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Headed to the SSAC

Have fun. Debated heading up there, but had other obligations come up this weekend. One of these years I'm going to that thing. There aren't many events left on my basketball bucket list, but that's up there.

And no, I wouldn't give Thad that deal.

1. Possible, at all, that they see a situation in which someone gets hurt and you might be able to use them? At this point, you're not saving *that* much money.

2. That would have to be the very most, if that, that I'd pay Thad. Kendrick Perkins is a starter. I don't see any situation in which Young is a starter. Not a good one. Maybe if you have Dwight Howard and defense and rebounding becomes less important out of the PF slot.

You absolutely and totally complete suck. I was just thinking about next year this morning, it's poorly timed right around the biggest natural food trade show of the year, but next year.

I'll pay any sort of shipping if the presentations have like handouts of the papers. I'm still trying to find a couple of the blocked shot presentation from last year. I even emailed the author and he didn't reply.

PS - On Jrue's up and down

I think he's 20 - and 20 year olds are up and down :)

I think your right that Collins tells Holiday to be more passive in the first half, to protect him from early foul trouble. Like GoSixers said, he is 20 years old, so i think he will find a good balance. He has all the right athletic abilities and defensive instincts to be a great defensive player, he just needs more time.

Brian, have fun up at the conference!

Have fun Brian!!! And remember we are eager to hear what's hot in the scientific world of the NBA.

Anyway, about the Thad contract, that's probably the highest i would go, but i think i'd give it to him. Thad can be a legit top 3 player on a contender in a few years.

What I would do to be in your shoes. Bill Simmons, eh. Darryl Morey!!!

Can we go to McDonald's?

I got to go to the bathroom.

Your car best have a dvd player....I can't edit this once I hit submit....just noticed that.

Seems like all of the buyouts were players who can actually play (Corey Brewer, Al Thornton, Mike Bibby etc.). They all got picked up by other teams. Thus, those players had incentives to take less money in the buyout since they'll sign a new contract somewhere else.

I don't think Kapono or Songaila could even find work in Europe, let alone on another NBA team.

Have a good trip, looking forward to the follow-up post.

As much as I enjoy each season I follow, I still like to look at the future. With that in mind whitch players should I be watching in the college game as a possible Sixers draft pick?

deepsixersuede reply to JasonM on Mar 4 at 7:46

i would recommend watching Texas [J. Hamilton and T. Thompson] and Kansas [Morris twins] as possibilities and a guy I like [C.Singleton, Flor. St.] broke his foot and is out for the year. Hopefully we get a top 8 rotation guy in this draft at least.

Brian, will be interested to know what speaker peaked your interest the most and who you thought it would be going in.

eddies' heady's reply to deepsixersuede on Mar 4 at 9:54

eh, I like Singleton too but he would seem to be just another tweener player who doesn't shoot all that well. We have had our fair share of them lately. His defense would be welcomed but I'd rather take a chance on a guy who is going to bring more of an offensive-rounded game. Don't think Jordan Hamilton will make it to us but if he did then what a steal he could be. I really like Derrick Williams from Arizona whose stock is probably through the roof right now and we would never get. And Nolan Smith from Duke should be available around where we pick. Nolan will be downgraded b/c of height to play the 2 at the next level but I think his quickness and outside shot-making can overcome that. I really, really like this kid. If we went big I'd take a shot at Jajuan Johnson from Purdue, who needs to add weight, or a kid who's coming into his own, Jordan Williams from Maryland. If he could continue to slim down he could be a decent back to the basket player with a little face-up game. Think you've mentioned the kid from Georgia but haven't seen him play since last Nov. Don't know enough about the foreign bigs that may come out.

Tom Moore on Mar 3 at 22:16

Blog with Iguodala video: Sixers hoping to tame the Wolves


I'm of the opinion that the 2011 draft sucks and would readily move the pick in any deal that would improve the team. If they end up making the pick, they should maximize the value of that selection regardless of position.

Looking at the projected mock drafts, there does not appear to be any value in post players from 15-40. There do appear to be a number of guys who could conceivably step into the role that Thad is playing right now (Singleton, Hamilton, Leonard, Harris, Thompson, Thompkins, Singler, Faried, etc).

This being the case, I'd be reluctant to sign Thad to a Perkins-level deal and would instead look to S&T him for a better fitting piece and try to replace him through the draft.

deepsixersuede reply to CM on Mar 4 at 18:36

I totally agree with you and would sign n trade Thad for a big [Beidrens?] that needs a shot of Collin's positive vibe and replace Thad with the best choice in the draft.

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