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Game 60 Thread: PHI vs. DAL

Tom Moore on Mar 1 at 18:19

Video: Collins pregame on being named NBA Eastern Conference Coach of the Month:


Heading into tonight 13-4 w/ the coach of the month...

I think this right now is the peak of the season. Enjoy it- I'm not sure there will be higher highs this year.

tk76 reply to tk76 on Mar 1 at 18:47

And I'm not saying that as a pessimist. What they have done the past 1-2 months has been really impressive given where they were coming from.

Rich reply to tk76 on Mar 1 at 19:01

Seems a little pessimistic to me. Seeing how long you have been a fan of this team though, it probably just feels natural.

Do you not think they can play good ball the rest of the way TK? Can you expand on your point?

tk76 reply to Rich on Mar 1 at 19:05

I think they can play well from here on in. I just don't expect them to be as hot as they have been. And I don't expect them to make it out of the 1st round.

So when we look back, I think this will be the high water mark. Not in terms of record- but play.

I don't thik suggesting they won't play 765 ball for the rest of the season is pessimistic :)

Sixers feed in HD on league pass. A rarity. Man, Marakovitzz does not hold up in hi def.

Wow, I guess Hawes won that tip.

Nice hands, spence.

Jodie 4 3.

Wow. Hawes with the baseline move for the jam!

that was nasty!

I knew you'd love that.

Best move of the season?

4 assists for Holiday.

Man, what a tough matchup for Brand.

Meeks is having problems on the defensive end. Wonder if Turner is the first off the bench for him.

Sissy hook!

Hawes with a pretty nice hook there. The skillz are comin out! Holiday is off-the-chain with great passes thus far.

Jrue tracking a PTD.

4 boards, 4 assists for Jrue already. I smell a pathetic triple-double brewing.

Good start, a couple of nice Hawes moves.

Got to take better shots on offense.

Is Hawes the least naturally athletic guy in the NBA?

He had microfracture surgery on his knee at age 14.

Charlie H reply to tk76 on Mar 1 at 19:51

That would be Kapono. Or Shaq.

Come on, grab the boards.

I'll admit a couple pathetic plays by Hawes. Brand with the sick backdoor pass to him and Hawes gets stripped. Then he gets the ball under the basket and almost throws it away. Still my playa.

It's crazy how useless Meeks has become -- sans the big Cavs shot -- lately.

Speights showing special defense.

Speights with what I'll call a weak foul.

eddies' heady's on Mar 1 at 19:24

Speights has to foul hard there. Not just tokenly try to challenge it. He was beat after the fake.

And he was a HS QB?

Lou for three.

tk76 reply to Brian on Mar 1 at 19:26

No, no, no... Yes!

At least it was at the end of the shot clock. Hated the long two he took the next time down the floor a lot more.

Spencer Flaws on Mar 1 at 19:27

is there anyway to watch the game? Can anyone send me a link?

Little too much heat on that pass, Turner.

eddies' heady's on Mar 1 at 19:30

Too much heat on that pass from Turner to Thad for the oop.

Too many tunrovers

Alright, Lou iso for the tie?

PHI 22, DAL 23 Thad turning garbage into gold to pull the Sixers w/in 1 after 1.

Back-and-forth quarter, which isn't bad against this team. Too many turnovers and need to do a better job on the o-glass.

eddies' heady's on Mar 1 at 19:32

Not a bad quarter overall. Need to really take advantage while Dirk is out b/c seems we don't have anyone to really stick with him.

What a joke on the iso. Thad sets 2 picks, Lou ignores both. Thad rolls off and is wide open, Lou ignores him. Then Lou throws up an awful airball and Thad bails him out.

Lou iso worst play in universe?

Didn't play a great quarter there, still only down 1.

Speights had some trouble with Haywood.

Good D by Meeks on Terry.

Wow, pretty pass from ET to TY.

Mavs zoned up at the end of that quarter. Can't settle all the time, need to find holes and attack.

Jodie 3!

Like Turner attacking the zone here.

Bad job by Jodie to leave Terry a couple of possessions ago.

Marion's having his way with ET.

eddies' heady's on Mar 1 at 19:39

Dirk pushed off w/ his off arm on that replay.

Yet again, Turner contributing.

Tough matchup with Thad on Dirk.

Foot on the line, Evan. Ugh. At least he made it.

Awesome play by Meeks in transition D. Big play.

eddies' heady's on Mar 1 at 19:43

Good hustle by Jodie w/ the poke away from behind.

Colonel Sanders has to be the Sixers #1 Fan.

Another Barea flop.

Rich reply to CB on Mar 1 at 19:46

He had his arm out, which he shouldn't do, but he didn't even hit him yet.

Little shit gets away with flopping yet again.

Barea is a fantastic flopper. Might be better than Manu at acting.

Isn't flopping supposed to be a technical these days?

Who is the old guy guy that always sits right next to the scorers table? I see him at every game but have no idea who he is

Could it be pollak? The god father of modern nba statistics

Rich reply to GoSixers on Mar 1 at 19:51

No, he's talking about Col. Sanders, who is literally at every game. Good for him. Too bad I have no idea who he is either.

Pollack sits at the scorers table every game.

Josh reply to Rich on Mar 1 at 19:58

Haha. Yep that's the guy. I don't think a saw a Sixers game without him there. My wife and I always wonder who the heck is that guy.

Josh reply to GoSixers on Mar 1 at 19:53

No not Pollack. He isn't at the table, he is at the first court side (Sixers side) seat next to it. He has a 76ers hat and white sweatshirt on.

Thad's been all over the floor.

eddies' heady's on Mar 1 at 19:49

Crucial period int he game here w/ 4 min left and down 3. Have to hold close here.

0/5/4 for Jrue.

Jrue holds his ground on Dirk, then ties him up on the spin move!

Good job getting to the line, Jrue. Come on, need to settle a little and get a couple stops.

Five or under at the half, please.

Bad injury for Chandler?

mgfields on Mar 1 at 19:59

We need to get Iguodala going.

Terry is on fire.

Kidd is such a bitch. Complains after every call.

Hey Jason, if you swipe like that and you don't get ball, it's a foul every time.

Josh reply to Rich on Mar 1 at 20:05

He probably gets it from his ex-wife.

eddies' heady's on Mar 1 at 20:02

Ugh, we practically shit the bed those last 4 minutes of the half. Must be nice to have decent shooters all over the floor. If they get an open look they seem to most often knock it down.

bebopdeluxe on Mar 1 at 20:02

Iguodala getting SHUT DOWN by that noted defensive stopper, Peja Stojakovic.

Might need to have Iggy or ET check Terry from here on out.

PHI 44, DAL 51 worse second quarter. Really having trouble on the offensive end getting good looks, and Terry was on fire.

Need more in the second half.

Big 2nd Half adjustment should be Iguodala on Terry.

Shockingly as well, I wouldn't mind seeing Hawes get some minutes against the zone with Brand.

Sixers can't handle a zone at all.

Just got home, can I get a 1st half summary?

Evan Turner 7 pts 3 assists :O. he probably won't even get 5 minutes in 2nd half knowing Collins rotations.

It was really back and forth until the final 5 minutes of the half. DAL pushed the lead to 10 on Terry's explosion, they cut it back to 7 late.

Thad and Turner have been really good, but the Sixers are really struggling to get good shots. Settling for too many jumpers, imo.

Jrue w/ a couple hoops. Let's go.

Could sure use some production from AI9 here.

eddies' heady's on Mar 1 at 20:21

Good job by Jodie to throw that up after the whistle to get to the line.

That was a smart play Hawes

Fuck you, Hawes.

Jrue needs to take that 3 on offense.

Someone on the sixers - please drive to the basket - haywood will foud you

eddies' heady's on Mar 1 at 20:23

Agree on Andre, he needs to attack the rim. Everyone is settling though for mid-range or perimeter J's. Except EB.

Spencer Flaws on Mar 1 at 20:23

wtf hawes let's not box out some more

Iguodala really shouldn't be settling for jumpers w/ Peja on him.

Hawes might just not like Haywood?

At least he stopped the attempt that time.

JRUE 3 3!!!

eddies' heady's on Mar 1 at 20:26

Tie game! Let's go!!

Does anyone suppose the rumors of the celtics/heat targeting kapono is the reason the sixers aren't buying him out?

Could be. I mean, down by three with a couple seconds left, you're better off having him on your roster than not, right? Seeing as how he's already there. The only thing you'd be saving is a little bit of money, so you should take this as a positive sign from ownership.

He took a lot of 3's that's why he made a lot of 3's you idjits

Tie fucking ball game. LET'S GO!!!

The Magic were outscored by 22 in the second half

at home

against the knicks

no one wants to help

2nd quarter that is

Fuck me.

eddies' heady's on Mar 1 at 20:30

Dre still settling for J's vs Peja. ugh

Jrue making another perimeter J.

Jrue can't miss this half.


How about guarding Jason Terry, k?

Nowitzki complaining about the lack of a call to Salvatore.

Ain't that a technical?

Meh, who cares about a non tech.

I care about the rules being applied to everyone fairly, and supposedly so does the NBA.

If the sixers lose by 1 - or the game goes into overtime - the lack of equal application of the whiner rule might come back

Alright. Dirk's going to the bench, let's take a lead and build it a little here.

They have some talented guys who aren't named Dirk

WHoever is guarding Jason Terry - WTF?

Great effort by Jrue to come in and box out for the rebound.

Freakin Terry....

Fucking Terry. Man, every time you put a run together, they just go to Terry or Dirk.

Meeks and Holiday are just taking turns getting burned by Terry. Put some size on him, see if that does anything.

mgfields on Mar 1 at 20:36

Bring in Turner, have him guard Andre's guy, and get Iggy on Terry.

Meeks 3 has been a + for us.

mgfields reply to Jason on Mar 1 at 20:41

Not as big a + as Terry has been for the Mavs.


Wouldn't it be nice to have a guy like Jason Terry to start instead of, say, Jodie Meeks?

eddies' heady's reply to GoSixers on Mar 1 at 20:43

Say thank you to Evan Turner.

Falling apart at the end of the quarter, again. Lou fouling the jump shooter.

Way to go Lou.



Jason Kidd is old, and slow, you can do that EVERY TIME

He's got 14 in the quarter, I believe. I'd like to see Jrue play the rest of the way.

So would I but you know that is going to happen

Put Songaila in to take one for the team and punch terry in the junk

eddies' heady's on Mar 1 at 20:41

There you go Jrue, go to the hole on Kidd. Chandler isn't in there, remember?

This french guy seems to enjoy throwing people to the ground

TS reply to GoSixers on Mar 1 at 20:42

You're allowed to that against the Sixers apparently.

Spencer Flaws on Mar 1 at 20:42

its raining fouls out here

See how when you go to the basket good things happen

How about remembering that

sweet let's get the lead

NICE! Come on, finish it out.

Terry and Dirk have hit at least a half dozen shots that you simply can't defend any better.

Over the back, trying to choke thaddeus young = jump ball

terrible call, also thought there shoulda been a foul when Jrue's shot at the end.

You hardly ever get that foul at the end of quarter scrum - but this french guy is gonna hurt someone

Seriously, that was atrocious.

The foul that sent marioin to the line on the other end - he threw someone to floor

PHI 77, DAL 79 after three.

Much better third quarter, need to up the intensity here at the beginning of the fourth, don't let Dallas build up a cushion again. And please, for the love of God, give the ball to Jrue.

need to put Iguodala on Terry; this can't happen in the 4th.
or pick a fight and double tech him out.
either way is fine.

Nocioni or Songaila could come in and do some fouling

Thad missed the open cutting Evan to give it to Lou who put up a crappy shot...sigh

eddies' heady's on Mar 1 at 20:48

This sort of has the feel of the last Spurs game.

They didn't have anyone torching us though.

eddies' heady's reply to TS on Mar 1 at 20:51

Hence why I said sort of.

Great job going right at that Thad/Terry mismatch. Iguodala is on Terry on the defensive end, let's see how that works out.


Bad Lou tonight

So - the correct response is that you pull lou - and put GOOD Jrue back in.

8-minute mark, probably.

Fuck me, Thad. Come on.

Josh reply to Brian on Mar 1 at 20:54

I think Terry is demonstrating why he should be sixth man of the year

The Chemistry this team has makes me willing to give thad a 3/25-26 extension.

The free throw shooting doesn't.

He wanted 11 million in the off season :)

Please take lou out, he's not useful today. Seems to be playing in slow motion, he's passed up multiple 3s he should of taken.

that zone again...

Spencer Flaws on Mar 1 at 20:52

damn thad hit the free ones!!!


All Lou is doing tonight is committing swtupid fouls.

His offense stinks and he's too short - PULL HIM NOW

that was a good foul right there.

He didn't do it on purpose ;)

jkay reply to GoSixers on Mar 1 at 20:54

get Lou out, give the ball to Jrue.

Come on, just get over the fucking hump one god damned time.

eddies' heady's on Mar 1 at 20:53

What the heck was Dre kicking out his foot on that last open three? Bad form.

didn't notice that. Maybe trying to get a foul?

eddies' heady's reply to Jason on Mar 1 at 20:57

Naw, I seriously don't think he was b/c Dirk was running out to challenge late.

Enough Lou, bring Jrue back in. Dude was on fire.

Josh reply to TS on Mar 1 at 20:56

I hate Bad Lou

Damnit. Why not put Jrue back in during that timeout.






Matisyahu aat a sixers game? That's cool

Nice, sixers have a pretty odd following imo.

As a performer - sorry - not a fan :)

March 30th after the game

Turner was fouled on that first fast break

God damnit. Two fucking huge defensive plays by Iguodala, both of them shitted right down the toilet on the other end.

jkay reply to Brian on Mar 1 at 21:04

we can hack their bigs.
remember that Haywood airball FT?; EPIC!!!

damn two Iggyy defensive breaks wasted by Tuner's jittery hands.

eddies' heady's on Mar 1 at 20:59

Whoa, Thad w/ a Jrue-like pass to ET but he gets stripped.

ET - WTF was that? Thad isn't 8 ft tall...shit!

Fuck, Dirk again.

God damnit ET.

God DamnET

Jesus that was all kinds of awful.

I am feeling an Eddie's headys comment coming soon

Iguodala is stoning Terry, now they're going to go to Dirk for a while. We need a hoop bad here.

D is good but we need some O badly.

Damn...blew a chance there

Probably gonna be a parade to the line down the stretch for the Mavs. I'll be really surprised if we pull this one out.

For better or worse, ET is getting some serious crunch time reps

There you go, EB. Another stop, now.

eddies' headys on Mar 1 at 21:03

OK, a stop on Dirk and an EB bucket. More stops please. And another one.

Please drive more to the basket - soft gooey center

Speights for Thad? I don't get that.

Collins pulling a collins.

TS reply to Brian on Mar 1 at 21:07

I think Thad was gassed.


jkay reply to Raro on Mar 1 at 21:07

yessir; remember that airball FT?; EPIC!!!
crowd reaction was epic too.

Speights has plenty of fouls to use. I'd do it.

Nice, Speights w/ the J. God damnit, it would be awesome if he caught fire right here.

Raro reply to Brian on Mar 1 at 21:09

He just might be our best crunch time scorer

Magic have a chance to cut it to 4 or 3 at the end of the third

eddies' heady's on Mar 1 at 21:07

I cringe everytime Marreese crouches down and loads up that shot. Or is it as soon as he receives the pass? lol

bebopdeluxe on Mar 1 at 21:07

Speights needs to play D like he WANTS to be out there in crunch-time.

I would assume Collins doesn't have him out there if he hasn't been playing defense.

Damn it, SOMEONE punch Terry in the junk

Josh reply to GoSixers on Mar 1 at 21:12

Only if we still had Reggie Evans and he would be more than willing

We have missed a ton of open corner 3's tonight.

Fuck, why is Meeks back on Terry?

mgfields reply to Brian on Mar 1 at 21:13

Because Turner got pulled (deservedly so), so Iggy goes back to guarding the three.

I had a bad feeling when I saw Meeks back on Terry

eddies' heady's on Mar 1 at 21:09

SHoot, that's twice tonight Meeks has been cheating way too far off Terry.

Dre w/ the drive, FINALLY!

F me, Kidd three.

Needed that Jrue three in the worst way. Come on, get a fucking hoop here.

Spencer Flaws reply to Brian on Mar 1 at 21:13

well instead you got a jo-3!!!!!

Why do the sixers sell a shirt that says LouWillVille?


bebopdeluxe on Mar 1 at 21:13

BIG time short-arm by Iggy there.


Here we go


eddies' heady's on Mar 1 at 21:13


Iguodala can't guard NOwitzki on that fade away - i mean no one can but at least put somone tall on him

Josh reply to GoSixers on Mar 1 at 21:15

Yeah a 7 footer falling away is not the easiest thing to contest

Especially for a guy Iguodala's height. Hard enough to defend for a 'proper' sized guy.

I suppose I should be encouraged that they're in the game at the end - but missing free throws and no one stopping terry - god just pitiful reasons to lose

Is anyone elses audio feed ahead of their video stream?

Zumoff is basically spoiling this game for me.

Meeks for 3... YESSS!!!

cept i haven't seen the meeks 3 go in yet :(

Man, how does the floor get that unbalanced?

well then....

eddies' heady's on Mar 1 at 21:15

Damn Jrue. Looked like Dre nor Jrue wanted to shoot the perimeter J. Even though they haven't been hesitant to all game.

was that not a shot clock violation?

it was, Terry didn't have possession until the shot clock hit 00.


Jrue should have taken that three.

Jrue... Please take the open three!

Still time. Get a hoop here, any kind of hoop, then a stop. Don't get flustered.

where do you get a video feed of the game

I like Herb Magee

"I'll watch him when we first meet and we'll get in a good practice session," Magee said. "What we won't do is just come in and start firing shots. We'll work on fundamentals - where the shooting hand is, the guide hand, the legs - then build to the final shot. There's no sense in shooting three-pointers if you don't have the right form from 10 feet. I will show him what I consider to be the perfect shot, the way of releasing the ball.

That's how you work on your shot Andre Iguodala and everyone else

Jrue needs to shoot that 3

Steve v on Mar 1 at 21:16

Iguodala has to replace high there.

eddies' heady's on Mar 1 at 21:17

Dre, now you want to drive? Lil too late for that.

Aannnd he clanks the first freebie. Annnnd the second one! The boos rain down...haha

missed both. game.

Nice to see the fairweather fools are already booing

Josh reply to GoSixers on Mar 1 at 21:20

At least we are getting more people in the seats. Probably the reason we are willing to keep Kaponos contract.

We aren't doing anything, Comcast is making decisions. I have no idea why they're keeping Kaponos contract. I expect he wasn't willing to accept enough of a discount to make it worthwhile.


bebopdeluxe on Mar 1 at 21:18


For all of his wonderful skills, it is SO painful to watch Iggy in the guts of the game.

I'd much rather watch Lou wouldn't you?

bebopdeluxe reply to GoSixers on Mar 1 at 21:24

I just pray that by next season, Turner can be that guy.

He did it at a very high level in college...he has the tools to be a closer.

Because if it's not him, I don't know who that guy is. It sure isn't Iguodala.

eddies' heady's reply to bebopdeluxe on Mar 1 at 21:25

I'll get on my hands and knees with you then.

MichaelT reply to eddies' heady's on Mar 1 at 21:29

It's a position you're all too familiar with I bet

eddies' heady's reply to MichaelT on Mar 1 at 21:35

You did come over last night didn't you?

MichaelT reply to eddies' heady's on Mar 1 at 21:39

It appears that joke backfired on me.

In all seriousness, Jrue is the only one on this team that I think can become a closer. Everyone else scares the shit out of me.

eddies' heady's reply to MichaelT on Mar 1 at 21:43

Since you stepped out of your a-hole suit, I totally agree that Jrue *may* be the only one.

bebopdeluxe reply to MichaelT on Mar 1 at 21:46

Why do you think that - with another year of experience and work on his jumper this summer - Turner cannot be that guy?

Great handle. Great body control around the hoop. Can get to the line. Did it at a VERY high level in college.

The guy has played SIXTY games in his NBA career. Why can't you envision him doing it in the future?

eddies' heady's reply to bebopdeluxe on Mar 1 at 21:51

No get-by ability along with no consistent jumper = play off him making driving even tougher.

Oh, and this ain't college.

bebopdeluxe reply to eddies' heady's on Mar 1 at 22:11

I wasn't talking to you.

If I post in the general thread, feel free to respond to my posts.

If for some unknown fucking reason I actually respond to one of YOUR posts, feel free to respond.

Otherwise, I have ZERO interest in what you have to say (especially when it comes to Evan Turner), so when I am directing a post to or answering a question from SOMEBODY ELSE, stay the fuck out of it.


MichaelT reply to bebopdeluxe on Mar 1 at 22:16

I'm a big Turner fan. In fact, I've only posted on here about 7 times and 6 of those are probably me calling Eddie's a douche for his Turner hatred.

That being said, he is a long way off from being a closer. I'm not saying he can't get there, but he has alot of work to do at this level.

Tray reply to MichaelT on Mar 1 at 22:21

That's about what I think. I mean, how many "closers" are there in the league? A dozen? A couple dozen? The chances that any given rookie having a kind of lousy rookie season gets that good aren't great. But yes, he has some of the skills that could make it a possibility.

bebopdeluxe reply to Tray on Mar 1 at 22:42

Tray and MichaelT:

I know that he's not there yet...but at every level the guy has played (HS, AAU and OSU), it took time for him to get to a level where his experience and confidence level caught up to his natural ability. When he achieved that comfort level, he simply dominated.

With the exception of his jumper (which I am sure he will work on this summer with Herb Magee...and unlike some perceived-high-status rookies who might resist the suggestion that he has a problem, he readily admits that he has issues with his shot that need work), he has all of the other skills...a great handle...solid passer...nice moves around the basket...can get to the line. There is a fluidity to his game in the halfcourt when the ball is in his hand that Iguodala will never have (all Iggy can do is lower his shoulder and power-dribble)...and he has the size and length that Lou simply does not have.

Am I sure that he can do it? Hell no. But his history/track record certainly suggests that with time and experience, he could grow into the role, and I am comfortable waiting until next season before I pass judgement about whether he can do it or not.

There was an article just this past week about how Turner always takes a year or so to adjust - back to when he was a kid - I know I posted it somewhere. Was a good article and gave me more comfort with the whole adjustment process.

Each draft is unique, and I think there were just too many unrealistic expectations on a guy to come in and perform on a team contending for the playoffs when he's never really been an immediate contender.

Other guys are putting up 'big numbers' but are they playing good basketball - are any of them doing it on a team that's trying to win a playoff spot? Is paul george tearing it up helping the pacers win the 8 seed?

To me it seems like the people all over Turner are the folks who don't care or still haven't yet bothered to learn about his history and progression of basketball or understand that the sixers are coached by a guy who cares very little that Evan Turner was the #2 pick and has a real tight leash (historically - not just this year) with young guys

My only concern is that the NBA might just be too big of a task for him to adjust too. I worry that his Athleticism isn't NBA level and because of that he won't be able to reach the levels that he hit in College.

I currently think his ceiling is a ~15ppg ~5 rebounder ~5 assist guy that gives you good Defense. I'd be thrilled if he hit that, and I think it's definitely possible. ET is one of the few people that i have 0 fear of him being a bust, one way or another he's going to find a niche and be a contributor in this league, even if he only scores 10 ppg, he'll do enough elsewhere to make himself a reliable player.

bebopdeluxe reply to Jason on Mar 1 at 23:27

Why do you think he's not "athletic" enough?

He's athletic enough to - arguably - be one of our best rebounders...especially on the defensive end. He has a quality handle and an ability to drive the ball and create space getting to the basket that seems natural and unforced. There was a play in the 1st half tonight where he took Terry off the dribble, got into the paint, and then gave the slighest headfake (getting Marion to miss his block attempt) before hitting a 12-footer.

That is the kind of feel that is organic...the kind of feel that Lou also has and Iguodala will never have.

Does he have Kobe/DWade-like finishing ability? No. Doee he have the kind of game where he's gonna rise up and just flush it right into somebody's grill? Nope. But does he have the tools (handle, body control and passing ability to isolate on the perimeter and either get his shot, get to the line or get a shot for somebody else? I think so.

I'm a big fan of Turner's ability to create space. If he ever gets a reliable mid-range game I want him with the ball in his hand at the end of the game. He's tough to defend and he has a kobe esque quality when it comes to creating seperation.

The lack of athleticism is the lack of Quickness/explosiveness. ET's quick enough to be a good Rebounder, playmaker, and defender, but he lacks the quickness on offense to take his man off the dribble routinely throughout the game and still be effective. While he can create seperation, he is unable to capitalize on it which imo is why i don't think he'll ever score more than 15 ppg in this league. I hope i'm wrong, i'm a big fan of his, I think he'll be a very good player in this league, just don't see him ever being a franchise player or as good as Iggy.

Although, the one thing i'm not taking into account is if he is able to get to the line like an elite player. If he finds a way to get to the line 7-10 times per game, then he can be an elite scorer, an elite franchise player and a top player in the NBA.

johnrosz reply to bebopdeluxe on Mar 1 at 22:17

no need to talk to him like that. grow up.

bebopdeluxe reply to johnrosz on Mar 1 at 22:32

What - are you the president of his fan club?

Unfortunately, this blog does not have an "ignore" function...so I need to tell him in the most direct way possible that I do NOT want to hear from him when I am having conversations with somebody else.

I am not the only one on this forum who has HAD IT with his one-trick pony hatred of Turner. As I said in the post, I certainly cannot stop him from responding to a post of mine when it is in the general thread, or in the hell-freezes-over scenario where I might actually respond to a post of his or ask him a question. However, I have ZERO interest in having him pollute a DIRECT QUESTION or discussion that I am having with another poster with his opinion.

or in the hell-freezes-over scenario

Hey, you are more willing to respond to him than I am. :)

eddies' heady's reply to bebopdeluxe on Mar 1 at 23:34

So, did hell freeze over in the first Knicks game thread this year when I stated that Landry Fields was no worse of a player than Evan Turner despite where they were picked and you responded about Evan's highlight-worthy steal and break-away?

Or did hell freeze again sometime two weeks ago when you wanted to inquire how I could make such a declarative statement that Turner would never be a closer on this level?

Someone send the devil a parka...

You know. You have no leg to stand in with making this comment, but you might possibly have a wobbly one if it wasn't you calling me out for no apparent reason in other threads because you somehow think you are the arbiter of how people talk to each other on someone elses blog you don't pay to host.

Jumping to eddy's defense however is laughable - as he's a bile filled hate monger full of insults for people who disagree with his 'expert' opinion and full of hatred towards Evan Turner (and other players) who he wrote off before they even played a game....

John is right, no need to treat anyone on this blog like that. Eddie might be annoying, but he's at least not attacking anyone like Bep did.

bebopdeluxe reply to Jason on Mar 1 at 23:16

Attack him?


I sincerely doubt that he needs "protection". All I said is I don't want him responding to things that I said DIRECTLY to other posters.

This is a guy whose posting style is one of the most condescending that I have ever seen on an internet forum.


I can't stop the guy from polluting threads on this blog with his unshakable hatred of Turner, but I have ZERO interest in having him interject that crap when I am having a DIRECT discussion with another poster (either asking or responding to a question from another poster)...and I hope that I made that PERFECTLY clear.

You want me to apologize for the f-bombs? Fine.

I apologize to the forum for the profanity.


eddies' heady's reply to bebopdeluxe on Mar 1 at 23:25

You don't like the truth about Turner, huh? Get back to me next year after you pass judgment.


eddies' heady's reply to GoSixers on Mar 1 at 23:05

You're full of shit, John Magee. I've never insulted anyone for disagreeing with me on any particular player. You seem to do a mighty fine job of insulting any and everyone so go look in the mirror, will ya?

And it's continually humorous how you consider other's beliefs (and sometimes truths) about players downright "hate". How do you even hate a member of your favorite team, anyway? That's not possible from the block I'm from.

johnrosz reply to GoSixers on Mar 1 at 23:27

Uh huh, tell me more...

jkay reply to bebopdeluxe on Mar 1 at 21:19

well not generally, but concerning free throws....yeah

kinda too late Iggy

A lot less boos for Jrue than Iguodal

Heh. Jrue 0/2. The team is 3/10 from the line in the fourth. Losing by 6 points.

The mavs are 5 for 11

TS reply to Brian on Mar 1 at 21:21

I was just about to post the same thing. Thad had 3 straight trips of 1 for 2.

Steve v on Mar 1 at 21:20

Game was there for the taking, but good effort no shame on losing to this team.

Serious ammunition for Iguodala haters.

But ignoring the FT's, I really never want to see Iguodala shooting jumpers (unless his feet are set from 3.) Ever. His misses tend to go straight out, leading to a break for the other team with Iguodala not back. Its just really bad offense.

bebopdeluxe reply to tk76 on Mar 1 at 21:29

I'm not being a hater. He's just not a closer - that's all.

Kidd showing Dre how it's done.

eddies' heady's on Mar 1 at 21:22

What a fracked up game. Really the last 4 min of the second and the last few min of the fourth. Most else was rather good, sans all the settling for jumpers by pretty much everyone.

Mavs are a much better team than the sixers. Didn't think they'd win.

Magic/Knicks on NBA TV if you're interested - Magic have come back from being down by 11 at the half to lead by 2 with 7:41 to play

this one bites.

PHI 93, DAL 101 Final.

No excuse for going 3/10 from the free throw line in the fourth.

Tough loss against a very good team

Dear Doug - when a good player has a hot 3rd quarter - sitting him for 3-4 minutes so he can cool off - that's probably not a good idea, especially when lou williams is sucking up the place

johnrosz on Mar 1 at 21:26

can they send Dre along with ET to work with McGee?

I know Iggy has his own shooting coach but I'm not sure it's working out

tk76 reply to johnrosz on Mar 1 at 21:29

He's as good of shooter as he can be with such terrible touch. The ball just really comes off his hands "hard" meaning he has to be right on or it jumps out.

Iguodala has a great all around game- but he will never be able to shoot.

Hence why you go to work with someone who rebuilds your shot from the ground up - so you do it right

Tray reply to GoSixers on Mar 1 at 21:43

I don't think touch is manipulable, only form is.

eddies' heady's reply to Tray on Mar 1 at 21:47

Agree, and even form can be a toss-up for some.

And Thaddeus young should go as well

Josh reply to GoSixers on Mar 1 at 21:33

Young did work with Mark Price a couple of summmers. I think two years ago he showed some range the first few weeks of the season and then it just wore off. Maybe he will have some more luck with Herb.

The young guys sort of all choked. Lou was MIA. That could not hit a FT. Meeks was abused. And Jrue had one good stretch that he could not recapture after being brought to the bench.

Even Collins with a fail for bringing Meeks back in and putting him on Terry late. That was horrible.

A shame given the Mavs were ripe for the beating with Chandler on the bench. The Sixers had effort, but it was nervous effort. I was hoping Jrue could stay hot like against SA, but it was not to be.

bebopdeluxe reply to tk76 on Mar 1 at 23:54

"nervous effort"

I like that.

Yea, that was the game ending play. Jrue has to shoot that 3, had a good look. He did make a nice move baseline after that but, as the case has been for him this season, he didn't use his body to effectively draw contact and finish strong.

Q_q was based on the fact that it should of been a shot clock violation and not an easy lay up.

But yeah, Jrue passed up multiple 3s that he needed to take in the game.

I think there are rules regarding the shot clock violation and the state of play - the refs don't blow the whistle if it's obviously going to the other team anyway

what's q_q mean?

That's not the rule.

q_q = cry face.

tk76 reply to Jason on Mar 1 at 22:34

Interesting, but you can't rely on that call.

Chauncey Billups currently has 30 points on 12 shots

Carmelo Anthony has 25 points on 23 shots

damn EB dislocated the same finger again. no fracture.

ugh, he's so valuable i would rather him sit for a few weeks then risk further injury.

It was his pinky - it'll hurt but he can play with it

If playing through the pain has a risk of him potentially needing surgery if he further injures it i'd rather him sit and rest for the playoffs. If he needs surgery our season is over.

If he sits for an extended period of the time, the sixers aren't going to win many games in the regular season

As long as sixers don't end up vs Bulls in playoffs they are fine. Really 6 seed is no good if Bulls are 3 seed.

And if the bulls end up as the 2 seed and the sixers are the 7 seed?

It's not like any of the top 3 in the east has run away with anything - the seeds are not defined or fixed just yet.

the sixers should play as best they can - and I still find it fascinating folks think it matters who the sixers play in the first round - they're losing in 6 - max

heh. I think the sixers can possibly go to 7 vs celtics, 6 vs heat, but have no faith in them vs the bulls. Just a terrible match-up imo. No way the sixers can match up with the bulls front court. If bulls are close to locked in at the 2 seed and sixers are 7 i'd hope that the sixers tank for the 8 seed if the 6 seed is out of reach.

I don't think it matters who they play - they get the 'experience' - I'd rather they lose to the Bulls who i feel are more complete and ascendant than the Heat - if they 'tank' for playoff positioning, that's just insane. Collins won't accept that anyway.

Play the best ball you can - and let the chips fall where they may - that's the only way the nebulous 'playoff experience' matters.

True that, Tanking is a terrible idea. Kills any momentum.

I am afraid that there would be no experience learned vs the bulls, it would be a demoralizing loss.

Oh, I think there's a lot to be learned from playing the Bulls in the first round.

Most importantly I think there's a lot to be learned from Jrue playing on Derrick Rose in the first round.

I also think it's important in that Thad would be exposed a bit more defensively against the Bulls so maybe the sixers wouldn't over pay him.

The Bulls are the team of the future (to me) in the East with a much better coach than Spolestra. There's always something to be learned no matter who you play, that's where the quality coaching comes in, and Doug is a quality coach so I'd love to see how he gets Jrue up for playing Rose and I'd love to see how Jrue rises (or doesn't) to the occasion against Rose

bebopdeluxe reply to GoSixers on Mar 1 at 23:41

It's not just the playoffs...games like tonight are just as valuable as playoff games...a one-point game with 3 minutes to go - how do you respond?

The two biggest buckets of the game that the Sixers scored in the last 4 minutes came from Jodie Meeks and Mareese Speights...and that ain't gonna get you very far in ANY playoff series.

Like jem said, this year is about teaching and experience...I expect them to play hard the rest of the season, and I expect them to make whoever they play in the playoffs work for most of what they get. As long as they don't get embarrasingly swept, I'm OK with that.

This is about EB showing that he can get through a whole season healthy. This is about Iguodala buying into what Collins is selling and not trying to be what he isn't. This is about Jrue learning how to be an NBA point guard and learning how to close games. This is figuring out who stays, who goes, who needs to work on what (enjoy Philly U this summer, Evan), and what Thorn needs to do once the CBA is fixed to get this team to the next level.

Thank you Orlando

JruE Holiday had 2 assists and 3 rebounds after the first quarter.

Can't win a game like that

bebopdeluxe reply to GoSixers on Mar 1 at 22:17

There is no way that we can beat an elite team (especially 4 out of 7 games) if BOTH Iggy and Jrue don't show up for 48 minutes.

In the guts of the game - when it was there to be won - neither of them were there. Pretty bad when the only guys who hit shots in the guts of the game were Meeks and Speights.

Did you miss the third quarter or just watching with selective vision?

I'm not really sure where the 'guts' of the game are - all 48 minutes count - and Jrue was instrumental in the 3rd when the sixers cam be back to tie the game.

Then some idiot decided to sit him - and he went cold - which happens

The Mavaericks are a better team - all this hand wringing over an off game is ridiculous

bebopdeluxe reply to GoSixers on Mar 1 at 23:45

Actually...I did miss the 3rd quarter (putting kids to bed).


Let me rephrase - it will be very hard to win games like this (close games against VERY good teams) when both Jrue and Iggy give us SQUAT down the stretch.

(your point about Collins taking Jrue out is a valid one)

johnrosz on Mar 1 at 22:21

No excuse for Iguodala to only shoot 70 percent from the line.

No excuse for needless Iguodala bashing.

It's amazing how all that 'point forward' praises vanishes so quickly when the sixers lose a game everyone THOUGHT they were going to lose before it started

agree, TY missed 2 out of 4 free throws which would of tied the game at 83. Was sick that Iguodala got booed for missing the 2 free throws. Also a shame that his two interceptions were wasted by Evan Turner.

I think Turner was fouled on the first 'wasted' steal (the second one I have no idea what happened there with the alley oop to Thaddeus Young) so I only have a problem with him screwing up the second one.

It seemed to me that Andre got booed a lot more for his 2 misses than Jrue did shortly thereafter :)

johnrosz reply to GoSixers on Mar 1 at 23:10

I'm not Iguodala bashing. He should shoot better than 70 percent from the line. I'm sure he would agree with that statement. He's got the ball in his hands a lot, he's going to get trips to the line. He needs to shoot at a better clip. It's something he should be able to fix in his game.

bebopdeluxe reply to GoSixers on Mar 1 at 23:51

Do you think that saying that, IMO, Iguodala simply is not a "closer" qualifies as "bashing"?

I love his game...and love how he has bought into what Collins is selling. I just don't think he is the guy who can be counted on to score the ball in the guts of the game. It doesn't mean that I don't want him on my team. I just want the ball in somebody else's hands when the game is on the line.

Tom Moore on Mar 1 at 22:47

Video: Brand after the Sixers dropped a 101-93 home decision to the Mavericks:



Is there someone you can talk to about the reasons why Kapono wasn't bought out? Money issue (wouldn't give enough away) or competition issue (going to a possible first round opponent) or just didn't consider it? Does this mean Kapono has a chance to be back in the rotation?

Turner probably should have gotten more burn in the 2nd Half. He had a couple of turnovers tonight when Barea flopped in the first half, but he looked aggressive.

See I think Turner has a nice touch, that's how he makes as many shots as he does with no arc. Herb Magee is the best in the business so I can't wait for the offseason in the aspect.

My big think with Iguodala's free throws is that there is wayyyyyy too much arc. Look at almost all of the great free throw shooters (maybe outside of Dirk, who is taller), and they don't shoot the ball with that much arc. That makes the motion much more repeatable. I've heard Steve Kerr say the same thing. The more arc on the ball, the more variables there are.

eddies' heady's on Mar 1 at 23:22

Y'all some funny motherfuckers. Getting all uptight just because another diehard Sixer fan has a differing not-so-rosy opinion on a player(s) on OUR favorite team. You'd think grown ass men could have involved civil discourse on the game we all so love without all the immature ego-driven infighting. You'd also think that there would be more love spread amongst the fans of the same team. Reading here sometimes, you'd think that it was Celtics or Knicks fans going at Sixers fans or something. How one can be annoyed or antagonized by another fan of the SAME team posting on the interwebs will always be beyond me. We all see things about the game differently (and life in general too) and that's what makes it such a beautiful thing.

We ultimately want the same thing and that's for the Sixers to return to championship glory, so it's puzzling why there's so much attachment to individual players and so much hatred being spewed towards each other over a differing or contrarian belief or outlook on said players when we all LOVE the SAME team.

"How one can be annoyed or antagonized by another fan of the SAME team posting on the interwebs will always be beyond me."

because 20% of your posts are about ET, and they all the same. Basically, 20% of your posts are reposts.

eddies' heady's reply to Jason on Mar 1 at 23:44

So you prove my point. You only focus on the 20% and are affected by it but not the other 80%.

He's the newest highest expectation player so, arguably, he should get more than the 20% that I give him. But his weak game won't allow more, sorry. :)

an 80/20 split is probably the highest on this board.

Also your posts on ET are more like "zingers" than actually information/opinion based. If you want to debate ET feel free to debate why you think he's going to be a bust. All you do is repeat "ET's a bust."

eddies' heady's reply to Jason on Mar 2 at 0:02

lol, actually i've never ever said "he's a bust". and if you go back and read my posts pertaining to him I've done nothing but provide "opinion" on him. Not so favorable, but still opinion nonetheless.

And so what if that is the highest split here? There's no stipulation on what percentage of direction posts should take on a blog. You could argue that some posters have a 70/30 split in critical tones about Lou, but who's complaining about that? Or 60/40 in bashing of Hawes, no outcry there either?

There was much more being said in the original comment anyway, you just decided to focus on this (as usual with the controversial childlike ET debate).

eddies' heady's reply to eddies' heady's on Mar 2 at 0:06

I've said he's ordinary, he's garbage on some nights (which he was), and he has a weak game, but never a bust. Like I said initially, it's funny as hell that grown guys get worked up over another fan's feelings/opinions or the frequency with which they're expressed that differ from theirs on a particular player. That really is hilarious if you sit and think about it.

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