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Time To Wake Up

Forgot to mention the game starts at 10:30pm. Game thread will be up around 8, probably.

I'm supposed to be on WIP-610 AM in Philly Thursday morning at about 9 to talk Sixers.

"The Clippers get more ink than any team 16 games under .500 deserves."

Do you think the Thunder of two years ago (23-59) didn't deserve a lot of coverage? I think even back then their future looked a lot brighter than ours.

They probably deserved about as much as the Kings did last season.

I'm not sure what any of this has to do with the Clippers getting more ink than they deserve. I'm also unclear what any of this has to do with how bright the Sixers future looks compared to either of these teams.

In a vacuum the clippers have a pretty bright future, but they also have DOnald STerling as an owner who would rather stay in Staples Center than have his own 'captive' audience in Anaheim cause the drive for him is too far.


What do you think of Clipper rookies Eric Bledsoe and Al Farouq Aminu? I think they have Jrue Holiday and Thaddeus Young potential.

Disagree on Bledsoe. I don't see it at all. Aminu I think has a chance to be better than Thad, especially on the defensive end.

Top to bottom which roster would you rather have?

For the future I'd lean toward the clips just because I think it's easier to get a productive guard than a really good big man. But I'm pretty sure their management will find a way to screw it up.

Shawn reply to Brian on Mar 16 at 16:33

I'm with you on Bledsoe, I've seen zero evidence that he has any kind of court vision. He plays a lot like a combo guard.

I saw it - I added it to the list of things yesterday (I caught it on true hoop) - I read the good things about the players - I ignore the sterling stuff

BTW - betters - free anonymous advice - http://www.sbrforum.com/nba-basketball/free-picks/take-los-angeles-clippers-1-over-philadelphia-76-ers-a-18924/

Yea I guess this shouldn't be surprising behavior from Sterling. But kudos to Brand, Maggette, Kaman, and Jaric

I think this is a non-story. 99.9% of American employers will not pay uninsured medical bills for their employees out of the CEO's pockets. The coach went to an out-of-network doctor, that's his free choice, but he went outside the company's health insurance plan.

No company in America would pay for that. Sterling is getting eviscerated for doing something that every single employer in the USA does.

Complain all you want about the American health insurance system. That's the issue here. Sterling has nothing to do with this and the article was irresponsible sensationalism.

johnrosz reply to stoned81 on Mar 16 at 17:54

people are piling on, but Sterling is such a notoriously bad person (or at least perceived to be) that I very much doubt he even cares at this point.

He's a slum lord, a racist and an avid user of high class hookers (but has enough money to avoid arrest)

If we lose to this pathetic team, I think Collins needs to change the starting lineup, just to shake things up and try something different.

Looking forward to 4 end-of-quarter isolation fails!

Once again, the clippers are not pathetic, and playing quite well at home in the past 3 months

I don't mind who starts but I'd like to see Collins give some time to JTI with Thad and Brand. He never runs that lineup and I believe it would be productive, especially on the defensive side disrupting other teams sets and getting out on the break.

I wonder if I am a bad fan or a hater... Because I'd sort of like to see Iguodala sit out a few games. I'd like to see how Jrue and Turner respond to the increased load, even if it might cost the Sixers in the W/L column. In fact it might even be interesting to see how individual players would fare in the playoffs without Iguodala for a game or two. It might help the team better evaluate moves it will need to make going forward in terms of roles and fit.

johnrosz reply to tk76 on Mar 16 at 17:51

I always kind of find an interest in those situations as well, just to see who rises up/shrinks in an expanded role, even if it's only for a brief period

Because I'd sort of like to see Iguodala sit out a few games. I'd like to see how Jrue and Turner respond to the increased load

Were you sick last time?

tk76 reply to GoSixers on Mar 16 at 18:46

Except that both Turner and Jrue have struggled some since. And its hard to know how much has to do with roles vs individual issues.

Not that 2 or 3 games without Iguodala would settle anything.

Determining long term if J/T/I is the right fit for all 3 players and the team is extremely important long term.

Determining long term if J/T/I is the right fit for all 3 players and the team is extremely important long term.

Well we've had this discussion numerous times :)

tk76 reply to GoSixers on Mar 16 at 19:27

It reminds me of the years of waiting to see if Iguodala/Young would work at SG/SF...

Thanks for that unpleasant reminder :)

I only want him to sit if playing is going to (a) delay his recovery. It's more important he's healthy for the playoffs. If resting means he's full strength for them, and playing means he won't be, then rest him. or (b) playing is putting him at risk of further injury.

I don't advocate sitting him to see what will happen w/out him. They had 12 games to see how that would go. That's too much, imo.

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