggin' ridiculous. Sixers have 22 PF, CLE has 13. And the Sixers have been the aggressors on offense in this game.

There's your sixers highlight on sportscenter tonight. AI9's missed dunk.

Tray reply to Brian on Feb 27 at 19:11

Real close in the Q.

Even if it did touch the rim, it was out of bounds on cleveland wasn't it?

No answer for Samardo Samuels.

You should be ashamed of yourself, Hawes.

AFter the beginning of the first quarter - the sixers defensive rebounding was strtong - let's not it go to crap and blow this winnable game.

4:30 left to play - show us fans who have been here all season which sixer team you are

How long has it been since we've scored? 4 minutes? 5?

This is pathetic

This is the knicks on friday night

And Lou just completely loses his man.

I think Iguodala should've trapped in the corner there when Sessions picked up his dribble.

About fucking time they took Lou out

Bang. Two huge plays in a row, Jrue on the drive, then Jodie for three. Phew.

THAT should be the sportcenter highlight. If we hold on for a comfortable win of course.

Jrue and Meeks!!!!

Jrue coming up large and Jodie nailing the three. That should shut them up.

Six guys in double figures again tonight.

Parker and Eyenga both have 0 points. Dre's work?

For the most part, yeah. Check out the combined stats for all of their wings. Gotta give credit to Jodie and Turner, too.

Ball in Jrue's hands down the stretch.

Ugh, 2/10 for Iguodala.

The sixers have been bad - but the refs have bene awful

Well, close win. Maybe?

AI9 turnover. He's been terrible on the offensive end tonight.

Old School Sixer Fan on Feb 27 at 19:23

Why won't the sixers drive to the left?

One stop = a win. Who wants it?

Thad does. Hit the freebies.

OK, we need to relax...we can't lose this without a four point play....oh wait a minute....


Eff me. Not again. One stop and close this shit out.

Why isn't Turner playing?



yea Thad!


Atta boy, Jrue. Att-a-boy.

Thad POTG?

Liked that Jrue kept that ball and didn't give it up even though Lou was desperate for it

Game ain't over yet folks

13/6/9/1/1/1(tov) for Jrue


12/5/1/2 for Thad (plus that defensive play)


16/4/1 for Lou

who's your POTG?

I think Thad came up big in key stretches both in the first half and at the end, even though Holiday has the better stats.

Holiday or Thad. It can go either way.

Turtle Bay reply to Brian on Feb 27 at 19:32

Jrue. Big bucket late and clutch free throws (again).

LeChance reply to Brian on Feb 27 at 19:32

Probably Jrue, I thought he really took the game over down the stretch. You could make an argument for Jodie too though. 14 points and 3 steals, and a huge three in the 4th Qtr. He also hit the 2 foul shots at the end.

Josh reply to Brian on Feb 27 at 19:32

Jrue came up pretty big for us in the fourth, but Lou provided a spark in the first half. I still go Jrue for player of the game.

Thad. That defensively play was the game.

I think I'm going w/ Jrue. His second half line was 13/4/5/1 and 0 turnovers.

I wouldn't give it to a starter because of how pathetically bad they started out the game - digging a hole early against a crappy team is just unacceptable

PHI 95, CLE 91 final.

Bad fourth, but they stiffened just in time to hold off the feisty Cavaliers. Heh.

mgfields on Feb 27 at 19:31

Lets go Heat!

darth reply to mgfields on Feb 27 at 19:33


makes you feel dirty, right?

mgfields reply to darth on Feb 27 at 19:38

They are playing the Knicks tonight...Heat wins and the Sixers are tied for the sixth seed.

Spencer Flaws on Feb 27 at 19:32

well jrue and jodie did a really nice job hitting those free throws to ice the game. Also you have to give POTG to lou. Even though jrue had a better all-around game. Because of lou's stretch of 8 straight in the 1st, he got us back in it.

Surprised to see that Jrue was the only Sixer with a negative +/-

Still, he's my POTG...looked very comfortable handling the ball and running the show down the stretch. Even that simple pass to Brand for his patented elbow jumper. How many times have we seen Lou completely ignore Brand in that situation looking for his own shot?

tk76 reply to DonH on Feb 27 at 20:00

Jrue really struggled with Sessions. Hard to jet the POTG when the guy you were playing outplayed you for much of the game.

A lot of it was off the pick and roll though. Jrue wasn't good defensively, but you have to put some of that on the bigs too.

tk76 reply to DonH on Feb 27 at 20:15

As a team they need to fix that- but that is on both players.

A lot of it was off the pick and roll though. Jrue wasn't good defensively, but you have to put some of that on the bigs too.

whoops...hit the refresh button by mistake

It's embarrassing how empty the heat arena is tonight

Miami is NOT a good sports town

Tray reply to GoSixers on Feb 27 at 20:22

Chris Bosh says in those NBATV commercials that they have the whole city on their backs.

Tom Moore on Feb 27 at 20:30

Sixers make it four straight, surpass .500 record:


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