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Blown Opportunity

Forgot to mention it, but Hawes was a big reason for the comeback late in the fourth on the glass.

jkay reply to Brian on Mar 15 at 0:45

and early in the 3rd, he was skying for rebounds (by Hawes standards anyway) till he got into foul trouble.

johnrosz on Mar 15 at 0:45

Iguodala has chondromalacia, Utley suffering from the same injury among other things.

If he's out Wednesday, does Collins go with the ultimate confidence nutshot to ET and stick Nocioni in the starting lineup? I think he will

Nah, he can't do that...can he?

johnrosz reply to Brian on Mar 15 at 0:52

need to get some TOUGHNESS in there to show the young guys that you gotta play TOUGH to win, can't just sleepwalk through games. need blue collar EFFORT and TOUGHNESS.

and wild drives to the bucket that result in charges or fast breaks for the other team. horrible defense, bad shooting.

but mainly TOUGHNESS

I can almost guarantee it

jkay reply to johnrosz on Mar 15 at 0:59

if the toughness can bring about some sort of a wake up call, I wouldn't mind much.

johnrosz reply to jkay on Mar 15 at 1:06

it won't, it will likely bring about losing basketball whenever Noc is on the court.

How many players will it take to guard Blake?

What is this every game with the Lou Meeks backcourt? You play two guys who are below average defensively alongside each other, one who goes iso and doesn't pass and one that can only catch and shoot? Yeah good strategy Collins. And by good I mean it's a train wreck.

johnrosz reply to Chunky Soup on Mar 15 at 0:53

Doug is under the impression that Meeks is a really good defender. I don't think he's anything to write home about, but he definitely gives it his all.

johnrosz reply to johnrosz on Mar 15 at 0:55

think back to the Dallas game when he put Meeks on Terry again down the stretch, Terry lit him up, but Doug felt like Jodie could do the job

That's fine, let each of them have their minutes. Why do they have to play together every game? I don't think there are two players on the team that compliment each other less out on the court.

"Iguodala is your player of the game. Without his insane offensive explosion at the end of the fourth, the Sixers lose this game by double digits. I didn't like the three he took with 40 seconds left, but whatever."

I didn't like the shot he took at the end of regulation, the shot he took at the beginning of overtime, the three with 40 seconds... and even the last three he made. Definitely player of the game though, he was great aside from the last 5:02.

You're talking about the three in the middle of his 9 points in 1:51? Yeah, bad decision on his part.

Tray reply to Brian on Mar 15 at 2:30

Well, I guess he has been shooting well this month. Generally I think we can do a lot better than a contested three from a career 32% three-point shooter.

Meeks was playing good defense in 2nd half; he got a lot of Thad's and ET's extra minutes.
Lou is self-explanatory.

I don't like Turner's reduction to a standard 16 minutes a game. It doesn't seem justified to me.

We've become very turnover-happy (especially Jrue), and Turner is the one guard we have who never turns it over.

Shooting isn't everything (and Turner still has a better shooting % than LouWill anyways).

I'd be more upset about Turner's minutes if he was doing more when he was on the floor. Lately, it looks to me like he's just coasting out there. If he gets the ball, he'll take a jumper, but he's not really forcing the action. He really needs to be working the defensive glass and pushing the ball off the rebound to be a major factor, imo.

I agree he isn't doing anything spectacular out there, but neither is anyone else. It's hard for him to get into a groove or really have an impact when he's always out there with supreme ball-hog Louis Williams.

Collins yanks him after every little mistake (even a missed jumpshot). It makes it very difficult for Turner to do anything when he has to fear getting removed every time he takes a shot.

At least he defends, doesn't turn it over, and sets up his teammates. That's more than we can say for LouWill (ever) or Jrue (recently).

The last time Turner got substantial minutes without LouWill on the floor was against GSW. Surprise, he was great that game.

I'm not saying he should be getting 40 minutes a game, but 16 is ridiculous imo. And if he's only gonna get 16, at least let him play without Louis.

jkay reply to stoned81 on Mar 15 at 2:03

well, Collins has different standards for everyone.
in this case, it comes down to Turner being a rookie. His leash is very short. end of story.

That's a big part of it, but I also think the fact that Collins really didn't want Turner in the first place has a role as well.

End of story maybe, but I can still say it stinks!

Totally agree with this. If Collins is opposed to JTI then he should play Lou with Jrue and have Jrue handle the ball, and then play Turner with Meeks to give Evan a little freedom, also put Speights in there with that group because he and Turner would work well together.

Yeah good point. As much as I can't stand LouWill, I like the idea of moving him into the starting lineup to get him off the ball, and to get Turner playing with Meeks.

Any idea that starts with 'starting Louis Williams' is a bad idea.

Bad enough Collins doesn't use him situationaly as he should

Perhaps he'd be loss of a ball hog if he started? I get the sense that he thinks he's above the bench, so he assumes he should never pass.

I suppose he could certainly bring this theory to the starting lineup too, but maybe not. Especially if he's playing off the ball with Jrue and Iggy running the point.

Believe me I think LouWill is generally garbage, but we need a shakeup, we've been crap the past two weeks minus the BOS game.

If he feels he's above the bench, then that's not a reason to start him

And he's started in the past - no reason to believe h'll pass more

He's a bench player - he's not a starter.

Evan Turner will either earn a starting job or he won't - making Lou a starter is a foolish thing to consider - it's bad enough Meeks starts

why not call out jodie for his missed free throw? if that was lou, you would be all over it. why not acknowledge Lou's contribution? if anyone else had done what lou did during the fourth you guys would speak on it. Lou was also the only sixer to score in overtime and was plus 16 for the game. also, dre has a bad habit of not passing to anyone (especially lou) when the game is on the line. just saying...

Scott reply to mchezo on Mar 15 at 9:02

I got to agree with this on the Jodie Meeks missed free throw. He has been great with FT's this year in the 4th quarter, but he missed a really big one last night. It's harder to get mad at him because he's been so good at them this year, but hitting FT's at the end of games is a big part of his job on the team. He doesn't contribute in so many other ways so he needs to be hitting those free throws.

I really like that Iguodala wants to take the final shot in close games but I'm really hating the results. I'm wondering if Collins is really comfortable with him taking the shot or if he doesn't have confidence with the other players on the floor?

Scott reply to KellyDad on Mar 15 at 9:06

I thought recently that Collins finally got over using the Iguodala iso at the end of games (and the LouWill iso as well), but last night I think Iguodala was just playing too well in the 4th quarter not to go to him. I think he had something like 14 pts in the 4th quarter and maybe our final 7 pts in the quarter or something? With how hot he was at the time, it probably would have been pretty hard for Collins to go away from him.

It'll be interesting to see what Collins does in the next couple games, though.

deepsixersuede on Mar 15 at 9:10

Is it time to cut Elton's minutes a bit [28 to 32?] by using Hawes or Spieghts next to Thad more often? If Spieghts and Turner can get 24 to 28 minutes a game it may save the legs of their teammates a bit.

After the game, it was revealed that Iguodala is day-to-day with right knee chondromalacia


I know there's something missing on a team when I'm yelling at the screen for Lou Williams to take the last shot in regulation.

Unfortunately, with Elton Brand being the highest paid player on the team, it comes with it that he will be, naturally, the ceiling of our team. He has worn down from his fast start this year, and I see no reason why that won't happen for the next 2-3 years. We're stuck in no-mans land, no matter how well the rest of our team plays.

This is a silly statement. Is Gilbert Arenas the ceiling of the Magic? Or Chris Kaman the ceiling of the Clippers?

Um, wait a minute, I know this one, don't tell me, wait, um, yes?

Shawn reply to Brian on Mar 15 at 10:33

Yes. Orlando is stuck with that awful contract. They won't win championships unless Dwight Howard ACTUALLY turns into superman and eats Gasol and Joakim Noah for dinner.

I can rephrase it and say this - If 40 % of our payroll, 16m + 12 m = 28 m / 69 m (hardcap, not softcap) is on an aging Elton Brand and Iguodala, your ceiling is the production of those two players. I think Iguodala is just about good enough to make up for the below averageness of EB at the PF, and that's about it.

On the blog we talk a lot about team defense, spacing, and playmaking from multiple options. Those factors are making this team better, obviously. But you are what you are.

Let's say you add Okafor or best case, Tyson Chandler as an example. Your ceiling still is what the 40% of your payroll can contribute. The only way this doesn't always compute is if players on their current salary massively outplay it. Which eventually corrects itself anyway.

eddies' heady's on Mar 15 at 10:30

Boy, oh boy. Andre, who's been a man of steel his whole career, is showing effects of how truly detrimental playing for Team USA was this summer (remember in the offseason there was talk of how it would help(?) his game). Elton has two hands dinged up and may as well get in an ice pool after every game. Spencer Hawes has lingering effects of an ankle injury. Jrue admitted a few weeks ago that he was beginning to get tired (and it's showing). Thad just admitted yesterday that he was tired from his uptick in minutes (his is showing too). Jodie? He just seems to keep on ticking, for the moment.

That only leaves Lou Williams and Evan Turner. Lou seems to be giving what he can give night to night. Scoring punch here and there, off-night sprinkled throughout, although just a few games ago his minutes were down too. That brings us to Evan. You'd think the #2 pick in the draft, college player of the year, most NBA ready prospect could give you just a little bit of something to make an impact on a game. You know, just enough to pick up some of the other guys slack and put you over the top. But Evan? Oh, he'll jack up 20 footers frequently, or pick his way to the lane with his fancy dribbling only to get swallowed up once he meets a defender or two in the paint. Or slow up when there's a potential break and he's handling the ball. Or pass the ball like it's a hot potato. Or, must I forget, stand around the arc with his hands held high in the air. What does Evan have to say about all this when asked? In his best Urkel voice, "I just want to play!". Well do it kid. It's not like your teammates couldn't use you right about now.

Or maybe the Turner apologists will just say the kid's doubled his normal college season and hit the Rook wall himself. It'd only be the 468th excuse this year....Step up Rook!


That's about the fairest, most logical argument about your disappointment in Evan Turner that I've ever read from you so far. Nice.

You're right, Evan has the opportunity of a lifetime. Playing on a playoff team in his ROOKIE year. His teammates are obviously dragging and have descended a bit from their peak of 2 months. I'm not sure if Collins' leach is so tight that he's afraid to handle the ball and make plays. At some point, he's just gotta let it all out. I'm OK with him making a ton of mistakes, as he's our only source of growth potential on this team. Maybe Collins isn't OK with it.

To the other 6ers showing a little exhaustion, I think it's a testament to our player's work ethic that has taken them this far and peak this high. I'm proud of them.

your ability to navigate your maze of an argument into Turner amazes me.

This two game losing streak kind of reminds me the two years they made the playoffs and kind of ran out of gas towards the end of the regular season and finished 40-42 and 41-41. Especially the Deleo year when they clinched in jersey and Thad got injured and they slipped the last two weeks of the season. Collins has been saying the last couple of games the team is tired. Too early to say that's going to happen this year. I'm assuming they are not going to practice today and just do a light shootaround tomorrow. I think Brian touched on this in the recap, but the way Jrue was playing last night, I think he's super tired.

67 games have passed with only 15 left in the regular season. There are more and more rumors about the players being tired. That has me as worried as i've been all season.

- Being tired, for such a young team, is completely unacceptable. The only players who may have a reason to be tired are Brand (hasn't played this much in a while due to injuries) and Iguodala (busy summer with team USA). The others are supposed to be full with youth and just the idea of them being tired is worrisome at best.
- The two guys that look the most tired are the same two that should be in the best shape of all (Holiday and Young) due to their youth and athleticism. If they are truly tired that's red flags for both of them in terms of future projections.
- Aside from being physically tired the team looks emotionally tired. That is somewhat understandable considering what they've gone through over the past year, but is still unacceptable. If they get emotionally drained by this, how would you expect them to kick it up a notch in th playoffs or in the next few years. This is worrisome both at the players and Collins front.

I'm not that worried with the results in the last few games, but the statements of the past few days are certainly causing doubt (at least in my mind).

P.S. Despite the missed free throw, honestly i'm proud of the way Meeks has handled stuff all season long and he keeps improving in all areas of his game. I like him more and more for being a model professional and that's something the whole team needs to learn IMO.

Comments on a blog do not qualify as rumors. That gives them more credibility than they deserve in regards to the state of the players.

- Being tired, for such a young team, is completely unacceptable

Ludicrous and asinine statement, pure and simple. A complete lack of understanding of what it takes to play an entire season of basketball and a misunderstanding that endurance isn't something that just shows up.

eddies' heady's reply to GoSixers on Mar 15 at 11:10

Weren't you saying yesterday that Doug should have practiced the top 7 in the rotation on the off day before last night's game?

Comments from players and coach don't qualify as rumors, that's pretty much fact.

Yes, they came out flat, but I'm not sure that we can speculate to them being 'exhausted', and if they are tired, it's no inexcusable, it happens.

They've been coming out flat, more often than not, for a while now, game after game, that's not tired, that's poor coaching in my opinion as they don't seem ready to play the first six minutes or so of most games.

1) These are not comments on a blog but something Collins has stated himself.

2) endurance isn't something that just shows up

Fully agree with this statement. It still doesn't explain why they are tired. It's not like they've started playing basketball (or any sport in general) just a few years ago. They've been training since they were very very young and endurance is one of the first things you need to grasp. Especially if you are not limited by your body. I understand young players need some time to reach their peak in terms of physical shape, but being in worse shape than banged up veterans is unacceptable (at least by my standards). Every team in the league faces the same number of games including the good ones and very rarely do you see a team beginning to underperform due to the players being tired this early in the season.

Btw, i may have exaggerated a bit but Collins coming out and saying his team is tired 60+ games into the season is just wrong to me. It's like waving a white flag and saying don't expect more from us.

Yes, you exagerrated and also completely blew what Collins said out of proportion.

Everyone's tired.

You think the Celtics lose to the Nets if they aren't tired?

Think the spurs get blown out by the three putzes in miami if they aren't tired.

It's a long season, EVERYONE who plays a majority of the games gets tired and your belief that due to youth the sixers shouldn't be tired is silly.

BTW, I think 30 minutes gives them too much credit, a portion of the 3rd and a portion of the fourth were good, and maybe that totals 12 minutes

But in the last two games after the 'great' win against the Celtics (who just lost to the Nets last night on the road) the sixers have played 8 quarters of basketball, and 7 (in terms of minutes in my opinion) were crap.

That's unacceptable from a team still playing for playoff positioning whatever the reasoning and to me they're now looking at a 1-4 road trip (the Clippers at home are no longer a 'gift' as Brian seems to think)

I'm starting to think that the very good basketball we've seen over the last 45 games has essentially been overachieving, playing beyond their capacity. They've played good defense, their bench has been great, and Collins has gotten terrific effort out of them. I am worried that that has been an extended flash in the pan, and what we're seeing now is the Sixers regressing to their mean. Looking at this roster, particularly the starting 5, they've already won more games than I thought they would at the beginning of the season. 40% of their starting lineup (Meeks and especially Hawes) really aren't starters on most other teams. They've done a lot with a little, but it may finally be catching up with them. I hope I'm wrong...

This team is pretty brutal when it comes down the the last 10 possessions of a close game. Even when they win its often more due to other teams not scoring/defense as opposed to ever executing efficient offense. And I'm not sure this will change this year- since its already getting late.

I don't think Collins has even settled on what he wants to do late in games. He does not even have a consistent late game rotation.

Some games its Lou/Jrue/Iguodala. Sometimes Jrue/Turner/Iguodala, Sometimes Jrue/Meeks/Iguodala and Sometimes Lou/Meeks/Iguodala. And even Lou/Jrue/Turner/Iguodala.

They have four different players who initiate offense (or isolate.) They vary going big or small depending on the night.

For 90% of the game its an advantage to have depth and a multitude of options. But that becomes a disadvantage when late games become a revolving door rotation without any go to plays, just isolations.

I agree with whoever said this was reminiscent of 07-08 (4 straight losses to close the regular season) and 08-09 (6 straight losses and an OT win over Cleveland's 2nd team). It's as if the Sixers thought they had "arrived" with the Boston win and started to feel complacent. If there's one positive to the timing of this lull, it's that it is happening earlier in the season and the Sixers have a chance to turn things around. In some respects, though, this loss was worse than the Bucks game, because the Jazz are a truly terrible defensive team and the Sixers just couldn't take advantage for most of the game.

Other thoughts:
* Jrue vs. Devin Harris didn't work out as I had hoped. I've come to expect that Jrue will struggle on defense with any decent offensive PG (Harris is, and he did). But Harris has been woeful defensively since he joined Utah, and Jrue couldn't take advantage. Jrue has to be better for the Sixers to have any chance against the better teams.
* Two guys who played like 09-10 last night: Brand and Thad. Brand missed a few open 10-12 footers that have been close to automatic this year, and Thad still seemed a little rushed at times (and his jumper has been awful lately). Just goes to show how valuable those two have been this year, now that their regular output has been missing for a couple games.
* Agree that Hawes got some important d-rebounds, including a huge one with under a minute left in regulation. Unfortunately, he was too slow to contend with Jefferson without help. Great point by Brian about missing Dalembert there (Jefferson has had his share of success vs. the Sixers in the past but was probably single-covered in those games).
* In a sense, the Sixers were hurt that Millsap and Hayward (two terrible defenders) were hurt. They beat Utah in Philly with offense more than defense.
* While it was exhilarating when Iguodala made his scoring run in the 4th, you've got to think it is pretty unusual for him to make so many jumpers in a row. He's become more and more of a jumpshooter this year, only penetrating to pass. I didn't think the isolation play at the end of regulation was a bad one, as Iguodala had been getting free from Kirilenko quite easily, and he did get an open jumper. Unfortunately, Iguodala wasn't set when he shot that shot, and as usual in that case, it didn't go in.
* Kirilenko had been coming off a back injury and was 3-20 since coming back until late in the 4th, from which point he hit 2 3's and a follow dunk. Figures, right? The follow dunk was on Iguodala, who was caught in no man's land, halfway to double-teaming Jefferson. The 3's were on Iguodala too, though the first one was understandable (Kirilenko was 1-6 to that point).

One positive about Wednesday's game is that it's LAC's first game back from a road trip. We'll see if they're out of sorts. Hopefully, the Sixers' young legs will come through with a big game if Iguodala is limited.

tk76 reply to Statman on Mar 15 at 12:24

Both the Bucks and Jazz are in despiration mode. Each only 1-2 games out of the 8th playoff spot.

The Sixers feel like they have "arrived" by beating Indiana and Boston- all but assuring a playoff spot. I think those other fringe teams just want it more right now, and the Sixers need to get their edge back if they hope to compete.

tk76 reply to tk76 on Mar 15 at 12:26

BTW, the Sixers would be tied for the 10th seed in the West.

tk76 reply to Statman on Mar 15 at 13:56

My problem with using Hawes late in games is that even when he is playing "good" he still hurts you with his lack of mobility and man defense.

Sort of like how even "good Lou" is bad for the team's flow. "Good Hawes" still hurts the teams's defense.

Despite Hawes individual ability to rebound, the team overall is marginally worse at defensive rebounding when he is on the floor. And they give up 4 pts more per 100 possessions when he is on the floor:


William reply to Statman on Mar 15 at 15:27

I was the one who talked about the 2 playoff seasons falling off at the end. Thanks for acknowledging that. They seem to to put it on cruise control after they feel like a spot has been clinched. The problem is this team can't afford to go on "cruise control." only the elite teams can do that. Collins said he told the team after the game they have to play hard every time out to be competitive and win. Look for a stronger effort against the clips tomorrow.

Looking at sortable 82games "clutch stats" there are no Sixers with a positive +/- in these late game situations (" 4th quarter or overtime, less than 5 minutes left, neither team ahead by more than 5 points")

Young is the best at -11, which places him about 100th best in the NBA.

tk76 reply to tk76 on Mar 15 at 12:35


FYI per 48/min of this "clutch time" Jrue averages 4.9 asst and 4.5 TO's. While Iguodala is 6.9/2.1

His play recently, just overall, is probably the thing that most concerns me and I'm hoping it's just some sort of wall from playing so many games as opposed to last year where his psyche needed coddling.

tk76 reply to GoSixers on Mar 15 at 13:16

Eh, I think he is just up and down. He'd probably put up better numbers if Iguodala was out, but he'd still have his ups and downs.

It is harder as a young player to be consistent when your role is ill defined. And as a PG-not a PG is a tough role to figure out. He can thrive in that role as a scorer and distributor, but it will take a long time for him to feel out the boundaries of that "scoring guard" role. While being a full time PG is easier to figure out what you should and should not do.

That great stretch of 19/8/4 on 50%/40% earlier this year was one of his "ups."

I was primarily referring to what seems to be a more lackadaisical approach to protecting the ball these days

tk76 reply to GoSixers on Mar 15 at 13:44

I think late in games he's had issues with bad TO's all year. But he did show some incramental improvement at other times in the game until these last 2 games.

Could be right, just the late game stuff probably sticks more. ish I could watch the video to see

It is harder as a young player to be consistent when your role is ill defined. And as a PG-not a PG is a tough role to figure out. He can thrive in that role as a scorer and distributor, but it will take a long time for him to feel out the boundaries of that "scoring guard" role.

I buy this to a certain extent, but he was playing the point a lot in the first half and was terrible doing it. Simply knowing that he's going to be the PG for most of the game shouldn't make that much of a difference in Jrue's quality of play. Both PG's and SG's need to know not to dribble through double teams. Hopefully it's just a bad couple games and he'll bounce back.

tk76 reply to Statman on Mar 15 at 14:25

Yeah, its not a 100% explanation or an excuse.

But it is hard to know the correct way to attack the defense when you are sometimes the PG and sometimes the scorer. Your responsibilities and spacing are different. Should he be probing, scoring or reversing the ball?

If he is simply trying to be a scorer then he won't turn the ball over as much. But if he is trying to wear both hats it gets more complicated.

Sorry if I'm not completely explaining this. I can give specific examples.

So you are saying that some of Jrue's mistakes could be attributed to lack of repetitions at one specific role. I can understand this to some extent. I'm a setter in volleyball, and when I have to play hitter, I have to think harder about where to be, instead of instinctively going to the right spot. But volleyball is more deliberate than basketball, and to my (mostly untrained) eyes, the PG/SG distinction is blurred on much of what the Sixers run. When he's playing as the nominal SG, Jrue still gets the ball in space and still needs to make good decisions (unless it's an open spot up shot, for which the decision should be simpler). And I would think, perhaps simplistically, that most of the mistakes shouldn't occur when he is playing PG, where he has played most of his career (i.e., if he struggles at SG, that is more understandable).

Also, while repetition is helpful for eliminating certain types of mistakes, there are other mistakes that I would just attribute to bad basketball (e.g., getting stripped bringing the ball up, trying to dribble through double teams).

tk76 reply to Statman on Mar 15 at 15:16

There are certain things that PG's are not supposed to do that scoring guards are supposed to do.

PG's are always to maintain their dribble. When they drive they have to worry more about loss of floor balance (risking giving up a fast break on the other end.) They are not to shoot early in the clock unless it is a layup. They are supposed to work the ball to either the hot hand or a player who has been neglected. Drives are supposed to be about breaking down and probing more than scoring.

Shooting guards are not supposed to spend to much time in the middle of the floor (where there is more help defense.) They are supposed to drive and jump with the intension of shooting first. They are expected to take the first available quality shot. Dribbling to much and probing is bad because it is dominating the ball. So if nothing is available they should pass quickly. In passing their chief priority is to swing the ball to the weak side to force the entire defense to have to shift. They have to look to cover for the PG when the PG drives to preserve floor balance.

tk76 reply to tk76 on Mar 15 at 15:17

I think there are times when Jrue is caught between these mindsets.

tk76 reply to tk76 on Mar 15 at 15:18

By "to" I mean "too" :)

Those are good descriptions of the classical roles of PG's and SG's, but I would argue that Jrue, even at his best, is not a classical PG. He'll never be Nash or Kidd or Rondo. At his best, I see him as a Tony Parker type (or Arenas or Hawks-era Jason Terry), someone who looks to score as much as distribute. So in that sense, the PG/SG distinction shouldn't be as great for Jrue as it would be for a more pure PG. The only "pure" guard on the Sixers' roster is Meeks, who fits your definition of SG to a tee.

tk76 reply to Statman on Mar 15 at 15:45

I'm not so concerned that he is a cookie cutter PG. I'm concerned that at different times in the game his role changes. He is supposed to play one way at the start of the game. And then has different roles when he is teamed with Lou or Turner. Then he has a more passive role the last 5 minutes of games, where Iguodala becomes the PG.

Vets with a good feel for the NBA game like Terry and Iguodala can move in and out of roles throughout a ballgame. I just wonder if it is taking away from Jrue's feel for the game. If he is having to over-think his ever changing role then he'll lack the instinctive play that is needed to be efficient and mistake free.

deepsixersuede on Mar 15 at 13:17

Why isn't Elton used at the end of games? Was he a closer when with the Clips?

I think it has something to do with his 'best' move being a stand still set shot from about 12 feet out or so?

He did not have a good overtime

Those Clippers only finished over .500 one season of his 7 and had under 30 wins 3X. Not sure that's a great resume as a closer.

Tray reply to tk76 on Mar 15 at 14:30

He still could have closed out the close games they were in.

Court_visioN reply to deepsixersuede on Mar 15 at 17:22

you forget that his missed wide open 10 footer was part of the reason (along with Thad's missed layup) that the Sixers were down in OT in the first place.

What is the sixers pace in the final 5 minutes if it was per 48 minutes?

heh, is the Ty Lawson vs Jrue Holiday debate going to come back?

Tray reply to Jason on Mar 15 at 17:47

Lawson is playing really well. Jrue's always had more potential, though. I don't think I ever said we should have picked Lawson; I just said I thought Lawson could be a really good point guard. He makes shots, breaks down the defense with his quickness, doesn't turn the ball over. He's about 8th among point guards in TS%; last year he was 4th. In his 24 career games as a starter, he's been more, not less, efficient, with a line of 15.5 and 6.8 assists to 2.0 turnovers per, on .525 shooting from the field. If you think that's unsustainable, consider that Parker, a similar player, has done much the same thing for years.

Personally, I think Jrue would still be putting up big numbers and taking off nationally if Iguodala had been traded.

They team would lose a bunch more games through.

Interesting. Later in the video, they show the full play where Miles scored at the end of regulation. Comcast joined in a second late. I had assumed Iguodala was picked, but he basically ran around a potential pick and trailed Miles the whole way. Not very good defense by Iguodala down the stretch, really (there and vs. Kirilenko).

Just watched that last play again. Very poor. The only thing I can think of is that he never thought Miles was going to curl to the hoop, thought he was going out behind the line for a three. Just terrible.

Court_visioN reply to Brian on Mar 15 at 17:29

That pass shouldn't have been an option. On inbounds plays the guy guarding the inbounds pass has to force the pass away from the basket. Iguodala also ran off two screens, one by Raja Bell - which I couldn't see because the highlight cuts off there, and the second one by Jefferson which he ran around.

Who was on the ball, Thad?

eddies' heady's reply to Court_visioN on Mar 15 at 23:26

Thad did force the pass away from the basket, he was angled near perfectly between the inbounder and the basket.

A bit under the radar, Jodie Meeks has established himself as the true starter the last 9 games. In terms of both minutes and production:

33:36 min (legit starters minutes)
14.1 pts (within 1 ppg of the team leader)
3.5 reb (not terrible for a SG)
1.4 stl (surprisingly good)
44% 3pts
92.6% FT

Only the assist number (0.9%) is really low- but look who he is playing next to.

14.1 pts (within 1 ppg of the team leader)

The warriors third leading scorer averages more points per game than the sixers leading scorer. I'm not sure that's good or bad

eddies' heady's reply to tk76 on Mar 15 at 23:33

It's surprising more people aren't playing this up. This guy is clearly making progress as a player in this league. An impact player not only in what he does, but what he does for others indirectly. And what a great story it is coming from a traded for 2nd round pick. If this was Turner, there'd be chatter of a borderline all-star status approaching. Biases really do come into play I guess. Cause Meeks is a part of this team just like anyone else, just not a popular talked about team member for some reason.

To be fair Meeks is more one dimensional and is a bit undersized at SG. So its hard to see him ever as much more than a good role player. But certainly in a role this team otherwise lacks.

Turner struggles more, but his size and skill set give him potentially the chance to develop into a more dynamic player. Whether he does so is an open question that none of us an answer right now- despite people having strong opinions on either sider. Also it remains to be seen if Turner/Igiuodala/Jrue will complement each other well long term. We will know better once we have a better handle on the individual players Jrue and Turner will become.

Pacers up 3 on the knicks at the half

johnrosz reply to GoSixers on Mar 15 at 20:30

I've been watching it on and off, Tyler Hansbrough has been putting up some numbers lately. Don't think too many people saw that coming

20 points in a game for like 4 or 5 straight games now I think. Similar style of game to what he was doing in college. I don't think people thought he was going to suck (sans haters), but probably not expecting 20 PPG either. He's finally healthy and producing though.

Pacers up 10 in the 3rd. They look good, but this game is going to swing back and forth.

People thought he was going to be a energy bench guy

So far, he's an energy bench guy

The glide has said this twice in the past week

"When you're a super star, it's not how many points you have but when you get them"

Agree or disagree?

Tray reply to GoSixers on Mar 15 at 21:22

I don't see how one can agree or disagree. Both matter - how many points, when you score them. Webber, in his best years in Sacramento, was a lousy player late in games, and this clearly limited them. But he was still the biggest reason they got one game of awful officiating away from the Finals. Then take Kobe. Apparently he has poor clutch numbers, but he is still one of the most efficient high-usage players in the game and it's pretty hard - probably impossible - to point to years where they could've won if only Kobe were better at the ends of games. I guess if we had some formula where we could weight first-quarter scoring, fourth-quarter scoring, etc., I'd give some more weight to fourth-quarter scoring, but not a whole lot more.

How does Dougals make that 3?

How does he take that 3 is the better question.

I thought it was 'take the 3 or fall out of bounds' type of thing.

Pacers can't make their FT's either near the end. Last possession with a tie game

Granger iso - makes it with .3 left

And that's why Granger is better than Iguodala ;)

Tray reply to GoSixers on Mar 15 at 21:38

Well, that's one example of "it's when you score your points." If Indiana had Iguodala instead of Granger, there's a good chance they wouldn't be in such a close game, as Iguodala would do a much better job on Melo (then again, they wouldn't have Granger's 26 points), but if they were in the same close game, they'd probably be headed into overtime right now. As we did last night.

Knicks enjoy giving Sixers gifts, though I guess this makes the last two losses more painful?

Depends how you look at it - doesn't hurt as much since the knicks lost too (probably only one game they should have lost of the two) - less painful because the knicks haven't taken advantage or more painful because the sixers would have the six seed right now?

Rose had another 8-21 game. It's strange that he's become the clear-cut MVP front-runner during his worst stretch of the season. In 12 post All-Star games, he's shooting 39%. Of course, during that stretch, they're 10-2. People assume Rose is the reason, but I tend to think the reason is their only giving up an average of 85 points a game since the All-Star break.

tk76 reply to Tray on Mar 15 at 23:44

Hard to guess- but where would the Sixers and Bulls be if Thibbs and Collins had flipped destinations. IMO they were probably the right guy for each job- and neither would be quite as successful had their roles been reversed.

...so does this mean the team has good chemistry, or just that #00 is incredibly awkward?

Mospeights16 - This guy @spencerhawes00 is in the pool in it's 60 out here Sheesh http://plixi.com/p/84293468
about 4 hours ago via Echofon

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