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Sixers Around the Web - Mar. 6th

Great work. I'm pretty sure a couple of the chat questions are from commmenters here, let us know if it's you guys.

One thing:

Josh in Atl: Kaman for iggy? who says no and what does it do for clippers?
Stephen Litel: The Clippers say no, and it makes them worse.

Is he saying the deal would make them worse? Or is he saying not doing the deal would make them worse? If it's the former, this guy is a complete idiot.

Rich reply to Brian on Mar 6 at 3:45

Literally thought the same exact thing.

If I'm reading that correctly, he's a moron. Who in the world would argue that Kaman is better than Iguodala?

The Kapono buyout question had to be gosixers (jemagee) - he's a chat nerd and has been whining about that since the dealine passed.

eddies' heady's on Mar 6 at 10:32

I bet you were wishing Lou was sitting beside you when Sandy Weil touched on the point about catch-and-shoot attempts being way more efficient than dribbling or head-faking for 2.25 seconds as the last thing you'd do before getting up a shot :)

Could this be the beginning of the slow death of isolations?

Britt Robson pointing to Speights and Thad as 2 of the 3 players responsible for the Sixers defensive improvement...

Surprisingly this actually stands up looking at 82 games stats. Hawes might have something to do with that. Those two almost never play with Hawes, and the team gives up 4.3pts/100 possessions more when Hawes is on the floor.

In half court the team is worse defesnively with Speights/Young... but half court is only part of the story. When Hawes is on the floor teams run more against the Sixers- getting easy buckets. While when Young is on the floor, the reverse is the case.

tk76 reply to tk76 on Mar 6 at 11:16

Along the same lines- the defense is statistically about even when Brand is on the floor. Probably for the same trade off. Better 1/2 court defense and rebounding, but more run outs allowed.

tk76 reply to tk76 on Mar 6 at 12:25

BTW- I do believe that Speights and Young are lousy defenders.

There's something to be said for the maxim, "The best defense is a good offense," which is why I think players like Durant, LeBron, Wade, and even Nash have better defensive stats than their natural defensive talent would suggest -- opponents probably get tired defending them. I think something like that happens when Thad is on the floor (and probably Good Lou too).

By the way, 82games is finally updated after six weeks. Iguodala's opponent production (PER) is down to 9.2, which on my initial perusal is the lowest in the league for any starter -- though Dwight Howard's opponent PER of 10.6 is perhaps more impressive because he defends centers.

tk76 reply to Statman on Mar 6 at 14:05

And Howard's presence has a greater impact when looking at the other opponents he is not directly guarding.

In a vacuum, yes. But they have improved tremendously this year, as has Williams.

Williams is our designated tiny quick guard stopper. Thad is recovering from picks much better and no longer leaving men open in the corners. Speights has been taking charges this year like he enjoys it.

None will ever be on an all-defensive team, but they are no longer terrible and approaching average. Coaching and teamwork has done this. I'll notice Iguodala yelling on the floor telling teammates where their men are. You need a quarterback on D, and Andre is filling that role. He is making his teammates better on defense.

Four national games today starting now

Where's Chad Ford talking every week about how dumb the Sixers were for taking Evan Turner over Derrick Favors? I always looked forward to laughing at that in the "Sixers around the web" segment, now it's gone. Such a shame.

Sorry, I can only post what is said :)

Many chats this week focused on post trade deadline / buyout waiver signings.

Haha yeah I know. I'm just ripping Ford. He suddenly vanished from the "Favors vs. Turner" discussion, amusing.

That lay-up by Rose between Lebron and Wade was a signature play. Not sure how many guys physically could make that play.

Joe reply to tk76 on Mar 6 at 15:23

Heat, Bulls is a good one.

Rose was a hero for a couple minutes and has been a goat since. We will see how he finishes.

Lebron James - end of game looks usually equals fail

Fascinating 1-for-14 stat (now 1-for-15) from ABC for the Heat on last second shots to tie or win. Time to try someone other than LeBron. Bulls played great D on him, but that shot just looked bad. I think ultimately LeBron would be the preferred final shot guy, but it's obviously not working right now, so give it to Wade and see what he can do.

The last heat / bulls game they were running Rose iso but then wade leaves deng (he does that a lot) and instead of forcing a shot (ala Lou) rose gives it to the open Deng who nails a corner three.

Lebron is a very good passer and should be more willing to give it up in that situation if there is an open mna - he just seems to forget in the last 10 seconds, and Rose doesn't seem to.

Yeah that's a good point. LeBron has point-guard instincts, he definitely could've given it up there (Bosh was down low).

Joe reply to stoned81 on Mar 6 at 15:40

Wade also had a shot to win it...

Bosh seems to be a problem there more than anything else to me. He just looks like a loser when he plays to me. To get a rebound in the clutch... it always seems to be Lebron or Wade getting it and you see Bosh standing straight under the basket as the opposing PF pushed him there.

Yeah but that was a fadeaway after he tightroped the baseline, not exactly a high-percentage shot. Give it to Wade to drive, or dish it to Wade. Just try anything else, the LeBron iso is a massive fail right now.

Lakers making a statement (in the first quarter) against the spurs, seems to be something like 'Hello, we're the champs, remember?'

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