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Game 68 Thread: PHI @ LAC

So I think I counted this up right - the Clippers are 11-2 in their last 13 home games.

If you need any help the next time you're counting to 13, just drop me an email.

WHich one of your kids misbehaved tonight?:)

Actually had a decent night. Had to work late, then caught a movie on my way home.

The NBA should take a break during NCAA tourney. Gonna miss the first half.

The tournament starts tomorrow as far as I'm concerned

These games are ridiculous (and honestly, I thought they were all going to be 16 seed sacrificial lamb games anyway to give the sisters of the poor one tournament 'win')

It's awesome that in such a weak year in college ball they institute the 68 team policy

I'm a big CAA fan so i'm watching.

That's the USC-VCU '12' seed game?

Rich reply to Jason on Mar 16 at 21:00

I'll mostly be watching the Sixers, but I'm with you in this game then. The point guard for USC is a huge douche who transferred from my school's terrible hoops program where he was awful and turned into a very steady player for them.

That, and I snuck down from those nosebleeds in Philly two years ago for the first round games. The one game that I got the best seats for was UCLA-VCU. I sat right behind the VCU band (very good and pretty funny chants too), and they lost by one on an Eric Maynor brick at the end of the game with Darren Collison guarding him.

I also remember during that game being impressed with a UCLA freshman guard whose name was Jrue Holiday.

my god this arena is empty.

Yea thats the reason I'll be watching too. Went to Delaware so I root for the conference. It's a shame how far they have fallen since playing in the American East

Turtle Bay on Mar 16 at 20:55

Brian, can you tally the number of games that you have predicted the Sixers to win (in the preview posts). It seems that you have predicted them to win almost every game. Would be curious to see the breakdown for fun.

I don't really have any interest in tallying this up. Feel free, if you have the time. I'm typically a hopeless optimist on game day, so I'm sure I've predicted like 50 wins the first 68 games.

Atlanta lost in a blowout at home to the Lawson-helmed Nuggets; perhaps we still have a small chance at the 5th seed. Lawson didn't play for most of the second half - when he was in, he had 9, 4, 10, 3 steals and 1 turnover in 25 minutes. Greg Monroe, who's been averaging 15 and 10 since the All-Star break, has 19, 8 and 5 right now. Perhaps the most underrated of rookies.

Rich reply to Tray on Mar 16 at 21:23

Underrated? Thorpe has him 2nd.

ROY voting watch had him in 5th on espn.com today

Tray reply to GoSixers on Mar 16 at 22:13

As does NBA.com's "Rookie Ladder." It also has Cousins second. ESPN has Cousins third. Both seem high to me.

Iguodala is a go tonight.

More importantly I"m gonna miss the second half of top chef

Rich reply to GoSixers on Mar 16 at 22:17

Boy, you seem to watch some terrible TV :)

To each his own though.

I like cooking, I have a lot of dabbling passions while still looking for the primary one (stupid ADHD is a bitch), and some of the stuff they cook is awesome.

I probably read some 'terrible' books to you as well, but I live in a world where twilight is considered go out at minight and by the books

Tray reply to GoSixers on Mar 16 at 22:22

I saw a cooking show in a bar - I'm not sure if it was Top Chef, but it seemed pretty intelligent for reality TV, with the exception of the suspenseful outros to commercials where they ponder whose foie gras is going to get cut.

Rich reply to GoSixers on Mar 16 at 22:32

I wasn't really coming at you. Top Chef or stuff like Burn Notice isn't my thing, but television is so specialized now that it's not like it matters. It's just people's particular tastes. I watch some good stuff, and have guilty pleasures.

It is possible that I wouldn't like what you read either (which I don't really know, haven't said anything about it) and agree with your take on Twilight.

I read a wide variety of things, but I'm a geek, have been since i was in second grade and my teacher bought me my first two books ever - and when I was a kid there wasn't as much literature available so I read stuff that might be for 'teens' but a ton of other stuff.

I watch a ton of tv, again, numerous passions but no deep ones

Nice, DirecTV finally came out with a new mini-giraffe commercial. Those crack me up.

C.J. Miles with 25 first-half points against Minnesota. Favors with two first-half fouls (9 minutes). Wesley Johnson continuing to establish himself as the poor man's Martell Webster.

Maybe if the sixers use a kia optima as starting center they can stop griffin

(IS that kia commercial national or am I just blessed with it because Im in the greater LA tv market?)

Oh it's national

Lawler's law in HD tonight for me.

This Jalen Rose thing is getting completely blown out of proportion. The problem is that Rose is too much of a fucking idiot to explain that he was talking about how he felt at the time. Either that or he's really an idiot and that's how he still feels. Saw the documentary, liked the HBO doc on UNLV better. Kate got a reaction from Brand.

Rich reply to Brian on Mar 16 at 22:40

My dad interviewed Tark when Rollie took over for him and everyone hated him in Vegas. He said he was really funny. The thing he (and I) liked about Tark was that he didn't pretend he didn't cheat a little. He was kind of like an honest criminal. Well, almost.

Did you see the UNLV doc? It was really good. I always kind of thought Tark was just a cheater, never realized he was such a good coach, too.

THere's a little something in this weeks around the web regarding how elton brand felt, at the time, about duke

If you've ever seen the movie 'Eddie' I know who speights models his game after

Mareese Makes Basket

Rose certainly seems a little too defensive about those remarks, at least from what I have heard him say.

And if I had a choice to watch a documentary by HBO or ESPN about the same topic, Im picking HBO every times

To me, Rose has always been a poseur, not as smart as he wants everyone to think he is and insecure in his own knowledge and expertise. This just kind of exposes it.

ESPN sweeping it under the rug is deplorable. If a white guy said it - he would have been fired

All right time to sit back and watch a huge performance by Jrue tonight!

Alright, let's get it done.

Hawes winning tips is a bad indicator for the Sixers.

D. Jordan killed the Celtics the other night.

Watch out Spence!!

Aaaaannd, Hawes loses the tip. We're off!

Mo is guarding Jrue. Nice P&Pop Ai and EB to start things.

Jodie w/ the dribble drive. Poor defense by the Clips.

I think EB's first jumper opened up the lane for Meeks. Jordan looked like he didn't want another jumper in his face.

Couple long twos for Williams. Jrue stuck on a pick on the second.

Split-A-Pair Hawes!

Did Jrue foul him there? Yup. God damnit.

That was offensive goaltending on Jordan.

eddies' heady's reply to Brian on Mar 16 at 22:49

Too obvious.

eddies' heady's on Mar 16 at 22:47

Andre looking mighty spry on that one.

DeAndre Jordan audition put back - #1

Gomes has no prayer of guarding Iguodala. I wish he'd take advantage more than he will.

eddies' heady's on Mar 16 at 22:48

Jrue w/ his favorite corner 3!

Damn Dre, he was grimacing after that one thought.

Dre doesn't like to think ;)

Jrue three, EB block, AI9 dunk. nice series there.

Jrue's gotten picked three timed for Williams buckets. The second one was his fault, he got stuck.

It must be nice for Williams though, Brand offers no resistance. He just sits in the lane. It's really Shaq level pick and roll defense.

Now EB showed on the fourth one and he blocked Blake from behind. More of that please.

eddies' heady's on Mar 16 at 22:51

What a poke away by Andre on Blake. heh

Brand got fouled on that layup.

Power is good Blake - but finesses is vital

AI9 w/ the steal making everyone at ESPN cry.

Jodie three.

Meeks into the starting line up benched Turner huh?

It wasn't nocioni?

Is anyone at the point where their eyes light up when they see Jodie trailing Iguodala on a break? He always gets him the ball.

Like Iverson w/ Korver.

His inability to score off the dribble reminds me of young Korver too (he's still not good but he's gotten better)

eddies' heady's reply to Rich on Mar 16 at 22:53


Jrue w/ another jumper. Please, please give us a big game tonight, Jrue.

WHy is everyone falling over?

Good question. That's three times.

Iguodala is getting into the paint tonight, even hit EB for a wide open jumper on that last one. Very good sign.

Well, then he settles for a bad one. Take the good with the bad.

Battie and Turner are first off bench for AI9 and Hawes. Was wondering if we'd see Thad on Griffin, I think the answer is no.

eddies' heady's on Mar 16 at 22:57

They have ran an Andre iso on the left side of the court at least two times already, with Hawes giving the entry pass.

dangerous pass by Jrue.


How is that a charge?

Two on Jrue. That was a terrible fucking call.

eddies' heady's on Mar 16 at 22:59

Good steal Jodie! Ugh, offensive foul on Jrue, questionable call. Wow, terrible call after replay.

Kaman walked about three times before they called it.


Fucking Tom Washington. That's a 2nd foul that isn't Jrue's fault at all. That's not close.

Also, notice Mo Williams has had to give up the ball when Brand is providing resistance on the pick? The other big has cut off the plunging Griffin every time. I like it.

This game has some promise. Meeks with some good D and Hawes got through his first run without the ball hitting him in the face.

What the hell is Nocioni doing on the court?

Nocioni. Fuck me.

The Return of the Mullet. Uh oh.

One day Jrue & Griffin? or Jrue & DHoward??? ahh sweet future





I know I'm late but why not? brands contract expires same year as dwights

Everything went to shit when Jrue and Iguodala were both on the bench.

Is this the worst rotation Collins has run when a game isn't in doubt all year?

It's up there.

And they just assfucked an 8-point lead. God damnit.

When Battie shoots, a puppy dies

eddies' heady's on Mar 16 at 23:05

So I guess this is the rotation we're going to have to get used to with "tired" guys and legs. And banged up players too.

This second unit has gotten some terrible shots. What was Thad doing there? Moon has the length to guard him.

Thought Aminu was on him. That holds either way.

Court_visioN on Mar 16 at 23:06

wow, nocioni has missed 3 defensive assignments since he's been on the floor.

So - Speights time is over?

Court_visioN reply to GoSixers on Mar 16 at 23:08

i'm not all that surprised. Collins gave Speights a chance to show he can do something and he didn't really deliver. Battie sucks but he's more reliable and Collins needs to get him up to speed for the playoffs.

Speights I believe did the best he is able at this time - I'm not really sure how Collins expects his game to change over night during the season. He's still clueless on defense but showing a bit more effort, he wasn't rewarded for that, so now, why should he bother trying?

Wait, so are we going to Lou/Turner/Noc/Thad/Battie for offense? Or for defense?


PHI 24, LAC 24 after one.

great start, completely pissed away by the fourth unit Collins finished the quarter with. On the bright side, Lou saved his shooting percentage by not quite getting off a heave at the buzzer.

Lou needs to be benched for that selfish crap. But he's Collins' pet.

You know Craig Smith's 27? I'd still like him on our team though. I'm not sure why he's never gotten more of an opportunity. He's produced every year he's been in the league.

eddies' heady's on Mar 16 at 23:07

Lou and Thad are going to have to take over here, cause ain't no one else in this unit too promising.

That bench lineup was scary awful.

Bonus minutes for this lineup.

Who did Meeks just come in for, Lou or Turner?

MichaelT reply to Brian on Mar 16 at 23:10

Turner, he made one fucking turnover and he was pulled. Sorry, that's bullshit. It was a lazy pass but this is over the top even by Collins standards.

Standard Collins procedure. Tough Love for the rookie let lou williams play like an idiot

eddies' heady's reply to Brian on Mar 16 at 23:11


It's pathetic that Elton Brand is even in the debate for best clippers player ever

Thad really can't take those pull-up jumpers.

Thad can't take jumpers - period

God I forgot how much I hate the clippers announcers.

Thad - if you aren't at the rim - don't shoot.

Turner probably done for the game

Speights back in the doughouse?

Tray reply to GoSixers on Mar 16 at 23:10

My favorite announcers in the league. Bingo.

I'm pretty sure no one is surprised by this

Court_visioN on Mar 16 at 23:10

BTW i don't know if anyone's mentioned it - it's Blake Griffin's birthday today. Some extra incentive for the Clippers

Fuck. That Thad terrible shot possession is all in Lou. Even when he tries, he can not get a team into an offensive set.

Wow Thad's jumper has been hedo turkoglu's face ugly

I love when Lou destroys a possession then passes off at the last second to make someone else look bad taking a terrible shot.

I think I would probably cry if they traded Iguodala for Kaman. And not tears of joy.

I'm not sure I could watch sixers games

Kaman is UGLY

Kaman in HD could blow up your TV.

He hasn't yet - but I got an old school big boy HDTV - but man - remember when he had that stringy ass hair looked like he never washed it?

Tray reply to GoSixers on Mar 16 at 23:17

I thought it was fun when we had Van Horn's ugliness on the team. Van Horn looked a little like a human toothed fish.

Also, I love how Turner gets benched for one TO. Like a prorated Jrue short leash.

LOL. Piles of bricks from Lou, but he stays out there of course.

Court_visioN on Mar 16 at 23:12

is it just me or do nocioni's basic normal swing passes strike terror in your heart? Every time the pass recipient has to fight off the defender for the ball.

Nice pass, Bledsoe.

Thad seems to be playing point forward now...

There you go, Thad.

And he follows it up w/ a terrible turnover.

Three fouls on Bledsoe.

Thank god the clippers 5 out there suck a lot too

I think Thad wanted to run on that pass and that's why he got it to Jodie when Lou was open. Not excusing the pass, but Lou looked like he was in walk the ball up the floor mode.

The Sixers have zero playmakers on the floor right now.

Dude, Lou's a BOSS

Seriously, how does that happen?

Rich reply to Brian on Mar 16 at 23:16

It's nights like this when I try and remember that the 2nd Unit has ever been a plus. When Lou or Thad don't have mismatches, they really kill you.

When they have to play defense, the sixers are in trouble too :)


Brand looks like himself. Nice.

Starters back in. Thank, God.

They call those street clothes??

So other teams just don't try to defend Griffin is that it?

Tray reply to GoSixers on Mar 16 at 23:21

I believe they were trying to give Brand credit. I think they were also saying that he's been struggling a little recently.

Zumoff has yet to say "Blake has a lot of stuff." He really has a very rudimentary offensive repertoire.

It's all instinct and power - because until now he's never needed anything else (poor coaching AAU/College etc...). If dude works and develops any moves and finesse - he'll be a beaster...

eddies' heady's on Mar 16 at 23:19

Damn Jrue. shit

Three on Jrue. We're fucked for the rest of the half. More of Lou.

3 on holiday

The starting 4 and lou - argh

Please let Iguodala run the offense here.

Hawes w/ the one-handed board and dish for the dunk. Wow.

That's a bad on Jrue, totally not a smart play. Of course, if Tom Washington could fucking see.

Has anyone else been slightly impressed by a few of Hawes' boards tonight? Recently?

Yeah, definitely.

They should show that Blake play over and over again on sportscenter tonight.

eddies' heady's on Mar 16 at 23:21

Hawes gets his hands on more balls than anyone in the league not to grab them and bring them in.

he shouldn't be crashing the boards.

Grabbing balls isn't something republicans approve of

eddies' heady's reply to GoSixers on Mar 16 at 23:26

Don't tell that to that senator from minnesota (i think)...larry something...lol

Spencer Hawes type of republicans are more texas than minnesota

Meeks was wide open and waiting for the ball the entire time Lou had it. Ugh.

Lou Keeps Shooting - Lou Keeps Missing

I wonder if Lou's going to make a shot tonight.

1 for 20 - with the game winner - cause he's clutch and Iguodala isn't

Bad Lou tonight 0- 6

Gotta love Kaman playing 3x as many minutes as DeAndre Jordan.

Lou with three points in eight possessions so far...

eddies' heady's on Mar 16 at 23:24

Turner can't even come in as a backup playmaker/point? Thought that was his specialty.

Why is Lou still in the game. At least play Turner when there's another playmaker in the game. At least he defends. At least, nevermind.

That garbage Blake threw up was him being afraid of hard contact from Brand.

Tray reply to Brian on Mar 16 at 23:26

Or him thinking he's already a superstar and that he was going to get some BS call.

So the only way to win this game is to play the starters 40+?

Look at Sissy Hook w/ the up and under layup.

Hawes is right. Awful call.

Actually think that was good D by Hawes.

I remember when Korver first started, every time he dribbled I just knew he was going to miss. I feel the same when Meeks dribbles

Josh reply to GoSixers on Mar 16 at 23:28

I agree 100%

And on two straight possessions he makes my point. Off the dribble, miss, set at the 3, swish.

If he could improve that he'd be so much more dangerous

Josh reply to GoSixers on Mar 16 at 23:33

Jodie will be a great bench guy, but he is not a starting 2. He can't create a shot for himself or play D

Korver couldn't create his shot early in his career either, he did improve. (I don't think Meeks will be a starter either). If Meeks could improve off the dribble it just makes him more dangerous. All you gotta do to stop Meeks is guard him.

Don't know about defense, that's effort, Korver always had/has the effort

Here come the make up calls.

eddies' heady's on Mar 16 at 23:28


Why did he just take Hawes out?

Jodie three. Nice.

Keep attacking Dre. Keep attacking.

Garbage shot by Mo.

Tony Battie says welcome to the NBA bitch

I love Tony Battie!

eddies' heady's on Mar 16 at 23:30

Come on Griffin, get your panties out of a wad. He was just trying to stop you from getting the shot off.

If Battie gets a tech, Griffin should get one too

Battie didn't even do anything! Griffin just went down like he was shot. Fucking sissy bitch.

Man you hate west coast trips don't ya?:)

Josh reply to GoSixers on Mar 16 at 23:34

It's LA, he has to have some acting skills to be there

Most people in LA can't act, including most of the ones who make 20 mil per movie

Battie was trying to keep him from flying into the stands.

No way thats a flagrant on Battie

eddies' heady's on Mar 16 at 23:31

He was actually trying to hold him up from falling. They should T Blake's ass up and not even give us a flagrant foul. Really...

Yeah but Battie doesn't jump over cars that sponsor the NBA. He's probably getting ejected.

Fuck that. That's not even a flagrant. Blake tripped over Jodie or his own feet.

That's a reaction tech on that overreacting bitch if anything.

I think a guy in the stands just said, "Broad Street Bullies, eitquette needs to go." Nice one pal.

I don't think he tripped. He just went down like he was shot, because he's a bitch.

Rich reply to Brian on Mar 16 at 23:37

I looked at it again. Jodie hit him in the face, but yes, he was on the way down because of it.

I thought the ref threw Battie out on the spot. They're looking at it now. That's not a flagrant at all.

Such fucking horse shit

Yup. Flagrant foul on Battie. That's a complete fucking joke. Stern probably on the horn during that timeout. PROTECT BLAKEY!

eddies' heady's on Mar 16 at 23:35

Utter bullshit! that's superstar treatment if i've ever seen one.....flagrant? wow just wow

and Jordan gets the tech, not birthday boy....supastarrrrrrrr! bull.....

That's awful. I hate that call.

eddies' heady's on Mar 16 at 23:36

Way to trail the play Jodie. Good effort.

The worst part is that Griffin will get calls the rest of the game - watch

Turned out to be 1-1 anyway because bitch boy can't shoot freebies. And here come the charity whistles for Griffin.

Griffin's looking for a whistle on that foul shot.

eddies' heady's on Mar 16 at 23:37

Ha, that's why he missed both freebies....

hey rich, Jio Fontan just fouled out :)

Rich reply to Jason on Mar 16 at 23:40

Good night so far on that front!

The Lou show. At least he's hit a couple.

Iguodala on the court
Lou initiating



I hate Hawes and that shouldn't have been a foul

That wasn't a foul on Hawes either. This is out of control.

Clean block Hawes!

Where's Stoned81? They can't do that to him1

Thad - a broken clock is right twice a day - don't do that again

Griffin has been to the line 11 times, I say he's deserved maybe half of them.

Not just griffin, all the clippers getting gift foul calls on sixers big men?

So they're gonna get calls no matter what the rest of the game? Do we have enough players for that? Cause it's been a foul every time down since the Griffin foul.


eddies' heady's on Mar 16 at 23:41

This is fracked up! T on Doug and they miss it. heh

Collins just got a T, and it's about time, too. This game has been an abortion by these refs.

Loving the clippers foul shooting today

Ball Don't Lie you cheating bastards.

That foul was on Battie how?

Yes Stern - this is why people think the NBA is fixed.

Collins has been ejected

Tray reply to GoSixers on Mar 16 at 23:46

While this has been a terribly officiated game, I don't think the league cares if the Clippers finish this night 27-42 or 26-43. You could say the league wants to protect its "superstars," but not to the extent of calling phantom loose ball fouls in their favor.

You are just a complete fucking idiot.

You know that right?

johnrosz reply to GoSixers on Mar 16 at 23:59


Did I stutter?

A game being fixed is rarely about who wins or loses the game. It's much more often about shaving points.

eddies' heady's on Mar 16 at 23:43

Damn, Blake misses both. If Battie would have just put a body on Jordan.

Doug ejected! What! Damn man.....

He put a body on him - he was called for a foul with position it seemed - FSW won't show the replay cause they know the sixers are getting jobbed

eddies' heady's reply to GoSixers on Mar 16 at 23:46

Naw, he didn't box out. And he did foul him on the arm. Battie grabbed at Jordan's wrist/arm after DJ had went over the top b/c Battie didn't put a butt/body into him

I got no shot - the shot Fox Sports gave us was the 'length of court' (from the other end of the court) and no replay what so ever - so it looked like Battie fouled him from the front

This is some horseshit.

Here, have 2 more.

Collins just got tossed. Get your money's worth, Doug.

wow collins ejected

I want collins to get a 50K fine after the game and I want comcast to pay for it

WOW, wish I was at this game. I'd get kicked out with Doug too

Good for you, Doug.

Maybe Curry will put Turner in now.

Clippers were 2/8 from the line in that possession.


No way the sixers can win if the refs keep calling the game this way - the clippers big men will just keep going to the line and the sixers.

Is Brackins active tonight -might actually need his six fouls

Iguodala got fouled on that drive.

Is Speights not worthy to foul Blake?

curry called a play for iggy at end of half? I like it

This is fucking horseshit. I never complain about the refs, but the refs should be fined for this bullshit.

eddies' heady's on Mar 16 at 23:47

Not sure if this hose job is worse than the Amare-just-shove-everyone Knicks game at the Garden. It's damn close.

Irony: Mo Williams being asked about his satisfaction with the Clippers' performance on the defensive end

Nocioni - what the hell are you doing getting into it with people you moron.

PHI 49, LAC 46 at the half.

I can't even begin to describe to you how pissed off I am right now.

These refs should not be getting an NBA paycheck. have zero control of the game. And that was after the Clips spent the first 12 minutes jawing and crying... and then the refs get flustered and take it out on the Sixers. Pathetic.

tk76 reply to tk76 on Mar 16 at 23:52

And I don't really ever complain about refs being partial. But I do complain when they seem to be flat out lost and have zero control of the game.

eddies' heady's reply to tk76 on Mar 16 at 23:52

Yep, and ESnow said something earlier about the ref told both teams no excessive arguing, or something like that b/c of the bitching and whining by the Clips.

Part of the problem was that the Sixers lacked the players to go in and draw fouls once the refs got whistle happy.

I like that Lou turned a terrible double pump three into an even worse falling out of bounds fade-away three. BOSS.

He had his man in the air, too. Could've easily gotten the foul called.

TS reply to Brian on Mar 16 at 23:51

Would they have called it though?

Probably would've been offensive.

I hope Curry puts Speights in there to dump Griffin on his ass.

I wanna see a brawl involving Griffin. He was a schoolyard child on that "flagrant" foul.

I love that replay they just showed. Hawes beats him to the spot, doesn't even leave his feet. Griffin gets the whistle. They should show a montage of the bullshit calls griffin has gotten.

tk76 reply to Brian on Mar 16 at 23:53

Stars get rewarded for crying. Its an NBA thing. Not that Sixer fans would remember- since AI left 5 years ago...

Pumped about the Collins ejection. Pretty sure Turner was getting zero second-half minutes otherwise.

Anyone notice Turner's minutes since the "I just wanna play for crying out loud" interview? Baby are you down down down down down.....

tk76 reply to stoned81 on Mar 16 at 23:58

Meeks getting 33.5 min a game. No scraps left for Turner.

Surely Turner could've taken a few of Lou's "2 for 10" minutes?

All of this horseshit overrides another unbelievably bad call: Tom Washington's screwjob of Jrue when Williams wasn't even close to being set.

Yep. There have been a minimum of five phantom calls on the Sixers. Hawes and Battie both have 3, Brand has 2, Jrue has 2. It's going to be tough for them to stay on the floor.

eddies' heady's on Mar 16 at 23:57

Damn Speights got a tech walking off the court.

At the end of the half? Seriously?

Rich reply to Brian on Mar 16 at 23:58


eddies' heady's reply to Brian on Mar 16 at 23:59

For jawing at Blake per Zum


Put him in the fucking game. He's got six fouls to use, and one more tech.

And Blake doesnt get anything?

I another brick in the wall of his doghouse.

johnrosz on Mar 17 at 0:00

I don't understand how Blake doesn't get at least a tech after they reviewed the play.

eddies' heady's reply to johnrosz on Mar 17 at 0:02

Puzzles the shit out of me too how they came to the conclusion they did after looking at the darn thing.

tk76 reply to johnrosz on Mar 17 at 0:02

A star.

Iguodala has 3 dunks, 0/6 from the floor otherwise.

Remember a while back the Sxiers gave up a 6 point possession?

Well this game the Clips had 3FGA and 8FTA on one possesion. I think they scored 2 points :)

Yup. 2/8 from the line.

Oh man, Curry has to coach this team.


Speights not even in the huddle...

....so i was listening on radio and couldn't tell, did Collins get rossed because of a garbage call or did he actually go full-on Bowa and deserve that ejection?

That doesn't happen in the NBA - but Collins definitely 'earned' his ejection.

I want him to earn a fine as well - what was going on was an abomination. The refs NEED to be held accountable and it's pathetic what was going on - fortunately for the sixers, the clippers suck at the FT line it seems

eddies' heady's on Mar 17 at 0:03

Man, we've just got to win this game. Have to.

There's an off-the-ball foul on Brand. Awesome. Just awesome. Three on Brand.

He was inbounds. Toe many have been on line. This is crazy.

he was definitely out of bounds.

Jodie on Mo, Jrue on Foye to start the second half. I'm wondering if that's strategy for better D or strategy to keep Jrue from getting his fourth.


Villanova is not in Phialdelphia

Kobe Bryant grew up in Italy

eddies' heady's on Mar 17 at 0:06

When you turn your back attacking Hawes, you know you're a pussy

beautiful Jrue!

JODIE 3!!!!!

Off Jrue penetration. Come on, blow their fucking doors off.

eddies' heady's on Mar 17 at 0:06

Get em Jodie!


Don't dribble - ok?

Holiday was handchecked there...

Jrue is on fire to start this half. Come on, beat them up so bad there isn't anything the refs can do to stop it.

Hot start third quarter.

Don't put lou williams in to mess it up Mike

I've noticed something on the Jodie threes and EB jumpers: The Clips overhelp like it's their job. Jrue made a great find, but he wasn't in the most threatening position ever. There's no need to leave Jodie like that, but we'll take it.

tk76 reply to Rich on Mar 17 at 0:10

They are one of the 2 or 3 worst defensive teams...

Blake is such an unbelievable bitch.

Has Hawes at least played Griffin even tonight? Seriously, I think he has.

If you go to vegas and pay money to see carrot top - just give your money to me - k thx bi

Brand is fucking pissed. All over the glass and all over the floor on defense.

Mike reply to Brian on Mar 17 at 0:13

Little too strong on his jumpers, too...

Man, that lob was coming from a mile away. Gotta hustle back.

I definitely would have been tossed from the game tonight if I bought those behind the bench tickets

2 illegal screens on that play

3 on Griffin.

eddies' heady's on Mar 17 at 0:13

They call another foul on Blake, ha

Atta sissy.

eddies' heady's on Mar 17 at 0:14

Atta boy Jrue, attack their ass

Jrue seems very awake in the second half defensively...

Both ends.

I'm more focused on the defense tonight for some reason

JRUE! Right down Broadway.

And a three-second call on bitchboy.

eddies' heady's on Mar 17 at 0:14

LOL, Blake hit a brick wall named Hawes!

Hawes REALLY not interested in diving on that ball

Neither Hawes nor Griffin dove for that ball - I didn't like that

Sixers have 2 mechanical bigs. The Clips 2 tremendous athletes.

Yet the Clips are one of the worst interior defensive teams I've seen.

How ba was Sam defensively early in his career?

Blake Griffin being a pussy doing a hea flop gives his team mate a concussion

Blake flopping hurts his teammate.

Aint karma a bitch.

Blake is one DANGEROUS little bitch

Flop Victim.

eddies' heady's on Mar 17 at 0:16

Ha, Blake been getting acting lessons, but he knocked his own guy out from his floppy head....heh

Clippers announcer says "It's Randy Foye time" like it's a good thing...

eddies' heady's on Mar 17 at 0:17

Spencaaaaa Hawes! He's getting after it!

Spencer Hawes is more athletic than Kaman?



Oh, the Sissy Finger Roll!

I'm enjoying the stylings of Spencer Hawes tonight.

Kaman/Hawes a battle in slo mo

Hawes with a deadly pump fake hahahaha


Look at EB with a sick block!

Hawes more graceful than nancy kerrigan

tk76 reply to T McL on Mar 17 at 0:21

Before or after the clubbing?

Jodie - that wasn't for you man

God I love LA

Porsche drivers can get free Valet parking (up to 12 a game)

eddies' heady's on Mar 17 at 0:19

I know this, I like the guts our guys are displaying right now after that halftime. They've got Doug's back.

EB slam! Good pass Jrue.

Jrue with a sick fucking pass to EB for the slam. that's pretty basketball.

Not to be a cynic but under Michael Curry we look to be our best all season. Playing the Clippers may help, but still.

How stoned are you?

Holy shit, did you see Jrue work to get an angle to recieve the ball, and then the spin move on the post? Wow.

He did it again, but Hawes was in a crowd, and not ready (or that coordinated)

Rich reply to GoSixers on Mar 17 at 0:23

Blake could learn a thing or two from Jrue in the post.

JODIE 3!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!1


eddies' heady's on Mar 17 at 0:20

Jo-3! Dre has him on a personal laser.

The Clips were so lethargic getting back on that break. Moon and Bledsoe were aimlessly running back. Hah.

eddies' heady's on Mar 17 at 0:22

Jodie giving a shoutout to those who say he's just a bench player. This kid's for real. And the reason we need to use Turner to get us another piece to get better.

Because he can hit set 3's?

he can't defend
he can't score off the dribble

He's freaking Kyle Korver

He's a bench player - a good 3 point shooting bench player - but he's a bench player. Turner is a better overall basketball player than Meeks - and you'd probably see that if not for irrational hatred that is worse than Tray's obsession with Demarcus Cousins

eddies' heady's reply to GoSixers on Mar 17 at 0:26

He does so much more than that, and he's a heck of a defender. You see it your way, I see it mine.

But really, to say Turner is better than this kid is rather amusing.

Case in point with that strong defense with 3 seconds left in the quarter

MichaelT reply to eddies' heady's on Mar 17 at 0:28

This is why nobody takes you seriously

eddies' heady's reply to MichaelT on Mar 17 at 0:31

You think I give a fuck? lol....

MichaelT reply to eddies' heady's on Mar 17 at 0:35

Yes I do. I think you care. Alot.

eddies' heady's reply to MichaelT on Mar 17 at 0:47

Time, my friend, time. You all will eventually come around. In about two years, when Turner hasn't led us anywhere upward, the disappointment will set in like the Speights letdown did. Then you'll care.

MichaelT reply to eddies' heady's on Mar 17 at 0:57

He probably won't be here in two years, he'll be playing well somewhere else. Unfortunately.


Or you wouldn't try so hard to SHOW people you are right every chance you get.

You care very very much that people respect your opinion. It's kind of funny

eddies' heady's reply to GoSixers on Mar 17 at 1:33

So you're admitting that I'm often "right"? Really?

I see it the way of most people - yo usee it the way of no one but yourself.

You don't see reality. Jodie Meeks is Kyle Korver AT BEST - and Korver was a better defender

eddies' heady's reply to GoSixers on Mar 17 at 0:33

And you're going to honestly say Korver is not better player than Turner? Come on...

I'm going to say ones been in the league a long time and one isn't.

We get it - you hate turner and after one season (ignoring his entire fucking history because it suits you) you're ready to write him off.

However, I hold no value in your opinion so it doesn't really matter.

Kyle Korver is a good bench player - who has been in the league a long time - comparing them is only something a gibbon does

eddies' heady's reply to GoSixers on Mar 17 at 0:40

And you still didn't answer the question. And for the last time I don't hate a player on my team, I hate his non-suitable weak-ass game.

See - there you go proving you care what people think about you and if they respect your opinion or agree with it. I answered your question the way I'm going to. I believe even Tray could figure out where I lean on the question. If you can't - well maybe the dementia that sets in when old folks retire is getting worse.

Please don't ever pretend you don't care what people think of your opinion. It just makes you seem even more pathetic you put something irrelevant in a post so you can basically say 'told you so told you so'

eddies' heady's reply to GoSixers on Mar 17 at 0:53

That didn't prove shit. Is Korver a better player than Turner? It's simple - yes? no?

It's funny you can say Meeks is nothing but a Korver and he's only been in the league for 1 1/2 years but judgment can't be passed on sacred Turner.

I answered the question the way I wanted to. If you can't understand more than a simple yes no that's not my problem.

Why does it matter so much to you huh? Thought the fact that no one agrees with you doesn't bother you?

eddies' heady's reply to GoSixers on Mar 17 at 1:28

You agreeing or disagreeing really doesn't bother me. I respect other's differing opinions.

It matters because you stated that Turner was better than Meeks, then said Meeks was nothing but at best a Korver. So where's the difficulty in answering the very simple question:

Is Kyle Korver a better player than Evan Turner?

You already know he (Korver) is and that's why you won't answer because you painted yourself in a corner. If the answer is yes, then you'd have to acquiesce the argument that Meeks is better than Turner since you stated Meeks = Korver.

Right, John? Don't dance around it now....

eddies' heady's reply to GoSixers on Mar 17 at 0:36

So on seeing things about the game - it's better to be a follower than a leader? Or just plain belief in your own eye?

MichaelT reply to eddies' heady's on Mar 17 at 0:26

Every single player on this team is tradeable if it helps the team. Including

I picked up jodie in fantasy (for 3's) this week but didn't play him tonight, and gerlad henderson was crappy (the strategy of playing Jordan against the sixers instead of greg monroe backfiring)

thatbro on Mar 17 at 0:22

can someone hit me with a internet stream link? go sixers!

Ugh. Jrue out in the middle of his monster run.

Lou was the only thing that could kill this run

As he proved on his first possession

He killed it instantly but incredibly drastically as well. What a collapse brought on solely by Lou.

eddies' heady's on Mar 17 at 0:24

Come on Lou, draw the foul

EB beasting like a mug....

Wow, Brand has been incredible defensively.

you suck lou

Man, Brand is fucking possessed tonight.

Clippers learn that if you distract Jodie even a little, he's not a deadly