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Really looking forward to this game. It'll be interesting to see how the sixers go about breaking down this extremely strong defensive lineup.

What time exactly do you wake up / go to sleep?

This is a rivalry in my mind but probobly not in the mind of boston fans. If they come out with half the anger you put into this post they will have a pretty good shot at winning.

I hate the Celtics. Garnett is a cheap shot crybaby. For some reason he gets a pass frm the fans and media due to all the years wallowing in Minnesota.

Doc Rivers is a completely overrated coach with a huge ego. Guy spends more time on the court argueing calls than he does actually coaching.

Ray Allen seems like he has some class no no ill will there.

Oh and to Pierce. Best player on the best team does not make yo the best player in the league. That comment a couple years ago really annoyed me.

God I hape we come out with fire and take this one.

Those spelling mistakes were doc rivers' fault

well ray allen did complain to the press that the nba wanted a sixers-lakers finals in 2001, and therefore the officiating in the bucks=sixers conference finals was biased. still dislike the guy because of that.

this was a great post brian, you got my celtic hatred going strong, im really excited for tonight's game.

I hate the Celtics, but it is not a rivalry until the other team and its fan base gets up to play you. I doubt many Boston fans under the age of 40 care anything more about beating the Sixers. And it can't be a one way rivalry. No more than Orioles fans hatred of the Yankees fails to make it a rivalry.

Am I alone in wanting to avoid a 1st round match-up with the Bulls?

1. I believe the Sixers match up worse against the Bulls than anyone in the East. Jrue won't outplay Rose for a series and in the same way Brand won't beat Boozer. Iguodala won't be able to sway the outcome by simply locking down Deng. So that leaves the secondary players- and the Sixers have no answer for Noah's energy on the boards.

2. It would pain me more to see the Sixers lose because of Noah than to see Boston or Miami beating them. On the same token, if Rose dominates them it does not bode well given he is only 22. That whole Bulls team should be good for at least another 4-5 years- meaning that if they prove themselves to be way above the Sixers it will be disheartening long term. I'd rather not be reminded that in a playoff drubbbing.

3. Losing against the Celtics or Heat would sting less. Boston won't be the same team in a few years, and the Heat are losers even when they win.

Is it better to lose to the team that ends up winning the championship (eagles vs packers this year) or to a team that is more likely to lose in the next round I guess is the question.

I've always felt it's 'better' to lose to the team that ends up going farther, it seems better to lose to that team when others are losing too

eddies' heady's reply to tk76 on Mar 11 at 9:54

Your're not alone, I want no part of the Bulls. Anyone else is fair game and very beatable even though most would not buy into that. Miami and Boston can be had in a series that long. Seeing what the Sixers are doing currently and compare it to how ATL played the Celtics and the Bulls played them the last few years, it'd be foolish not to think that the Sixers had a fighting chance against them. And Miami doesn't strike fear into me either except for the biased referee thing.

The celtics have yet to lose a game at home against an eastern conference team this year, I don't think the sixers can take them.

I also think celtics 'defense' is better come playoff time because the officials allow more contact, whereas the sixers get called for fouls when a super star loses control of his dribble all by himself.

I don't believe the sixers can take the heat bulls or celtics in a 7 game series, I believe they can be competetive against any of them.

I'd love to see them catch Atlanta (doubtful) and I think they'd have a better chance against the Magic if they could get under dwights skin

eddies' heady's reply to GoSixers on Mar 11 at 10:03

Who knows? Guess that's why they say, that's why you play the games. I like the ace of spades we have now in a coach that excels at adjustments in Collins. Not saying other coaches won't do the same thing but I like the thought of seeing him work his craft in a series format.

For me, the playoffs would be about a national stage for a few guys and if they can step up or not. Jrue, Iguodala, Thad, Lou...do they elevate or do they wilt?

bebopdeluxe reply to tk76 on Mar 11 at 10:21

Nope. The Bulls are the only team that I see the Sixers having ZERO shot to beat in the playoffs.

eddies' heady's on Mar 11 at 9:49

To me, this is THE rivalry. Nothing will ever overtake them as the hated.

If we were guaranteed to win? Of course, the Celtics would be that answer. I still have memory scars of Bird and the gang putting multiple eliminations on Erving and the guys in either the eastern semis or eastern finals in the 80's, and to get my retribution against them I would go in the backyard and perform the 5,4,3,2,1... countdown with Andrew Toney or Julius Erving hitting the game winner to beat them on my goal. It was quite therapeutic at such a young age believe it or not.

Hands down, the most satisfying thing would be a four game sweep and even though it won't happen because it would probably be on national TV, have Tommy Heinsohn calling the telecast and at the buzzer Mike Gorman turn and ask him, "Well, Tommy, guess we'd have to call that ass whipping the 'Dougie Points'". And Tommy having the gall to respond and say, "Yeah guess you're right, wish he'd teach our older guys how to 'Dougie' like those young bucks just did".

Pompous assholes! (sorry, I really do dislike them A.L.O.T.)

eddies' heady's reply to eddies' heady's on Mar 11 at 21:54

Think Andre got a tommy point with that shot tonight?


I agree with Sactown. I hate the Celtics as much as I hate the Mets, the Giants (in football) and flyers fans the Rangers (i'm still assuming), however a rivalry when the teams are at different levels is just not the same as it was in the 80s. Sure, I don't pity the Mets at all, but when the phillies play them I don't get as excited as when the Mets are good.

The sixers took out rudy gay, someone else suffered a major injury a couple games later (I forget who), if nocioni or songalia are in the game to commit 12 hard fouls against the big bitch who used to play with the t'wolves, I wouldn't feel bad.

The celtics did the same thing the heat did, they just did it through trade instead of free agency and thus it's 'ok'. I don't even know what the wolves got for Garnett but I'm thinking it wasn't very good - was it even pau gasol good (as that kind of panned out with Marc Gasol turning into an ok player).

I would love for the sixers to win this game, but more importantly, I don't want to see a let down after the thunder game. They came out HUGELY HOT against the Thunder, after a few games with weak first quarters. They need to play at the same level of the first 43 minutes of the Thunder game, they need 48 minutes, they need to make Boston a bit scared to play this team (though I don't think Boston has lost a HOME game, just saying, to an eastern conference team)

eddies' heady's reply to GoSixers on Mar 11 at 10:00

It was Al Jefferson, Ryan Gomes, Sebastian Telfair, Gerald Green and Theo and ? wasn't it?

Not a clue, that's why I was asking. I don't know what the Sonics (at the time) got for Ray Allen, but 4 years later, they're contending, and the Wolves still blow chunks.

I know the Sonics got the pick that ended up being Jeff Green at least, right?

bebopdeluxe reply to GoSixers on Mar 11 at 10:27

I put my hatred of the Celtics - currently - as 3rd overall, behind the Cowboys and Mets...although slots 2 and 3 are fluid (I probably hate the Mets a little less right now 'cause they suck, and I hate the C's a bit more because I can't stand Garnett and PP).

The only time that the C's were #1 on the list was in the 80's (for obvious reasons)...but for the past 10-15 years, it has pretty much been the Cowboys at #1 (Jerry Jones, "America's Team", fraud Cowboys fans in our midst, etc...). I don't think that I have EVER loved a sporting event as much as the beatdown the Eagles gave the Cowboys a couple of years ago to eliminate them at the Linc.

I hate the cowboys, but it's kind of like hating the redskins. Two idiot ego's running the franchises mean that they aren't going to be any good any time soon. The Mets have a better chance of contending.

Oh yeah, the braves are pretty high on the hate list.

azteck2 on Mar 11 at 9:58

Can't wait to see this game, first game all season I'll actually be at! I want more than anything to see the Celtics walk off the court as losers in person. Also can't wait for some crab fries from Chickie's and Pete's!

" The Laker dominance of the past couple of seasons. LeBron and Bosh joining Wade and playing the victim. The media love affair over Melo and Amare, together at last. All these things have perhaps diffused our laser of hatred for a certain chowder-loving franchise into a mere floodlight. "

Never had a hatred for this current iteration of Celtics. I've always enjoyed them, as a basketball fan. I even borderline root for them when they're not playing the Sixers

Man, that's just wrong. It's like me rooting for Villanova, or when my sister became a mets fan a few years cause she lived in New York City.

I'm 29. The sixers and boston were never really good at the same time (outside of that one year Pierce knocked us out). I liked Garnett (as a basketball player) and Ray Allen before they got there, and liked Rondo in college.

the only one I actually have disdain for is Pierce, but I can ignore him now. I disliked Pierce and Walker, but this group I love to watch.

Plus, they play really good basketball. Smart, efficient, never overdribbling.

Kevin Garnett is a punk, a pussy, who resorts to name calling beneath the school yard bully to try and get inside a players head. He's always been a pussy punk and he fits in perfectly with Boston, a city of pussy punks.

They foul the shit out of you on every posessions and refs don't call all the fouls because the game would never move.

That's not smart or efficient - that's wussy stuff unworthy of the worst euro soccer flopper

And oh yeah, adding Fat Shaq makes them more deplorable

Yes, I'm well aware of your opinion on Garnett.

Shawn reply to GoSixers on Mar 11 at 11:26

Crap, did you just bait me?

never mind.

I disagreed with your assertion that the celtics are efficient (offensively they aren't much better than the sixers) and expressed my differing opinion about how their defense is more a product of being cheap suckers than playing good defense.

They currently rank 14th in Offensive Efficiency this season.

The sixers rank 16th, only .5 'points' behind.

Shawn reply to GoSixers on Mar 11 at 11:25

I think they are shooting around 49 % as a team which is very good.

We also talk a lot about the good things the sixers do, team basketball, sharing the ball, scoring throughout the team. The Celtics, have 6 guys with PERs above 17, and their starters all avg above 10 pts a game and each rebound at least 4 to 5 rebounds a game as well. They're a better version of the sixers basically, with a tremendously better defense.

I don't understand why you'd resort to calling Boston a city of "pussy" punks because you think KG is a bully on the court. Usually you're rational about most things, but for whatever reason, you're going wild on the entire city of Boston now?

Their offensive efficiency is down because they don't offensive rebound at all and because they turn the ball over quite a bit. From a fg% standpoint, they're very good.

I like the spunk, let's point it toward the game, though.

Didn't realize Boston's offense had fallen off that much this season. 14th in OFR, huh?

Their defense is their 'power'. 2nd behind the bulls by less than half a point.

I actually prefer the Philadelphia vs New York rivalry that stretches across all the sports. Phillies/Met/Yankees, Eagles/Giants, Flyers/Rangers and finally now that they are both decent SIxers/Knicks.
New York is like Philly's rich, douche bag cousin, who's been spoiled with good teams for so long.

I always found it silly that the phillies ended up with Toronto as the 'rival' in the interlague play by process of elimination.

mopey reply to GoSixers on Mar 11 at 11:47

Yeah, the yankees are their real rivals now.

I don't consider a team that won't show up until the finals a rival. You might not play them all season.

Not to mention the Yankees have a rival of their own. A rivalry works both ways to be a rivalry (in my opinion) and the evil empire already has a rivalry with the forces of hate in Boston (sorry, I can't see them as the 'good guys' in any confrontation)

mopey reply to GoSixers on Mar 11 at 11:53

I think they have a rivalry in the same sense that the Lakers and the Celtics have a rivalry- they don't meet until the finals.

They have two regular season games every season.

The yankees and phillies don't play in the regular season every year.

Well, I mean the Yanks/Phils have met once in the post season, right? How many times have the Lakers played the Celtics in the finals? I think if two teams have that type of postseason history, you can definitely call it a rivalry. The only reason Phils fans see the Yanks as a rival is because the one time they met, the Yanks won. Had the Phils won that series, I think the Yanks would just be considered another team they beat in the series. I don't consider the Phils a rival any more than the Padres.

I don't see the Yankees as a rival, I mean, yeah they're evil, but it's not like when the phillies make the world series this year the yankees will be there. I mean the yankees aren't even making the playoffs this year with that pitching staff

I think they'll manage, just worry about your end of the bargain. I'm seeing a lot of 2-1 losses in the Phils future.

Yes, because the phillies offense has now been reduced to that of the san francisco giants :)

I can only imagine the makeup budget with guys like Jeter and A-Rod in the locker room...

Whatever you say. Enjoy batting Polanco third.

bebopdeluxe reply to Brian on Mar 11 at 14:48

The Phillies had six of their eight starters on the DL last year...had basically down years from all of their starters other than Werth and Ruiz...and they still won 97 games. With a full season of Oswalt and the return of Lee (sorry, Brian), our underworked bullpen should be even more effective (hell, our 5th starter could give us 190+ innings...who else can say that?).

I have no freaking idea if guys like Howard, Victorino and Rollins will bounce back, but - even with the injuries and the underproduction of many of our starters - the Phils still finished 2nd in the NL in runs and 4th in OPS in 2010 (as a comparison, the Giants scored SEVENTY-FIVE less runs than the Phillies). Could the Phillies score 40-50 less runs a game? They could. But, on the flip side, for every 2-1 game they might lose when Halladay or Lee is pitching against the top of the other team's rotation, how many more games are they going to win against another team's 4/5 slots with Hamels and Blanton?

bebopdeluxe reply to bebopdeluxe on Mar 11 at 14:50

40-50 less runs this season, obviously...

I'm with eddies' on this one (and it reveals how old we are): anybody who can remember the early 80's will always put the Celtics at #1 on the "hated franchises" list. The Patriots are the only other franchise that comes close in current sports (aren't I lucky to live in the Boston area?).

To give you all a flavor of the rivalry back then:
* 76-77: Sixers defeat the Celtics 4-3 in the East Semis, win Game 7 83-77 in a defensive struggle behind World B. Free (then known only as "Lloyd" Free), the precursor to Lou Williams. Free scored 27 points when no other Sixer scored more than 10.
* 79-80: Sixers defeat the Celtics 4-1 in the East Finals in Bird's rookie season.
* 80-81: Celtics defeat the Sixers 4-3 in the East Finals, coming back from 3-1 down, and go on to win the title in McHale's rookie season. Game 7 remains the most painful single game of my life, as the Sixers lost 91-90. Mo Cheeks missed a free throw in the last minute that could have tied it. Bobby Jones had Erving free for an alley-oop with 1 second left that could have won it, but the pass hit the top of the backboard. If Depressed Fan had existed back then, it would have changed names to "Suicidal Fan."
* 81-82: Sixers defeat the Celtics 4-3 in the East Finals, winning Game 7 in Boston after blowing another 3-1 lead. Game 7 remains the happiest game of my life: no one (especially in Philly) gave the Sixers any chance, but they dominated the game and won 120-106 behind Andrew Toney's 34 points. Any younger fans who want to see how good Toney was should go find this game on YouTube.
* 84-85: Celtics defeat the Sixers 4-1 in the East Finals, in a matchup of the last two NBA champions (also Barkley's rookie year).

I didn't care or follow the Celtics much in recent years when they weren't good (kind of like the Cowboys in the late 80's or mid 00's), but the 01-02 team that knocked the Sixers out was despicable (and Antoine Walker my most hated player in recent times). The deciding Game 5 was a 40+ point blowout with Kedrick Brown taking 3's to rub it in at the end. I was glad when the Nets eliminated them that year.

The current team remains #1 on my most despised list. I root for the Heat over them, or the Knicks. I have always rooted for the Lakers over them. tk76 has a good point that it's not a rivalry in the present unless both teams have success, but I can testify that Boston fans disliked the 98-01 Sixers teams that dominated them (9-2). And I rediscovered my Celtics hatred quite quickly in 07-08 ...

tk76 reply to Statman on Mar 11 at 12:44

To be clear, I still hate Boston. But I never hated Boston as much as I did Dallas.

In terms of this Boston iteration- respect their games hate their attitudes.

eddies' heady's reply to Statman on Mar 11 at 13:29

Dag, do you really remember those games off the top of your head? Or do you have to look some things up to remind you of specific instances?

That 80-81 series when they came all the way back literally caused me to shed quite a few tears. This site would have been called "Cryin' like a baby Fan" for me. Didn't stop the redemption 'countdown shots' after sucking it up though.

Wasn't that 81-82 game 7 where Andrew Toney actually coined the nickname the 'Boston Strangler'? Or did he have that moniker before then?

I'm in the same boat as you when it comes to "rooting" against them. I don't really pull for the Lakers or Knicks, moreso just rooting that the Celtics lose to them (so maybe it is pulling for the Lakers/Knicks then?). I would pull for the Taliban Turban terrorists over those cats from Boston. Can't stand 'em!

Hah, no I looked up a few things to fill in the details. 91-90 and 120-106 are etched in my brain, though. I know the feeling of shooting baskets after a tough loss ...

So, has Boston's defense dropped off much after Thibb's departure?

It doesn't look like it. Of course, the main guys were in his system long enough that I'm sure the principles live on. Wonder what they'll look like next year w/ another year on the legs and no Perkins. I'm surprised they've been this good to this point this year considering their center situation.

their defensive rebounding and forced turnovers are up (better) a bit over last year, they're allowing a higher eFG% and more free throws per field goal.

Not sure how the rebounding doesn't take a hit this year, that's kind of interesting

Healthier KG, I'd assume. (on the rebounding)

It's Elton Brands birthday today - I can't think of a better present for him than a win over the Celtics

Happy 32nd, big man.

tk76 reply to Brian on Mar 11 at 12:48

Can't believe that KG will soon be 35. Will EB ever be a better player than KG?

Anthony Macri of Hoopsworld with some interesting insights on the Sixers offense...


He's probably their only truly good writer, like his view on the game

Macri's the guy who talked about how he had worked with Speights and how the work ethic concerns were real, something like 'next contract' was his only real motivation, if that

Ric Bucher in Chat

You need a go-to scorer in the playoffs and the pace slows way down.

Agree or disagree? And does this screw the sixers?

tk76 reply to GoSixers on Mar 11 at 13:42

Come on dude, warn a guy, that stuff can make ears bleed

Kind of simplistic, but not false, I guess. For me, I'd prefer my go-to scorer to be a freak because of size/length rather than, you know, the world's best one-on-one player. Durant and Dirk are the two guys I find myself wishing were on my team when you need a big hoop, mainly because when you're that big and you can really shoot from the outside, it's pretty much impossible to stop them from getting a good look.

eddies' heady's reply to GoSixers on Mar 11 at 13:44

Agree on both, especially the pace. Don't really think it screws us though unless it's an end of game tight score situation (which is very likely in the playoffs). Our scoring being so spread out each night could be just as hard for the opponent just like facing a go-to scorer. Getting teams in the penalty early in the 4th can somewhat nullify the lack of go-to scorer, (too bad we didn't give it to Jrue or Lou and let them attack or shot/pump fake vs OKC the other night to get to the line)

eddies' heady's on Mar 11 at 13:40

BTW - I am so pumped up for this game tonight. This article added to it :) The crowd should be liquored up and rocking from the start and not just at the end like vs OKC. You just know Doug is giving a one for the gipper speech sometime this afternoon to the guys.

Let's go Sixers!!

Bucher took a follow up on the original answer (more detail)

Chris (Denver)
But aren't the Blazers and Nuggets in better position because the other teams won't know who to key in on at the end of the game? And that they each have 7-10 guys who can make buckets?

Ric Bucher
The NBA doesn't work that way. Miami has a problem deciding between two guys and it's screwing them all up. A team needs to know who is taking the shot and where and when he's usually going to take it from, so they can be ready for A) a pass if he gets stuck and B) to get the rebound if he misses. That's where LeBron, aside from his hesitancy in taking the big shot, is not effective in last-second situations: it looks as if he's making it up as he goes along every time. I'm still not sure what his sweet spot on the floor is, nearly eight full seasons into his career.

See, I don't buy that logic. What he's saying is that this go-to-guy has to be uber-predictable (and you'd assume if he is predictable, the defense may just catch on, making it harder attempt) in order for teammates to play off him, but if you're depending on the team as a whole, then why can't you run a play with multiple options?

I feel like the game has completely devolved when games are on the line and I blame it all on Michael Jordan. Everyone wants to have MJ to dribble, dribble, dribble then hit the dagger as the buzzer sounds, but there really aren't many guys out there capable of doing it.

The two best game-winners I've seen both came against the Sixers. The Rondo/Garnett pick and roll. And the Allen three from last year.

The best game winner I saw this year was Rose to Deng for wide open 3 because it was against the Heat and 'uber' player Wade did his best iverson gamble and left Deng wide open in the corner.

Of course, that's just because Iguodala got called for a charge :)

This is a tough tough game. The Celtics may not be the best team in the NBA right now, but they certainly are the most experienced one. It'll be interesting to see how both teams respond after tough losses. I'm gonna go on the record and predict a Sixers win!!!

As for the other questions, the fact that i wasn't even born for that early 80's rivalry probably prevents me from hating them. I appreciate what they've done over the past few years. The team i hate the most is the Lakers and it's not even close.
Which team would i like to beat in the first round the most? Has to be Miami and the crybabies. No team can come close to it, even though i don't like Rose and Boozer either.

tk76 reply to Xsago on Mar 11 at 14:03


I'd still prefer to knock Boston out in the first round but that doesn't seem likely as I still think Boston gets that one seed and the 8 seed might end up being Milwaukee

Someone (cough cough, TMoore) should ask Harvey Pollack what he thinks of the Philly/Celtics rivalry:

1958 - Eastern Division Finals (4-1): Boston Celtics over Philadelphia Warriors
1960 - Eastern Division Finals (4-2): Boston Celtics over Philadelphia Warriors
1962 - Eastern Division Finals (4-3): Boston Celtics over Philadelphia Warriors
1965 - Eastern Division Finals (4-3): Boston Celtics over Philadelphia 76ers
1966 - Eastern Division Finals (4-1): Boston Celtics over Philadelphia 76ers
1967 - Eastern Division Finals (4-1): Philadelphia 76ers over Boston Celtics

Old School Sixer Fan on Mar 11 at 16:50

I'm old enough to hate the Celtics from the 60's and the 80's. I'll always hate the Celtics. I'd rather see the Sixers beat the Celtics in the first round. I sincerely hope the Bulls can catch them. I believe the Sixers would have no shot against the Bulls because of size and skill up front. Both Miami and Boston are vulnerable up front.

I've decided that if the sixers lose and the bulls are still in it, I'm rooting for the Bulls because of Kyle Korver

Madison Square Garden announced Friday that the price of Knicks season-tickets will increase by an average of 49 percent for the 2011-2012 season.

And they'll get it too

Hate the fucking celtics. About to leave for the game now. I'll be the drunk guy screaming my head off

eddies' heady's on Mar 11 at 21:52

This was a great opening to a post. Just brilliant. Lasers can hurt, you know.

Spencer Flaws on Mar 12 at 1:48

Sorry for my tardiness but yeah kevin garnett acts like he's big and bad. But my dad talks shit about kg because he knows his mother. And she comes down his shop. Kg is just a moma's boy. And i hear ms shirley and my dad talk about how she can't stand kevin anymore. And by the way he was scared of being punked down at maudlin so he basically left to go to illinois.

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