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10-0 Run To Close It

eddies' heady's on Mar 5 at 1:13

What a game and come-through for Iguodala and Brand, huh? We needed every bit of it too.

The Cavs being rooted for twice in around a week. Who woulda' thunk it? I'll take that too.

Think Sun. is going to be a tough game. We owe them, they pounded us when Iguodala was out. We can't slip up and let that one get away from us. Don't like to term games this, but it is a must win.

Yeah...its like Iguodala and Brand took notes (I bet the whole team watched film) on that Mavericks game. We gave up a 9-2 in 1:40 to lose that....

What was it about 2:24 to end the game on that 10-0 run. People were worried watching them earlier in the fourth they were in that zone where the mavs were always keeping the 76ers down 3 or so points and then when it came winning time..they won..

Brand and Iguodala combined for 6 points, 2 assists and I think 3 or 4 rebounds during that time...the last 4 points were Meeks from the FT line.

Friend of mine called my from the airport heading to Boston for a conference...different one though.

Marcus on Mar 5 at 9:20

People think I am insane when I say I rather have Iguodala over Carmelo all he does is score no defense and he jacks up shots. Iguodala gives me a lock down defender rebounds assists. Golden State is the next victim lets go sixers.

Two games right after each other demonstrative of how far the sixers have come and how far they have to go. Put away the crappy team close in the 4th lose to the league elite team in close in the 4th.

That game shouldn't have been that close, there was a lot of bad defense being played (who had Pekovic in the third by the way?) but they won it and the Knicks lost, so there's that.

Translated from Spanish


Andres - if you can't even find time on the sixers - where will you?

Andres Nocioni: The fact that I'm staying (with the Sixers) this year doesn't mean the same thing happens the next one. If my situation doesn't change, I may ask to be traded. I want to be an active member of a team. This is difficult for everybody and more so for somebody with my personality

This is what was translated through

Iguodala got mentioned again by ESPN in their Weekend Dime as one of the top defenders in the league, in the conversation for "defensive player of the second trimester." Slowly, he's starting to get national recognition for his stellar defense this year.

A couple plays from last night that flew under the radar but were instrumental in the win:
* Midway through the 4th, the Wolves had scored on 4 straight possessions, cutting the lead to 2, then went to an isolation with Beasley on Iguodala. Iguodala played tough defense and forced a bad shot. Right now, Iguodala is the only Sixer capable of getting a stop on isolation defense like that (and there really aren't too many players around the league who can do that).
* Later in the 4th, Jrue made a great find of Thad for a lay-up. When the pressure is ratcheted up, it's great to get easy baskets.
* Late in the 4th, on two consecutive plays, Iguodala penetrated and kicked to Brand for open jumpers that Brand made. This is probably the Sixers' go-to play, and I expect to see it more going forward. There's no one on the team I trust more in the clutch than Brand with an open mid-range jumper, but he needs help to get that shot.

Collins wins coach of the second tri-mester in that same article

johnrosz reply to Statman on Mar 5 at 14:58

I thought Evan hit some big shots in the 4th when they were trying to hold off a Minny run. I thought that Thad layup from Jrue was huge too, it was right after Ridenour hit that miracle runner on the other end and probably got fouled.

Rich reply to johnrosz on Mar 5 at 17:36

Turner looked like he was putting more arc on the ball last night. Good to see.

Tom Moore on Mar 5 at 18:31

Sixers can reach new heights with win over Warriors:


Cousins with an inefficient 18, 18 and 7, 3 blocks. Favors, in the same game, played 13 minutes and had 5 fouls, had his shot blocked 3 times and had 4 and 4 on 7 shots. Ed Davis had 12 and 15 today, in 31 minutes. Wall finished two assists short of a non-pathetic triple double.

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