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Game 67 Thread: PHI @ UTA

I love me the west coast games

With all the injuries for the Jazz and Favors being a foul machine, we should get to see Marcus Cousin play some minutes tonight. I'm excited! He'll probably take one look at Hawes and be like this ain't nothing, I've been throwing down on guys like this in the D-League all year.

Fun read - D'antoni Concerned

I have both home and away options on league pass tonight, thinking I might go w/ Utah's guys. I just can't take Snow anymore.


Miles is starting, not Bell. Miles is one of those guys who I always think is a lot taller than he actually is. Still, a pretty big lineup for them.

Wow, I know they traded away Deron, but the WFC looks more crowded than that place. There's nothing to do in Utah, right?

Maybe they all have Jimmer Fever.

Hawes loses the tip. Bout time.

Favors has killed Hawes this year, and Jefferson's been on a tear. That is concerning.

They've been giving Jefferson so many shots. There's just something so unproductive about his productivity.

Come on Jrue/Hawes, that's a simple back screen on a 1-4 set.

Of course Utah can't fucking miss.

And a Jrue turnover. Come on.

there has to be a way to stream these games for free outside of the philly area, right? i cant handle this anymore!

you had iggy wide jrue c'mon

It doesn't even take Collins three minutes to get a timeout. Down 2-10.

I'd get Turner in there right now. CJ Miles is just bullying Meeks and easily shooting over him. It's not even a problem.

Then bring Meeks back in when they go smaller.

Put Jodie on Devin, Put ET in for Jrue.

Sissy J x 2.


Did Iggy just go to the rim in the first quarter :O

Alright that's much better. Hawes with two pick and roll jumpers and Iguodala earns a trip to the line.

Maybe this is how Hawes is. Two or three times a year he slaps five games of competent offensive basketball together.

Please tell me someone else saw Hawes whiff on that O-board.

Rich reply to Brian on Mar 14 at 21:22

Yeah that was, um, not good.

how did hawes miss that.

I don't think Jrue attacked the rim hard enough to warrant a foul there. He kind of got a little fancy with that ball fake and look away. Great split of the double though.

Two on Favors, I believe.

Maybe it's just my intense dislike for the Snow/Zumoff team but these Utah guys are great

Jodie drawing the charge.

Is it me, or does Kirilenko dribble like a drunk guy?

why does hawes even crash the o-boards.

Its like he has oven mitts for hands

Thad's been awful past 4 games.

That was probably offensive on Jrue.

This game has an awful feel to it....gonna be one of those games where we need Lou and Thad to ignite us I think.

Damn, he did go hard enough on that one. How is there no call? He looked like he got pushed right in the chest.

I thought if anything he got AK w/ the his right arm. Only saw the one replay, though.

Rich reply to Rich on Mar 14 at 21:28

Nevermind, he warded him off with his own arm.

eddies' heady's on Mar 14 at 21:28

Lou w/ a good attack for a layup and a nice find of Thad down low. He's sparking us so far since coming in.

I'm not sure if Kirilenko's hair is more distracting that Bird Man's neck tatoo, but it's close.

2 on AK.

Snow said "First shot went in, good sign for Turner" on Saturday and he ended up being -1000. Well, he did the same tonight.

What the fuck happened there? Was Turner just not looking?

Turner always seems to have problems handling passes on the break. What the hell is that all about

eddies' heady's on Mar 14 at 21:32

Spencaaaaa! lol...the Jazz color guy says he's impressed with him, only 22 yrs old...ha

Jazz Announcer: "I'm impressed with hawes, 4th year in the NBA."

I'm going to have to switch to the Jazz broadcast. Here comes a killer Lou iso.

PHI 23, UTA 28 after one.

Bad quarter. Need to wake up. This looks familiar.

Really, Lou? Really?

We apparently are allergic to running any sort of offensive set at the end of a quarter

I hate how Collins still lets Lou take step-back 20 footers to end quarters. Just run some freaking offense.

Question, is ET any better offensively than Willie Green?

Shawn reply to Jason on Mar 14 at 21:39


Turner's better in pretty much every aspect of the game but shooting.

on offense ET is basically just a spot up shooter at this point, he doesn't look to create offense, he seems to stand around the 3 point line and only enters it to take a long two.


lol what? What is ET doing on offense? Am I missing something?

Yes - you are missing something - in fact you missed it tonight

Hatred is like that

i've seen it twice tonight.... Should i get excited about 2 plays?

, he doesn't look to create offense

This is a false statement, tonight and many other nights, if you can't see it - that's fine.

The team is pathetic last night, top to to bottom - the need to single out the rookie is ridiculous

and lol@ hatred. I'm a fan of ET have said it multiple times, I think he's talented and i personally prefer ET over Jrue . But you can't tell me with the current role he's playing on this team that he's even average offensively.

eddies' heady's on Mar 14 at 21:40

Thad was beaten bad on that backdoor oop.

Check out the latest link in the reading list. The guy basically said the Sixers are unwatchable when lou is in the game running the show w/out Jrue or Iguodala. We're seeing an example right here.

Alarming amount of jump shots on offense. Alarmingly how easy they are running their stuff. Not a good sign.

Snow is right, that can't be a switch there.

I've noticed that they Jazz seem to be attacking Meeks.

eddies' heady's on Mar 14 at 21:50

We're just missing something from the OKC and BOS games. That killer instinct or something. I realize the guys are tired somewhat, but someone has to step up and lead and bring it.

eddies' heady's on Mar 14 at 21:52

There you go Dre, finished that one thankfully.

Fuck me. this is pitiful.

eddies' heady's on Mar 14 at 21:53

Ugh, EB had a wide open 14 fter and passed it and took a contested 10 fter.

Jimmer Fredette puts butts in seats

In Utah maybe, In Indiana maybe, but that was an asinine comment by the Jazz '3rd head'

Glad I missed the first 14 minutes of this game

They just don't want the six seed I guess

eddies' heady's on Mar 14 at 21:54

Come on Dre, you have to foul him hard there. Don't just give him the layup. It was Earl Watson for crying out loud.

Jrue - stop playing hot potato and shoot the damn ball

Making Al Jefferson look like Hakeem on the defensive end.

35 fucking points against this defense. That's just pitiful. Collins better completely lose his shit at the half.

Yet i think it's the defense that's absent not the offense...

It's both - there's no reason it can't be

Glad to see after the piss poor showing in Milwaukee the coaching staff had em ready

They are kind of lucky this isn't over 20 right now.

I am a little worried about Brand. He's the guy who they go to get a hoop to stop a run. He doesn't look like himself.

Hasn't since the dislocated pinky.

Might just be tired, hasn't played this much in how many seasons?

Maybe those 7 guys should have practiced yesterday - though the guys who practied look like crap too

eddies' heady's on Mar 14 at 21:58

You were right, that loss is lingering. That, or they aren't regaining any of their legs.

I wonder what the transition scoring split is. It has to be way in the Jazz's favor.

So - this team is so bad against 'big' men that Al Jefferson looks like he's back in Minnesota?

When it rains, it pours. 22-footer for Al Jefferson. Better be night and day different in the second half.

See you guys next game.

Speights will now be pulled for the rest of the game, guess it's time to make dessert


It's tough to even evaluate this half like what they are doing wrong. They are just playing really poor basketball. That doesn't strike me as coaching either. The players just don't look ready to play.

Two games in a row they don't look ready to play

Coach gave 7 guys off from practice yesterday

Maybe he should have had them practice?

Yay, Thad.

PHI 42, UTA 60 at the half.

Not a whole lot to say.

Not a whole lot good to say ;)

Did you enjoy the utah broadcasters?

jkay reply to GoSixers on Mar 14 at 22:12

I did; other than the "big Al" love, good.

Oh, I found the Jimmer Fredette thing funny, and ridiculous. He puts butts in the seats you know, and he's gotta be a point guard :)


The Nets beat the Celtics tonight

Does the cheapen the sixer win?

Tray reply to GoSixers on Mar 14 at 22:23

They have won 5 straight, but the first 4 were against bad teams. I think there's a good chance that Boston just didn't show up for this one. And maybe some of them just had terrible nights; Pierce and Rondo a combined 3-20, Jeff Green 3-11.

Brand 1-7, Holiday 1-8 at the half vs the Jazz. That is simply unacceptable.

Only Hawes would shoot a half court three when two guys are streaking to the basket. Well, maybe Lou would too.


jkay reply to TS on Mar 14 at 22:07

nah. just poor shot clock awareness.

Where is Turner? He plays pretty well for a few minutes and then gets taken out. I must just be completely missing the serendipity that is LouMeeks.

Meeks was abused in the 1st half. would not mind seeing Turner out there to start the 3rd, not that it'll ever happen.

No New York Knicks, thank you for the gift, but let us return the favor

Keep this type of play up and an 0-5 road trip isn't out of the realm of possibility.

Win or lose they need to play better in the second half. Collins needs to find out what's going on and fix it.

jkay reply to GoSixers on Mar 14 at 22:16

the most convenient excuse is to say we'll get it together the next game and before you know it, you're facing the Blazers down big in the 1st half.
need to get it done NOW

I think that pinky is really affecting Brand's touch. He isn't even making the open ones now really and then his tough shots are almost impossible to make.

Maybe he should ask Kobe how he dealt with it.

He ignored it and now his finger is fracked for the rest of his life :)

jkay reply to GoSixers on Mar 14 at 22:18

it's funny cos it's true.

If you've been feeling nostalgic for Ty Lawson updates, here are Lawson's last three games:

20 and 11 against Nash, on 13 shots
15 and 11 against Stuckey, on 11 shots
23 and 10 against Chris Paul, on 13 shots

Interestingly, while he's been averaging 35 minutes or so recently, Karl's giving Felton starter's minutes too. But they're not, as people said before, splitting time; Karl plays them together a lot.

Back to the Sixers broadcast for the second half.

Hawes in the post is your first play?

Awesome first possession - well drawn up

Not a shock here, but stops will lead to transition points.

Since when can you throw it off of a guy thats already out of bounds???

You could always do that. I think Jrue was in the air, though, and the ball bounced off him and hit Harris, who was standing out of bounds.

Alright, showing a little life.

Since when can you throw it off of a guy thats already out of bounds???

eddies' heady's on Mar 14 at 22:24

Stops, let's go. Just get it to around 7-8 before the next TV timeout.

That seemed incredibly easy. Where the hell was that kind of playing in the first half?

Still attacking Jodie with Miles but he's been up to the task twice.

Great find by Iguodala there. He really is a great distributor in transition.

7-0 run in the first 1:30 of 3rd Qtr, Let's GO!!

Great find by AI9. Let's go. Don't let up, you're so much better than this fucking team.

wow Iggy

That drive and dish was ridiculous from Iguodala. Kirilenko's anothr guy who has a better defensive rep than him. That would never happen to him.

Zone and they weren't phased at all. Collins had a productive halftime.

brand seems to be getting hit a lot

Fucking Hawes.

Fuck you, Hawes. Just when you show some signs of life...

Great double by EB.

rebounding plus no turnovers will give us the lead by the 3rd. cmon

Meeks and EB running the break. Yikes.

Two crucial drops by our big guys.

Wow, Hawes looks possessed out there.

that run was brief, just like 3rd in milwaukee

turnovers damn

ED got hacked on that.

TS reply to TS on Mar 14 at 22:32


14. Jrue is a step slow tonight. Didn't cut off Harris, then didn't get back to stop Miles on the break. Gotta be better than that.

This is a carbon copy of the Milwaukee game. Run in the third quarter, thwarted by a series of turnovers.

Devin Harris loves to play the sixers, whatever jersey he's wearing

Brand's pinky has cost him twice- First the drop and now he got stripped by Jefferson.

The transition game has killed them tonight.

MichaelT on Mar 14 at 22:34

I love how our starters have a shitty first half, and then start out hot in the 3rd to catch up just a little bit and Collins rewards them by playing them most of the second half.

They don't deserve to be in the game right now. Put in Thad, Lou, Turner, Speights, and someone else.

Case you missed the first half - they all played like shit too

MichaelT reply to GoSixers on Mar 14 at 22:37

I disagree, they were the only ones who showed some life.

16. EB cuts it to 14. The run has pretty much been erased.

Hawes w/ a strong finish.

Maybe the subs will be able to do something.

eddies' heady's on Mar 14 at 22:36

Transition D is way lacking.

Box out Hawes...ugh an and-one now....

This seems like a good time to remind you all that WE rejected AI for Rondo and Jefferson.


Tray reply to MW on Mar 14 at 22:39

I somehow doubt that Jefferson will ever/could ever be part of a very good team, but Rondo alone would have been great value.

The second unit is playing defense, but they aren't really looking to run as much off them. Iguodala's really the only one, while Turner and Lou don't have that sense of urgency.

Devin Harris is killing us.

Well, if the Sixers can trade baskets for the next three minutes, this will be the first quarter they've won in the past two games.

Tray reply to Brian on Mar 14 at 22:42

I do think that some of this sudden spate of bad play may be a regression to our offensive mean.

ET needs to take the ball to the fucking rack. He had 5 feet of open space.

jkay reply to TS on Mar 14 at 22:43

for that situation, the open shot was the right call. rimmed out

Lou's building a house.

Nope. They're going to lose this quarter as well.

Scratch that about the second unit now, they really can't get stops over the last few possessions.

That was a clean block and a sick block by Favors.

eddies' heady's on Mar 14 at 22:43

They kill us on the backdoor roll again. COme on Thad.

Lou iso. Who wants to bet me?

PHI 69, UTA 82 after three.

Well, they won the third. I guess that's something.

could be worse, at least we still have a chance.

can't stress this enough: BOARDS, BOARDS, BOARDS!

eddies' heady's on Mar 14 at 22:48

Jodie Meeks seems to be the only one that has came to fully play the last 3 games. His legs seem to still have some pop.

There just seems to be no flow on offense. It's not like we move the ball like crazy on a good day, but everyone is still on the same page. Right now that's not the case, and the shooting isn't good enough tonight to bail them out.

It's a shame too because Utah's defense is pathetic.

Meeks has a stranglehold on his third consecutive POTG through three quarters. Brand did it once earlier in the season.


eddies' heady's on Mar 14 at 22:49

Turner's gonna be an all-star.

We get it, he sucks.

eddies' heady's reply to Rich on Mar 14 at 22:56

No, he's contributing very well, remember?

MichaelT reply to eddies' heady's on Mar 14 at 23:03

Least of our worries tonight, King Douche, so think of something else to complain about tonight.

He's been bad for a few games now, concerning. He's still going to be the starting two guard here in the near future.

Remember all those recent games they won? He was an integral part of all that. I don't expect you to admit that though.

eddies' heady's reply to Rich on Mar 14 at 23:06

As long as Jodie Meeks is re-signed and on this team, he'll never be the starting two-guard. Book it.

Integral part in what? the GSW game...

Wesley Johnson will, one day, be a three-point shooting contest participant.

eddies' heady's reply to Tray on Mar 14 at 23:00

At least he shoots them.

Yeah, and at least Turner has looked really good at times scoring in non-outside-the-arc parts of the court.

eddies' heady's reply to Tray on Mar 14 at 23:04

At times? yeah, it's all relative isn't it?

No. I'd say that Turner has, in many games, showed promise in pretty much every non jump-shooting aspect of the game, and Johnson's shown promise at possibly becoming the next James Jones.

eddies' heady's reply to Tray on Mar 14 at 23:17

As this team is currently constituted, give me James Jones.

Battie didn't box out Jefferson, then he knocks down another shot.

76ers look like garbage. but even the spurs and the celtics look like garbage, on some nights.

Jesus Christ, how do you foul him on that and let him make it?

eddies' heady's on Mar 14 at 22:51


eddies' heady's on Mar 14 at 22:53

Aw, EB got fouled there, no call.


God damnit, walking the ball up the court.

Rich reply to Brian on Mar 14 at 22:55

See I don't think Turner or Lou actually thinks "Push" right away where Iguodala and Jrue do.

are they completely helpless against Jefferson?

Tray reply to jkay on Mar 14 at 22:56

This actually is one of his less impressive games this month. He had a 17-24, 34 point game against Toronto, a 17-26, 36 and 12 game against New York, a 33 and 18 game on 29 shots against the Bulls.

eddies' heady's on Mar 14 at 22:55

If Jrue is going to be this gassed with this many games left, we're going to be in big trouble in the playoffs if we haven't already sewn up a spot and can't get him (and others) some extended rest.

There's plenty of time here if they could just pull their heads out of their asses for a couple of minutes in a row.

Somehow, this is a 9 point game.

Get a stop or two, huh?

Better EB half, at the very least. His stroke looks better.

eddies' heady's on Mar 14 at 22:58

Down 7. I'm not gonna get my hopes up this time though.

Jrue for Lou, good sub.

that was out on jazz...

Sure was.

anybody thinks the refs are favoring the Jazz tonight?

jkay reply to HW on Mar 14 at 23:02

a lot of missing calls in the paint but overall I'd say that's just the type of game they're calling cos we got away with some too.

Rich reply to HW on Mar 14 at 23:05

They have had a lot more energy too. That's something to take into account.

Brand had Jrue wide open for a three there.

Come on. Stop and a hoop out of this timeout.

Look at Hawes with the big D-Board.

IGUODALA 3!!!!!!!!!1


Fuck me. Kirilenko w/ the contested three, then hoop and foul traded.

And Jrue gets his fucking pocket picked. that's game.

Jrue CMON!!!

Fuck Jrue.

eddies' heady's reply to TS on Mar 14 at 23:09

Is that you Lawson?

Hmmm, he took Jrue out there. I don't mind it though. He's been bad and that was an extremely careless TO.

There is something to be said for letting him play through it though.

He's becoming a turnover machine lately. I wish Turner got more minutes at the point, the guy never turns it over. For some reason that seems to mean nothing to Collins. Shooting isn't everything (and Turner still shoots a higher percentage than Lou anyways).

minus 8 points with less than 3:00 to go. Now or Never.

how many fouls till Jazz are in the penalty?

Dre need to hit both.

sixers finally get a gift call. Most likely too late to matter.

eddies' heady's on Mar 14 at 23:11

That's our ball, no? that was off them....

Jrue didn't fucking touch that. They can review that play!

Sixers ball. Get a fucking hoop.

eddies' heady's on Mar 14 at 23:12

Dre 3!






eddies' heady's on Mar 14 at 23:13

Dre w/ the steal and slam!

Spencer w/ the huge board.





Just need one bucket.

eddies' heady's on Mar 14 at 23:15

ha, Lou gets called for a foul on that when it was Durant

how does iggy not get the ball here

Hit the fucking freebies, Lou.

Iguodala was fouled on that drive.

Is it sick that I'm worrying that a game like this will cause Iguodala to fall in love with his jump shot?

Well, after hitting a bunch of huge jumpers he drove hard to the hole the last time he had the ball, so I wouldn't really worry about it.

Tray reply to Brian on Mar 14 at 23:20

Yeah. That last three he took, though, felt like something Baron Davis, or maybe more analogously, LeBron would do when he has one of those stretches where he just jacks threes and forgets that he's the best player going to the basket in the world.

jkay reply to Tray on Mar 14 at 23:17

yeah but we'll take the win and deal with that later.

One more. Come on, let's fucking go.

One stop.

Shit. Iguodala with the defensive play of the game too, but Jefferson got the loose ball.

Fuck me, Jodie.

If they had more shooters, I'd expect them to go for the win here.

I wish we could rebound.

eddies' heady's on Mar 14 at 23:19

Uh-oh.....no 3's please, chase them off the line and switch everything.

not sure why thad was in there for defense.....

One more stop.


I've watched other Jazz games on League Pass and Harpring's very fond of that saying about pressure and diamonds.

OK, win or overtime.

They let about a second and a half click off the clock after the shot fell, by the way.

eddies' heady's on Mar 14 at 23:23

Shit a damn Dre iso....sheesh

looked like he had Thad on the lob off the inbounds

Overtime, folks.

PHI 103, UTA 103 after four.

I'm sure all anyone will talk about tomorrow is that shot Iguodala just missed.

Court_visioN reply to Brian on Mar 14 at 23:25

yeah forget the two big free throws and the 3 down the stretch. and the steal and slam.

honestly if that is the definite play we are running, i'll take Lou shooting that over iggy.

you're kidding me right? do you know what lou's shooting % is?

Tray reply to MW on Mar 14 at 23:24

Yes, because he's better at putting the ball in the basket from 18 feet. For that matter, so is Brand. Why don't teams ever run pick and pops at the end of games?

Some teams do. The Jazz went to big men for their final two possessions.

Doug Collins for some reason believes isolations are the only acceptable final possession play. They always fail. And he still does nothing but isos. Definition of insanity.

Fuck. OT, but we shouldn't even be in this game right now.

WHAT THE EFF??? how r the sixers up right now??? they were down by like 20 in the 1st half?? did Iverson make a comeback??? or is andre like actually playing like a beast?

Just keep playing stingy D.

eddies' heady's on Mar 14 at 23:26

Bad first possession on offense.

SHit a AK 3

wow, no jrue

Fuck me. Charlie's Angel with another three.

Don't panic.

eddies' heady's on Mar 14 at 23:26

Man, Lou was fouled! on that 3

I also don't understand why we never consider EB at the end of games.

Blown bunny. Come on. The D is there, put the ball in the fucking hoop.

Lou has missed three open straight away threes tonight.

Three straight stops. GET A FUCKING HOOP!

good defense in OT, just need shots to fall now

Shit. Shit. Shit.

Come on. One more stop.

eddies' heady's on Mar 14 at 23:32

Terrible possession, they wanted Dre there and looked to have no backup plan.

O-board putback, ugh

winning this game is gonna require another miracle shot

Not sure they stopped fronting Jefferson.

Come on. Hoop and a stop.

sweet just found a feed, i see jefferson is killing us

If Kirilenko's bleeding, doesn't the blood rule take him out of the game?

Is Jodie hurt?

eddies' heady's on Mar 14 at 23:34

Just get a quick two here....what? a Dre rushed 3? come the eff on!

Meeks was back in. that was an awfully fucking quick three.

that's a shooting foul??

Thank Christ Kapono is active tonight.

How do we not get a shot for Jodie there?

PHI 107, UTA 112 Final.

Iggy made one big three and went crazy. What the fuck?!?!

man oh man, back 2 back 3's from Iggy . terrible shots

Court_visioN reply to Los5782 on Mar 14 at 23:38

seriously? The second one he had to take. the first one may have been rushed but if that was the playcall I can't fault Iguodala completely for that.


eddies' heady's on Mar 14 at 23:36

Why the hell we took a rushed not-good 3 by Andre there when only down by three with around 40 seconds left is beyond me? Just get a two there with that much time left. ugh, ugh, ugh.....

I guess my concerns about Iguodala falling in love with his jump shot were all too prescient.

jkay reply to Tray on Mar 14 at 23:43

if it had gone in, we'd all be ecstatic. same goes for Lou.
we were missing shots in the paint too and open looks so I won't lay too much on Iggy since the situation was dire.

We'd be ecstatic if Spencer Hawes chose to launch a half-court shot with 40 seconds left and it went in too.

Iggy's 3 attempt with 40 sec left and a full shot clock was simply disgraceful. If DC called that in the timeout, the only acceptable excuse is that he self-medicated a bit too hard.

Tray reply to jkay on Mar 14 at 23:54

I mean, I saw a guy last week on Welsh Road going at 70 on that day when it flooded in the suburbs. He went into a puddle, hydroplaned, spun around, rolled over, lost a tire, and almost flipped over the overpass onto the Turnpike. I bet he was ecstatic when he didn't..

jkay reply to Tray on Mar 15 at 0:01

my point was that two bad shots did not kill us. we didn't get any of our shots in. somehow they did. we lost.

Don't give us hope and take it away. Dammit.

A missed free throw doomed us again. Even our automatic guy is missing them in the clutch.

The game was lost in the 1st half. Let's not forget that.

Tray reply to HW on Mar 14 at 23:43

And then lost again in overtime, when we scored 4 in 5 minutes.

Can't win in OT when you have zero plays to run in close games. You can't win on;y running Iso the last 10 possessions of every close game.

Disappointing end, good effort to get back in it. Wonder if our lack of any kind of interior presence on the defensive end will come back to haunt us in the playoffs? CJ Miles thinks so.

Cousins, I swear, is actually having a great (and really entertaining) game right now. He just stole the ball from Curry and led a one-man fast break, split a double team with a crazy duck-under move, grabbed a miss and threw a 3/4 court bounce pass to Garcia, and did a bunch of other good things. 15, 6 and 4, 5-6 shooting, 1 turnover, 3 steals. Dalembert has 20 and 13. And Marcus Thornton has 33 on 15 shots. Since the trade he's averaged 20, with .552 TS%. I hope Dell Demps enjoys the upcoming Marco Belinelli era.

doug collins: utah's "front line is a bitch."

Tray reply to MW on Mar 14 at 23:55

When Millsap plays it is.

Doug Collins: "so I took out Hawes and Battie and played Brand at center with no help in OT"

speaking of frontline's....sammy d with a 22 and 14 so far tonight.

one thing that scares me - in the 2008 and 2009 playoffs, we had a similar season so far. Started out slow, caught fire, then sorta sputtered to the end and made the playoffs as 7 seeds and barely/under .500. Just hope that isn't happening again.

jkay reply to MW on Mar 15 at 0:03


Tray reply to MW on Mar 15 at 0:16

That's the post-Iverson Sixers for you.

Again, Brand 2 defensive rebounds in 40 minutes. Last time I checked an injured finger doesn't have anything to do with your feet being glued to the ground.

Court_visioN on Mar 15 at 0:21

Iguodala's diagnosed with runner's knee per Mike Preston. More bad news.

is this a permanent condition?

Tom Moore on Mar 15 at 0:26

Sixers unable to cool Jazz:


Tom Moore on Mar 15 at 0:31

Not sure what it means, but Sixers have lost the last four games in which Battie has appeared (dating back to early February).

Tray reply to Tom Moore on Mar 15 at 0:50

Perhaps it means that when we're losing by a lot, we play Battie in garbage time. Like the Milwaukee game. And when we're struggling against big men (today, against Amare, against Howard), we play Battie.

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