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Alright, I'll take a stab at it. I think it's a very good question, and yes, it can be done. But doing it well is difficult.

As a Knicks fan, I have to often check in on Frank Isola's blog, which, oddly, isn't that different from his regular column and articles in the Daily News. The guy basically dislikes the Knicks (well, mainly Dolan and Isiah, but also several of the players, too), and it shows in his "real" articles and columns. So to sum it up he does a poor job of switching hats.

Even worse, I would be okay with it if he ever reported actual Knicks news, but he has no real "ins" with the organization; so, for example, he will never report that the Knicks are in contact with the Pacers working out a deal for Jermaine O'Neal. He doesn't get scoops.

Bottom line - either you have an "in", and has a reporter you can use that to get good info (but probably at the expense of not being able to criticize the organization), or you are a glorified blogger. Like Bill Simmons says, what do you have to offer, being in the locker rooms, etc. that he can't offer from watching all the games and analyzing the team from home?

So then is the LoHud Yankees blog nothing more than a quicker news source? Is it even a blog?

Abraham sprinkles his opinion into his blog posts from time to time, and he adds a ton of audio, but is what he does really a blog?

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