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Forget It

eddies' heady's on Mar 12 at 22:38

enough said.

Yeah, this is how I feel, remember it as a really poor effort, but don't put too much stock in evaluating the team.

Really poor effort, but I actually was pretty worried about this one headed in. They obviously were awful, so just forget about it. The Jazz are very beatable on the road.

looking forward to monday

Turned the game with about 2 minutes left in the third, watched Big Night (excellent movie if you've never seen it) because I was just so disappointed in the play. Nothing really to be say, no excuses to be made. It's just that every game is important - and now instead of being tied with the Knicks, they're a full game back, and there are so many chances to make up ground and I just felt going into tonight, the sixers WERE going to pass the knicks but this game was part of that. I had em as 3-2 on this road trip, but this was a win. There's a game coming up I think a lot of people have just penciled in as a win and I'm not sure it is, but now I hope it will be.

@Utah was more winnable than @Milwaukee all along. Playing the 4th game in 5 days on the road against a team that is finally healthy and making a playoff push, is a much harder game than on the road against a team that used to be very strong at home, but is terrible after the Sloan got fired. Utah is 1-7 in the last 8 home games. That's more than a winnable game IMO if the Sixers actually show up and this was indeed just an aberration.

I didn't say Utah wasn't more winnable than Utah, I felt the sixers would win the Utah game as well. WHen I had them at 3-2 on this road trip those games were both wins, now they've lost one of the wins.

Tom Moore on Mar 13 at 0:08

Turner was -34 in 26 minutes. Yikes.

His shot isn't the problem, I'm not sure if he deserves more than 10 minutes a game with the way he is playing. He needs to starts penetrating and looking to make something happen on offense.

eddies' heady's reply to Jason on Mar 13 at 12:59

His shot isn't the problem could be considered an understatement. He just shrivels up and seems dwarfed if it's an average or better defense. Agree on him not deserving the minutes he's been getting. I sense Doug minimizing his minutes when it gets to the playoffs, just a bit role player. Noc could give us what he's been giving, if not more.

Was hoping he could show himself here at the stretch run to keep his trade value up in the offseason. He's one of the few pieces I was hoping we could use to make us better.

Thought it was telling that Doug pulled him in garbage time last night. I think he sat the last 5 or so minutes when the end of the bench was out there along with Meeks, who deserved to be out there considering his play in that game.

MichaelT reply to Tom Moore on Mar 13 at 1:09

So was he any worse than the rest of the team tonight?

Tom Moore on Mar 13 at 0:09

Bucks don't stop here against Sixers


I had the team 3-2 on the road trip with a loss @Milwaukee (and @Portland), so they are still on schedule.

They have about 1 terrible game per month, @Chicago in December, vs Indiana in January, @NewYork in Ferbruary. Hopefully this one is it and they won't have a letdown again for the rest of the season.

Just like a win is just a single win, this is still just a single loss.

Do you know how good Los Angeles Clippers are at home since January 1?

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