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Game 62 Thread: PHI vs. GSW

eddies' heady's on Mar 6 at 16:35

Will Dorell Wright look like Steve Kerr with Andre playing in this one?

Expecting this to be one of those helter-skelter up and down games which we seem to play pretty well in but only if the opposing defense is bad ala Phoenix. A must to close out on shooters tonight and keep them inside the 'fence'.

Yes I agree, why not just put Iguodala on Ellis right away. He is going to take shots no matter what, so make him take a couple of tough jumpers and before you know it, he's shooting his team right out of the game. Putting Meeks on him is an invitation to the lane and the foul line. Once he's out of sorts then you switch it up and put Turner on him.

Tom Moore on Mar 6 at 17:25

Video: Collins pregame on facing the Warriors, Speights and the recent slow starts:


Sixers need to continue to 'beat the teams they're supposed to beat'.

They had a great February but they also had their second weakest SOS month so far this season (after November)

The Minnesota game was uncomfortable close for a team coming off one of their best overall months in a few years (for you point differential fans February the sixers had an 8.2 point differential to the good obviously)

Alright, I've got the Sixers feed on league pass. About to tip it off, starters are as I listed above.

Can't let Wright kill us like last game. That game had some Jordan-esque three-point defense.

Hawes sporting a new beard, I think. Lee taking the tip over Udoh for GSW.

Hawes wins the tip.

Bullet pass from Jrue there. Nice.

Work the inside on these guys - one of the softest inside teams in the league

Meeks on Ellis to start.

Jrue w/ 2 points and 2 assists for the first six points.

That better not be a turnover on Jrue.

Don't worry - he seems more than happy to give the ball directly to the warriors as opposed to letting it bounce off of hawes

Hawes is no good against the team - he should be out.

Unfortunately after that turnover, I see Lou coming in - who can't defend either of the warriors back court.

Weak start, some things are consistent

The Meeks TO was a 4 point swing.

eddies' heady's on Mar 6 at 18:16

Bad pass from Jrue.

Another slow start. Jrue thought Brand was going to roll, he stayed put instead on that last one. Ugh.

Really soft defense. This team will take advantage of easy points if you give it to them.

Jrue needs to be thinking scoring on these guys.

No sub in the timeout. A contested Meeks three that rims out. Go to the hoop, please.

Another contested Meeks three.

Good look from Jrue, Hawes actually caught and finished & 1.

Wow, nice spin and finish by Jrue. OK, looking better.

eddies' heady's on Mar 6 at 18:22

That was not a charge on Meeks.

F me. Meeks needs to be wide open to hit a jumper or a layup.

3 turnovers in transition. Ugh.

That charge was Iguodala's fault. What the heck was Hawes gonna do there?

Agreed. Iguodala in the post the next time down was perfect. They don't have a wing who can stop that.

Another turnover on the moving screen.

Collins: "Is everything an offensive foul?"

I didn't see what Brand did.

eddies' heady's reply to Rich on Mar 6 at 18:25

Neither did I, it didn't even look like he set a screen after he gave it back to Jrue after the first screen.

Rodney Buford on Mar 6 at 18:24

Sloppy....but nice dunk by Jrue after the whistle :)

Atta boy, Jrue.

Aaaannnd Lou misses another layup.

Another fucking turnover. 3 on 1 break and they get nothing. Fucking motherfucker.

Keep attacking, Jrue.

Minus the bad TO, Jrue's been great, as he should be against these guys.

Both teams 0-3 thusfar from beyond the arc. Wonder how thing go from the distance from here on out...

11 for Jrue.

Vlad Guerrero is a bad ball hitter. Jrue Holiday is a bad ball shooter.

Lou with a dumb foul.

How bad is Epke Udoh? He made Hawes look like Andre Bogut that first quarter.

2 on Curry. Nice.

Come on. So many mistakes this first quarter. Turner fouls a jump shooter on a 20-footer. Wake up.

Turner & Speights w/ a nice two-man game for the layup.

eddies' heady's on Mar 6 at 18:34

Too many turnovers on potential easy points but the Warriors have missed quite a few open jumpers so far, so they even out. So-so first quarter, bench brigade has to extend this lead to start the 2nd quarter.

I would really like to know what's gotten into Mo Speights post all star break - or what coach he's finally listening to

Did you see how pumped he got last game on that blocked shot? That's the most emotion I've ever seen out of him, and it was for something on the defensive end. Good sign that maybe he's catching on to what he needs to do to get minutes.

Must have missed it - but I was noticing early in this game how he's more supportive on the bench (and the camera kept going to him)

PHI 31, GSW 25 after the first.

WAY too many mistakes, still up by six. Clean up the sloppy play and this should be an easy win.

Excellent end of quarter execution by Lou.

Don't say that very often. Got the quick 2 for 1 by himself, then found Speights.

I was very surprised Lou made that pass :)

Billups out again for the Knicks tonight

Good to see questionable offensive fouls go both ways.

eddies' heady's on Mar 6 at 18:39

Better energy from this second unit, as usual.

eddies' heady's on Mar 6 at 18:41

Holy moly, backdoor pass from Marreese to Lou? nice

eddies' heady's on Mar 6 at 18:43

Bad spacing by ET and Thad on that break but Lou still delivers the pass to Thad for the conversion.

Lou's playing really well.

207 dollars for tickets at the staples center right behind the visitors bench - so tempting

Nice. I'm going to be in CHI for their road game against the Bulls later this month, been keeping my eyes open for tix right behind the Sixers bench.

The debt recovery act of my household is the focus - if this game were a saturday or sunday afternoon though - it'd be hella more tempting. Leaving work 3 hours early (and getting home around midnight) just not worth it yet.

Looking forward for there being 3 options to catch games next year - things go the right way I might even be able to swing close laker tickets (boss has to know someone)

I have to keep reminding myself 'this is the warriors, this is the warriors' - and they're on the last legs of a long road trip

Speights really showing a lot of energy on both ends.

How many assists does Speights have?

just 2 - but just picked up his second - dough's gonna pull him - which is msart

I'm hoping Doug gives Speights as much second half time as he has this half - he's been seeming to get less second half time

Amundson guarding Thad in space is just never going to end well.

eddies' heady's on Mar 6 at 18:51

Jrue's really feeling it and in rhythm.

That was just a horribly sloppy turnover by Jrue.

And Doug took a time out to get em to calm down a bit.

eddies' heady's on Mar 6 at 18:53

How did Thornton end up in GS?

He was bought out by the Wizards. Signed somewhere he'd get minutes

I'm glad to see Elton back in the game. I was worried that maybe his finger got aggravated again.

Too many jumpers, Andre.

eddies' heady's on Mar 6 at 18:57

Beauty of a give-and-go from Lou/EB/Lou.

eddies' heady's on Mar 6 at 18:58

Ah, Andre w/ a sweet pass to EB under the hoop for a layup.

It's great they're grabbing all these offensive boards, but come on, please drive the ball towards the basket, these guys are actually softer than Hawes

Called for the tend there, but Thad's really been going after blocks more recently than he did the past two years.

I've been thinking for a while now that Thad is the best shot blocker on this team.

Andre was fouled on that turnover

eddies' heady's on Mar 6 at 19:05

Way too many points given up that quarter. Should have extended the lead more but didn't. Need to go hard the first five minutes of the third as GS's legs have to be weary from the trip.

How was that not a foul?

PHI 64, GSW 56 at the half.

They pushed out to a comfortable lead, then mistakes let GSW right back into it.

Up by 8 at the half is fine, though. Just keep building it from here in the second half, and cut down on the turnovers, damnit. 11 TOV in one half is just terrible.

Lou and Jrue, neck-and-neck for POTG so far, with the edge going to Lou. He's played a great game so far.

Wow the Hawks are bad

eddies' heady's on Mar 6 at 19:13

17 asst on 26 made - keep that up.

How many 3s do the Warriors attempt/make on average.

I know Wright makes about 2.5 a game, Curry about 2, and they have at least 2-3 guys(Ellis, Rad, Reggie) around 1 a game.

I just get a little uneasy sometimes. Maybe it is me just remembering Wright hitting like 8 against us a month ago.

Not a big fan of Iguodala's 2-3 extremely careless turnovers tonight.

eddies' heady's on Mar 6 at 19:23

Jrue beating Ellis to the spot. Nice defense there.

Great D by Jrue on Curry there, after the not-so-great turnover on the other end.

eddies' heady's on Mar 6 at 19:24

Jrue passes up an open 3 and then turnover. ugh

There's a mic awfully close to Collins, huh? "That's three turnovers on the first three possessions!"

Joe reply to Brian on Mar 6 at 19:32

Mr. ball-friendly with quite a pass.

eddies' heady's on Mar 6 at 19:26

Tough pass from Andre to Hawes there. another turnover. shit

eddies' heady's on Mar 6 at 19:27

Need a timeout here.

One-point game. Collins wants the TO and we've got subs coming in.

eddies' heady's on Mar 6 at 19:28

Exactly the opposite of how they needed to start this quarter. They let them hang around and keep being sloppy like this w/ the ball and it's gonna be a not so good ending.

eddies' heady's on Mar 6 at 19:29

Speights running w/ Hawes here. He pulled AI9, EB and Jodie.

Jrue did a great job of keeping Lee off the o-glass when he was stuck on him after that P&R. He gets the hoop on the other end.

eddies' heady's on Mar 6 at 19:32

Good look from Hawes to Jrue there. After an o-board off a bad shot by ET.

woah this Turner kid can kind of rebound!

Love that finish by Turner on the break. Screw the layup, just dunk it on him.

eddies' heady's on Mar 6 at 19:34

Dammit, Turner with a nifty strip but he just doesn't want to attack the defense instead settling for his favorite 20 footer.

Too many jumpers from everyone. How about getting to the rim?

Jesus, Curry just threw in a lefty 17-footer plus the foul.

eddies' heady's on Mar 6 at 19:36

Adversity has set in, lead given up. See how they bounce back. Hope they respond like they did vs MINN.

I will say this, they've done an excellent job of sticking w/ the three-point shooters on the perimeter. And thank God for that, or they'd be losing by 15.

Bad Brand game so far. Need him to get back to his normal self.

Turner's energy and defense has been very good for the most part. His jumper's a little off, but he didn't force that last one.

eddies' heady's on Mar 6 at 19:44

Damn, another turnover by a tough pass from Thad to EB.

These are the worst kind of games, because all of the bad play is on the Sixers. The Warriors aren't really making them play this way.

They're going to sleepwalk their way right into a loss here. 19 turnovers according to CSN.

eddies' heady's on Mar 6 at 19:46

Unfortunately this looks like it's going to be an edge-of-your-seater. Don't need that on a Sun nighter.

Shit, Dre coughs it up on a break.

He gets it back! To the line. Make 'em please.

eddies' heady's on Mar 6 at 19:48

Really awful quarter. Just bad. Jrue has to be way smarter with the ball and his decision making when he gets back in.

PHI 80, GSW 80 after three.

Absolutely terrible third quarter. Sloppiest play I've seen from this team all season.

Jrue sat for a long time there in the third, I'm expecting him to play the entire fourth quarter and really take things over in the half court. He's got an advantage and he was exploiting it early.

Knicks up by 2 on the Hawks at the half.

That's how you break the press.

eddies' heady's on Mar 6 at 19:51

Thank goodness. They press on the inbound and we break it for an EB slam.

eddies' heady's on Mar 6 at 19:53

F me. Dre jumps before he passes. Turnover.

Just give it to Thad on the block against Williams.

Don't fade though Thad.

eddies' heady's on Mar 6 at 19:57

Turner fighting his ass off!

Turner w/ a series of sick energy plays. No pts yet, though.

Turner is playing his ass off.

Damn, ET playing like he actually wants to win this game!

eddies' heady's on Mar 6 at 19:59

Andre was just going too fast there, bailed out by a foul. He just needs to slow down a lil.

Man, if Lou would just move the ball when Vlad doubles hard like that, someone has to be open. Insisting on keeping his dribble and getting pushed 10 feet further out gives them so much time to adjust. Come on.

eddies' heady's on Mar 6 at 20:00

Well, they had to put the icing on. A damn 5 sec call! Bummer.

Damn, Brand. he can't get anything to go if it isn't point-blank.

Can Lou guard anyone in the NBA?

Spencer Flaws on Mar 6 at 20:03

why does collins not gives speights more pt?

eddies' heady's on Mar 6 at 20:04

Come on guys, get your shit together and bring this one home, please.

Collins needs to take Lou out. His D on Law is awful.

eddies' heady's on Mar 6 at 20:05

Good laser pass from Dre to Thad. and one! Come on!

There we go, hit the freebie, Thad.

Iguodala going for a pathetic triple-double.

Collins just yanked Lou for defensive reasons.

10/9/8 for iguodala.

Rich reply to Brian on Mar 6 at 20:08

Horrible shot selection all night from him though.

eddies' heady's on Mar 6 at 20:08

Damn, we're really small here. With Thad at the 5.

Have been for a while.

Come on, win this fucking game.

eddies' heady's on Mar 6 at 20:09

They're just going to attack the rim now won't they? No EB, no Hawes, no Speights.

eddies' heady's on Mar 6 at 20:12

Damn Turner! What a take!

Wow. Huge dunk for Turner.

Come on, get a fucking stop.


Huge 3.

Huge 3

Holy shit Jodie!

One stop. Come the fuck on.

eddies' heady's on Mar 6 at 20:13

Shit, Ellis can't miss now.

Jo-3! That shot was huge. get a stop now!

Did that shot hit the rim?


they heard you

Alright, let's run a play here. No fucking iso bullshit.


eddies' heady's on Mar 6 at 20:16

Big board by Meeks.

COme on, O-board by Thad!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Stops, stop. please

Three huge boards-

Jodie and Jrue defensively.

Thad offensively.

That's why we're up 2.

OK, get a hoop here. Smart timeout by Collins, assuming the Sixers don't cough it up w/ another five-seconds call.

No matter what, we need points here. Can risk letting them win it on a three ball.

Chris Paul left the game on a stretcher tonight

Any update?

Fuck me, I hate Ellis.

Nothing from ESPN yet as the knicks gave up the lead and then took it back in the 3rd

eddies' heady's on Mar 6 at 20:19

Andreeeeeeeeeeeeeee Iguodalaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa! YES


Not a big fan of that play, but he hit it.

Awful, awful shot.

But at least our best player makes them from time to time.


In that spot, I'd almost let them get a layup. That was a tough shot, but just run him off the line.

Ellis is ridiculous in the clutch.

eddies' heady's on Mar 6 at 20:23

We have to foul here. We have one to give, no?

It's funny listening to Zumoff ask Snow a legit question and Snow just can't follow the logic.

LOL. How?

Why the hell was Meeks on Ellis?

eddies' heady's on Mar 6 at 20:24

Man, Thad should have been told to foul.

No effing way. That was a push off.

Guess Iguodala gets the same 16-footer here.

Offensive foul ignored for the 'star' player - he created the space

The last person I want guarding 1 on 1 at the end is Thad Young.

Just let him go by you Thad, for fucks sake.

Ellis shoved him - it was an offensive foul

Rich reply to GoSixers on Mar 6 at 20:28

I don't really care. He's gotta find a way to take away the three at all costs.

He's off balance there, and Ellis gave him a little tap, but Thad went flying.

WHatever you say. the replay showed clearly that Ellis created the space illegally...I'm not sure what you want Thad to do that's within the confines of the rules of an NBA game.

This overtime was created in the 3rd quarter but the starters

PHI 106, GSW 106 after regulation.


Call me crazy, I think we should have given the ball to Turner there at the end.

Lou had 17 points in the first half - where the hell did he go?

Dre needs to give that ball to Thad as soon as he got doubled.

He put his head down and tried to dribble through 10 people.

Well, we haven't had one of these games in like a month.

eddies' heady's on Mar 6 at 20:27

Son of a ......... Just don't get down by multiple buckets here early.

Ellis caught fire like this against Boston too. We need to trap, triple team, or hit him with a bus. Something to slow him down.

Ellis has scored 14 straight for the Warriors.

I am really disappointed that Doug isn't smart enough to know to foul there. Just awful decision making.

I'm really disappointed the officials don't call offensive fouls when they should. Ellis shoved Thad

Put Thad on him cause of his long arms (and best shot blocker on the team) - The refs let ellis get away with 'star' moves - heused the forearm to create the space

Rich reply to GoSixers on Mar 6 at 20:34

Thad is the last guy you want defending Ellis there. He's very shaky guarding guys on the perimeter.

Lou is the last guy (in the rotation) I want defending Ellis on that play, but if the refs called fouls it's irrelevant. It was an offensive foul and it was not called..

Showing that 'quarter by quarter scoring' - it's ridiculous to only score 16 points in a quarter against the freaking warriors

eddies' heady's on Mar 6 at 20:28

Should Doug go big and make them adjust?

SHit, they have BIedrins back in themselves.

Thad wins the tip over Biedrins.

GSW is much bigger than us here.

Pretty pass by Jrue to TY.

They're free, Jrue.

Good start to OT. We can build on this!

Come on Jrue. Make the next one.

bebopdeluxe on Mar 6 at 20:30

Eric Snow is a fucking idiot.

You MUST foul in that situation. Absolutely horrific end of game execution there.

And yet hardly anyone in the NBA does it.

Love that offense

That's sixers fucking ball!

Huge three by Jodie.

Great fucking offense. Awesome cut by Turner.

That ball is off Wright.

Don't fucking let up!

Evan - don't hesitate on that open look - thad helped you out

Thad is a man.

Who misses bunnies.

TS reply to Brian on Mar 6 at 20:35

Really looked like he could've taken it in for the dunk.

Man Evan Turner putting up some awesome garbage time play tonight ain't he?

Thought Curry walked on that...nope.

OBV my power goes out right as overtime starts :(.

That was a good call. Thad was still in the air.

Turner's just gotta put his head down against these guys. His J is off.


Amundson did not put that in - Andre did- hit it out of Lou's hand


eddies' heady's on Mar 6 at 20:38

ET w/ the dagger!

SHit, 3 from CUrry.

ET with the sure dagger this time!!!!!

No confidence yet - over 30 seconds left and Ellis on fire.

Thank you golden state for not playing defense


Wow, tough to keep up w/ the pace here.

Eddies' this game doesn't count for Turner because GSW plays bad defense, right?

It's all garbage time

eddies' heady's reply to Brian on Mar 6 at 20:42

Haha, it counts but doing it against the dregs doesn't hold much weight. These helter-skelter type games he seems to thrive in for some reason.

Turner is playing awesome basketball. Awesome.

It's amazing how well he's scoring from 10 and in because his 20 foot jumper has been off tonight.

Be nice if the hawks would put up a fight

Much batter, Thad.

So who hits the three for GSW here?

God, will these guys just go away?

Hey - someone set a pick for Meeks so he can get open (and put Lou in for the free throws Doug)

Collins is losing it w/ the ref.

I was wondering what the hell Lee (I think it was that putz) was doing after the second made free throw - seemed like he should at least be punched in the face for it.

Alright, nice. Now make 2 and play defense.

One stop will end it.

Zumoff actually answering a question I asked to myself. When was the last sixers' turnover? Answer: "Over 13 minutes ago."

Pathetic triple double


Pathetic triple double for Iguodala!!!!!!!!!!


eddies' heady's on Mar 6 at 20:48

Fracked up game, but we lose this type of game before Christmas. It goes in the column all the same after it's over, just learn from it.

Big, big game from the bench brigade.



ON fridays game

No text alert from ESPN regarding Iguodala's triple double, but I did get one regarding another Kevin Love double double

Anyone watching the comcast feed before E.T's (phone home) interview - the enthusiasm from brand headed to the locker room was nice to see for me

eddies' heady's reply to GoSixers on Mar 6 at 20:52

You referring to when the guy slapped Lou from behind? Thought that was Brackins.

And I thought it was Meeks who got slapped - hey, if it was battie even better - his job right now is to help the young kids and not be bitter about his minutes being taken away.

Turner almost blew the dunk :)

I'm going against my stated policy for POTG. Turner gets it, despite the pathetic triple-double for Iguodala.

I was surprised that ET was athletic enough to even attempt a dunk like that.

If Elton Brand can dunk, Turner can dunk.

Turner with a healthy +25

Unfortunately, the Knicks are spanking the Hawks (unless you have your sights set on the #5 seed).

Joe reply to Brian on Mar 6 at 21:01

Are you going to start tracking this?

Josh Smith has some knee stuff going on right? He is their 2nd best player, so you never know...

Sounds like I missed a fun game to watch. Thanks again for running these game threads! They are great to read to get a read on what actually happened. It is also nice nit to read any constant bickering back and forth. Thanks again Brian for the site and everyone one else for the comments. It felt like I actually watched it today.

eddies' heady's reply to Josh on Mar 6 at 21:31


Spencer Flaws on Mar 6 at 20:54

Well we should of blew them out by like 20 if we had a good 3rd quarter. But this was a solid win down the stretch. Jodie iced the game even more in OT. Andre with another triple double :)Evan Turner stepped up down the stretch and gave us a big scoring lift in the 4th and ot. And also did anyone see him get like 4 rebounds back to back?

Here's what I'm hoping, I'm hoping that even though Golden State blows that this is the turning point / building block game that puts Evan Turner on his way...really liked seeing Collins leave him in the game.

bebopdeluxe reply to GoSixers on Mar 6 at 21:27

He has ALL the tools. He just needs to believe that he has as much right to shoot in the guts of the game as Lou and Iggy do. Speaking of which, it is a LOT easier for Turner to shoot the ball in that situation when Lou isn't on the floor (memo to the head coach).

I think it all started with that sequence with about 5 minutes to go in regulation where he hit a shot, then got a block-and-rebound on the defensive end, then fought like mad on the offensive boards for the ball. After that, Turner was the best player on the floor for the Sixers.

Good to see.

Doug's opening statement in the presser is approximately 5 minutes... holds a lot of the same sentiments we do towards how the game went... said Brand was first guy who talked to him in locker room, Brand said something along the lines of "I'm all about winning, great job coach" to him.

Updates from those would be awesome cause we don't get those on league pass

just ended...here's some highlights of what I remember..

Got questions on the crowd... mentioned playing in the playoffs in '79 in front of only 6500 while Phillies drew 40,000

Said when he walks around the city many people tell him how much more fun it is to watch the team this year... says that's all the respect he needs.

Called Turner the ace of spades for the night... says he is an extremely confident player who is going to be very solid for a long time.. not glitzy but effective.

Also calls the Warriors a playoff team in the East.. not sure if that would be perfectly accurate at this point.

My favorite line of all... said this team has always been playing winning basketball, but they were just making losing plays. Now they are making winning plays.

I guess Doug is a Sheen fan... winning.

But is he BI winning?

Thanks for the update.

+25 for Turner. Unreal.

How amazing was it to see what Turner could do without LouWill hogging the ball?

Turner should be starting to get him on the floor without LouWill.

There going to be a replay of this game anywhere?

League pass usually does replays - it's being replayed right now - and then at 12:30 AM eastern

CB reply to GoSixers on Mar 6 at 21:40

Blacked out in PA market. Any other outlets to see it? Don't think it's being shown again on CSN tonight.

Even the replays are blacked out? That kind of sucks

Turner post game interview - he had no idea that Dre had 9 assists when he dunked that last ball. He said normally he would've pulled hte ball out and dribbled out the clock, but he could see in Dre's eyes that he wanted him to dunk it.

smh1980 on Mar 6 at 21:36

Iggy tied with the most Triple Doubles in the league with 3. I wonder how many he would have if he'd been point forward the entire year. Lebron had 5 all last year and 3 this one.

Tom Moore on Mar 6 at 21:54

Video: Turner after scoring eight points in OT to help Sixers down Warriors:


Tom Moore on Mar 6 at 22:56

Video: Young after scoring 20 points and playing a lot of center in Sixers' victory:


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