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I'm not sure what a signature win is or why teams need one. Signature wins don't really last too long in the collective 24 hour news cycle memory either.

I see this game like the Mavs game. Don't expect them to win and won't be disappointed if they don't but need them to play at a high level the whole game, and sink their darn free throws :)

Both Durant and Westbrook average at least 8 FT's a game.

The sixers leader is Lou Williams at 4.7.

Hopefully the free throw differential won't be too high tonight and hopefully one of those 'game changing' refs we dislike won't be doing the game

Ibaka! Gonna be fun to watch tonight, hopefully Brand can play well against him. I'm impressed with OKC, I like the trade they made, do you think if Perkins comes back healthy they have a shot to win it all?

This year?


Long term?


That presumes they keep their roster together and are able to find those bench players they might be missing (I don't know specifically if they're missing anyone)

I think Harden is a very good 6th man, he seems to be just what that team needs off the bench.

Well you need more than one guy off the bench for a championship team (I think). Depends on the rest of the roster if it's the defensive stopper you need, or the 3 point shooter, those 7th/8th guys can be real important in a championship run. Helping you win just one game because they come out and shut someone down or hit that key 3.

Shawn reply to GoSixers on Mar 9 at 13:42



When I think of Meeks upside, I think about a guy like Korver, a dead eye sharp shooter who hustles on the court. I think that Jodie Meeks is an ideal bench guy to provide from 3 point baskets if you need em. He's not a starter in anyway of course.

Interestingly, Meeks contract for next year isn't guaranteed according to storytellers, I wonder if the sixers might try and low ball him on an extension this off season. He's a good piece to keep. Rather have him off the bench than Lou.

Tom Moore on Mar 9 at 13:31

Video: Ex-Sixers player/coach Mo Cheeks on emerging Thunder guard Russell Westbrook, as well as Jrue Holiday and the surging Sixers:


Watching Cheeks makes you appreciate Collins even more :)

I'd take the Sixers in this game, easily, if they did not have a back to back.

Otherwise, the "Durants" have been average over the last ten games, 5-5 record I believe, with their last loss to Memphis.

Good teams that have a shot at winning a round in the playoffs should be able to win at least one of two when they host teams like the Thunder and the Celtics. I don't necessarily think that they need to win this game specifically but they do need to keep winning the same way they have over the last 20 or so games (if not more). that being said, the Thunder are painfully thin inside due to the Green/Krstic trade coupled with the Perkins injury. And that always bodes well with the Sixers. I like our chances tonight. Lets hit another 4 game winning streak.

Sixers favored by 1.5 points tonight. Surprising...

Why don't i bet against philly teams.

You don't?

Why not?

There are very few "real fan" things in my book, this is number one among them. If you're ever bet money against your favorite team, not only are you a douchebag fan, you're a waste of oxygen imo.

If you say so. To me betting is an endeavor you undertake to make money - and emotional attachments should not prevent you from taking advantage of a line you think is imbalanced, regardless of rooting interest.

To me the issues are separate. Gambling is about making money - pure and simple. Bet the lines you think are in your favor.

It bears repeating that Jrue had two of the best defensive performances of his career last year vs. Westbrook (1-11 and 3-12, though Westbrook had 29 assists in the two games). The first game this year was a different story: Westbrook was 11-19 for 31 points. Part of it is that Westbrook is a much better player this year. Part of it is that Jrue has regressed terribly on defense this year (his opponent production [PER] number on 82games.com is 27th of 30 starting point guards, ahead of only Derek Fisher and the guys traded for each other, Mo Williams and Baron Davis). It goes without saying that Jrue has to play defense like last year on Westbrook for the Sixers to have a chance in this game. What's hopeful is that Jrue showed signs of that defense last night on Collison.

One more thing.

I'm not sure who needs to 'catch on' for the sixers getting a signature win. If it's the average fan, to increase attendance, I don't think a win against the Thunder does it. It has to be a win against one of the name teams, the Lakers, the Celtics, now the Heat. Something like that.

If it's national recognition. They're moving up in various power polls, Doug COllins is getting talk as a dark horse for COY (Thibs and Poppovich I believe are both worthy candidates and seem to be the front runners), there's less talk about Iguodalas bad contract and more talk about his good play, and I haven't heard Evan Turner referred to as a bust (outside of course for one particular source here) much, if at all, recently.

The sixers had some guys in the running for sixth man of the year but I think they've fallen off (and Lou falling off is good in my eyes cause it means less lou).

But the complete recognition, that won't come until the playoffs and a hard fought first round series, don't need a win per se, but need to go 7 games and have guys like Jrue and Evan shine (ala the Thunder last year) to get the buzz.

The best would be if we could get a playoff matchup against D-Wade and the crybabies. That would generate a lot of interest and excitement, especially if the Sixers are able to push them to a game 7 like you said, that would get a ton of coverage.

Tom Moore on Mar 9 at 15:24

Some video of Cheeks from this morning's shootaround at Wells Fargo Center:


Tom Moore on Mar 9 at 15:30

Cheeks not expecting to be inducted into Hall of Fame:


That he's a finalist (and a two-time one at that) is pretty impressive. Unfortunately, I think Cheeks is probably at "Steve Garvey level" -- a cut below HOF-worthy. Bobby Jones falls there too, along with players like Bob Dandridge, Bob Love, Lou Hudson, and Chet Walker.

As I've said before, if Jrue accomplishes what Cheeks did (HOF finalist), we'll all be more than happy with his career.

tk76 reply to tk76 on Mar 9 at 15:48

Nice. I haven't started looking for one yet. Typically I go for shots of the guy in serious pain. I wish I could get a locker room shot of LeBron crying from the other night.

tk76 reply to tk76 on Mar 9 at 15:50

Anybody see Barkley's latest comments on the Sixers recent success?


I of course like Charles, but "trade players and get younger"...Really???

I don't know if they have it in them- but if they win against OKC and then Boston they will definitely draw 15 sec of fame from the national media. That would mean 2 high profile wins and 9 of 10 overall, and might coincide with passing NYK.

But the odds of winning those 2 games are not great.

I'm just worried about tonight. Second night of a back-to-back against one of the media darling teams. I want a win tonight so bad I can taste it.

tk76 reply to Brian on Mar 9 at 16:06

I'm definitely fired up for the next 2 games. I think they are in "can beat anyone on a given day" mode, where they are more fired up then their competition.

Sort of reminds me of 2 years ago when they had big wins down the stretch against a number of high profile teams.

I'm not ready to say they will beat anyone in the playoffs. They would need some sort of surprise performance by someone like Speights or Turner to have any shot at all.

I've avoided this topic intentionally, but I think there's a chance they could win a first round series. They'd need the 1 surprise win in the first two that they've gotten the last two times, and then I think they might get 1 game based solely on Collins adjustments later on.

tk76 reply to Brian on Mar 9 at 16:10

Yeah, a Collins coached team does not get blown out in game 6 by a Magic team without Howard.

bebopdeluxe reply to Brian on Mar 9 at 16:14

I don't see them beating the Bulls or Celtics, but I could definitely see them beating the Heat if they can steal one of the first two games in MIA (the Celtics wouldn't be as phased by losing a game in BOS, IMO)...although the longer that series goes, the more they will see the calls go against them.

If they somehow get the 5 seed, I think they could beat the Magic as well.

bebopdeluxe reply to tk76 on Mar 9 at 16:17

Taking my two boys to the game tonight...hoping for a win (and hoping that there are more than 11,000 people in the stands)...

Just from checking the secondary market, I think there's some buzz around Sixers home games right now. Prices are up, and availability is down. Hopefully, we have a decent crowd tonight.

tk76 reply to bebopdeluxe on Mar 9 at 16:58

Enjoy. Hope they bring home the W.

johnrosz on Mar 9 at 16:15

Everyones favorite scout, DBodner officially changing his tune on ET on the realgm boards it seems.

eddies' heady's reply to johnrosz on Mar 9 at 19:05

Huh? in what way?

....say it ain't so DB....

Hmmmm the Jazz signed Marcus Cousin? C'Mon Now! I wanted the Sixers to pick him up. Oh well at least he's in the league now.

Any update on whether or not Durant has been able to increase to 1 rep on the bench press yet?

The link to this page is broken unfortunately :(.

tk76 reply to GoSixers on Mar 9 at 16:59

No, the link back to the Victim's List is broken.

Oh thank you but i was talking about their link to the "victim list" article.

Ugh, well that's not helpful :(

38 visits from that story so far. 40% of them have just left after the error page. Not sure how many actually found the story that was linked to. Maybe I'll put something up on the error page.

That should do it. Thanks for the heads up.

Hey Derek - tell Brian how to set up a '303' page (i think)

We use them at my company. Our page names our kind of long, but when we put them in printed material we shorten them and you can program the server to recognize the wrong address and redirect to the right page.

(If you're interested I can find out how to do it too)

more typically a 302 redirect, as it's more compatible and some browsers choke on a 303.

If Brian wants any help, he's got my email. Depending on his server configurations, the way I'd do it may not work.

I just used this quick and dirty solution. No need for anything at the server level for something this small

Right - 302 - i got 302 and 503 confused :)

The simple link did the trick. Bounce rate dropped from 60% to 30%, almost 100% of the new traffic went past the error page.

This was the post just before the small forward post which has something for every one, be they evan turner fans OR demarcus cousins fans


Nice! Hoping to update the list tonight.

He’s like Diet LeBron James, except his team wins games.

That's hilarious :)

Does Miami's record take away from LeBron's MVP case in anyone's eyes?

Chad Ford says

Been going back and forth all year between Rose, LeBron and Dwight Howard. LeBron is the best player in the NBA ... but his unpopularity and failures in the clutch the past month probably have killed any chances he has to win it. Howard may be having the best season of anyone and his defense is truly game changing. But I still lean toward Rose. He kept the team together through two big injuries and has the Bulls poised to be a serious contender in the East right now. He's my slight favorite over Howard right now.

Rose has been playing pretty bad basketball for some time now. Howard's still my guy.

I still cannot believe Nowitzki is getting no love. He's got my vote so far and of late the margin is widening.

I think he's suffering because he missed games - though I think the way the Mavs played when he was hurt should strengthen his candidacy.

I'd also bet he's suffering cause they lost the finals to the heat (in some voters minds) those years ago

But the Bulls are 3-0 vs the Heat.

One of the hoopsworld chatters said 'voter fatigue' would cost lebron - don't wanna give him 3 in a row

@Derek Bodner

Yeah, the bulls always beat Heat, I like the Chicago bulls, specially when Derrick Rose played on their team.

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