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There's something I've sort of noticed when they do pan shots of the sixer games...it's the jersey's folks wear.

Still see a lot of Iverson 3's.

Part of the acceptance by the average fan of the new team (I think) will be when they start wearing more 9's, 11's 12 jerseys to the games as opposed to the iverson barkley erving jerseys

I expect 11 to be the bestseller some time next year. At least that's what I'm hoping.

I'd like that too, and ticket sales are nice, but jersey sales help the sixers make money - so i need to see some people shedding those #3, #34 and #6 jerseys for some current roster players. Did see some #9's last night - but not enough (I still have a #4)

How trustworthy is Stubhub/ticket now? is it easy for people to scam you? Is purchasing electronic tickets safe?

Electronic is good at stubhub...You can buy off there then pick up your tickets at the Holiday Inn near CBP.

I know stubhub guarantees the tickets. Actually had a seller flake once, sent me worse seats than I bought, Stub Hub actually gave me better seats for the same price and charged the seller the difference.

Jason, we actually guarantee any ticket purchased through TiqIQ, so feel comfortable buying from all of our sellers. We only work with sellers we know are reputable. As a tip, if you looking out for good deals, eBay is often a good source b/c they don't change the fees that others do. You can also make an offer on some eBay deals.

Nice, instant reply from the source. I like that.

I do have a quick question. I"m a sixers fan but I'm in california. Is there a way I can see their california game prices (only one left this season but maybe many as 3 games in a 2 hour drive radius next year)?

GoSixers, the answer is yes. In the buying page, which you can get to from the DF Nav bar, you can choose any opponent in the drop-down menu. So, if you choose Kings and Clippers, you'll see prices for games against those two opponents. In case you're wondering: Kings avg. $81 w/ low of $6; Clippers avg. $94 w/ low of $13.

Just wrote this on the last thread, usually wouldn't double post but did a few paragraphs so throw me a bone here...
Couldn't sleep last night after that loss.. The image still stuck in my head is Lou's clean steal called as a foul.. that was the turning point in my mind.

I think the point about the big crowd and learning to play in front of it is significant. This is yet another good argument for playing to make the playoffs vs. tanking (this year)... at some point your players need to learn to succeed in these situations. Don't go telling that to Sir Charles though...

The good news is they get to do it again vs. Boston. I watched them play with Jeff Green a few days ago, actually was very impressed with how he seemed to fit in with the team. At the same time, they are now an easier matchup for us. Should be a good one.

Great new feature Brian... and I've already bought a Holiday Jersey, and got my nephew a Turner for his birthday

Speaking of fans, I have a question for all of you: I've noticed this year that when the Sixers do something great that merits a standing O, the camera always pans to this African American man who is clapping in exaggerated fashion. He looks a little like Harold Reynolds in MLB. Who is this man??

Is he inappropriately fondling a woman?

If not, it's not Harold Reynolds

Rich reply to Statman on Mar 10 at 15:40

I don't know, but I see him a lot too. I would love a "Faces of the Fan Base" series. Col. Sanders in the front row is my vote for number one fan, that dude is passionate.

he's been kneeling on the sideline at the end of games recently.

Tom Moore on Mar 10 at 16:24

Turner: 'I don't know' if I should've switched on Durant 3-pointer:


I hope someone has told him since then.

Tom Moore reply to Brian on Mar 10 at 16:38

I think he knew/knows, but perhaps felt like he was being made the scapegoat.

THere's a lot of scapegoating going on after last nights game in various aspects of your 'brethren' (though most of it seems targeted towards Iguodala).

Anyway you could ask Doug if this (or any other game) would have gone any different if they had a strong defensive rebounding presence (ala Dalembert?) :)

mgfields reply to Tom Moore on Mar 10 at 18:05

Evan has had an interesting last few games. Took some blame for the Dallas loss, then was the hero against the Warriors, then screwed up that play against OKC.

I love Turner, he's my favorite player, but he has killed the team at the end on the game more then once this year.

Hopefully, last nights turkey of a game for Evan won't interrupt the real progress he's been making.

johnrosz reply to mgfields on Mar 10 at 19:01

He completely lost Nick Young for an open 3 in one of those nightmare Washington games.

Maybe Doug shouldn't keep putting him out there at the end

mgfields reply to johnrosz on Mar 10 at 19:07

That was one of the times I was thinking about.

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