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One Monster Adjustment

This was awesome. Just isolating where Brand was when the pick was set is perfect. I think you're right in saying this is a systematic thing, and I think it comes down to preventing threes. W/out a perimeter threat, they can focus everything on stopping the roller. They need to stay more sound to stop the threes and the crazy rotations. It puts a ton of pressure on Jrue playing 1 on 2 out there. They really need an athletic big to hedge and retreat to his man. Horford would probably be ideal.

Love the screen capture of Griffin complaining about a non-call on a clean block.

Yep. Check out the video, he's just about to the foul line when Iguodala throws down that slam. Hilarious.

Just going by memory - my favorite moment of the night was when Thad 'pulled the chair' out on Griffin and made him fall over. However, of course, since Thad embarrassed the next great one, he was charged for a foul. Looked clean to me, just made blake look dumb

Yup, that was hilarious. Thad actually did a good job on Griffin in the limited time he was on him. He had that play, which was not a foul, and the also did a great job of boxing Griffin out on back-to-back plays.

Which I think is a good indicator of how far Griffin needs to go in refining his game. To me he's pure power and athleticism with no finesse. A big man like him should freaking dominate Thad but you need to improve your basketball ability and such to get there.

It just seems Griffin is dependent on his power, he put up some real rough shots, no finesse, no touch. To achieve the 'hype' levels - he needs to work on those things

Shawn reply to GoSixers on Mar 17 at 14:16

Watched him play the wizards, so take this with a grain of salt. He had an awesome feel for the fadeaway jumper from the post. He also had great rhythm on the faceup, pumpfake, drive move. He is still awkward, though, in the half court offense and sometimes doesn't know when to give the ball up. He's got an average hook shot, which if was a really good shot, he could probably easily drop 30 a game.

Otherwise, his vision was extremely good on some of the passes he made that night

Huge grain of salts, wizards don't defend even as good as Elton Brand and Spencer Hawes...;)

Tray reply to Shawn on Mar 17 at 14:58

And in many games where he's not faced the Wizards, he's done a ton well besides dunk. Really, he couldn't put up the numbers he has if that was all there was to his game. Saying that he's only a threat from 2 feet is just plain wrong. He looked very bad last night though.

Dwyer talks about Brand's defense in Behind The Box Score this morning.

thank you much for this great post. i appreciate your putting time and effort into explaining some of the nuances of the game.

I'm not saying they're going to win a playoff series, but defensively, can you remember a game where the Sixers came in saying, "We have to stop this guy," and they weren't able to figure out a way to stop him?


Yeah, he was the only one I could think of.

To be fair no one can stop Durant without help in the officiating department. the only way to stop him is to play overly physical with him. Guys like Bruce Bowen of old and Artest from the past few years are the only ones i can think of at the moment that can play that kind of "dirty" defense.

tk76 reply to Brian on Mar 17 at 15:20


did they gameplan against Dirk in the Dallas game enough to count him on this list?

I don't know if they gameplanned to stop him, but he didn't really kill them. Terry did most of the damage.

Great job Rich. You are really really good at these Xs and Os stuff. It's great for us "not as good", to be able to learn a lot from your posts.

On a side note which obtainable big man do you guys think would fit the team well in terms of pick and roll defense. I think pick and roll defense is one of the biggest weaknesses of the team and shot blocking is actually the lesser problem when looking at a potential future C for the Sixers. Of course ideally the guy would be good at both.

Also do you guys think Thad can become a decent pick and roll defender from the PF position?

Great job Rich...

To update the Meeks watch- last 10 games:

14.9 pts (leads team)
34:05 min
46.77% 3p% (2.9 3pt/gm)
93.33% FT%(2.8)
3.8 reb
1.1 asst
0.9 TO
1.4 stl

tk76 reply to tk76 on Mar 17 at 15:29

By fare the best performing 22 year old on the roster over that 10 game stretch :)

(Thad, Hawes and Turner are also 22)

Has he missed any other FTs besides the one that cost them the Utah game?

tk76 reply to Brian on Mar 17 at 15:55

No, he has hit for 68 of his last 72 FT's. And the other 3 misses were all in wins.

No SixersBeat tonight, guys. I'm taking the night off. Let's go Grizz, huh?

You lack the grit of a nocioni

Great job Rich, thanks for your work. Lets go Grizzlies and Happy St Patricks Day everyone

Was discussing Meeks at RealGM. Iv'e been focussed on J/T/I and J/M/T possibilities, but it was brought up that Jrue/Meeks/Iguodala with Turner subbing in at all 3 positions could be a long term answer at PG/SG/SF. This was the rotation suggested:

Holiday(36) / Turner(12)
Meeks(32) / Turner(16)
Iguodala(36) / Turner(6)

I'm sure the getting rid of Lou part would be popular amongst many :) ... but do you see that 4 man rotation as the long term answer at PG/SG/SF? or is Meeks not worthy of 30 min/g long term?

One interesting fact is that Jodie/Jrue/Meeks are all close off the court- and that is a good thing for long term team chemistry.

Just as long as lou or nocioni aren't getting those 6 minutes left at SF

im guessing you meant turner/jrue/meeks. in an interview with dei lynam, jrue said that all three live in the same condo. i think jrue and meeks are next door neighbors, and turner lives down the hall. something like that . . .

mgfields reply to tk76 on Mar 17 at 18:48

You mean Jodie/Jrue/Evan are close off court, right?

I think that lineup is definitely an option long term and it's possible that the team can compete with the best with that lineup. However, my belief is that if the team doesn't plan on having Turner as a starter, or at least him being the second best backcourt player on the team they will be better of trading him in a package for a legit C. That's a much better use of his talent (or value) IMO.

tk76 reply to Xsago on Mar 17 at 18:57

Yeah, that is the issue. Meeks playing well just makes things more interesting.

Maybe all three guys play 36 minutes, with turner getting 12 minutes at each position.

The key to that rotation would be having some kind of a four who could stretch the floor for the 12 minutes when Jodie was on the bench.

Then all we need to do is trade Lou for Gortat and we'd be all set ;)

Thanks so much Rich for the insight. It's the kinda thing that kinda goes under the radar in the excitement of the game. great too highlighting the issue with Jrue's defense. If that part gets ironed out we all know he's gonna be very, very good defensively.

Great adjustments, good win. I guess the bad calls and Doug's ejection really fired the team up, they came out a different team after the half.

D-Rose with an 8-23 night (and another win). Clanked all 5 of his threes. Since the new year, Rose has shot 25.4% from three, while averaging nearly six attempts. Since the All-Star break, he's shot 39.0% from the field and is scoring 24 a game on 20 shots and 7 FTA. Dwight Howard, since the All-Star break, is averaging 24 and 16 on 63% shooting (13 shots), with 3.6 blocks. It isn't his fault that he plays with lousy defenders and aging scorers.

Are you trying to make an argument w/ me? I'm the one who said Howard is the MVP. I just said Rose deserves it more than LeBron, still think that, btw.

Tray reply to Brian on Mar 17 at 22:43

With you? No. I find it hard to see how Rose even deserves second place when Chicago's success is really all about their defense, not the fairly inefficient production that Rose is bringing to the table. Fact is, Rose isn't having that much better of a season than Monta Ellis:


Pretty even, aside from double the win shares for Rose in about 300 less minutes. Pretty much the only way they're even is in scoring efficiency.

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