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Sixers Send Sacto Off In Style

BoulderEagle on Mar 19 at 0:50

Next 5 games are tough, but it's nice to be ahead of the Knicks for the night...

Garrett on Mar 19 at 0:55

Looking at the schedule, I think it works pretty favorably that our toughest games are almost all on the road (Portland, Miami, Chicago, Boston). The only home game we won't be favored is probably Orlando, although there's a good chance they'll be locked into the 4 seed at that point and may even rest some people.
In other words, there really is a chance we'll get to see that Howard/Hawes matchup in the playoffs that we've all been hoping for. Ugh...

CB reply to Garrett on Mar 19 at 1:27

Yeah, if they finish two above .500 by end of year I think it would be a positive considering the home stretch is not very easy.

I just had to catch myself. I was starting to think we could catch Atlanta for the 5 spot.

I think a 6-7 finish for ATL is a pretty fair guess, so that would give them a 45-37 record. The Sixers would need to finish 9-4 over the last 13 to tie them, and one of the Sixers wins would need to be the game against the Hawks.

It's not impossible, but it's going to be tough.

They really need this Portland game, that would probably set them up to go into the Atlanta game down 2.5, with a chance to cut it down to 1.5 if they can beat the Hawks. That would put a ton of pressure on Atlanta, and I really don't think they handle pressure well at all.

6-7 for the Hawks is realistic, but I wouldn't put a 4-9 record past them, as badly as they are playing (6-12 in their last 18). They have road games vs. the Pacers and Bobcats (both probably fighting for a playoff spot) near the end of the season. Interestingly, the Sixers' blowout over the Hawks came at the high point of their season (15 games over .500, at the end of a 12-4 run), and their season has gone downhill since then.

For the Sixers, 10-3 is not out of the question given how badly the Celtics have been playing. Unfortunately the 3 games where they should be and will be heavy underdogs all come in the next 5 games (Blazers are a 6.5-point favorite tonight).

Its hard to evaluate the Sxiers right now. They had a rough stretch of uneven games- and now have between to of the sorriest excuses for teams I've seen this year. The Clippers and Kings are not just bad teams. They are bad teams missing a key player who looked completely lost out there.

It is great to see the Sixers beat teams they are supposed to on the road- but it remains to be seen if they are laying the foundation for a great late season push. The next 2 games are big.

"The Clippers and Kings are not just bad teams. They are bad teams missing a key player who looked completely lost out there."

That's not really fair to how the Clippers are playing. The Clippers had won 11 of their previous 14 at home, and had won 5 of their previous 7 overall coming into the game, including wins against Denver, Houston, and Boston, all without Eric Gordon (well, he played 13 minutes against Denver).

They just seemed to have a lot of low BB IQ players out there (at their given position.) But maybe they had a bad game- or maybe I'm not giving the Sixers D enough credit?

I feel like in both games the opponent lacked a PG or SG with a good BB IQ or feel for the game. and a bunch of bigs that were turnover prone (to say the least.)

Rich reply to tk76 on Mar 19 at 14:30

Maybe the high IQ point holds with Gordon, but Tyreke Evans will never qualify for having a high bball IQ or good feel for the game. He's helping them in those areas by being out of the game.

Portland has been playing extremely well. don't see them winning tonight without Iguodala.

eddies' heady's on Mar 19 at 12:11

I'm kind of torn on this sitting Iguodala tonight thing. I realize there's bigger goals ahead concerning the playoffs. But there's more pressing immediate goals in still trying to get the highest seed possible for a possibly more favorable first round matchup. I don't know, Doug says after the game that "it's nothing serious, he could play", so if that is indeed the case then the more sagacious decision would have been to sit him vs the Kings instead of the obviously better Trailblazers, no? If the logic is not playing him in the back-to-back then it doesn't matter whether he sits the front end of it or the back end. Just a really haphazard decision, imo.

mgfields reply to eddies' heady's on Mar 19 at 12:23

I think Iguodala is not playing tonight to get the consecutive days of rest since they don't play again until Wednesday.

eddies' heady's reply to mgfields on Mar 19 at 12:48

And I understand that 5 days rest deal too. But reading Iguodala's quotes saying he was in pain at shootaround yesterday and admitting he was experiencing pain in the second half last night, it just makes too much sense to have sat him vs SAC, the not-full-strength supposed lesser opponent. Particularly with Doug admitting that "he could play" tonight vs POR. I mean, if they're going to sit him tonight then he shouldn't even be on the bench and should already be flying home since the flight could have an effect on that knee too.

Honestly i think he should've sat Iguodala for both the Sacramento and the Portland game. That way he would have had a whole week of rest.

eddies' heady's reply to Xsago on Mar 19 at 13:02

Hadn't looked at it like that, makes much more sense, even though the most important game is the next game but it was the friggin' Kings.

No, he just wants to give ET some extended minutes in order to piss you off :)

eddies' heady's reply to tk76 on Mar 19 at 13:00

lol...it won't piss me off, moreso just expose him to the league even more decreasing what little value he has at the moment. Dare I say Noc produces more in his burn since it will be against backups? guess we'll see...Turner will have either Wallace or Batum on him right? neither option is good for him

Wallace is an interesting match-up. Other than Iguodala, my guess is that Thad would be the best man to guard him.

eddies' heady's reply to tk76 on Mar 19 at 13:07

Thad? So are you saying you don't feel Turner can check Wallace adequately?

Yes and no.

Wallace is similar to Iguodala in that he rarely can take advantage of a mismatch offensively. But physically Wallace plays more like a 3/4, while Turner is more of a 2/3. Turner is a plus rebounder, but it will be a challenge keeping Wallace off the boards and out of the lane.

Thad is overall a weaker defender than Turner- but physically it is a better match-up for him than Turner.

It looks like they're playing Wallace as a four, mostly, so the matchup will be Batum vs. Turner. And Meeks is really going to get tested by Wes Matthews.

eddies' heady's on Mar 19 at 13:14

Quote of the night from none other than Sam:

"I think it's just a matter of my teammates getting to know my game," he said, "and realizing that I can be a real threat on the offensive end and trusting me to take the jumper and trusting me to do some other things."

Finer points of his comedy -
1) he still thinks he's an offensive threat
2) he says nothing of trutsing him in the post but instead taking a jumper

Oh, Sammy....

Just finished watching the game, finished after the third quarter, couple of thoughts:

Was it just me or was anybody else really weirded out by watching Sammy play against the Sixers? I've seen them play a bunch of times this year, but this was weird. Interestingly, he played great defense on Brand in the first half, playing a foot or two off him but using his length to deter any EB jumper. Offensively, the Kings are not a good fit for Sammy's skills, which pretty much are dunking the basketball and catching tough alley oops. Cousins operates on the block for them mostly though. Sammy was really bad on offense in this one.

Speaking of Cousins, his stats were pretty good, but he doesn't strike me as a guy that could play his style of basketball on a good team. I have no basis for that statement except saying it's the way it seems to me, but that's entirely opinion. He is very talented though, but I hate when the media drools over it without paying closer attention to how he is playing.

On the Sixer front, Jrue just bullied the Kings guards and got hot shooting 14 footers from the top of the key. I would love for that to become a sweet spot for Jrue.

I also liked a couple of the sets Collins ran with the two bigs up at the top of the key and the other guys low in the corner (I believe it's called a "Horns" offense and it's one of Nash's favorite sets over the years). It's probably better when you have an offensive dynamo like Amare, but Hawes and Brand's perimeter skils help as well as having a dead-eye guy in Jodie in the corner. Heck, a catch and shoot Iguodala corner three is one of his best shots. They got a wide open Jrue mid-range and an Iguodala mid-range, where it was an easy catch and shoot for him. They both made their shots.

Thad's been off with his shooting recently, but I loved how active he was. That over the shoulder pass to Battie was a thing of beauty too. That's a great job by him affecting the game without scoring.

Lou is great at running guys off screen, particularly when he's fading to the corner.

Better game from Turner. He's going to get extended minutes tonight, hopefully he steps up.

One last thing: How depressing is that arena? It's empty as heck and quiet. That used to be the best crowd in the league when C-Webb was a part of all of those great teams, including the one who had the 2002 title stolen from them. It was so quiet, you could hear the Sixers' bench explode on big buckets, particularly the Meeks three in the 2nd Half. Lots of good vibes coming from our bench, good to see. Lots of bad vibes coming from Cousins.

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