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Too Much JET, Not Enough O

Collins had a couple brain farts tonight. Not putting Iggy on Terry was obvious brain fart #1. The other big one was when he had a lineup of Holiday, Meeks, LouWill, Iggy, and Brand against a Dallas lineup that included two 7-footers, Dirk and Chandler. What on earth was he thinking?

eddies' heady's on Mar 2 at 0:25

Touching on the point about when Evan had the two consecutive turnovers and Meeks came back in for him. I could be mistaken but Jodie was back on Terry for only one possession (where Terry hit a top of key jumper) and then Andre was back on him the next possession. He wasn't on him more than that at that point was he?

I'm pretty sure it was more than just that one possession, but I could be wrong. That one was glaring because it was like flipping a switch. Iguodala shuts him down, completely, then all of a sudden he gets a good look and scores when Meeks is on him. Even if it was just that one possession, that's one too many when you're in a nail-biter like that. Still have no idea why he didn't put Iguodala on him at all in the first half.

Oh and I'm wondering if anyone has Lou's stats on end-of-quarter possessions. I wish someone in the press would compile it and then mention it to Doug. Maybe I'm blinded by my intense dislike of the Lou iso, but I feel like it's gotta be 2 for 30 or something. I've never seen someone fail so badly, and continue to get the call. Lately he's gotten worse at it, frequently tossing up airballs or not even getting the shot off at the end of a quarter.

by the way, take a look at the advanced stats. The Mavs absolutely shot the lights out in this game. 0.571 eFG is insane. But overall, the Sixers played a damned good defensive game, holding Dallas 4 points below their season average in OFR. They did it by forcing a bunch of turnovers, taking care of the defensive glass (85.3%) and not fouling (or, to be more accurate, they defended free throws very well, Dallas shot 13/24 from the line).

speeke reply to Brian on Mar 2 at 12:36

AKA fouled Brendan Haywood a lot

Mavericks have too much in reserve for the Sixers:


Well after scanning the box scores it appears Amare had exactly zero defensive rebounds in 38 minutes against orlando. I needed something to make myself feel better after a tough sixers loss, and that did the trick nicely.

Much better stats from that game:

Billups: 30 points on 12 shots
Stoudemire: 30 points on 17 shots
Melo: 25 points on 24 shots

Melo + Amare = 1 defensive board, 3 assists in 76 minutes.

Tray reply to Brian on Mar 2 at 1:59

Billups did take 20 free-throws. He was 4-12 and missed everything inside the arc. For a second there you had me thinking that if he'd only taken 24 shots he'd have 60. But no way. At the rate he was hitting shots, he'd have between 38 and 42. What you really have is

Billups: 30 on 23 possessions
Stoudemire: 30 on 26 possessions
Anthony: 25 on 29 possessions

Still the same order of efficiency but way less dramatic. And say you give Billups 6 Melo possessions, so he's at 29 and Melo's at 23. Billups was scoring 1.3 points per, so that's 7.8 more points, but you lose Melo's .86 per, so that's 5.16 points - the difference is only, rounding up the decimals, three points. So it's not like the distribution was massively suboptimal, or decided the game.

Their least efficient scorer used the most possessions, if that's not sub-optimal I don't know what is. I guess when you're president of the DeMarcus Cousins fan club, you're forced to live in the bizarro world.

And scoring 0.443 more ppp is kind of a big deal. It's really cute how you reduce it to 6 possessions to make it seem like it's meaningless.

"Keep your wits about you, please. The Sixers lost a game to the hottest team in the league"

Whoa there. Several posts ago, before we beat the Cavaliers, you wrote that we, the Sixers were "officially the hottest team in the league." Since you wrote that, both teams won a game. They beat Toronto, we beat Cleveland. Both lousy opponents. So how have we become less hot? Perhaps because we were never the hottest team in the league in the first place, or are you overselling the Mavs, merely the second hottest team in the league, to make us look better? Orrr, could you be committing the fallacy of reasoning from Dallas's beating us to their retroactively being the hottest team? Because that doesn't work; maybe they're the hottest team now, but they weren't at opening buzzer. Unless they really were and we weren't. Which is my opinion, since the Sixers, by definition, can never be the best at anything. (Also because Dallas came in here with a 6-game win streak and we came in with just 4, against HOU, WSH, CLE, and DET.)

Or you could take off your douche goggles for two seconds and pay attention to the statement. The Sixers lost to the hottest team in the league. If it was up for debate prior to the game, it certainly was not after the game. Dallas is clearly the hottest team in the league right now, ergo, the Sixers just lost to the hottest team in the league.

tk76 reply to Brian on Mar 2 at 2:28

The Mavs are who we thought they are :)


tk76 reply to tk76 on Mar 2 at 2:29

...and we let them off the hook.

Crown their ass.

Rich reply to Tray on Mar 2 at 2:40

What was the point of this post?

Hey Brian,

The Clippers may look to upgrade their SF position by trade in the off-season. What do you think of this Clippers/Sixers off-season trade proposal?

Sixers receive:

Chris Kaman's expiring contract
Willie Warren
Timberwolves 2012 unprotected first round pick
Two 2011 second round picks (Clippers have the rockets and pistons second round picks but not their own)

Clippers Receive:

Sixers 2011 first round pick ( the only way the Clippers can trade the T-Wolves pick is if they receive a 1st round pick back) On the plus side is that the Sixers 2011 pick is a late pick and this is a crappy draft. The 2012 draft on the other hand will be incredible and the t-wolves stink...

No way to answer. Need to see how the Sixers finish this season, what the new CBA looks like and what happens with Thad.

Kaman's only value is as an expiring contract, so basically you'd be trading Iguodala and your #1 pick away for two second rounders, a future first that's probably a lottery pick, and getting out of two years of Iguodala's contract. Was Warren a first-round pick? If he was, I don't want him as a throw in, guaranteed contract.

If you make that deal, you're basically saying you aren't going to make any attempt to improve the team for next season, in fact, you're going to downgrade it. If you're fine w/ that, sure, go ahead. You may as well trade Brand for nothing while you're at it.

Jakey reply to Brian on Mar 2 at 3:15

Brian is right that in that there are still too many things that need to take place before we can really consider this trade.

Still I really like what the deal does for the Sixers long term. Long term salary relief and a high draft pick in what looks to be a rich draft is nothing to sneeze at. This is definitely a leave it on the table and get back to it later type of deal. I think Chris Kaman would be a center upgrade for the short term, and he could be flipped at the trade deadline to a contender for additional assets. I for one would rather have Chris Kaman for a year than Spencer Hawes for four or five.

If we flame out in the playoffs and this team's celling looks to be nothing more than a first round exit team, I would consider this deal.

Quality writeup as always Brian...but I don't get why the Sixers keep that game close all night and lose by eight points, after two threes by Kidd and that fadeaway by Dirk...two FUTURE HALL OF FAMERS, and people are going into circular firing squad mode here?

This team is looking more and more like the '01-02 Phils every day, with Jrue and Turner as JRoll and Burrell, Collins as Larry Bowa, and Spencer Hawes as Travis Lee...

bebopdeluxe reply to das411 on Mar 2 at 7:55

I don't think that's fair to Collins...given some of the disasterous losses they had earlier in the year, Bowa would have been tossed from a couple of games and had at least one media meltdown by now...

I like the Hawes-as-Lee comparison, though.

deepsixersuede on Mar 2 at 7:58

Brian, I think Collins may have been worried that Stojakovic [shooting over] or Marion [offensive rebounding over] would of dominated whoever guarded them if he switched Iggy to Terry, especially with Meeks hot and needed on the floor.

Dallas was a poor matchup for the Sixers. Long frontcourt and Offensive/experienced backcourt against our poor defensive backcourt. Yet, that being said we were poor foul shooting away from this being a last posession game. Iggy showed his defensive dominance in that 4th qtr stretch while ET earned the boos when leaving the court. This was a great teaching point game. Let's hope the coaching staff and players learn from this.

eddies' heady's reply to sfw on Mar 2 at 9:13

Wait, they didn't boo ET did they? I thought they only booed when Iguodala missed the second of his two free throws.

Both situations. ET then AI for the missed foul shots. Also, Jrue was being vehemently questioned in my section for passing up that 3 pt. shot late in the game.

Story: Red-hot Mavs are too much for the Sixers:


I understand that Andre Iguodala is the sixers best defender, but putting his height on Dirks height defensively is just silly. I know he has a nice wingspan but he isn't getting in front of Dirk's fadeaway any time soon.

I don't often advocate these things, but putting Songaila, Battie, Nocioni in the game to give a 'hard foul' to Terry (or three) might not have been the worst idea in the world.

Bummer they lost, but not that unsurprising. The Mavs have an argument for the best team in the league (so far) this year when healthy.

That's two games in a row where Jrue and Meeks 'woke up' in the 3rd quarter.

This whole flat in the beginning thing has gotta stop and I'm curios as to who is repsonsible for this consistent issue.

eddies' heady's reply to GoSixers on Mar 2 at 10:01

They weren't flat in the beginning. They were toe-to-toe the whole first half except for the last 5 min when Terry couldn't miss anything he put up.

The players are responsible for the supposed consistent issue of coming out slow because they have to execute and put forth the effort. It's all on them, if it is even an issue at all. I'm sure Jrue's legs aren't there some days and Jodie's too. They are playing more minutes and games than they ever have. You can add Spencer to that too with his injury history and surgeries, and EB isn't a spry chicken anymore either. Andre probably doesn't have a 100% healed achilles. They're in game 60 and the wear and tear is obviously going to show at this point.

I just laughed when Iggie missed those FT's. It amazes me that these guys get paid tens of millions per year and yet they don't work of fundamentlas like the free throw.

This was the first game I was actually interested in watching for quite some time and they predictably looked like a middle of the road team in over their head. My take on it was Dallas was playing cruise control the whole game and toyed with the 6ers. They turned it up when they had to, just another road game against an average team....

The 6ers challenge now is to somehow sell to the public that this team has a true upside and future, because I just don't see it.

Holiday looks to me like a real keeper and I love his size and maturity for a young kid. He is the only keeper in my opinion, though. Who else is there to feel that good about, though?

I haven't given up on Turner but I don't see him being a top 10 player ever. I can see him as a great complimentary player to go along with Holiday but they need a superstar at the 2 or 3 to round that out and he doesn't look to be showing up any time soon.

Thad is fun to watch and I love his potential, but an undersized 4 with great offense and no defense is what, Antwan Jamison? You can love AI and Barkley all you want but seriously, who was the last championship team that had an undersized star as their main guy?

Williams is a poor man's Vinnie Johnson, at least offensively, but he is another no defense guy and does not play a physical game at all. Just another guy if you ask me

Iggy is Iggy, a very good player/athlete who can't shoot well enough to be great. I keep trying to think of a team where he would be a difference maker and put them over the top and I can't come up with one.

Brand is solid and slowing down, I realize his contract is crazy but I was hoping/thinking some team on the cusp would think he could be the difference maker for them. He's a be a great rotation 4, like the two Antonios who played for Indy back in the day, but his physical game days are long gone, too.

Where do they go from here other than mediocrity? I see no future in this team!

I don't think anyone ever thought Turner was going to be a top 10 player. I don't think Jrue is going to be a top 10 player.

wof reply to GoSixers on Mar 2 at 13:08

I don't mean to come off as a hater, I really want to like this team. I so miss the Sixers of the late 70's and 80's that I grew up loving - back when it was the 76ers, Celtics, Lakers and everybody else....

I just don't see how they are going to get this team beyond mediocre. You could add Moses to this team and I still don't think they would be top 5. They need both a stud big AND a perimeter threat....

How will they add the kind of talent they need when they are cap strapped and they will once again pick in the middle of a weak draft?

Maybe the new collective bargaining agreement will be more trade friendly because the current situation is terrible.

One more question: when will Snyder and Company care as much about the 6ers as they do the Flyers? Hockey just doesn't do it for me...

When fans start showing up and buying team paraphenalia the way they do for the flyers.

Face it, if all teams have a 'shot' at a title (currently 3 probably do) the sixers would still come in fourth in terms of popularity. Philadelphia is a college basketball town, a summer league gown, but honestly, all things being equal, hockey is more popular than the nba

Wow, one loss and the haters are back...

My take of the game was simple. they played fairly well for the majority of the game but simply put are a notch behind the Mavs. And that's nothing to be ashamed of. The Mavs are probably the best team in the NBA so far this season, when Nowitzki is healthy. They have a legit shot at the title. I don't think anybody thinks the Sixers are at that level yet, not even close. The loss means nothing in the grand scheme of things, which is the Sixers are an up and coming young team, with a few holes to fill (most important of which is a legit C on both ends of the floor, especially on D).

Oh yeah, and the Mavericks are one of the most experienced teams in the league. Don't discount that fact. that's the biggest reason why they are good late game.

bebopdeluxe on Mar 2 at 13:22

60 down, 22 to go...

Just for grins, I looked at the schedule...and of the 22 remaining games, I only see 7 games that they will be a reasonably clear underdog in:

vs OKC
vs BOS
vs ATL (close)
vs ORL

and here are the 15 others that they would either be the favorite or are close matchups:

vs MIN
vs GSW

last major road trip (5 games)


vs SAC
vs HOU
vs NJN
vs NYK
vs TOR
vs DET

Pretty favorable schedule - huh?

I am being conservative on the tough-7 (2-5) and more optimistic on the easy-15 (12-3...with all three losses coming on that road trip). Could I have one more win out of the 7? Sure...and I could have one more loss out of the 15...

Gets me to a 44-38 record...with the winner of the NYK game in Philly getting the 6 seed.


tk76 reply to bebopdeluxe on Mar 2 at 13:47

BTW, Hollinger has the Sixers projected to be 43-39. Certainly possible, since he overestimates based on recent success, but also does not take into account how trades have effected teams going forward.

I'd say anywhere from 42-44 wins is likely, unless they regress. And they probably fall just short of NY. But IMO there is not much drop-off from seeds 1-3.

Playing the sixers is dangerous

Rudy Gay - Out
Jamison - Out
Chandler out the next 2 games

johnrosz on Mar 2 at 14:41

I think last night showed us how important Good Lou is for the success of this team right now. If he had been able to give them quality minutes off the bench, they probably would have won.

so apparently after Friday night's game (tickets still available!) there is a meet and greet with ETurner for anybody who brings in a new hardcover children's book to donate to something called Philadelphia Reads - anyone else up for crashing it and trying to ask him Qs? TMoore, will you be covering that for your snazzy new website?

In the ESPN awards watch Iguodala was not listed as a top 5 candidate for DPOY. But Collins was #3 on COY.

Chris Paul #5 - he gets a lot of steals

Thaddeus Young was #3 on 6th man of the year as well

Basically you can't win DPOY if you're not on a contending team or a former MVP?

Tom Moore on Mar 2 at 17:59

Pair of empty possessions costly to Sixers:


In playoff watching news Chauncey Billups is going to miss tonight's Knicks game in New Orleans and the next game as well he got a deep thigh bruise last night

Knicks are up a dozen on the Hornets. NO is really a terrible team, their record amazes me.

Rose was 5-21 tonight, scoring 12 points on 21 shots. 6 turnovers. Over the previous 4 games, he had shot 31-82 - that's 38%. Over the last 5, he's scored 108 on 103 shots and 34 free-throws.

And in a real box score oddity, Johnny Flynn and Anthony Randolph are leading the Timberwolves to a win over the Pistons. Flynn with 14 assists in 24, Randolph with 19 and 10, currently leading them in scoring. In Golden State, Udoh had his first start... and had 6 and 2, on 10 possessions, 30 minutes. 3 blocks though, which is all he can do. Jeff Green, tonight, had 6 points and a rebound. That follows previous games as a Celtic with 5 and 2 and 7 and 1. Totals of 4 boards and 18 points (6 and 1 average) on 17 shots and 5 free-throws so far as a Celtic. His athleticism was just what they needed.

Green never really struck me as particularly athletic.

tk76 reply to Tray on Mar 2 at 22:40

Living in the Chicago area- all you here is how Rose is the MVP- which I would not be surprised if he wins.

Cousins has been great in this Kings game tonight.

Boy, do I miss Sammy though. He's forced Aldridge into a terrible, terrible game.

Tray reply to Rich on Mar 3 at 0:35

Yep, 28, 11, 3 assists, 1 turnover, 5 fouls. 17 shots. Maybe his best game this season. Westphal left him on the bench too long with his fifth foul; the game was lost in that stretch. Sam also had two costly turnovers in the last couple minutes. But his defense was terrific.

Rich reply to Tray on Mar 3 at 1:37

Yeah he still can't catch the ball at all. The Kings have to realize at some point that the only tough catches he makes are above the rim.

Sam always abuses Aldridge. I think how he always played against the Sixers is at least partially responsible for how I feel about him as a player. Good game for Cousins.

David Thorpe Excerpt from an Insider Story on everyone's favorite rookie

The next time you watch DeMarcus Cousins play, try analyzing him using just one word at a time. It's an exercise I do when evaluating players. Here's what I came up with when I watched him in person on Feb. 23 against Orlando: gigantic, lazy, gifted, infantile, physical, unafraid, vision, anticipation, lost, clueless, different, agile. My guess is you would come up with similar words after observing him.

Unlike many big men who enter the league, Cousins is already loaded with an NBA body and game. His talent jumps off the tape, stat sheets and court. Unfortunately, so do his flaws, especially the problem "between the ears." Every player I've spoken to this season told me Cousins has the worst body language and facial expressions of any NBA player they've ever seen. And I was able to see many of the same things when I watched him up close.

So the question is: Can he fix his faults so he can become a real star in this league, or will he be held back by his immaturity?

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