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Sixers Around the Web - Mar. 13th

Column: Cheeks belongs in Hall of Fame


"Joe in Philly: ET looks to jump way higher when he is going after a rebound than when he is going to the rack, it seems he lacks confidence going against a defender but has nice ups going after the ball Could a summer training teach him how to "climb the ladder" ? "

Caught me in my tracks, never noticed this, but it does seem like ET has no ups at all on offense when he's dunking despite outjumping 7 footers to get the rebound on D.

Yeah, must be a confidence thing, sort of like everything in Turner's game. That's good though, lots of upside. He'll be one of those guys whose numbers steadily increase each of his first 3 or 4 years in the league.

I want to see this lineup badly for ET. Currently he has played the majority of his minutes with either Jrue or Lou running the point. Would love to see the sixers go with this lineup and let ET do what he did in college, also would like to see it if we end up vs Heat in playoffs.

PG-Evan Turner

Yeah I think Turner is at his best without Jrue or Lou on the floor. Was Jrue out there in that OT against GSW? I know Lou wasn't, which was great for Turner. Can't argue with Turner's insanely low turnover numbers, especially after seeing last night's giveaways.

Turner will need to learn to play with Jrue because they are the future. Hopefully Lou will be outta here in a couple years, and regardless, it's impossible for Turner to even try to learn to play with Lou since Lou won't give up the ball.

Billups back, Granger out tonight.

The Bucks had 22 in the first half today, and have 43 with 8 left to go in the 4th.

Tray reply to Tray on Mar 13 at 20:21

And they finish with 56, tying for the fifth lowest score by a team since 1986. Keyon Dooling had two foul shots to get it to 58 with twenty seconds left (which would have made it only the twelfth lowest scoring effort since '86, and only the second worst scoring effort of the season, after Cleveland's 57-112 loss to the Lakers), and missed both.

CB reply to Tray on Mar 13 at 20:30

Used up all their scoring last night.

Pacers helping out the Sixers tonight.

I had this as a win for the Knicks before Billups back Granger out, so this sort of balances out the sixers choke job last night

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